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					A thematic approach
 Hunts Schools Sport
   Partnerships in practice
• Partnerships are the catalyst for a wealth of
  new activities
• Partnership wide initiatives – family wide
  initiatives - individual school initiatives –
  class / target group initiatives
• Success builds on success; unsuccessful
  activity is dropped
• Target driven approach – through the PDP or
  the FDP
         Adopting a theme
•   A lens
•   An umbrella
•   A focus
•   Common ground
•   A catch phrase
•   Important for sharing the essence of
    the partnership with those outside –
    parents, governors, other partners
  What do you see?

It’s just a matter of perception
‘All about me’
    On the Olympic logo ….
…it will define the venues we build and the
 Games we hold and act as a reminder of
 our promise to use the Olympic spirit to
 inspire everyone and reach out to young
 people around the world.
 It is an invitation to take part and be
It’s just a matter of perception
‘All about me’
              All about me
• A focus for schools, PLTs, teachers, year
  groups, classes, individual pupils
• Re-orientate existing plans to take on an ‘All
  about me’ dimension (where appropriate)
• Use ‘All about me’ to stimulate joined up
  thinking in school, in staff training, in
  planning meetings
• Use ‘All about me’ in assemblies, parent
  gatherings, communication with wider
    All about me - ideas
• How does this year’s theme link with
  your plans?

• Remember ‘Every Child Matters’ – put
  the child at the centre of all that we do

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