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									                    Logan Will Memorial Forensics Tournament 2010
                                   February 13th
                                 Grants Pass High

     We are pleased to invite you to our tournament dedicated to the memory of

                                     Logan Will 1984-2006

This year, Willamette University has arranged for a scholarship prize in Logan’s
memory. The scholarship will range from $1500 - $4000 annually (depending on the
financial situation of the individual student) to be offered for the first-place public
(parliamentary) debate team at your tournament. The details are as follows:

Willamette University will offer 2 debate talent awards to the first-place public
debate team under the following conditions:
1. The students apply for and gain admission to Willamette University,
2. The students attend Willamette University, and
3. The students become active members of the Willamette University
   Debate Union.

If the students remain active on the debate team, the talent awards are
renewable for a maximum of 4 years.

            This award was made possible by three very special individuals:
                  Reva Will       Dennis Will        Robert Trapp

Below is a portion of the Oregon State Legislature Resolution honoring Logan. He was a very talented
student, debater, and more importantly, an amazing human being. We are proud to have this
tournament in his honor.

In memoriam: Logan Layton Will, 1984-2006.

                      CONCURRENT RESOLUTION
  Whereas Logan Layton Will was only 22 years old when he was
killed in an automobile accident on November 22, 2006, on
Interstate 5 just south of Salem; and
  Whereas Logan Layton Will enrolled at Willamette University
after his graduation from Grants Pass High School as
valedictorian of his class; and
  Whereas Logan Layton Will earned the honor of being a
G. Herbert Smith Presidential Scholar; and
  Whereas Logan Layton Will, while a student at Willamette
University, served as President of the chapter of the Willamette
College Democrats and was a member of the Willamette University
debate team; and
  Whereas the debate team of which Logan Layton Will was a member
won the National Season Sweepstakes for best overall school
during the entire 2005-2006 debating season and the National
Tournament Sweepstakes for best overall record at the National
Tournament …
***In addition to the scholarship award, we are also offering a tournament fee waiver for the
first place sweepstakes team. We will announce the sweepstakes winner at awards and return
your entry fee check

***We will also be running a 50/50 drawing before and during the tournament. Tickets are
$1.00 for one ticket, or $5.00 for 6 tickets. The winning ticket will receive ½ (50%) of the 50/50
ticket money.

Tori Marshall
Grants Pass High
830 N.E. 9th St.
Grants Pass, Oregon
(541) 474-5710 ex. 167 work
(541) 476-5126 home
(541) 761-9032 cell
(541)474-5717 FAX

Please enter at

$30.00 per team ($20.00 per team if you bring more than one judge)
$10.00 per debate entry
$5.00 per individual entries
$7.00 food fee per student (optional)

We have very few places to eat within walking distance, so we are offering breakfast, lunch and a
snack for $7.00 per student. Please let us know as soon as possible how many students will be eating
here so that we know how much food to order. We will have snacks and lunch for judges.


       Each team may double enter two students (max) in each pattern
       with the exception of Extemp in pattern A
       and all debate events (you may, however, enter one debate event in each pattern)

Double entries are limited to two students per team in each pattern

Pattern A.                                                         Pattern B:
HI                                                                 Oratory
DI                                                                 Prose
Radio                                                              Expository
ADS                                                                Duo
Poetry                                                             Impromptu
Public Forum (no double entrants)                                  Public (no double entrants)
Extemp (no double entrants)                                        L.D. (no double entrants)
Registration         7:30 – 8:00
(Judge’s Orientation 8:00 – 8:30)

Round 1
Pattern A              8:30 – 10:00                            Pattern B               10:00 – 11:15

Round 2
Pattern A              11:15 – 12:30                           Pattern B               12:30 – 1:45

               Lunch: 1:45 – 2:15 (Second Judge’s Orientation as needed)
Round 3
Pattern A              2:15 – 3:30                     Pattern B               3:30 – 4:45

Pattern A Finals 4:45 – 5:45                           Pattern B Finals 5:45 -6:45

                             Debate Finals as needed 7:00 or ASAP

                               Awards:                 7:30 – 7:45

Awards:        We will announce the scholarship winners at the end of awards

We have 1st, 2nd , and 3rd place trophies for all events as well as Sweepstakes Trophies for 1st, 2 nd , and
3rd place teams.

Valentines Day: We hope to have a few special Valentine related activities at the tournament with
special awards TBA. We will also run another scavenger hunt for teams of 4 (cross team entries okay)
during finals with fun (we hope) prizes.

Codes: Please choose a Valentine team code for yourselves. Example: Cyrano’s, or de Bergerac’s, etc.
I am sure you’ll be creative!

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