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					Support Service Costs                      Living Alone
                                           with memory loss
„ Fees vary according to support
  offered.                                 Resthaven Community
„ Fees are negotiated between
  client / carer and coordinator.
                                           Respite Services
                                           Unit 31
                                                                                                                                                   Living Alone
„ Fees can be subsidised or
  waived, depending on                     12 Township Road                                                                                        with memory loss
  circumstance.                            Marion SA 5043
„ The program can provide up               For more information contact the
  to four hours per week of                Program Coordinator
                                           Phone: 8377 3063
„ There are no fees for                    (Message facility also available)
  coordination, case
  management or reviews.
                                           For more information about the range of
„ For other services such as               services offered by Resthaven, visit:
  social support, community
  transport, delivered meals and
  Royal District Nursing Service,          This program is funded by
  separate co-payments may

Living Alone                        The Program Aims to:                         Eligibility Criteria
with memory loss                    „ Provide flexible, individually tailored    Clients admitted to the program are:
                                      services to meet the individual needs      „ identified by a recognised service
                                      of clients.                                  provider as having cognitive
The Living Alone with memory        „ Provide support/monitoring to                problems impacting on their
loss program has been developed       remain independent.                          lifestyle
to provide individually tailored    „ Provide access to a service which          „ diagnosed with early stage
packages of care to clients aged      meets clients' needs.                        dementia or related disorders
60 years and over who are living    „ Strengthen existing community links.       „ living alone without a primary
alone with or without identified                                                   carer
                                    „ Advocate and liaise with key
carers.                               service providers including health         „ living with minimal formal or
                                      professionals.                               informal supports
Case management is provided
using an holistic approach for      „ Prevent premature admission                „ at imminent risk of admission
                                      to residential care.                         to higher cost services.
assessment, planning and review.
                                    „ Promote wellness, independence
                                      and a healthy lifestyle utilising a self   Referrals
Living Alone with memory loss         management approach.                       Referrals are welcome from:
is a program delivered by service
                                    „ Support clients to maintain socially       „ General Practitioners
providers in the following areas:     active, valued lives.                      „ Recognised Service Providers
                                    „ Minimise isolation and risks.              „ Family
„ Aged Care and Housing
                                    „ Maintain independence with daily           „ Friends or Neighbours
  Onkaparinga and Holdfast Bay        living skills.
                                                                                 „ Hospital Discharge Liaison Nurses
„ Resthaven Incorporated            „ Regularly review and assess clients.
  Marion and Holdfast Bay                                                        „ Allied Health Professionals
                                    „ Offer continuity of care and ‘seamless’
„ Southern Domiciliary Care           integration to higher care services as     „ Community Services
  Unley and Mitcham                   assessed.                                  „ Royal District Nursing Service

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