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									Ambulance Employees Australia: Queensland Branch
Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union
ABN 69 844 574 256
State Secretary Gary Bullock State President Shirley Mellor Ambulance Section Secretary Stephen Crow
Telephone 07 3291 4600 Facsimile 07 3291 4699 Address 27 Peel Street South Brisbane Q 4101
Commissioner Hiqqins Sacked
Today the Queensland Ambulance Service Commissioner, Jim Higgins, has announced his intention to
resign as Commissioner of QAS. Prior to the Commissioner commencing leave, neither the government
nor the Commissioner gave any indication or comment that would indicate the need for his resignation.
Therefore this union can only hold the view that the Commissioner was sacked.
Members of our union will agree, there have been many significant issues and concerns that as a Union
we have brought to the Commissioners' attention. Many issues were resolved and others that still require
further attention such as the introduction of 12 hour shifts, returning more days off to officers. However,
there are certainly issues in our view the Commissioner has failed to address.
There were certainly achievements under the leadership of Commissioner Higgins and improvements to
the service that lead to the increased recognition by the community of Queensland towards the QAS and
its dedicated employees.
The Government's sacking of the Commissioner in this manner brings many unresolved issues into
question. The Government's past commitment to the members of this union is now unclear given their
decision to move away from the industrial partnership we viewed as beneficial.
As we move forward toward into Enterprise Bargaining negotiations, it needs to be stressed even more so
the requirement for strength and resolve amongst the membership. It is all too clear that the attitude of this
government will be to hold down increases to the wages of ambulance employees.
We the only registered industrial organisation representing Queensland Ambulance Officers, place the
leadership of the Queensland Government on notice that any return to an era that embraces a culture that
fails to address the needs of AEA members and the community will see an industrial campaign, never
envisaged from the dedicated members of the QAS and LHMU.
We obviously wish Jim Higgins and his family all the best in his future endeavours outside the ambulance
Stephen. A. Crow
Ambulance Section Secretary
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Authorised: Gary Bullock LHMU Secretary 27 Peel St West End Qld.
Ambulance Employees Australia is a National Section of the LHMU

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