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                      Parent Handbook

Parent Information Booklet – Updated December 2007         Page 1


PHILOSOPHY AND AIMS                                       3

HOURS OF OPERATION                                        4
STAFFING                                                  5

PROGRAM AND ACTIVITIES                                    5

FOOD                                                      5

ACCESS AND ENROLMENT                                      5

FEE SCHEDULE AND PAYMENT OF FEES                          6

BOOKINGS                                                  6

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE PROCEDURES                          7

RULES                                                     8

BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT                                      9

ILLNESS AND ACCIDENTS                                     10

COMPLAINTS AND CONCERNS                                   11

Parent Information Booklet – Updated December 2007        Page 2

Oakleigh Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) has been operating since 1990. Over the
years the service has grown and now offers Before Care, After Care, Vacation Care and
Pupil Free Days.

At Oakleigh the Management Committee, staff, parents and children work as a team.

We encourage parents to become involved with the centre and the OSHC management
committee. We value your ideas and feedback - your contribution is important to ensure
Oakleigh OSHC continues to provide quality care, age-appropriate, affordable care which
promotes children’s wellbeing with an opportunity for child-initiated planning.

Please read this booklet carefully as it contains important information for you and your
children. A copy of the Oakleigh OSHC Policy and Procedures Manual is also available at
the OSHC Centre for parents to read.

If you have any questions or concerns about OSHC please feel free to discuss these with
the Coordinator or a member of the Committee of Management.

Provide quality, age-appropriate affordable care which promotes children’s wellbeing with an
opportunity for child-initiated planning and parent, staff and community involvement.

This Philosophy Statement provides the foundation for all activities, policies and
procedures of the Service. Wherever there is uncertainty as to the Service’s policy or
procedure on any issue, the Service uses these principles and philosophies to help
resolve the issue.    The written policies and procedures of the Service have been
developed, and will be monitored and reviewed with these values in mind.

The values which underpin this Service’s provision of a quality service are:

                Provision of an environment which is safe and protects children from harm

                Respect for children’s dignity and privacy

                Recognition of children’s individual physical, emotional and social needs

                Promotion of the development of life skills

                Support for positive and enjoyable experiences

                Consideration of open discussion on all issues relevant to the Service’s

                Encouragement of family, staff and community involvement via committee
                membership and general support

Parent Information Booklet – Updated December 2007                                      Page 3
Oakleigh OSHC is managed by the OSHC Committee, which is a sub-committee of the
Oakleigh State School Parents and Citizen Association (P&C). The OSHC Committee
comprises a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and other regular Committee
members. The OSHC Committee provides a monthly report to the Oakleigh P&C Association.

Committee meetings are held on the Second Thursday of the month from 5.00pm to
approximately 6.30pm in the OSHC room in the P&C Centre. These meetings are
advertised on the Family notice board in the OSHC room.

Parents are encouraged to attend meetings and contribute their ideas. Parent involvement on
the Committee is essential to keep the service operating and to make sure the workload is
evenly distributed. Parent participation is the best way to make sure that Oakleigh OSHC
continues to provide a quality and valued service for children and parents.

Oakleigh OSHC operates within the Child Care regulations and the Child Care ACT
2003 and is licensed under these by the Department of Communities for 90 children.

We have an ongoing commitment to the Quality Assurance process and are
accredited by the National Childcare Accreditation Council.

Staff employed by Oakleigh OSHC are governed by the conditions of and paid under
the Children’s Service Award-State.

Oakleigh OSHC is a not for profit organization which is totally reliant on child care fees.
The OSHC Committee sets the level of fees each year and aims to fully recover the
cost of running the program.

The Federal Government provides a Child Care Benefit (CCB) for eligible parents to
reduce the cost of their fees. The amount of the rebate is dependant on your family
income. You can apply for the Child Care Benefit through the Family Assistance Office
(FAO) at Centrelink. You will need to register both services that you use (i.e. Before Care,
After Care {combined} and Vacation Care). You must be registered with the FAO before
reduced fees can be claimed. The OSHC Coordinator must receive a letter from the
FAO approving your Child Care Benefit percentage before she can reduce your fee

                                      HOURS OF OPERATION

                        BEFORE SCHOOL CARE               6.30am - 9.00am

                         AFTER SCHOOL CARE                3.00pm - 6.00pm

                         VACATION CARE                    6.30am - 6.00pm

Parent Information Booklet – Updated December 2007                                      Page 4
                         PUPIL FREE DAYS                        6.30am - 6.00pm

The day to day running of the Centre is managed by the Co-ordinator. We have a mixture of
qualified and unqualified staff in accordance with the staff/child ratio of 1 staff to 15 children.

The staff/child ratio for excursions during Vacation Care 1 staff to 8 children. Swimming
excursions have a staff/child of 1 staff to 5 children.

The Centre has a minimum of two staff present at all times.

Oakleigh OSHC offers a wide variety of activities for children and aims to cater for age range of
children attending. Children can enjoy a variety of sports on the oval as well as playground
activities. Interesting arts and crafts activities are also provided. A reading/homework time
is made available, Monday to Thursday during term time. Excursions and swimming take
place during Vacation Care. Children may also watch television at appropriate times. OSHC
policy on movies, videos and electronic games allows only G and PG movies/videos and non-
violent electronic games.

All children must wear hats for outdoor play. Safety helmets and shoes must be worn for bike
riding and rollerblading during Vacation Care. Shoes must be worn at all times.

Oakleigh OSHC encourages and promotes the health and wellbeing of children through a
healthy nutritious diet and, in particular, through providing positive learning experiences
during meal/snack times where good nutritional foods and habits are developed in a
happy, social environment. Parents are encouraged to participate in this approach to
nutrition for their children.

We are supportive of special dietary requirements. Where special foods cannot be provided
by the centre, staff are happy to supervise a child's afternoon tea which has been brought
from home.

Any allergies or food restrictions should be noted on the enrolment form. Please feel free to
discuss your child's needs with the Co-ordinator.

This Service is available to all school age children and is primarily for those whose parents work or study.
The program is designed to include children from various backgrounds eg cultural, religious, gender,
disability, marital status and income. All sections of the community are respected, valued, catered for and
encouraged to be involved in the operation of the Service.
The Australian Government has Priority of Access Guidelines for allocating places. They
set out the following three levels of priority, which child care services must follow when

Parent Information Booklet – Updated December 2007                                               Page 5
filling vacant place:
Priority 1 – a child at risk of serious abuse or neglect.
Priority 2 - a child of a single parent who satisfies, or of parents who both satisfy, the
work/training/study test under section 14 of the A New Tax System (Family Assistance)
Act 1999.
Priority 3 – any other child.

Children's attendance on regular pre-arranged days is encouraged, to enable forward
planning for staff requirements and to establish a routine for the children. Some
casual/emergency care places are also available.

1. Prior to your child commencing the program, arrange a meeting with the Co-ordinator to
   discuss your child's needs and any concerns you may have about their attendance.
   Additional information, planning or resources for children with special needs may be
   necessary prior to their commencement.

2. Complete the enrolment form available from the Co-ordinator, ensuring all details are
   correct and current. Indicate on the form those people who are authorised to collect
   your child/ren from OSHC and any people who are not permitted to leave with the
   child/ren. Relevant documentation (e.g. court orders) may need to be provided in
   some circumstances. Any relevant medical history or special needs should also be
   indicated on the form.

3. Make a payment covering at least one week's fees to establish your account and
   ensure that you benefit from reduced fees.

4. Should a change arise in any details on the enrolment form, please notify the Co-
   ordinator as soon as possible to ensure that your record is current and accurate. It is
   particularly important to notify in writing any change in contact telephone numbers or
   people authorised to collect the child/ren.

Oakleigh OSHC has a two tiered fee system, pre-paid and post-paid covering regular
and casual attendances for Before and After Care.

Daily fees:
Fee                               Pre-paid                  Post-paid
Before School Care                8.50                      10.00
After School Care                 12.00                     13.50
Vacation Care                     32.00                     33.50
Pupil Free Day                    32.00                     33.50

Pre-paid attendees are when fees for the family are paid in advance.

Post-paid attendees must pay before the child leaves each session.

Vacation Care fees must be paid in advance.

Parent Information Booklet – Updated December 2007                               Page 6
Fees can be paid at the centre by cash/cheque/eftpos or direct deposit into our bank
account. Statements are issued on payment.

Late fees apply if children are not collected by 6pm at a rate of $45 from 6.00-6.15;
then from 6.16-6.30 $20.00, then from 6.31-6.45 $20.00, then from 6.46-7pm $20.00

Before and After School Care
Bookings must be made by phone, fax or email to the Centre as the school office
does not accept bookings for OSHC.

Permanent bookings and changes must be advised on a Booking Form at the Sign in Desk.

All bookings must be made to the Centre prior to your child’s attendance. Casual or
additional bookings should be made 24 hours in advance where possible. The Centre makes
every endeavour to comply with the staff/child ratio of 1/15 and therefore if it is not possible to
maintain these ratios late bookings could be rejected.

Children must not be left prior to the opening times of the Centre.

Vacation Care
Bookings will only be accepted on the Vacation Care Booking Form. This includes
completion of permission forms for excursions and swimming sessions.

Bookings for Vacation Care require 48 hours notice or a late booking fee or late
cancellation fee applies.

All Vacation Care Fees must be pre-paid weekly in advance. Bookings for Vacation
care will not be accepted if monies are owed from the previous school term.

If your child/ren will not be attending a booked session you must notify the Centre by
phone, fax or email.

Staff will be concerned if a child is booked in for After Care but hasn't arrived from their
classroom. The school office, class teacher, parent/emergency person will be contacted to
check the whereabouts of the child to ensure their safety.

Notification of non attendance at a booked session must be a full 24 hours for Before &
After School Care and a full 48 hours for Vacation Care or the session fee will be

All absences must be signed for by the Parent/Guardian.

Parking is for OSHC is situated in front of the tennis courts for dropping off or collecting
children. Driving cars up to the P&C Centre creates a safety problem as children play outdoors

Parent Information Booklet – Updated December 2007                                        Page 7
in this area.

Before School Care
Children arriving for Before School Care should be signed in by a Parent/Guardian or the
Coordinator. Children are permitted to leave Before Care at 8.30am, except where parents
have indicated they wish their child to remain till 8.45am.

After School Care
For the first term of the school year, Year One and Prep children will be collected from
the Meeting Point by a Staff member. Grade 2 to Grade 7 children come directly to the
OSHC area at 3.00pm and make contact with the Coordinator to be signed in.
Children can only be collected by persons authorized on the enrolment form or a notification
from the Parent/Guardian in writing. All child/ren must be signed out by an authorized person.

Vacation Care and Pupil Free Days
Children must be signed in when they arrive in the morning and signed out in the afternoon
by a parent or other authorized person. Also please ensure that any permission forms for
excursions have been signed.

Late Collection of Children
In the instance where child/ren have not been collected from the Centre by 6:00pm or
Parent/Guardians have not advised of arrangements their collection, the Coordinator will
in the first instance try the parent contact numbers and, if necessary, emergency
numbers will be rung. In the instance where no one is contactable the Police will be notified.

Children have regular input to the formulation of OSHC Rules. Children and staff have
set the following rules together:

• Always use good manners

• Keep your hands and feet to yourself

• Treat others with respect

   Don't swear or use bad language

• Use and return equipment properly and tidy up when finished

• Stay with a carer at all times and never go out of bounds

• Stay seated while eating

• Listen when others are talking

• No running or sliding in the Centre

Parent Information Booklet – Updated December 2007                                    Page 8
• Stay safe and have as much fun as possible

In addition to the above rules, the following rules also apply and children are made aware
of these:
       Children must come immediately to After School Care once released from the
       classroom. If they are to be delayed for some reason, the Co-ordinator must be
       informed in advance.

        Children are not to leave the school grounds for any reason. Children must wait
        until their parent or other authorized person, collects them from the centre and signs
        them out.
        If children see any strangers in the school grounds, it is important they tell a staff

        If a child needs to go to the toilet, he or she must inform the Co-ordinator or Assistant
        before leaving the group. Children are encouraged to go in pairs.

        Children must always wear a hat when in the sun. Safety helmets and shoes must be
        worn for bike riding, skateboarding and rollerblading.

Oakleigh OSHC aims to maintain appropriate discipline through positive reinforcement of
acceptable behaviours. Behaviour which is endangering the safety or welfare of anyone
involved in the program, or the smooth running of the program, will be managed firmly and
consistently in accordance with set procedures. Unacceptable behaviour is managed with
understanding and with respect for the dignity and rights of the child.

                                                Time out
Time out is to be used to withdraw a child from an activity when there is minor
misbehaviour or they are being continually disruptive e.g. name calling, being nasty
to others, not complying with games, jumping out of turn, dirty look, pushing etc.

Serious breaches such as running away, throwing objects, major temper tantrum or
anger outburst, punching, kicking, hitting with a weapon etc are all to be referred to the
Coordinator and an Incident Report completed.

1st Incident
    -   Staff member to give the child a verbal instruction to cease the behaviour. Play
        or activity to continue for the child.
2nd Incident
    -   Child is to be withdrawn from the activity to sit beside the Staff member for 5

Parent Information Booklet – Updated December 2007                                       Page 9
    -   During this time the child needs to explain to the Staff member what they have
        done, why they are continuing to do it and why it is not appropriate (not the right
        thing to do).
    -   The Staff member needs to discuss with the child why this is inappropriate and
        encourage the child to explain why they should not do it and what they could have
        done differently.
    -   After the 5 minutes the child may resume the activity.
3rd Incident
    -   Child is to be withdrawn from the activity to sit beside the Staff member for 10
    -   During this time the child must complete the “Time Out Questionnaire”.
    -   Staff Member to complete an “Incident Report”.
    -   Once the 10 minutes is complete the child moves to a quiet indoor activity, they
        are not allowed, to go back to the activity from which they were withdrawn.
Further Incidents relating to the child for that session.
    -   The child will be required to sit outside the office door and read a book until their
        parents (who have been contacted) arrive.

The Co-ordinator, in consultation with the Management Committee, may advise parents
verbally and in writing that their child may not return to the Centre until parents have met with
the Management Committee to discuss further strategies to deal with the behaviour issues.
Serious misbehaviour may result in continued suspension and ultimately exclusion.
Strategies agreed between the parents, Co-ordinator and Management Committee will be
confirmed in writing before the child returns to the Centre.

Unacceptable behaviour during Vacation Care and Pupil Free Days may result in a child
being excluded from programmed activities and excursions.

Any child with an infectious disease is excluded from attending OSHC. This refers to
infectious diseases identified by the National Health and Medical Research Council [NHMRC].
A copy of the NHMRC guidelines is displayed in the OSHC room.

Parents are responsible for informing the Co-ordinator of any infections diseases that their
child may have. OSHC is required to report any notifiable diseases as per the NHMRC
Guidelines to the Department of Health and other parents who use Oakleigh OSHC.

Medication Where possible, it is preferable that medication is administered before or after
attending the centre. Prescribed medication will only be administered if it is in its original
package with a pharmacists' label which clearly states the child's name, dosage, frequency of
administration, date of dispensing and expiry date. Parents or guardians must sign the

Parent Information Booklet – Updated December 2007                                     Page 10
medication authorization form to authorize the administration of medication.

Minor accidents. Staff will apply appropriate first aid. Parents will be advised of instances
when first aid has been applied.

Serious accidents. If your child requires urgent medical attention (due to an accident or
serious illness) the following procedure will be adopted:
        Staff will contact the child's parent/s or emergency contact.
        If necessary the child will be taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital. Parents will be
        advised of this, if contact was unable to be made earlier.
        Any accident sustained by a child or staff member is recorded in the Incident Book,
        with details of all procedures followed. The report is signed and dated by a staff member
        and signed by the Parent/Guardian.
If parents have any special requests or instructions regarding medical attention for their
child/children, please provide this information on the enrolment form and discuss the matter
with the Coordinator.

The Coordinator keeps an Emergency Contacts Register. Please make sure that your
contact details are always up to date.

Parents are encouraged to discuss any complaints or concerns they may have regarding
their child or the OSHC service generally.

All complaints or concerns should first be discussed with the Co-ordinator. If you still have
concerns following this discussion, then you can address the issue with the Management
Committee either in writing, at a Committee meeting or by contacting a Committee member

Issues of general policy and financial policy should be directed to the OSHC Management

If you still have concerns or matters are unresolved, you can then address the issue with
the Oakleigh P&C either in writing or by contacting the P&C President.

To protect the privacy of all concerned, complaints should be made at a time and place away
from interruptions, and heated discussions should never take place in the presence of children.
Parents should never directly approach other children with a complaint.

Parent Information Booklet – Updated December 2007                                       Page 11

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