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Team Worksheet


									1. Team name?                                Top Gun
2. Team Website?
3. Team project selected?                    Quadrotor
4. Date and time of team meetings?           Tuesday @ 1pm
                                             Friday @ 4pm

5. List all team members with contact information. Identify the team Captain
     Name                                 Email Address
   Drew Smith               
   Ivan Perez               
   Matt Argyle              
   Peter Niedfeldt          
   Scott Wiest              
   Stephen Farnsworth       
   Steve Wettstein          

6. List three things about the technical skills of each other member of your team.
      Drew Smith                Hardware, Signal analysis, controls
      Ivan Perez                Structure, matlab, Electromagnetics
      Matt Argyle               Matlab, programming, math
      Peter Niedfeldt           Matlab, Basic Control Theory, organized
      Scott Wiest (Captain)     Communication, Math, process analysis
      Stephen Farnsworth        Web development, software dev., solder
      Steve Wettstein           Math, organization, control theory
7. List three things about the personal background of each team member.
      Drew Smith                major done in record time, married, BYU rocks!
      Ivan Perez                Volleyball, future Olympian, Puerto Rico
      Matt Argyle               science club, Tau beta Pi, Etta kappa Nu
      Peter Niedfeldt           Outdoors, Georgia, French Horn
      Scott Wiest               Hiker, chronic dater, available
      Stephen Farnsworth        mountain biker, road biking, married
      Steve Wettstein           Fly fisherman, snowboard, raised on a farm

8. What should be some of the general ground rules for your team?
      Team consensus on design alterations will be reached.
      Be proactive in finding things to do.
      We will resolve personal issues with team members.

9. What do you expect from each team member?
      We expect a reasonable amount of time to make the project successful. We
      will be completely honest with each other and accountable for our work.

10.How will your team assign leadership and other roles? What do you expect
   from your team leader? What other roles will be needed?
      In various meetings we come to a group consensus with regards to various
      assignments. Leadership roles will be slightly dynamic.
      From our team leader we expect him to keep an account of individual’s
      efforts, and to encourage self-productivity.

11.What will make your team discussions most effective?
      During our meetings, we will have a scribe that will take notes and will
      circulate those ideas and decisions to all the members of the group through a
      wiki page.
12.How will your team make decisions?
   Everyone gives an idea or suggestion and after discussion, majority vote to
   come to decision.
13.When things don't go as anticipated, how will we solve problems?
   Look at the situation that brought us to the problem and figure out what was the
   cause of the problem. Look for solutions to get back on track and makes plan
   for the problem to not be repeated.

   Three things we learned from last Lecture
         -More of a group effort rather then one person.
      -All team members have to be working at the same time, can be facilitated
   by individual assignments
         -We need to communicate our efforts so that we do not duplicate what we

   Our Customer is the military, specifically special operations. They will use this
   product to maneuver through indoors situations to gain intelligence.
   Four Questions to ask Customer
         -Does it need to be built out of a specific material?
         -What is the maximum altitude needed?
         -What kinds of accessories are needed?
         -What will the maneuverability capabilities need to be?
         -Will there need to be any extra accessories or add-ons?
         -What is the estimated flight time requirement?

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