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									                        U            L            T            I          M             A            T            E
                       For immediate release                                               November 26, 2008

                                       Ultimate delivers speed with
 300 Leo Pariseau
                                          new Imposition engine
     Suite 2001
Montreal, QC H2X 4B3   Montreal, Canada, November 26, 2008. Ultimate Technographics, the leader in automated
      CANADA           prepress solutions, releases its new Impostrip 8.5 version. Impostrip 8.5 offers a spectacular
 Tel: (514) 938-9050   speed increase, new job optimization features and new functionality. The challenges in PDF
 Fax: (514) 938-5225   processing constantly augment with the demand for short runs in both the offset and the
www.imposition.com     digital print markets, as well as in the newspaper market where various localized versions call
                       for more plates or more sheets but also for less time per print run.

                       “Processing PDF can become a bottleneck no matter how much you invest in hardware.
                       Impostrip 8.5 Signature Server™ brings improved speed off 50% and more compared to
                       previous version and depending on the nature of the files.” says Roberto Marroquin, Director,
                       Product management.

                       Impostrip 8.5 new development is focusing on job optimization and automation and includes
                       new functionalities such as:
                       • Ganging of mixed binding and sizes: More and more printers want to group jobs with
                          different binding methods in order to optimize printing. Impostrip 8.5 offers the ability to
                          mix and gang jobs into one output where different paper sizes and binding methods are
                          mixed for optimization.
                       • Automated Dutch cut imposition: To optimize paper usage, customers can impose 2 A-
                          4 with a third page in landscape position. This can be automated using hot folder.
                       • PDF Compression for speedy output
                       • New Variables for Slug line and collating marks
                       • New client-server sharing MAC folders
                       • PDF level to match your Rip: You can select PDF output to be compatible with Rips,
                          ranging from PDF 1.4 to 1.7
                       • JDF Cutting and Folding certified with Polar, Muller-Martini, Horizon and Duplo,
                          included in Impostrip Unlimited
                       • Mac OS 10.5 compatibility
                       • Acrobat 8 and 9 PS and PDF, InDesign CS3, etc.
                       • MAC International version includes English, German, French and Spanish.

                       About Ultimate
                       Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, Ultimate invented digital imposition 20 years ago with
                       the first release of Impostrip, and has played a leading role in the market ever since in
                       providing the most innovative and progressive imposition products. The company is
                       continually evolving Impostrip to be the first to take advantage of new operating systems or
                       DTP applications and over 150 other applications supported in PostScript and PDF. Over
                       30,000 imposition engines have been sold to date to OEMs, prepress professionals and
                       digital printers around the world, and the company has a rich history of providing imposition
                       technology into hardware and software workflow solutions for print industry leaders including
                       Glunz&Jensen, HP, InfoPrint-Ricoh, Xerox, Xeikon and others. www.imposition.com

                       For additional information:
                       NA: Ultimate Technographics: Joanne David : Joanne@imposition.com 514 938 9050 ex.224
                       PR Europe:Four Pees: Dorine Vanleke: dorine.vanleke@fourpees.com +32 9 330 60 12

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