Take Control of Your Finances & Health

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					              Take Control of Your Finances & Health
                  “Reduce Debt. Reduce Stress”
                        Project Summary

The City of Kansas City, Missouri Deferred Compensation Plan partnered
with the City’s deferred compensation provider, Nationwide Retirement
Solutions, and the City’s Fountain of Health Wellness Program to develop a
program to help employees “Take Control of Your Finances & Health”. As
the group believes an employee’s health and finances have an impact on
each other, they developed the first workshop, “Reduce Debt. Reduce
Stress.” to help employees:

    Recognize the signs of too much debt
    Learn the true cost of debt
    Discover four keys to using credit wisely
    Realize the importance of converting debt reduction to a retirement
    Learn the causes, symptoms and effects of stress on your health

The program was a tremendous success. It was very highly rated by
attendees and plan loan and unforeseeable emergency activity decreased
significantly. A second phase is now being developed to build further

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