Greek Background for the Iliad and the Odyssey by qax71279


									Greek Background for the Iliad
      and the Odyssey
         3000 – 700 B.C.
      Why study Greek literature?
   Greeks have made massive contributions
    in a variety areas: art, philosophy,
    literature, drama, architecture, politics,
    science, and music

   Main Reason: To understand human
    nature/humankind in Western Civilization
                  Heroic Age
   Around 1200 B.C. a conflict arose in Troy
   10 year battle took place between the
    Achaeans and the Trojans
   This is the main subject of the Iliad and is
    also large part of the plot in the Odyssey
   These two works are attributed to the
    blind poet Homer and were written c. 800
   Heroic Age 1100-700 B.C.
   During this time countless heroic tales
    were created and told
        Heroic Age Continued . . .
   Greeks were extremely concerned with tales
    of heroism (living heroically was the ideal)
   Not only were epics written (Homer), but so
    were many fables/folklore (made up stories
    passed down through oral tradition)
   Many Legends were also created and were
    involved in epics and folklore (Legend: they
    are often fiction involving much folklore and
    stories of the gods but they have some basis
    in fact
   Epic: A long poem that tells a story involving
    gods, heroes, and heroic exploits

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