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									                             Hard Words
                              Spring 2010
                                Page 1 of 4

abduct         apathy                     blotch        cement
abidance       apex                       blotter       certainty
abreast        appealed                   bobbin        chairman
absolve        apricot                    boned         chapel
absurdity      apron                      boulder       checkered
abustle        archery                    braided       checkmate
abut           aria                       brainwash     cherish
abuzz          aridly                     brandied      chord
academic       artery                     bravery       citizen
accrue         artistical                 breadth       civilian
accumulate     ascend                     bricklayer    climber
accusal        ascribe                    brigand       cloakroom
achy           assembly                   brighten      coltish
acquaint       assent                     brilliant     comfort
acre           assimilate                 brine         comic
adage          assistant                  broadcaster   commute
adjective      auxiliary                  broiler       complex
adoptee        avalanche                  broken        compound
adversary      babbled                    bruise        concert
afar           baboon                     buckskin      condemn
affectionate   backspace                  budget        confetti
afloat         backstroke                 bulldozer     conflict
afraid         badge                      bungalow      connive
against        baggy                      bunting       consecutive
aggravate      balsam                     cadence       conserve
agile          bandstand                  caloric       container
airbrush       bangle                     camera        contract
airfoil        banishment                 canine        converge
airtight       barely                     cannonball    copious
album          barker                     capered       cordial
alcove         bashful                    captive       cornea
allergy        basin                      carbonate     crooked
alleyway       beaker                     carefree      cruelly
amateur        beginner                   cascade       cupcake
amber          belabor                    casting       dabble
amend          berate                     catbird       dangerous
amendment      beware                     catcall       dapple
amigo          bighorn                    catchy        dashing
amnesia        bigwig                     caterer       deadhead
amount         bittersweet                causable      deadline
anguish        bivouac                    cautious      deathwatch
anklet         blabber                    caveman       debase
annex          bleachers                  cavern        debit
anoint         blockbuster                ceaselessly   debrief
anthem         bloodhounds                cellblock     decamp
                              Hard Words
                               Spring 2010
                                 Page 2 of 4

deceased      equipment                    foaming      hapless
deceit        erode                        formidable   hardback
decision      escapade                     forsooth     hardiness
decontrol     essay                        foully       harpoon
decorate      essence                      foundry      havoc
defeat        eternity                     fourfold     heatstroke
defroster     evadable                     fraction     heckle
deprivation   evergreen                    fracture     heedful
describe      evermore                     framer       hemline
desecrate     example                      freakish     heredity
desolate      excel                        frequency    heroic
detonator     expert                       frothy       hideous
devalue       expression                   gable        hitchhike
devise        extinct                      gadabout     hobgoblin
devoid        extract                      gaffer       hoedown
dew           extraordinary                galactic     hoggish
diagram       fable                        galley       holdall
dialect       factory                      galloper     holiday
diction       fadeaway                     gamble       hollowly
dingy         fairway                      garageman    homage
discretion    falsity                      garbage      homebound
discuss       fanfare                      garner       homegrown
disinfect     farmyard                     gearing      homemade
doctrine      farsighted                   giantess     homework
dolphin       faultless                    gimmick      horrify
dome          fazzle                       glorious     hungry
dumbbell      fearfully                    goad         hyphen
eagle         federate                     godsend      illegal
earring       feeble                       goldsmith    illusion
earthworm     ferried                      goner        illustrate
eavesdrop     ferry                        goodly       imbalance
echo          fetching                     grabby       immediate
ecru          feud                         graceful     immortal
effluent      fewness                      grackle      imperfect
elder         fiasco                       grainy       improvement
elementary    fickle                       griddle      inaccurate
elf           fiddle                       grimy        inanimate
emptiness     fierce                       groggy       inched
endurance     figment                      groove       include
enemy         filament                     grubby       incompetent
enjoyable     filmy                        guardian     incredulous
entire        fingerprint                  guardrail    indicate
entry         flabby                       haircut      inhibit
equally       flail                        halter       inkblot
equation      flipper                      hamster      innermost
                              Hard Words
                               Spring 2010
                                 Page 3 of 4

insincere       leggy                      nagging         passkey
inspector       legislative                narrative       patio
instantly       length                     nastiness       patriot
insurance       leotards                   nebulous        patrolman
intercept       liar                       necklace        patronize
international   limbless                   neckwear        patsy
irate           linkage                    nectar          paunchy
irregular       lioness                    nettle          paycheck
isolate         liquidate                  nibs            pearly
jackrabbit      lynx                       nicety          peculiar
jamboree        mackerel                   nimble          perforate
jaunty          maddish                    nippy           period
jealously       magical                    nomadic         perishable
jeans           magnolia                   nominee         permanent
jeep            maidservant                nylon           photograph
jetbead         maimed                     oatmeal         pigeonhole
jiffy           mainspring                 obituary        piker
jillion         majority                   oblong          pillar
journal         mallet                     obvious         pincers
journey         mango                      occupation      pincushion
juicily         manse                      occurrence      pinhead
kerchief        manual                     oceanfront      pirate
keyboard        marathon                   oceanic         piston
kidnap          masonry                    odorless        pitchfork
kidney          mealy                      oilcloth        pittance
kiloton         meaningful                 oration         playgoer
kingfish        meanness                   ordered         plucky
kinship         medicine                   ordinary        politely
kinsman         meeting                    original        poll
kitten          menial                     ovenware        pollute
knapsack        merchant                   owing           pompous
kneeboard       mercy                      oxygen          poncho
knell           mermaid                    pacemaker       practical
knickers        merry                      padding         preprint
knock           message                    padlock         prescribe
knothole        metropolis                 palsy           prescription
laborer         midget                     panelist        priestly
landscape       midriff                    papacy          profile
larva           minstrel                   parachute       propensity
laughter        mirrored                   parallel        propriety
lean            mistrust                   parallelogram   prudence
learnable       moneyless                  parka           pudginess
leather         mortal                     parley          pulley
lee             multitude                  partial         punctual
leftover        muscle                     passageway      putrid
                            Hard Words
                             Spring 2010
                               Page 4 of 4

qualify       sassy                      squeak        tripod
quantitate    saxophone                  squirt        trowel
quarry        scandal                    stagehand     truant
quarterback   scholarly                  stain         tumult
quaver        scorpion                   stalk         twinkling
radioactive   scoured                    stoneware     twitter
railbed       scramble                   straddle      ultimo
random        scrapbook                  struggling    umbrella
ransack       scrape                     stubble       unasked
ransom        scrawny                    studious      unleash
raspy         screamer                   stupendous    unpaid
readily       scribe                     subsidy       unselfish
rebuff        sculpture                  succeed       upright
referee       searchlight                suitable      usage
reflect       seaweed                    summary       variation
regard        secluded                   tailor        vault
register      seedbed                    taint         veer
regular       seedy                      tantalize     vehicle
relaxed       seething                   tapestry      vein
relic         segment                    tappable      verbalism
relieve       selector                   tassel        verve
reminder      semaphore                  tawdry        viaduct
render        sensational                telegram      vibrant
rendition     sentinel                   temperance    viewpoint
renounce      sextant                    temptation    vinegar
renovate      shackle                    tenement      voltage
rental        shadiness                  terminal      vulture
renumber      shaggy                     termite       wallow
repulsion     shale                      terrain       waltz
reservoir     shampoo                    terrier       waterlog
retainer      shank                      terrific      wavelet
revolving     sheriff                    thatch        waxen
riddling      shipwreck                  thicket       wealth
ringleader    shredder                   thirsty       wean
riptide       sitcom                     thorny        weevil
riverbank     situated                   thoughtful    weird
rookery       skeleton                   tidal         welfare
rupture       snappish                   tightrope     westward
sackcloth     spacious                   toastmaster   whiplash
sailboat      spareribs                  toehold       whirlpool
salmon        splintered                 toilsome      widespread
sameness      sportswear                 torment       wingspan
sandbar       sprocket                   trellis       wrongful
sandlotter    spur                       tricycle      yam
sanity        square                     trinket       yardage

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