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									   Welcome to the Rivertree High Country Trail Bike Ride
                  INFORMATION PACK
This event is the major fundraiser for the St Joseph’s School in Stanthorpe and we thank you for your
support. The 2009 ride is set to live up to our reputation for the best rides through some different terrain
with challenges for all levels or riders.

Prices for this years ride are as follows. The Committee has endeavored to keep the prices as low as possible
and to provide value for money. The riders fee includes Insurance.

    Riders      Prepaid Environmental Prepaid                          Pay on             Sunday
                             Fee       Total                          the Day            Ride only
     Open          $59               $ 11               $70               $80              $65
    Novice         $29               $ 11               $40               $45              $40
    Peewee         $20               $0                 $20               $25              $20

       Camping is FREE of charge and includes HOT Showers and Toilet Facilities plus Onsite
     Below is additional information and Nomination Form in Word format or as a jpg file.
          For registration & general enquiries please call 07 46815900 or 0419760306
                             For track enquiries please call 0408452424

                                                 Fact Sheet
Many thanks to all of you for nominating for Stanthorpe’s Rivertree Trail Ride in 2009. For those of you who have paid,
your name & receipt has been entered into our database. Those who have nominated without payment will need to pay $80
on the day. We will have Credit Card facilities available at the Ride (no cash out), but Cash or Cheque is preferable.

Enquiry levels are always high for our ride. Dalby Moto voted our ride the “Ride of the Year” in 2007 and 2008’s ride was
just as good. We are pleased to say our ride is definitely “locked and loaded” for the weekend of 21st & 22nd

Many of you have called with questions or concerns of one kind or another. To save you a phone call I have included some
of the FAQ’s here. Please feel free to call on the above numbers if you have any other questions or require further

 The trail is looking great. For 2009, this is a new track, new campsite, and new location (still in Rivertree High Country)
Some of the features of the ride are: great hills, sandy, rocky and muddy creek crossings, excellent views, some
rainforest, a pineforest and much more. As we have still not finalized all trails we cannot confirm the track lengths, other
than the fact that we are endeavouring to make the lengths and configuration satisfying.

We are making every effort to make this ride as family oriented as possible. Our efforts seem to have paid off so far
with such a lot of the entries received to date being from mums and dads with kids in tow. To that point it is vital that all
riders know and clearly understand that behaviour that may have been tolerated at other rides will simply not be
tolerated here. The end result of any behaviour that breaches camp or ride rules will be at least - removal from the
campsite regardless of the time of day or night as well as expulsion from the remainder of the ride and all subsequent

                  Stanthorpe’s Rivertree High Country Trailbike Ride 2009
                                PO Box 413, Stanthorpe 4380                        07 46815900 
nfo                                           Local Info
The ride is near Rivertree and Liston, about 25 km East of Stanthorpe on top of the Great Dividing Range. The road to
the campsite is mostly sealed with the last 6km gravel. I cannot stress strongly enough the necessity to take the gravel
sections slowly. The combination of winding gravel roads with steep drop-offs on either side in a farming community means
you needto take extra care to ensure everyone gets there and home again safely. This is spectacular country with some
of the best views on the east coast of Australia, so take the time to stop and enjoy.

As the altitude is so high you can almost guarantee the days and evenings can be cold NO MATTER WHAT TIME OF
THE YEAR. In 2002 we had our open fire roaring on the 23rd of December, so dress for November but prepare for a
cold snap.

As well as “Five Star” On-Site Camping at the ride, Stanthorpe and district (25 km from ride) features a multitude of
accommodation choices ranging from simple hotel/motel rooms to eco resort complexes.

For more information about accommodation and places of interest around the area contact the   Stanthorpe Visitor
Information Centre at 28 Leslie Parade Stanthorpe on 07 46812057

                                                   Quartpot Creek

                 Stanthorpe’s Rivertree High Country Trailbike Ride 2009
                               PO Box 413, Stanthorpe 4380                       07 46815900 
                               Regulations & Camp Rules
The following Regulations are put in place by the organisers of the Rivertree High Country Trailbike Ride to ensure the
security, safety, harmony and peaceful enjoyment of this event is experienced by all who attend.

The organizers reserve the right to cancel the participation and attendance of any guest
without explanation or compensation. Participants, spectators, supporters and volunteers are
invited guests and their appropriate behaviour is welcome on the private properties provided
for this event. Any participant, spectator or supporter who is asked to leave the event for
any reason, and fails to do   so immediately, is then trespassing on private property.

1. Engine Noise Curfew          (6.00pm – 7.00am)
2. General Noise Curfew (11.00pm – 6.00am) – 11pm is considered ‘Lights Out’ with no music or
      party activity after this time. Noise levels will be kept such that any neighbouring
      camp is undisturbed by noise.
3. No Dogs – No dogs are allowed on the site.
4. Campfires by permission - Campfires may be allowed, depending upon the weather and fire
      danger conditions at the time of the ride. There will be a notice at Check-In on
      Saturday as well as   an announcement at the Riders Briefing.
5. No Fireworks - With up to 40 000 litres of high grade fuel on the site, this just makes
      common sense. Anyone discharging fireworks will spend the night in jail.

6. Speed Limits – Traversing through the camping/administrative area - The maximum speed of any
      vehicle within the camping/ administrative area is 10kph or DEAD SLOW. Traversing the
      area is for point A to B travel only and definitely not for recreational purposes. This
      is an important camp rule designed to minimise dust and the potential for harm.

7. Riders Briefing - All riders are to attend the Riders Briefing.                       This is an insurance

8. Ambulance Subscription - Due to the isolation of the event and potential high costs of
      Ambulance services, it is strongly recommended that all attendees be Ambulance
9. Glass Bottles and Containers - For obvious safety reasons, attendees may not bring glass
      bottles or containers to the event.

10. Pee Wee Track - The PeeWee Track is reserved for children who have just commenced riding
       motorcycles. All children using this track are to be supervised by a parent or guardian
       at    all times. Any children who use the PeeWee track must for everyone’s safety, obey
       the directions of Officials at all times. The Organising Committee reserves the right
       to exclude   any child from participation on the PeeWee track at any time without
       explanation or compensation. Experienced/Novice/Open riders will not be permitted on
       the junior track.
11. Novice Track - The Novice Track is for children and adults who have just taken up motorcycle
       riding and wish to try their hand at such events without having to dive into the main
       trail.    If you are at all uncertain as to whether you are capable of riding the main
       trail, you should first attempt the ride the Novice Trail. Should you require an
       upgrade from Novice to Open, bring your bike to the Check-in tent and pay the

12. Following Official Directions - All attendees of the Rivertree High Country Trailbike Ride
       are expected to follow the directions of Officials at all times. The Organising
       Committee reserves the right to exclude any attendee from participation at any time
       without explanation   or compensation.

13. Approved Fuel Containers - It is now a Fire Department regulation that any fuel loaded on
       the Fuel Truck is to be in an approved Fuel Container. Absolutely, positively no Fuel
       Container will be accepted onto the Fuel Truck that is not in an approved fuel

                 Stanthorpe’s Rivertree High Country Trailbike Ride 2009
                               PO Box 413, Stanthorpe 4380                       07 46815900 
14. Protective Clothing - In the interests of safety, the protective clothing minimum will be:
       helmet, boots, long sleeve shirt and long pants. Trials Riders may wear a Trials Top.

15. Motorcycles in good repair - Although it is unnecessary to ride a registered motorcycle, it
       is expected that all motorcycles will be in sound condition, structurally and
       mechanically. Due to the terrain, sprockets and chains as well as knobby’s must be in
       good condition
16. One Rider per Bike - No pillion riders allowed. If a motorcycle breaks down, the rider
       should stay with the bike until found by an Official.
17. Change of Conditions - The Organising Committee reserve the right to add to or alter any of
       the Camp Rules without prior consent or notification

Interpretation of Rules - In any dispute as to the interpretation of any Regulation, the decision of the
organising Committee is final.

Claims – Any entrant’s claim is limited to the amount of entry fee paid.
Refunds – Once a booking is made no refunds will be offered unless the event has been cancelled.
Insurances - While the event is insured protecting landholders, volunteers and organisers, it is strongly recommended that participants
hold their own private accident insurance to limit their own personal liability.
Indemnity – All riders will be required to sign an indemnity when registering for the event.
Claims/Injuries - Any injury or claim is to be reported immediately to medical and/or administration staff with appropriate completion of
accompanying paperwork.

                   Stanthorpe’s Rivertree High Country Trailbike Ride 2009
                                   PO Box 413, Stanthorpe 4380                         07 46815900 
                                          Approx Timeline
     Date           Day            Time                                                   Activity
     20/11         Friday           TBA                                          Friday night Shop
     21/11        Saturday         7.00am                                        Registration opens
     21/11        Saturday        10.00am                                Lunch Menu Starts / Bar Opens
     21/11        Saturday        11.45pm                                   Riders Briefing at the Stage
     21/11        Saturday        12.00pm                        Saturday Main & Novice & PeeWee Loops Open
     21/11        Saturday         3.30pm                                   Showers Open & Operating
     21/11        Saturday         3.30pm                                      Saturday Loop Closes
     21/11        Saturday         5.00pm                                  PeeWee/Novice Track closes
     21/11        Saturday         5.00pm                                   Tractor Pull & Bucking Bull
     21/11        Saturday         6.00pm                             Security Starts. Engine Noise Curfew.
     21/11        Saturday         6.00pm                                    Main Dinner Serving Now
     21/11        Saturday         6.00pm                         Night Entertainment - Video of Days Highlights
     21/11        Saturday         9.00pm                                         Showers Closed
     21/11        Saturday        11.00pm                           Bar Closed. Full Noise Curfew. Lights out.
     22/11        Sunday           6.00am                          Showers Open / Canteen serving Breakfast
     22/11        Sunday           8.30am                                     Riders Briefing at Stage
     22/11        Sunday           8.45am                                       Sunday Loop Opens
     22/11        Sunday           9.00am                  PeeWee/Novice tracks open and supervised to Registered Riders.
     22/11        Sunday           9.00am                                        Lunch Menu Starts
     22/11        Sunday          11.30am                                      Sunday Loop Closes
     22/11        Sunday           1.00pm                                  PeeWee/Novice Track closes
     22/11        Sunday           2.00pm                                         Showers Closed
     22/11        Sunday           4.00pm                                         Canteen closed

                             Frequently Asked Questions
Q.     I am unsure as to which category I should sign up for. What happens if I pay as a Novice and I decide to change to
       the open ride?
A.     At any time you may pay the difference between what you have already paid as a PeeWee or Novice and the Open

Q.     I don’t want to camp. Is there other accommodation available?
A.     Yes, however there are only a small number of options available close to the ride. These are included in this Fact

Q.     What about other places of interest? What else is there to see and do in Stanthorpe?
A.     We have included some of these in this fact sheet. For any other information we suggest you contact the
       Stanthorpe Visitor Information Centre on 07 4681 2057.

Q.     Will there be meals available?
A.     There will be meals available from lunchtime Saturday until lunchtime Sunday. Meals will consist mostly of hand-held
       food i.e. burgers or rolls but there will be Spaghetti Bolognaise and other tasty dishes as well.

Q.     Can I get premium ULP at Stanthorpe?
A.     Yes. Premium unleaded is available from the Caltex/McDonald’s Service Centre on the New England Highway as well
       at the Shell in the centre of Stanthorpe.

Q.     Motorcycle Repairs?
A.     Auto Two Yamaha Stanthorpe, Ph 07 4681 4544, will be onsite at the Ride.
B.     Top Two Motorcycles for Warwick (Yamaha & Honda Dealer) is contactable - Peter Lippi on 07 4661 3363.

                   Stanthorpe’s Rivertree High Country Trailbike Ride 2009
                                 PO Box 413, Stanthorpe 4380                        07 46815900 
Q.   Are Quad Bikes allowed?
A.   Only on the PeeWee trails.

Q.   How much to just ride on the Sunday?
A.   Just $65 for Open Riders, $40 for Novice and $20 for Peewee.

Q.   I would like to camp Friday night and possibly Sunday night. Is this ok? What fees apply?
A.   Friday and Sunday nights are fine, and there is no charge.

Q.   Does my bike need to be registered?
A.   No. It does need to be mechanically sound with good chain, sprockets and knobby’s.

Q.   Is insurance extra to the entry price? What if I have my own MA Insurance?
A.   Our insurances are all included in the entry price. This takes the place of MA Insurance in this instance.

Q.   How will I find the Ride Site? Will it be signposted?
A.   The ride is extremely well signposted as it was last time. If you can find Stanthorpe, you can find the ride.

Q.   I have 2 children but only one bike? Do I need to pay twice?
A.   No, you need only pay per bike. All riders need to sign an indemnity however.

Q. What is the Environmental fee for?
A. This fee is being charged to cover the large amount of rejuvenation and track repairs. If this work is not carried out
    to a high standard then our landholders will not allow us to hold this event and then everyone losses. We all know how
    hard it is to get great ventures and rides with less rides held each year.

                 Stanthorpe’s Rivertree High Country Trailbike Ride 2009
                                 PO Box 413, Stanthorpe 4380                      07 46815900 
Toowoomba              to Brisbane, Gold Coast

                                                     to Brisbane,
                                                     Gold Coast via


67 km

        Stanthorp                                                  Rivertree
                                                                 High Country
                                                                 Trailbike Ride
                       19 km

                                                                 21st – 22nd
                                                                November 09
        to Sydney,
        Armidale via

                Stanthorpe’s Rivertree High Country Trailbike Ride 2009
                           PO Box 413, Stanthorpe 4380                   07 46815900 

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