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					                        WORKING WITH A REAL ESTATE LAWYER

Because the real estate market cannot offer a standard product or standard
pricing, then how can the terms and conditions of any sale be executed with
‘cookie cutter’ standard legal forms? The answer is - they cannot! Albeit the
procedures and means for the title transfer are somewhat standard, the
execution and directions outlined in the terms and condition of the sale
agreement are quite specific to each property – as they are to each respective
Buyer and Seller.

Just as a surgeon is well educated and experienced in the field of his/her profession; a real
estate lawyer is well educated and experienced in the field of real estate law. Now then, if you
required surgery, would you attempt it yourself with a standard first aid kit on hand? Why
wouldn’t you want to look out for your interests and well-being by entrusting a medical
specialist? The point of this suggestion is that good intentions can cause poor decisions which
pave the way for disaster. Know your limitations by selecting a qualified real estate lawyer to
protect your legal rights and interests in the disposition of your property.

                  While holding your rights and interests as paramount, your lawyer is also
                  working on your behalf by providing a “clear” property title to convey to the
                  Buyer. This is accomplished by ensuring that any outstanding mortgage
                  debts or claims on the title are satisfied from the proceeds that you direct to
                  him from the sale of your property.

Additionally, your lawyer is responsible for ensuring that proper adjustments are made to
moneys owed to or due from a utility or property tax office up to the agreed point of sale.

The cost to secure the services of a real estate lawyer varies by region. Typical rates for
representing the sale or residential property range between $400 and $700 and do not include
the costs of disbursements. Usually there is no fee for initial consultation with these
professionals who will explain their role further and provide you with supplementary information
regarding their services and rates. To assist you with contacting a real estate lawyer nearest
you please refer to our national service directory located on the Home Page.