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									 NORTHERN MIDLANDS COUNCIL                        Suitably designed and screened areas         Parking: At least one parking space
    GROUPED HOUSING (UNITS)                       shall be provided for the storage of         per unit must be covered and located
        REQUIREMENTS                              waste materials free from foraging           at a distance not greater than 30m
                                                  animals;                                     from the dwelling unit which it serves.
  (Please tick each box when addressed on plan
                                                                                               Preferred: 1.5 spaces per unit, with all
             or provide additional plan)          Satisfactory provisions shall be made
                                                                                               in excess of one per unit to be
Lot Area Per Dwelling Unit:                       for    clothes-drying   facilities and
                                                                                               provided as visitor spaces.
Minimum 350m2 per unit                            mail/newspaper receptacles;
                                                                                               Manoeuvring space so that vehicles
Landscape plans must show:                        Garden equipment/tools:         Adequate
                                                                                               can reverse out of or into the
                                                  storage shall be provided and suitably
 Dimensions of Private Open Space:                                                             carports/garages.
                                                  located for each dwelling unit;
o Minimum private open space per unit:                                                         Driveways:    Sealed entry apron,
                                                 Minimum        separation       between
  Bedsitter (30m2), 1-BR (50m2),                                                               driveways and parking areas - 5.5m
                                                 dwellings across a court or driveway -
  2-BR (70m2), 3-BR (90m2)                                                                     wide from the entrance to the visitor
                                                 6m (plus 3m for each additional storey)
                                                                                               parking and from this point, a
o Must be directly accessible from the           Privacy of the units: The design and          minimum of 3.5m wide.
  dwelling unit at a level not greater than      layout (including the means of separation
  1.5m above or below the floor level of                                                     Council may, at its discretion, grant a
                                                 of private and common entrances,
  the dwelling unit; and                                                                     planning permit for a development for
                                                 footpaths, parking spaces, driveways
                                                                                             Grouped Houses that is not in conformity
o Minimum horizontal measurements -              and areas of common and private open
                                                                                             with the requirements above subject to
  4.5m.                                          space) shall ensure reasonable privacy
                                                                                             the provisions of Clause 2.6.
                                                 of the occupants;
 Areas of private open space to be                                                           Plus Residential Serviced Planning
 planted or prepared for planting of             Paths/driveways giving access to a unit        Scheme Provisions including:
 garden/lawn, or in other suitable ways for      are to be at least 1m from the wall of
 the enjoyment of the occupants of the           another dwelling unit (or 2m if the wall       Setbacks are usually 5m front, 1m
 associated unit;                                has a window with a sill height less than      side & rear
                                                 2m above the path/driveway);                   Suitably-oriented sites to have 10% of
 Existing trees and shrubs (to be retained
 if possible);                                   In buildings of more than one storey, all      floor area in north-facing windows.
                                                 pipes, ducts and vents shall be                Direct overlooking of main living areas
 Areas of common open space to be                concealed from public view;
 suitably landscaped in ways appropriate                                                        / private open spaces of other
 for the enjoyment of the residents;             If practicable, a common TV antenna            dwellings to be minimised.
                                                 shall be provided;                             Units and landscaping shall not
                                                                                                overshadow the north-facing wall of
                                                                                                another house or building envelope
                                                                                                for more than 2 hours on any day.
Grouped Housing is not permitted in the             Over Development
Flood Hazard Special Area or Attenuation            Proposals considered ‘over development’          GROUPED HOUSING
Special Area.                                       by Council officers will not be approved by
                                                    P&D Manager per delegated authority and              (UNITS)
Sewer & Water Infrastructure                        will be taken to a Council meeting for a
Applications require a Certificate of Consent       decision.
from Ben Lomond Water regarding sewer               Indications of over-development could be:
and water infrastructure – this is obtained by      o Units being more than 2-bedroom or
Council.                                                large floor area
                                                    o Variations to setbacks
Headworks Charges                                   o Variations to private open space (area
A headworks charge is a cost applied to each            or not having a northerly aspect)
new unit/lot to allow that unit/lot to connect to   o Variations to lot area per unit
a utility service. Water and sewerage charges       o Overshadowing or overlooking                     Northern Midlands Planning
are payable according to Ben Lomond Water           o Deficiency of visitor parking/vehicle                   Scheme 1995
policy. Charges per additional unit/lot at              manoeuvring
1.7.09 were:                                        If public exhibition is not complete when the          13 Smith Street, PO Box 156
− water headworks (treated water $825/untreated     Agenda closes, an extension of time until                    Longford 7301
  water $550)                                                                                               Telephone (03) 6397 7301
                                                    next Council meeting will be required.                 Facsimile (03) 6397 7741
− sewer headworks $825.
                                                    A convincing submission demonstrating that
Drainage and road headworks charges, and            the units have been well designed and
public open space fees are payable                                                                   Planning & Development Manager:
                                                    appropriate in the streetscape may alleviate               Duncan Payton
according to Council Policy. The charge shall       Council officers’ concerns with over-               Senior Planner: Paul Godier
apply to each additional unit constructed.          development.                                    Planning Officer: Melissa Cunningham
− public open space fee $1200 at 1.7.09
                                                                                                          Cadet Planner: Erin Boer
                                                    Issue of Title
Strata Certification
                                                    Applications will not be placed on public
The Council shall not certify a statement for                                                         Planning Administration Officer:
                                                    exhibition until title to the lot is issued
the purposes that the planning permit has                                                                    Jan Cunningham
                                                    (unless integrated development).
been complied with to allow completion of a
certificate pursuant to the Strata Titles Act,                                                          Email the Planning Section on:
until all conditions on the planning permit                                                    
have been completed.

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