Pattern Project by malj


									Pattern Project

Name:___________________________ Date:___________

Create your own repeating or growing pattern! You may use
objects to build your pattern first, then follow the directions
below to record your pattern.

  1. Build a pattern with blocks, beads, or other objects.

  2. Draw the pattern neatly on your paper. Be sure to color or
     label your objects.

  3. Label your pattern as Repeating or Growing.

  4. If you made a repeating pattern, circle the core and label it
     as AB, ABB, ABC, etc.

  5. You must show at least 3 levels in your pattern.

  6. Write a sentence to tell about your pattern. Use the
     sentence starters below:
              I made a ________________ pattern.
              I used ___________ to build my patterns.
              The core of my pattern is _____________.

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