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					           My name is Charlotte
My name is Charlotte McKnight and I live at 76 larch street Leicester.
I used to go to bridge junior school and before that I went to green lane infant
I have 2 brothers who both are older than me-one is 13 and the other one is 19.
I have 3 dogs two of them are Chihuahuas and one of them is a mixed breed.
I have 2 best friends who are in my form class called Shannon and Gurjeet, the have
     been my best friends since I was 8.
My birthday is the 10th February 1994 and when I was born I was 7 weeks early and
     weighed 4lbs 4oz
I live with my Mum and Nanna.
                        My family
• I live with my mum and my
• My house has a red door.
• I have 2 brothers.
• I have 3 dogs, a guinea pig
  and a hamster.
• I have 2 god sisters Danielle is
  16 and keara is 6 they both
  get on my nerves!
• I also have three cousins-Leah
  who is 3, Troy who is 5, and
  Alex who is 10 months.
• I go to crown Hills community college
• I enjoy expressive arts the most because my mum
  says i can be very dramatic!
• I used to go to bridge junior School and I got on
  well with all of my teachers.
• All of my friends came to the same school as me.
• I enjoy coming to school.
       What are my hobbies
•   Going to school
•   Playing with my dogs
•   Playing with my friends
•   Going shopping with my relatives and with friends
•   Having sleepovers
•   Going to the cinema
•   Watching horror films
•   Playing on the computer
•   Fighting with my cousins
•   Going to parties
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