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									                     PRESS RELEASE
For release 6 July 2009

    New technology trial allows trucks
         to save fuel with water
New world leading technology from Melbourne based company, H.O.H,
allows hydrogen gas to be produced on-demand and added to diesel
engines, improving the efficiency of the combustion by 15-30%.

This allows truck operators to cut their fuel costs and carbon emissions;
and it costs nothing to try.

"This technology has been investigated and verified for many years"
                                    - International Journal of Hydrogen

Proven by the U.S. Department of Transport to save fuel, H.O.H. needs
no storage, reduces emissions and requires no refuelling
infrastructure. It is safe and is more than capable of meeting the rigors of
long haul transportation using nothing more than water.

H.O.H. is now offering Australia's truck fleet operators the opportunity to
try before they buy with this cutting edge Hydrogen technology.

Truck fleet operators can register their interest in participating at no cost
in these ground breaking trials with no ongoing commitment.

The aim is to prove the technology works and save fleet owners money,
then talk about ongoing supply.

Interested? Email or visit

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For further information, to organise an interview or photograph please
contact Philip Bateman via or phone 0402 017 700.

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