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					Top 10 Low Cost Franchises For Work At Home
Author: Raymond Lawrence
Individuals go into business for themselves for a variety of reasons, including flexibility, control, and, for many, the desire to work from
home. Y as any entrepreneur will tell you, starting a home-based business can carry with it many unique risks. From high financial
investments to the prevalence of work-from-home "scams," the field of possible home-based options can be riddled with holes. As
someone looking to start your own home-based, how can you find the best legitimate work-from-home options that won't require that you
re-mortgage your home to get them off the ground? A low cost, work-from-home franchise may be your answer.

Franchise? If you are like many people, your first thought at the word "franchise" was probably a restaurant. And a restaurant, of course,
is usually anything but low-cost and home-based! As the world of franchising has grown literally by leaps and bounds, however, the types
of franchises available have increased exponentially.

And among the following home-based, low cost franchises, one might just be the perfect opportunity for which you have been looking!

All About Honeymoons

When companies like Entrepreneur Magazine and Franchise Times name a franchise as one of the best and/or fastest growing, that
franchise deserves not only a second look but also a third and fourth look! Such is the case with All About Honeymoons, the home-based
business that provides resort wedding and honeymoon planning for engaged couples. All About Honeymoons is more than a travel
agency. It is a comprehensive planning experience that equips couples with their own personal travel webpage where family and friends
can view the couple's news and even make financial contributions to the couple's wedding or honeymoon.

With a start-up cost ranging from just $9,000 to $29,000, All About Honeymoons provides franchisers with complete training to help them
get their business off the ground and give couples the wedding or honeymoon vacation of their dreams.

360 Solutions

Have you always dreamed of helping people achieve their full potentials but doubted you had the expertise to do so? With the training
and support provided to you by 360 Solutions, you can be well on your way to owning and operating your own home-based consulting
and coaching firm.

360 Solutions takes equipping its franchisers seriously and proves this fact by offering extensive trainings designed to help affiliates not
only learn the art of coaching and consulting but also learn the basics of running a business.

In addition, the $10,000 capital investment makes 360 Solutions an extremely appealing option for anyone looking to start a low cost,
work-at-home franchise.

In today's world of dedication to heightened security and safety, you can be a part of the growing security industry by owning your own
digital surveillance systems franchise. is a low cost, work-at-home franchise that offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to marketing digital surveillance
systems to customers such as schools, retail businesses, restaurants, homes, and many, many more. And, because customers can now
monitor surveillance cameras from anywhere in the world by using an Internet-connected computer, these systems are even more
appealing than ever before.

Total capital investment ranges from only $7,000 to $29,000, and financial assistance is available.

Brazilian Springs

Water - it's one of the very few things that humans literally cannot live without. Why not capitalize on this perpetual need by owning your
own home-based water distribution business?

Brazilian Springs carries a price tag of only $10,000 and offers entrepreneurs the chance to provide pure spring water to a thirsty public.
The company offers both training and support, and because Brazilian Springs is relatively new in the United States, the opportunity is
ripe to make this cheap franchise into a high-profit business venture for you and your family.

Do you enjoy cruising? Do tropical paradises and luxury liners intrude into your daydreams? If so, than you may have just found your
calling with this home-based cruise-planning franchise!

Serving an industry in which 81% of first-time cruisers become repeat customers, franchisers sell cruise
vacations online to customers who can literally be anywhere in the world! For under $10,000 - only $9,600 to be exact - this home-based
business opportunity can be your ticket to entrepreneurial success.
Millennium Plus

When Global Positioning Systems (GPS) burst on the consumer scene a few years ago, the potential for the technology was quickly
apparent. Now, with your own Millennium Plus vehicle tracking franchise, you can secure your piece of the GPS economic pie.

Millennium Plus allows your customers to keep tabs on where and how far their car has been driven, an ideal capability for parents of
teenagers or anyone concerned about their vehicle's safety. Additionally, with Millennium Plus technology, customers never again have to
worry about locking their keys in their car as Millennium enables them to unlock their car from any location via the Internet.

This home-based business can be yours for a total capital investment of only $10,000; financing assistance is available, and training
and support are provided.


Be a part of the top-ranked cruise-only travel agency franchise by owning your own, home-based CruiseOne business! As a CruiseOne
franchisee, you have access to comprehensive training, extensive marketing support, and top-of-the-line commission opportunities.

With a total capital investment as low as $9,800 to $26,300, this work-at-home franchise offers enormous earning potential combined
with flexibility and a company support system that is unparalleled in excellence.

CHIP The Child ID Program

Child safety is, without a doubt, a parent's greatest concern. As a CHIP franchise owner, you can help alleviate parents' worries by
providing them one of the best methods available for keeping their children safe.

The CHIP franchise has received high rankings by Entrepreneur Magazine in numerous categories, including the #76-ranked home-
based business opportunity and the #71-ranked top low-cost franchise.

With a total capital investment of just $10,995 to $23,500, CHIP The Child ID Program is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs intrigued
by a low-cost franchise that not only produces income but also helps keep children safe.

Lease One

A growing area of franchise opportunities lies in the financial sector, and if finance and leasing are your business fortes, then consider
starting your own Lease One commercial equipment leasing home-based franchise.

As a Lease One broker, you will be a part of the fastest-growing industry in the financial sector. The total investment capital required is
just $19,900, but your income potential is six-figures! Even better, no financial background is required. Company experts are with you
every step along the way, providing their industry expertise to help you make your business grow.

So take a moment to check out this fantastic work-from-home business opportunity. It may be just the franchise you are looking for!

Drama Kids International

If someone said that you could work from home and help children in the process, what would you say? Impossible?

It's not with Drama Kids International, the dramatic arts enrichment programs franchise that you can own and operate right from the
comfort of your own home office! With investment levels starting at just $17,000, this low-cost franchise opportunity allows you to work for
yourself while giving to children a gift that will literally last a lifetime.

Drama Kids International provides curriculum, lesson plans, inclusive training, support, and marketing materials to help you get your
franchise off the ground and grow it into a successful business venture.

If you've been wondering if you can own your own successful home-based business without investing an arm and a leg, these cheap
franchise options answer this question with an unequivocal YES! Low-cost franchise opportunities are available to help you achieve your
dream. All you have to do is select the one that's right for you!
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