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									Melbourne Rugby Union Football Club is one of the two oldest
clubs in Victoria (the other being Melbourne University Rugby
Football Club). Officially established in 1926, some 38 years                                              Melbourne Rugby
                                                                                                            Union Football
after the first game of rugby was played in Victoria, under the
'Melbourne Rugby Union' banner.

The first rugby union games were played in Victoria were in
1888. Three games are recorded as being played that year:-                                                      Club
one against an English touring team and two against a New
Zealand Maoris side. All three resulted in losses - but the
game they play in heaven had arrived in Victoria.                                                                     Sponsorship Proposal
                                                                                                           Our vision:
Until the establishment of Melbourne Rugby club, Victorian
rugby was a somewhat stop start affair, due in no small part to                                            MRUFC is the club of choice for rugby
World War I. The Victorian Rugby Union (VRU) was also
established in early 1926 which, in turn, led to the                                                       Our mission:
commencement, later that year of four more clubs, namely St           MELBOURNE RUGBY UNION
Kilda, Kiwis, Navy and Air Force.
                                                                          FOOTBALL CLUB                    Melbourne Rugby Union Football Club is committed
                                                                                                           to providing the opportunity for our members and the
During the period 1930-35, Mr D.L. Cowper became the club's                                                local community to enjoy Rugby Union and all
and Victoria's first Australian international representative and,                                          aspects of the game. We also desire to create a
in 1933, captained Australia against the Springboks in South                   Club Address:               centre of excellence for Rugby Union to foster
Africa.                                                              Charles Lux Pavilion, Toorak Park,    development for the future of the sport.
In the early days of the late 1920s and 1930s, Melbourne
                                                                    580 Orrong Rd, Armadale, Melbourne
                                                                                   Victoria                Our values:
Rugby Club's motto of that era was "Praemia Post Habeas
Ludo" (loosely translated as "After the Battle, Enjoy the                   Phone: 0400 020 300            Melbourne Rugby Union Football Club is committed
Prize"). Following the club's amalgamation in 1939 with Old                  Fax: 03 8601 7099             to the provision of a high level of participation, safety,
Boys Rugby Club and prior to his departure, that year, to                          E-mail:
military duties in World War II, the club accepted the                                                     family and community spirit and opportunity in Rugby
recommendation of club member E.E."Weary" Dunlop, that            Union throughout our local community and Victoria. It
the rampant unicorn become the club emblem along with his                           Web:                   aims to provide all members with fair competition;
suggested new club motto "Never a step backward"                        access to high standard coaching, grounds and
                                                                              Postal Address:              facilities, and equity at all levels.
Both the emblem and the motto along with the club's victory         P.O. Box 192, South Yarra, VIC, 3141
song "We're on the Road With Melbourne's Army" are still                                                   Our Aim:
deeply embedded in the Melbourne Rugby Club 'psyche.'                         Home Ground:
Another mark of recognition of Melbourne RUFC was                     Romanis Reserve, Orrong Park,        •Field competitive teams in a club environment where
introduced by R.I. Kingman in the early Sixties. The sound of          Orrong Rd, Prahran, Melbourne       they can enjoy themselves both on and off the field.
'Who's that man with the big red nose' has become                                  Victoria
synonymous with MRUFC throughout Victorian rugby circles.                                                  •Develop a strong sense of unity in the club and local
In 1959 MRUFC gained the rights to play on Romanis
Reserve. Commonly known as Orrong Park, it is situated on
Orrong Road, between High Street and Malvern Roads,
Prahran, and is regarded as one of the best playing surfaces
in the Victorian union.
                                                                                                           ‘the club of choice for rugby’
Seniors                                             Juniors                                             Bronze (Backs) – Friends Of the
Gold (Tight Five) incl Naming                       Silver (Back Row) incl Naming
Rights                                              Rights                                              MRUFC Friend      $200pa

Firsts Jersey’s   $4000 pa                          Jersey’s $500 pa per team – current teams are       Package includes:
                                                    Under 6, Under 8, Under 10 and Under 12’s
Seconds Jersey’s $2000 pa                                                                               Name on sponsors board in stairwell
                                                    Shorts   See above
Colts Jersey’s    $2000 pa                                                                              Name on web page directory
                                                    Package includes:
Thirds Jersey’s   $1000pa                                                                               Name in each newsletter
                                                    One ticket to a Pres club lunch
Shorts            $2500pa                                                                               Our eternal thanks
                                                    Logo on sponsors board in stairwell (smaller size
Package includes:                                   than Gold)                                          Other opportunities
One ticket to each Pres club lunch.                 Logo on web page directory                          Goal Post Protectors - Cost plus $1000 pa

Logo on sponsors board in stairwell                 Logo in each newsletter                             Signage on ground - Cost plus $500 pa

Logo on web page directory                                                                              Signage at Presidents Club Lunches - Cost plus
Logo in each newsletter                             Club Contacts:
                                                                                                        ID cards (Seniors)         $500
                                                    Jed Macartney – President
                                                                                                        ID Cards (Juniors)         $500
                                                    Telephone: 0418 126 267
                                                                                                        Package includes:
Our true real selling point to vendors and
potential sponsors is access to 300+ rugby club                                                         One ticket to a Pres club lunch
group mailing list and newsletter, as well as the   David Kennedy – Secretary
ability for one of a kind potential marketing                                                           Logo on sponsors board in stairwell (smaller size
exposure to 500+ rugby fans and spectators          Telephone: 0400 020 300                             than Gold)
each weekend during the season.
                                                    Email:                    Logo on web page directory

                                                                                                        Logo in each newsletter

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