Alternatives to Incarceration

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					       “Getting Tough on Crime,
Getting Tough on the Causes of Crime”:
   The Impacts of Penal Populism on the
        Criminal Justice Practitioner

               Justin Piché
         PhD Candidate (Sociology)
            Carleton University

         Back to the Future:
      “Getting Tough on Crime”
A „Conservative‟ Project: United States – 1980s
     A „Centrist‟ Project: Canada – 1990s
      A „Leftist‟ Project: Sweden – 1990s

             Recurring Themes
       Construction of „Us‟ and „Them‟
    Taking Crime Seriously = Punishment

   Rising Imprisonment Rates, Privatization
Displacement of Discretion, Rising Case Loads
       From Welfare State to Penal State
         Back to the Future:
“Getting Tough on the Causes of Crime”
       Taking Crime Seriously through
             „Crime Prevention‟
       England (Labour Party) – 1990s
      Canada (All Parties) – (post-2005)

             Recurring Themes
        „Tougher‟ Laws Are Needed
   BUT We Also Need to Equip Communities

     Occasional Mention of Root Causes
Ushering in the Culture of Control:
     „Tackling Crime‟ in Canada

            The „Accomplishments‟
   Bill C-9: Conditional Sentencing Reform
           Bill C-18: DNA Data Bank
             Bill C-19: Street Racing

     For details see
Ushering In the Culture of Control:
      „Tackling Crime‟ in Canada

                    On the Docket
          Bill C-2: Tackling Violent Crime
     Bill C-10: Mandatory Minimum Penalties
             Bill C-22: Age of Protection
 Bill C-27: Dangerous and High-Risk Offenders
         Bill C-32: Impaired Driving Reform
  Bill C-35: Bail Reforms for Firearm Offences

      For details see
Ushering In the Culture of Control:
      „Tackling Crime‟ in Canada

                  Mo‟ Better
            „Reforming‟ the YCJA
Mandatory Sentences for „Serious‟ Drug Crimes
          Identity Theft Legislation

      For details see
Ushering In the Culture of Control:
      „Tackling Crime‟ in Canada
    Funding Commitments – $973.8 million
   National Anti-Drug Strategy $63.8 million
       More Federal Police $198 million
      More Federal Prisons $245 million
      Youth Crime Prevention $20 million
     National DNA Data Bank $15 million
          Victims of Crime $26 million
      Arming Border Guards $103 million
 Moving „low-risks‟ Across Borders $303 million

      For details see
      Universal Carceral:
On the Exportation of Confinement


      Security                   Labour
      Detention                 Detention

       Combat                    Health
      Detention                 Detention
          A Forecast for the
  John Howard Society of Canada
                 The Trajectory
        Politics of Divide and Conquer
        Vengeance as Communication
       Eroding Remains of Community
        Resource Disenfranchisement

             The Expanding Need
              Mass Incarceration
Categories of Human Life Rendered Disposable
        Programming as New „Welfare‟
Changing the Trajectory
Bringing the Prison to Canadians
           Mass Media
Tapping New Pools of Volunteers

          Key Actors
Prisoners and Their Loved Ones
 Criminal Justice Practitioners
   Advocates and Volunteers

        Key Challenges
                    The fire has brought us back
              As we tell ourselves we‟re under attack
                Caught between mirrors that do lie
     And the smoke surrounding them that blinds and binds
                 In the end, the fire is in our hands
         In the end, our heads are burrowed in the sand
                 In the end, the fire is in our hands
            In the end, will we stop to make amends?
                The army on movie and TV screens
       Fight fear, distress, chaos, it‟s a war on everything
Wind-up the machine to reclaim destiny through human plundering
               With Monday another chance to fight
         Look out for dark figures running into the night
                      Manufactured (in)security
                   Eroding remains of community
                       They want the fire back
                        They got the fire back
                      We brought the fire back
                         They want fire, fire
                            Will we stop?

         Justin Piché
  Ph.D. Candidate (Sociology)
      Carleton University