Managing Property Risks

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					                                  Managing Property Risks
      Are you aware of the key property risk exposures and how these risks can potentially
                                   impact on your business?

       Do you have an up to date understanding of the legislative requirements and industry
                            standards in relation to property risks?

         Would you like to have the knowledge, skill, techniques and practical experience to
         effectively fulfil your responsibilities and successfully manage key property risk

The trend towards performance based legislation has                This comprehensive 3 day course is designed to increase
highlighted the role of risk management to effectively control     your awareness of key property risk exposures and how
key property risks. It is therefore vital that those involved in   these can be managed to minimise adverse impacts. The
property management have an understanding of how to                course is delivered by Noel Arnold & Associates, a leading
apply risk management principles to effectively manage             risk management consulting firm, with more than 20 years
property risk exposures.                                           experience in providing services to the property industry.
                                                                   During the course you will hear from a range of practising
                                                                   industry experts who will outline key issues and strategies
                                                                   for consideration.
Topics                                                      3. Contractor Management
                                                            - Legal obligations and potential liabilities
Day 1                                                       - Integrating OH&S considerations in selecting, engaging
1. Property Risk Management                                   and managing contractors

- Introduction to risk management and application of risk   - Monitoring contractor OH&S performance
  management techniques.
2. Hazardous Materials
- Types of hazardous materials (asbestos, lead, PCBs
- Legislative requirements and risk control approaches
- Tour of asbestos laboratory.
3. Cooling Towers and Legionella Control (day 1 and 2)
- Legionella risk factors, cooling tower management,
  legislative requirements
- Undertaking risk assessments and developing risk
  management plans
- Site visit to inspect cooling tower and develop a risk
  management plan                                           (AS / NZS 4360:2004)

Day 2
1. Special Risk Locations                                   Duration
- Working at heights, confined spaces, permit systems       The course is run over three consecutive days and is
                                                            available on a daily basis allowing attendance at one, two
- Radio frequency radiation hazards                         or three days (please ensure you select the days you will
2. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)                                 be attending on this registration form).

- IAQ parameters, industry standards and their
  application, mould and bacterial concerns
                                                            Who Should Attend?
3. Land Contamination and Underground Storage
Tanks (USTs)                                                - Facility & Property Managers

- USTs and contamination risk issues                        - Building Owners

- Legislative requirements and industry standards           - OHS&E Managers

- UST management strategies                                 - Building Maintenance Supervisors
                                                            - Asset Managers

Day 3                                                       - Architects & Designers

1. Public Liability
- Outline of public liability issues and legislative        Course Approach
                                                            The course is designed to be highly interactive with
- Incident prevention principles                            practical activities, inspections and multi-media
- Providing safety solutions to the public through a risk   presentations. We have assembled a dynamic team of
  management approach                                       industry experts to present different topics covered
                                                            throughout the program. The course is limited to a
2. Fire Safety and Emergency Response                       maximum of 20 participants to encourage interaction
- Legal obligations                                         between participants, promote the sharing of ideas and
                                                            allow for specific areas of interest to be explored in greater
- The benefits of fire engineering design                   depth.
- Emergency preparedness and maintenance of fire
  safety systems and essential services
Benefits                                                         Tricia’s work has included the development of Occupational
                                                                 Health & Safety Management Systems covering Contractor
- Understanding of the risk profile and issues relevant to       Safety Management, Manual Handling, Accident and
  your portfolio.                                                Incident reporting, Hazard Identification and Risk
- Awareness of the legislative drivers and requirements          Management.
  to manage property risks.
                                                                 William Meszaros
- Ability to follow a systematic approach to implementing
  more effective risk control strategies.                        William is a qualified Environmental
                                                                 Scientist with more than 15 years
                                                                 experience specialising in the assessment
                                                                 and management of contaminated land.
Presenters                                                       William has managed a range of property
                                                                 related environmental projects throughout
The course draws on the expertise and experience of a
                                                                 Australia including due diligence
range of speakers currently consulting in each specific topic
                                                                 assessments, statutory audits and contaminated land
area. Profiles of the key presenters are given below.
                                                                 remediation projects. William’s practical experience and
                                                                 knowledge has proven to be invaluable with regard to
Ian Williams                                                     managing the significant liabilities associated with
Ian is a highly experienced environmental                        underground storage tanks.
professional with more than 18 years
experience and qualifications in                                 Ennio Bianchi
environmental science and industrial
                                                                 Ennio has professional qualifications in
hygiene. Ian has a strong regulatory
                                                                 structural/ civil engineering and has worked
background having worked with the
                                                                 as a structural and civil engineer at various
Victorian Environment Protection Authority
                                                                 engineering consultancies. Since joining
(EPA) for 10 years prior to consulting in a broad range of
                                                                 Noel Arnold & Associates in 1990, Ennio
property risk areas including environmental management,
                                                                 has been involved with a broad range of
asbestos, cooling towers and indoor air quality for the past
                                                                 occupational health and safety and
8 years. Ian provides specific insight into the management
                                                                 environmental consulting in both technical and
of cooling towers and is an approved cooling tower auditor
                                                                 management systems. Ennio has written papers on
appointed by the Victorian Department of Human Services.
                                                                 contractor management and risk management and has
                                                                 recently presented as a keynote speaker at the University
Elissa Fazio                                                     of Padova in Italy, and the International Conference on the
Elissa is a chemical engineer with a post                        Protection of Structures against Hazards.
graduate diploma in Fire Safety and Risk
Engineering and is Vice President of the
Society of Fire Safety. Elissa has recently
completed a Masters by Research in Fire                          Noel Arnold and Associates
Safety Engineering on the effectiveness                          Noel Arnold & Associates provide a broad range of Property
of stairwell pressurization systems. At                          Risk Management services that are designed to deliver
Noel Arnold & Associates, Elissa has conducted building          cost effective and practical management strategies for
fire safety and risk audits for property managers, reviewed      property owners and managers. A key focus of the services
fire engineering designs and conducted system                    are to ensure that there is a clear understanding of the
performance assessments, i.e. determined the performance         compliance requirements and risk issues associated with
level of fire safety systems in buildings including sprinklers   the operation of an individual facility or for an entire
and smoke control systems. She has particular expertise in       portfolio. Risk Management activities are established and
the area of fire engineering design and the cost and             implemented to protect people, property and the
performance benefits that may be derived from this               environment and ensure consistent management of
approach.                                                        property risks.

Tricia Moritz
Tricia has a practical appreciation and
detailed understanding of property risk
exposures having worked as a Health
and Safety professional in the Property/
Facility Management area for 5 years
prior to consulting in Occupational Health
& Safety Management for the past 5 years.
Testimonials                                                  knowledge gained over the three days through discussion.
                                                              The course now forms a core component of the training
“The course was very practical and I found the trainers’      provided to our operations personnel.”
wealth of real experience most valuable. I would highly       Mark Baldwin, National Property Operations Manager -
recommend the course to anyone who is required to             Retail, The GPT Group
manage risks as part of their job.”
Andy Giancoulas, National Risk & Compliance
Manager, Jones Lang LaSalle

                                                              Locations, Venues, Dates and Times
“The course was well-focused and I was impressed with the
detail and relevance of information. It was clear the
presenters have a wealth of experience and hold a genuine
enthusiasm for their work. I can recommend this course to     NSW
all Facility Management practitioners.”                       Venue: Noel Arnold and Associates, Training Centre,
                                                                     Level 2, 11-17 Khartoum Road,
Greg O’Keefe, Regional Operations Manager - NSW and                  North Ryde, Sydney
Victoria, Lend Lease Retail                                   Date: 4-6 March, 8.30 am to 4.30 pm
                                                                     20-22 May, 8.30 am to 4.30 pm

“The speakers were all very knowledgeable and provided
valuable information on risk control strategies I could       QLD
personally use in my role”.                                   Venue: Noel Arnold and Associates, Training Centre,
Brad Lord, OHS Manager, CB Richard Ellis Asset                       Level 4, 301 Coronation Drive, Milton, Brisbane
Services                                                      Date: 14-16 May 8.30 am to 4.30 pm

“I found the course content extremely relevant, and would     VIC
thoroughly recommend the course to other Property             Venue: Noel Arnold and Associates, Level 3, 818
Managers.”                                                           Whitehorse Road, Box Hill
                                                              Date: 4-6 March, 8.30 am to 4.30 pm
Chris Crawford, Building Services Operations Manager,                27-29 May, 8.30 am to 4.30 pm
Goodman International

“I enjoyed the course it was a good balance of theory and
practical content. I think anybody managing property would
benefit from attending the NAA course”.
Clint Sears, National Compliance Manager, Resolve FM

“Being able to attend the course on individual days over
three courses made it easier to find the time. I thoroughly
enjoyed the practical nature of the course”
Peter Kay, Managing Director, Event Alliance

“For a few years now we have encouraged our Operations
people to attend the 3 Day NA&A Risk Course. The course
covers the essential elements of risk exposure, legislative
compliance and good management practice relevant to our
needs. The course is facilitated by experienced specialists
within each subject area and its attendance by a broad
range of people from within the industry adds to the
                                            Managing Property Risks
To Register
To register simply fill in your details and fax to Stacey Vassiliadis on 03 9640 0374 or phone 03 8641 6610.
Please complete a separate registration form for each participant.

Registration Form / Tax Invoice (Please retain as this represents a tax invoice. No receipts will be issued)
ABN: 57 003 551 844
Title: (please circle) Mr / Mrs / Miss / Ms / Other - _________                  Name: ___________________________________________
Organisation: ________________________________________________________________________________________
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I wish to attend this course at the following location:
     NSW               QLD               VIC

I wish to attend this course in the following month (as per previous page dates):
       March            May

I wish to attend this course on the following days:
      Day 1              Day 2           Day 3                                      If paying by cheque, please complete this form and send to:
                                                                                    Melbourne: Caitlin Pearce
Prices                                                                              Noel Arnold & Associates Pty Ltd
                                                                                    Level 3, 818 Whitehorse Road
3 days for $1150 or $400 per day. Prices are GST inclusive.                         BOX HILL VIC 3128
                                                                                    Facsimile: (+61) 03 9890 8911
Payment Details                                                                     Email:

Please tick appropriate option

   Visa       Amex         Diners        Mastercard

Amount: $

Card holder’s name:

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Expiry date:

Terms and Conditions: FMA Australia reserves the right to alter the program, presenter or venue without further notice, however, the program is
intended to run as advertised. FMA Australia reserves the right to cancel this activity due to insufficient numbers - registrants will be notified if this occurs
and payment refunded in full. Registrations for events must be accompanied by full payment. Registrants will be liable for payment in the event of non-
attendance unless cancellation is made in accordance with the following. Cancellations must be advised in writing and received by FMA Australia at
least ten working days prior to activity. Written cancellations received up to ten working days prior to the event will receive a refund of the registration
fee less a 15% service charge. Refunds will not be granted if a registrant fails to attend an activity or cancels within ten working days of the activity.
Substitutions may be made with written notification prior to the event.

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