10 things you don't know enough about in EPK-Suite

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					       10 things you don’t know enough
       about in EPK-Suite

                       Bill Olford

EPK Users Meeting
Jan 23-25, 2007
     1. Performance - Portfolio views
     • Architecture – asp pages with ActiveX controls
          – client memory is main bottleneck
          – Admin Guide perf section
     • Portfolio views designed for interactive use
          – number of PIs, CTs, CCs, periods
     •   Use reports for static esp. when many PIs
     •   Prefilter data – more coming on Shortcuts
     •   Use Gantt view then use Details to Edit Cost
     •   Program view for navigation then drill down

EPK Users Meeting
Jan 23-25, 2007
     Filter Shortcuts
     • Shortcut is a resource attribute as parameter in
       prefilter instead of value
     • Resolved at runtime by plugging in value for
     • Same lookup table MUST be used for the
       resource and portfolio item attribute
     • One view can then support many users,
       returning a different set of data depending upon
       the user attribute value
     • Can also parameterize Today and Status Date

EPK Users Meeting
Jan 23-25, 2007
     2. Program Codes
     • aka multi-value portfolio codes
     • Define in EPK Admin | Customize Portfolio
     • Users with P03 Edit PI perm can set
       values on PIs including Allocation
     • Users with A05 PMO App Admin perm can
       set program values for PI fields
     • In view Sum override displays program
       value in Group row
     • Navigation use
EPK Users Meeting
Jan 23-25, 2007
     3. EPOC as PI Custom Field?
     • Defined and lookup table in MSP EntGlobal
     • PI value (ie no linked schedule) is stored in EPK
     • Project value in MSP tables but PWA edits do
       NOT change all MSP tables - Publish from
       Project Pro
     • If create linked Project schedule from PI the
       custom values are transferred
     • Remove link and values moved

EPK Users Meeting
Jan 23-25, 2007
     4. Full Resource Planning Negotiation

     • Resource/department manager
     • W/O negotiation and PMs can cherry pick
       – RM cannot be accountable for
       overloaded resources
     • If RMs are gate keepers they can also be
       held accountable

EPK Users Meeting
Jan 23-25, 2007
     5. Resource Plan Revenue
    • Cost Types costed differently
         – Portfolio Resource Plans hours on a commitment in a period multiplied
           by default rate for the cost category/role for that period
         – Portfolio Resource Plans using Revenue are the aggregation of the
           Revenue for the period – no rate extensions are carried out
    • Revenue tool in Res Planning dialog
    • Rate tables
         – set up by EPK Admin
         – default rates for the CC/Role across the system
         – rates by role that are different by department maintained by RM
    • Rates can be hourly of by period – period rates pro-rate duration in
      period not hours
    • Manual rates available so a resource could have different rates on
      different projects or even different commitments on same project

EPK Users Meeting
Jan 23-25, 2007
     6. Availability
     Where does availability come from?
     • Base calendar, exceptions, and units are
       maintained in Enterprise Resource Pool
     • OLAP cube staging tables populated by
       Build cube or Update Res Tables. Both set
       date span
     • Non-working time as demand or
       availability but don’t double count
     • Publish Availability in EPK
EPK Users Meeting
Jan 23-25, 2007
     7. Charge Status
     • Only first character is significant to EPK
     • Use the rest for your own purposes
     • Can be displayed in TS Explorer
     • Unlike TS custom fields values are
       displayed and cannot be set
     • TS values stored in EPK_TS_CHARGES
       table but two characters used for 6 and 7s

EPK Users Meeting
Jan 23-25, 2007
     8.         DB feed of Cost Type Data
     • Target Cost Type is Display Only
     • Values and costs in total rows ignored
     • Qty not extended by rate so both can be in
       DB feed
     • Incorrect data will generate error on
       Portfolio Items page and view may not be
     • If Target is Editable then rows req’d in
EPK Users Meeting
Jan 23-25, 2007
     SQL Script
     • Cost Values
     values (2, 4, 44, 2, 4, 100, 10000, ‘User Mtg demo’)

     insert into EPKP_COST_VALUES (cal, cost type, PI, cost cat, period,
        qty, cost, why)

     • Editable Target Cost Type
     select CB_ID, CT_ID, PROJECT_ID, BC_UID, '1' from
        EPKP_COST_VALUES where CT_ID = 1

EPK Users Meeting
Jan 23-25, 2007
     9. Breakout or User Button
     • Breakout
          – On events: Create PI, Pre-Edit PI, Save PI,
            Save_Costs, Save_ResPlan
          – Transparent
          – Eg. Counter, formula, copy cost values, audit trail
     • User Button
          – Permission
          – User triggered
          – Selected PIs

EPK Users Meeting
Jan 23-25, 2007
     10. Art of Bug Reporting
     • If we can repro it we stand a chance of fixing it so send
       detailed repro steps
     • The more detail the better
          –   Timesheets don’t work
          –   Get error 9875
          –   9875 with these steps + screen shots
          –   9875 with these steps in sample database
     • Common questions
          – All users get error, on all PCs
          – Intermittent, time of day, other processes running
          – Particular PI, dept,…data
     • Expectations – is it an ER?
     • Email
EPK Users Meeting
Jan 23-25, 2007