Bioactive natural products isolation, characterization by uoh15272


									Bioactive natural products: isolation, characterization and biological effects

Present scientific knowledge indicates a great biomedical potential of substances of natural origin.
Metabolites of plant and animal organisms, research of which is planned within the project, are a rich and
insufficiently investigated source of structurally very different molecules with numerous assumed
biological effects. The aim of the project is to isolate potentially therapeutic substances from natural
resources, determine their chemical structure and "in vitro" biological activity, and specify the possible
mechanisms of action. The research will be directed towards natural products with anti-inflammatory,
immunomodulatory, antioxidative, antitumor and antimicrobial activities. We will perform bioassay-
guided extraction, fractionation and isolation of the primary and secondary metabolites of higher plants,
mushrooms and marine organisms, mainly compounds of terpenic structure, polyphenolic substances and
polysaccharides. During qualitative and quantitative analysis of bioactive substances, thin layer, gas and
high performance liquid chromatography will be implemented, with special emphasis on development of
methods for analysis of essential oils in coupled system: gas chromatography – mass spectrometer.
During structural characterization of isolated natural compounds, mass spectrometry will be used as well
as nuclear magnetic resonance. Biological activity of natural substances will be analyzed within four
independent units. Anti-inflammatory/immunomodulatory effect will be tested on cell lines of different
immune cells. Modulatory effects on key messengers of immunological response (cytokines, chemokines,
prostaglandins, and leukotrienes) will be determined by using enzyme immunotest – ELISA technique.
As for investigation of antioxidative effect, we will use the suitable spectrophotometric methods, while
the natural substances' cytotoxicity will be analyzed on different cultures of tumor cells by using MTT
test. Antimicrobial effect on bacteria, yeasts, dermatophytes and moulds will be determined by using
diffusion and dilution methods. By discovering biologically most efficient natural substances, new
possibilities will arise for their implementation in prevention and therapy of various acute and chronic
diseases. Isolated bioactive substances with determined structural and biological characteristics might
even become the leading components in research and development of new synthetic drugs.

Main researcher:
Sanda Vladimir-Knežević

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