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									    Reduce noise to prevent hearing damage
        Exposure to hazardous levels of noise                                Tinnitus is often referred to as ‘ringing     The longer you are exposed to hazard-
    is one of the most common causes of                                  in the ears,’ which can range from mild           ous noise, the more damaging it will
    hearing loss.                                                        to severe, and thus only be noticeable in a       be. If you work in a noisy environment,
        Both the intensity of the noise and                              quiet room, or very loud and annoying at          give your ears a break in quiet when
    the duration of time spent exposed to                                all times. Tinnitus does not cause hearing        you get home (i.e. do not go home and
    the noise affects how hazardous it is to                             loss, but often accompanies decreased             listen to loud music).
    your hearing. A single loud gunshot at                               hearing and other ear problems.                 • When possible, turn down the volume
    close range can permanently damage                                       While many people recognize that              (TV, radio, stereo, personal or portable
    your hearing in an instant. Repeated                                 industrial noise can be hazardous to their        music player, etc.).
    exposure to loud industrial noise, loud                              hearing, most do not take into account          • When it is not possible to reduce the
    music or loud recreational noise can                                 recreational noise exposure (including            level of occupational or recreational
    also damage your hearing. This is called                             power tools, diesel trucks, music, off-road       noise, wear hearing protection, i.e. dis-
    ‘Noise-induced hearing loss’ (NIHL).                                 vehicles, power boats, lawn mowers, chain         posable foam plugs, reusable silicone
        NIHL is typically a gradual, progres-                            saws, etc.). Noises above 85 decibels are         earplugs, earmuffs, or custom-made
    sive loss of high frequency (or pitch)                               considered most damaging.                         ‘ear defenders.’
    hearing sensitivity over time, as a result of                            So given this, what can you do to           • When possible, buy quieter products
    exposure to excessive noise levels. Exces-                           protect your hearing?                             (compare decibel ratings – the lower
    sive noise damages the delicate hair cells                           • If you work in an at-risk occupation,           the better). This is particularly impor-
    in the inner ear. When the hearing system                              check with your employer to ensure              tant when buying toys for children.
    is exposed to excessive noise, mechanical                              you have adequate hearing protection.         • Reduce the number of noisy appliances
    and metabolic changes can occur from                                   Some occupations that are considered            running at the same time in your per-
    this stress, damaging the inner and outer                              high risk are: police officers, farmers,        sonal environment.
    hair cells’ function and structure.                                    fire fighters, factory workers, con-          Remember, one-third of hearing loss
        This damage results in sensorineural                               struction workers, military personnel,          is preventable with proper hearing
    hearing loss and often tinnitus (i.e. ring-                            heavy industry workers, musicians, and          protection!
    ing, roaring or buzzing sounds in the                                  entertainment industry workers.                   Information supplied by Professional Audiology
    ears). Sensorineural hearing loss is ir-                             • Limit exposure time to noisy activities.      Clinic.
    reversible and permanent. The intensity
    of sound is reduced with sensorineural                                 Book Your Complimentary Appointment Today

                                                                             Foot Pain? Knee Pain?
    hearing loss, but even more detrimental,
    clarity (particularly of speech) is also
    reduced – even when sounds are loud
    enough to compensate for the hearing

                                                                             Back Pain? Heel Pain?

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                    Dr. Mary Staggs™ Foot Detox
                   • Arthritis            • Multiple sclerosis
                   • Poor circulation     • Headaches and Migraines
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                   • Fibromyalgia         • Acute and Chronic pain

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	    22                                                                                                                  March/April 2008 Edmonton Woman Magazine

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