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									      WACS Asia Pacific Forum Meeting Minutes,
              9 and 10 October 2006,
                Bangkok, Thailand

World Association of Chefs’ Societies

        10th WACS Asia Pacific Forum


             9 and 10 October 2006

                   Chaired by:

                  John Sloane
      WACS Continental Director for Asia

                 Glenn Austin
   WACS Continental Director for Pacific Rim

             Jamnong Nirungsan
        President, Thai Chef Association

                        WACS Asia Pacific Forum Meeting Minutes,
                                9 and 10 October 2006,
                                  Bangkok, Thailand


    i.     Chef Marco, Housekeeper and sergeant at arms opened the 10th
           anniversary of the WACS Asia Pacific Conference
    ii.    Chef Chumpol introduced as the master of ceremonies
    iii.   Chef Jamnong, President of Thai Chefs Association, welcomed everyone.
    iv.    Read a letter from WACS President, Ferdinand Metz.
    “It said Asia and the Pacific’s long standing cooking culture gave WACS diversity
                 not matched by other organisations around the world”.


    i.     Welcome to everyone.
    ii.    Announced that Fonterra has just signed on a global agreement to be a
           WACS partner.
    iii.   Let’s have an open, fruitful dialogue.

    i.     The WACS Pacific Rim is growing. There are now 4 countries with chef
           associations (including Vanuatu) and there will soon be five.
    ii.    He will rive a report on the US Board Meeting with all.


    i.     Dr Napavarn Noparatnaraporn on the Thai government initiative: Thai
           Kitchen To The World

                          WACS Asia Pacific Forum Meeting Minutes,
                                  9 and 10 October 2006,
                                    Bangkok, Thailand

  ii.        Caravan Thai Kitchen To The World began in 2006, it sends groups of
             qualified Thai cooking teachers all over the world to train Thai cooks in
             restaurants all around the world. Focused in Thai cooking techniques, it is
             free of charge with funding from the Thai government.
  iii.       To date, there are 11,082 Thai restaurants around the world.


        i.   Asia is the biggest continent in WACS
    ii.      Observing countries to please come forward to do a short presentation, to
             introduce yourselves
   iii.      WACS Global Chef Challenge: Beverage pairing doesn’t need to be
             alcohol based, due to religious concerns. HOFEX will be Asian cook-off.
   iv.       At WACS Global Chef competitions (continental and global) there will be
             a WACS representative judge from every country with a competitor. If you
             have none from the country, the WACS culinary committee will invest in
             3 months training programme to train judges.
    v.       Education of Chefs is a big issue with WACS. Asia has good practical
             chefs, but they are not so good at management. We need a change! Hence
             the launch of Continuing Eductaion program which is in its pilot stage
             with WACS
   vi.       Singapore Junior Chefs Club has reached milestone you will hear more
  vii.       Communication is the key to surviving.
  viii.      John Sloane will try to visit every single Asian country in his 4-year term.
             We must work together to help settle problems.
   ix.       At future Asia Pac forums, host country should choose a culinary
             professional to recognise and honour for mentoring young chefs,
             contributing to the chef’s profession which has help shape our professional
             image over the past 30 years.

                       WACS Asia Pacific Forum Meeting Minutes,
                               9 and 10 October 2006,
                                 Bangkok, Thailand


  i.     At the board meeting there were a few decisions:
  ii.    A fulltime person will be hired to drive the International Master chefs
         Certification Programme. ½ funded by WACS, ½ by American Culinary
         Federation, commitment is for 3 years.
  iii.   WACS member countries will receive Certificates of membership and
         certificates of appreciation signed off by President F Metz.
  iv.    Pilot test of the Certified Executive Chef programme, 4 countries will pick
         12 chefs to participate. Answer 100 questions from a bank of 1000.
         Feedback will be gained afterwards. This is stage 1: will go into practical
         cookery soon. Chefs certification programme: executive chef… certified
         global executive chef.
  v.     Train the trainer is a bad name. Changed to Continued Education. Needy
         countries can request CD’s for a programme, and will receive training Free
         of charge. Richer countries will have to pay.
  vi.    A feedback form for each country to give out after each event, competition
         will be uploaded onto the website. Please use it.
  vii.   Sponsors: think creatively by giving them feedback.


  i.     AUSTRALIA: Report by Peter Wright, National President, Australian
         Culinary Federation
  ii.    Introducing a new logo, Tasmania is now a member and will be piloting
         the WACS Certified Master chef programme.
  iii.   This International Chefs Day (ICD), ACF will launch an indigenous
         programme to bring students from Australia’s regional areas to train in city
         to get a better job.

                        WACS Asia Pacific Forum Meeting Minutes,
                                9 and 10 October 2006,
                                  Bangkok, Thailand

iv.     Focus also on junior chefs. Selection and training senior and junior
        national team fund by ACF for 2008 Culinary Olympics.
v.      ACF will be employing a membership manager and CEO in 2006 or 2007.
        Will also be getting a PR company to develop image, events, education
        programmes, etc.

vi.     CHINA: Report by Wang Jiagen, Vice Secretary General, China Cuisine
vii.    Founded in 1987, approved to be the 14th WACS member in1988
viii.   1000 group members— provincial, city, catering groups, companies
ix.     10,000 individual members
x.      CCAS’ role is to organise competitions and training courses, to solve
        arguments between chefs and customers and restaurants, and to talk with
        the Government.
xi.     Chefs Day has been celebrating in China for the past 16 years! Also on
        October 20th!
xii.    From 19 to 22 October, there are constant culinary activities.

xiii.   FIJI: Report by Daniel Lenherr, President, Fiji Chefs Association.
xiv.    In the past 2 to 3 years, tourism has taken over sugar production as major
        money earner.
xv.     2005, 2006 and 2007 many more international hotel chains will be
        opening. E.g.: Sofitel, Hilton, Fiji Resort and Spa, Westin, Marriot,
        Intercontinental, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons
xvi.    Last 12 months, FCA has taken part in WACS Congress, last year’s Asia
        Pac Forum, received silver medals in MLA Black Box, WACS Congress
        Junior Chefs Forum, FHA
xvii.   Next 12 months, will form a new national team, heading to Oceania in
        July, two chefs will be competing in the Pacific Rim Global Chefs

                     WACS Asia Pacific Forum Meeting Minutes,
                             9 and 10 October 2006,
                               Bangkok, Thailand

xviii. HONG KONG: Report by Hans Rudi Nussbaumer, Secretary, Hong
        Kong Chefs Association
xix.    Currently, there are 278 members and Perry Yuen, president, has been re-
        elected for a 3rd term, new and improved website
xx.     Just approved the first 5 Master chefs with an internal programme

xxi.    INDIA: Report by Vijayabaskaran V., Vice President (Karnataka Chapter)
        Indian Federation of Culinary Associations
xxii.   There are almost 2000 members, has been a WACS member for 2 years,
        just launched a Kerala chapter.
xxiii. Chef Amuthupadai (heavenly food) has been running for 12 months,
        feeding over 10,000 poor students

xxiv. MALAYSIA: Report by Federico Malaysian Chefs Association
xxv.    Grown from 1000 members in 2004 to 1200 members in 2005 and now,
        1600members in 2006
xxvi. MCA has been active in organising lots of events— young commis
        competition, monthly Chefs dinner, Citrarasa
xxvii. Penang Chapter has been very active— Malaysian Book of Record Biggest
        Ice Lantern, Penang Culinary Challenge, Biggest rice dumplings
xxviii. Will be attending Chicago Classic, May 2007, Valrhona Pastry World
        Cup, Jan 2007

xxix. New Zealand: Report by Steve Barton, New Zealand Chefs Association
xxx.    NZCA is celebrating its 50th Anniversary next year in Christchurch!
xxxi. Will also be taking part in Chicago Classic

xxxii. PHILIPPINES: Report by J Gamboa, Le Toques Blanches Philippines
xxxiii. 124 members now, 70% local chefs
xxxiv. Scholarship programme takes educators from regional areas to train in the
        city and to keep up to date with trends. A 15-day intensive training. There
        will be 15 scholars next year, fully paid for by charity fundraising events.

                       WACS Asia Pacific Forum Meeting Minutes,
                               9 and 10 October 2006,
                                 Bangkok, Thailand

xxxv. Currently: fielding a culinary team for HOFEX 2007
xxxvi. Working with CCA and the ACF for Chef Certification

xxxvii. SINGAPORE: Report by Louis Tay, Singapore Chefs Association
xxxviii.    779 members, there are 324 junior members out of that. The newly
         formed Pastry Alliance has 56 members.
xxxix. International Chefs Day: Charity lunchbox for 5 homes, feeding about 500
         guests, a family day celebration at night.

xl.      THAILAND: Report by Jumnong Nirungsan, President, Thai Chefs
xli.     Goal of Association to promote Thai food to the world. Will focus on
         sending more chefs to International competitions.
xlii.    To TCA as the recognised voice for Thai Chefs on a truly National level.
         John Sloane WACS CD for Asia endorsed this.

xliii.   BALI: Report by Jeremy Cooper, Bali Culinary Professionals
xliv.    120 members, 70 percent are local.
xlv.     Will help celebrate the MLA Bali 10th anniversary later this month,
         organising a gala dinner with Scott Webster as guest chef, organising
         educational trips to farms
xlvi.    Was part of the World Spice Festival in Sri Lanka
xlvii. Bali Culinary Professionals wish to be recognised as the Voice for
         Indonesia with WACS. The two Continental Directors Mr Austin & Mr
         Sloane noted this.

xlviii. TAIWAN: Report by Tony Chang, President, Taichung Chef’s
         Association, Taiwan R.O.C.
xlix.    500 members.
l.       Objective is to send a team to IKA in 2008!

                       WACS Asia Pacific Forum Meeting Minutes,
                               9 and 10 October 2006,
                                 Bangkok, Thailand

li.      VIETNAM: Report by Norbert Ehrbar, Vice Chairman Saigon
         Professional Chefs Club
lii.     Not even 1 year old, recruited 140 members in 2 weeks, official license
         received in 2005. Now there are 300 members, with a small percentage of
         foreign chefs.
liii.    Approaching experienced chefs to give free seminars and courses to
         students who are club members
liv.     Last month, the club organized the first Vietnam Culinary Competition,
         which had 44 participants
lv.      Will create simple courses like vegetable and fruit carving for handicapped

lvi.     VANUATU: Report by Grant Johnston
lvii.    Just over a year old, 205 members.
lviii.   The industry is about 30 years behind everyone else, but there is a
         dedicated office for the organisation.

lix.     JAPAN: Report by Aiko Obayashi, Manager, All Japan Chefs Association
lx.      Please note the name change from “cooks” to “Chefs”
lxi.     There is an Ice Sculpture Festival next year; there is an invitation to all to
lxii.    The junior chef’s club will be starting next year.
lxiii.   Japan will be host to youth skills competition next year.
lxiv.    President Toshi sends his regards to all

lxv.     SRI LANKA: Report by Gerard Mendis, Chairman, Chefs Guild of Lanka
lxvi.    Proposing a cross exposure programmes for junior chefs. Will take in two
         Thai students provide airfare, accommodation and training programme.
lxvii. Tsunami Chefs School completely driven by the chef’s guild. Site: eight
         beachfront cabanas donated to the Don Bosco charity.
lxviii. Programme started on 19 July, goes on for 9 months. After that, students
         will be absorbed into the industry and given jobs.

                         WACS Asia Pacific Forum Meeting Minutes,
                                 9 and 10 October 2006,
                                   Bangkok, Thailand

  lxix.    International Chefs Day, students will cook for the Don Bosco community
           centre, feeding poor children.
  lxx.     Dilmah competition, wants to get 8 to 9 Asian countries involved in
           competition next year (March). Make one tea mock tail, one tea cocktail
           and one traditional tea. Dilmah is inviting one participant and one person
           accompanying from each country. Hosting expenses covered, but not
           airfare. Dilmah wants to promote tea sommeliers.
  lxxi.    Gerard Mendis will send John Sloane some guidelines to get the
           competition WACS endorsed.
  lxxii.   Vanuatu will be able to take one of the students for two months. Can’t
           cover airfare.
  lxxiii. John Sloane will attend their graduation ceremony.


  i.       It was a major discussion point at board meeting. Within 3 to 4 years it
           will be more stable, now is the initial step with the pilot tests.
  ii.      Intended to bring more value to the executive chef, to become a chef with
  iii.     The first course starts in Feb- database from Culinary Institute of America,
           results will be back in a week, Presidium will give out certificates
  iv.      Pilot programme objectives: a catalyst for constructive feedback. For
           Asian cuisine chefs to say what is relevant and what is not relevant.
  v.       Ample study time will be given to prepare for the test, exact time still
           under discussion. John Sloane is pushing for more time for Asia due to our
           longer working hours.

                            WACS Asia Pacific Forum Meeting Minutes,
                                    9 and 10 October 2006,
                                      Bangkok, Thailand


Q: If a chef passes the exam, does he get a plague or certificate of recognition?
A: Yes, and it will belong to the chef not the establishment. (Glenn Austin)

Q: Is the test only in English?
A: Yes, for now. Hopefully it will be in many languages in 2 to 3 years. The idea is to
get a pool of Chefs from a certain area certified first, and then they can train those in
their own region later to support themselves. (John Sloane)

Q: How long is the study time?
A: 2 to 3 months. Candidates will receive a package to prepare. For the pilot, there
will be 40 candidates from all over the world doing the test simultaneously. (John

Q: Cost?
A: Yes, there will be a cost. Not sure how much yet, WACS Vice-president Ed
Leonard will send out more guidelines soon. (Both CD Directors)

Q: Where does the money go?
A: Amount goes to WACS; some goes to the country where the tests are being
administered. (Glenn Austin)

Q: Can observing countries take the test?
A: Yes, but only after the pilot. (Both CD Directors)

Q: Is there a requirement to re-certify?
A: Yes, not sure after how long. TBA.

* Glenn Austin clarified that this will not be given to a training institution/ hotel to conduct.
 This is so that the chefs can then control their own destiny

                                                 - 10 -
                            WACS Asia Pacific Forum Meeting Minutes,
                                    9 and 10 October 2006,
                                      Bangkok, Thailand

* John Sloane clarified that fundamental culinary skills are still based on Western cuisines,
but chefs can develop their speciality at a later stage. Also, issues like nutrition, sanitisation
are universal.


    i.       The Thai food at 300BC was very simple, just fruits, some dry fish and
             maybe a cake
    ii.      On festive days. Indians that brought the curry to Thailand, Chinese that
             introduced stir-frying, Portuguese most likely introduced the desserts.
    iii.     Due to Buddhism, this probably explains why there are no large chunks of
             meat in Thai cuisine. Thai cuisine is fierce hot and laced with allot of
             chilli, light to digest, easy and healthy cooking methods used
    iv.      Over 11,000 Thai restaurants worldwide
    v.       Over 200 Thai cooks going to work in Germany and Switzerland this year
    vi.      5 different types of curries Thai chefs strive for the balance of flavours,
             texture and colours


    i.       The chef can cook his culinary discipline; it must be authentic and good.
    ii.      Smaller countries, if they can’t afford to hold a national competition, John
             Sloane will endorse your candidate for Hong Kong.
    iii.     Assistant must be less than 23 years of age at time of competition.
    iv.      Decided at the board meeting: sign global deal with company that has
             televised Bocuse d’or, nine candidates will be featured in a programme.
             Small video clip was shown.

                                                 - 11 -
                         WACS Asia Pacific Forum Meeting Minutes,
                                 9 and 10 October 2006,
                                   Bangkok, Thailand


  i.     Peter Knipp and Bill Gallagher are on a WACS subcommittee to drive
         marketing, branding, WACS needs to take ownership of our branding, to
         cut down on misuse
  ii.    Please use the logo manual, available on
  iii.   John Sloane hopes that there will be a WACS banner at every chefs
         association activity
  iv.    WACS will provide Presidents with a letter to help them source for
         sponsorship under the WACS name

  i.     All events are planned and executed by Singapore Junior Chefs Club
         (SJCC) members. (Showcase of events, educational trips, workshop and
         training sessions)
  ii.    The idea to start SJCC was to gather young chefs who were intimidated by
         the older generation and didn’t want to join SCA.
  iii.   Vision: nurture future talents and continuous improvement. Fun and daring
         junior chefs, rising staff of the industry
  iv.    Culinary competitions give juniors exposure. Build foundation for national
         culinary team. Juniors are also recruited to understudy the national team.


  i.     Thailand Junior Chefs Club is 2 years old. Aims to connect students and
  ii.    Try to continue working systematically, to develop culinary arts and
         passion to students and provide more activity than usual.
  iii.   The club needs some sponsors to offer internships; they would like to send
         trainees to more local and international kitchens!
  iv.    The one thing needed to improve the chef’s occupation is the power of

                                            - 12 -
                        WACS Asia Pacific Forum Meeting Minutes,
                                9 and 10 October 2006,
                                  Bangkok, Thailand

  v.     Junior club aims to encourage students to be work towards a culinary
         career, to motivate them and to provide them with more activities, to serve
         as a centre for contact to provide internship to the industry in the next few


  i.     Report by Miss Bhakavadee Thongkolmon, Operation Manager from
         Sheraton Grande.
  ii.    For a woman to step in at an executive level is hard. I wanted to be a chef
         since I was a little girl. I need to work extra hard, about 20 hours a day.
  iii.   Gender should not be an issue, patience and passion is a must. We should
         not be outcast.
  iv.    Report by John Sloane
  v.     WACS President Metz has dedicated a forum to Women in WACS to
         enhance the WACS brand. There are pilot groups now, will be dedicated
         forums soon.
  vi.    A lot more females are in the industry now, we must give them a voice,
         and we must give them some recognition. They work just as hard as the
         guys and they collect many medals too!


  i.     WACS is moving towards being a business entity with a business plan.
  ii.    The WACS office will not move with the presidium.
  iii.   The next 12 to 18 months, it will be with the ACF.
  iv.    Bids are currently being decided on.
  v.     John Sloane noted: Continental Directors need input so the WACS office
         can deliver to everyone.

                                           - 13 -
                         WACS Asia Pacific Forum Meeting Minutes,
                                 9 and 10 October 2006,
                                   Bangkok, Thailand


   i.      Bali would like to host the 2008 Asia Pacific Forum.
   ii.     China would like to host as well, but Mr Wang needs to check with his
   iii.    John Sloane: the 2008 WACS Congress in Dubai, as the entity that will
           represent Indonesia, accepts this bid on condition Bali becomes a WACS
   iv.     John Sloane also noted Mr Deguchi should be invited to KL
   v.      Glenn Austin noted: Is it sustainable to have an Asia Pacific forum every
           year? Especially on the years with a congress and other packed activities?
           Should we also revise the format of the forum to remove cost from the host
   vi.     Glenn Austin also noted he doesn’t believe there is a restriction against
           holding a WACS Asia Pac Forum in a country that is not a member.
   vii.    A discussion followed. Important points include: There is no need for
           delegates to be entertained, restructure the forum by topic, might be of
           interest to hold the 2008 conference in conjunction with FHA (Singapore)
           or WACS Congress (Dubai)
   viii.   India mentioned it would like to host 2009. John Sloane said all bids for
           2009 must be ready by the forum in 2007.

MOTION: There will be a WACS Asia Pacific Forum in 2008. (Observing countries
have no vote)
   i.      Proposed and seconded. 8 countries voted yes, 2 voted no, the rest
   ii.     Motion carried.

MOTION: By 10 January 2007, a PDF file of the bids for the 2008 WACS Asia
Pacific Forum will be sent out by the Continental directors to the country presidents.
Voting will be via email and must be completed by 28 February 2007.

                                            - 14 -
                         WACS Asia Pacific Forum Meeting Minutes,
                                 9 and 10 October 2006,
                                   Bangkok, Thailand
    i.     Motion proposed and seconded. Voted on.
    ii.    Motion carried.

MOTION: Should there be a format change? Please send in your recommendations
to John Sloane or Glenn Austin by 10 January 2007. KL Forum can be used to trial
the changes out and by 2008 changes can be fully implemented.
    i.     Motion proposed and seconded. Voted on.
    ii.    Motion carried.


Q: Who will be the next WACS President?
A: Glenn Austin noted it is not good to speculate. If you would like a change, please
voice it out. John Sloane said by May 2007 there should be some discussion on the

*Glenn Austin noted in the by-laws, there should be on splitting of the Presidency, it
should only be in one country. This was followed by a discussion on the merits of
having the WACS presidium based in Asia. With emails, conference calls and cheap
flights, distance shouldn’t really be an issue anymore.

MOTION: John Sloane and Glenn Austin are tasked to investigate if it is
constitutionally correct (under WACS by-laws) to have a multiple country presidium
in 2008.
    i.     Proposed by Steve Barton, President NZCA.
    ii.    Seconded by Thailand.
    iii.   No objections from the floor.
    iv.    Motion was carried.

Q: can WACS endorse the Dilmah Tea Pairing competition?
A: To be endorsed by WACS, it has to be proposed at the next Board Meeting. John
Sloane: It has the support of the WACS Asia Pacific Forum.

                                            - 15 -
                        WACS Asia Pacific Forum Meeting Minutes,
                                9 and 10 October 2006,
                                  Bangkok, Thailand
MOTION: Propose the Dilmah Tea Pairing competition to be a WACS endorsed
   i.      Proposed by India
   ii.     Seconded by New Zealand
   iii.    Motion passed

PRESENTATION: 11th WACS Asia Pacific Forum 2007 in Kuala Lumpur,
   i.      To be held in KL Convention Centre. Event theme will be A Meeting of
           Chefs in Malaysia, in line with the 50th Anniversary of Merdeka
   ii.     To be held in conjunction with a Salon Culinare (event will not coincide
           with the forum)
   iii.    For more info: is the official website
   iv.     Feedback: There should be more time allocated to country presentations
   v.      Glenn Austin suggested: maybe the forum should keep to the format of
           sending only 1 to 2 candidates from each country.
   vi.     Proposal is to include a forum for the junior chefs. Request is for the
           countries to send junior delegates over.

Q: India is having a national seminar in 2007 in Mumbai. They will require support
and it would be great to have John Sloane present.
A: Yes, if it doesn’t clash with the graduation ceremony of the students in Sri Lanka.

DISCUSSION: On competitions, judging and culinary guidelines in Asia.
John Sloane noted: Judges over 65-years-old should take themselves off the judging
list. Non-practicing chefs must also take themselves off.

MOTION: Create an advisory committee, similar to the WACS Culinary Committee,
to investigate Asia’s competitions and criteria. The committee must report every three
months on what work has been done. They will give a final report in KL in 2008.
   i.      To include: Rick Stevens (AUS), Marco (THI), G Mendis (SRI LANKA),
           Paul Moore (AUS) more candidates to be included.

                                           - 16 -
                          WACS Asia Pacific Forum Meeting Minutes,
                                  9 and 10 October 2006,
                                    Bangkok, Thailand

   ii.     Scope will be sent out by CDs in the next two weeks with deliverables,
           this will be shared with everyone.
   iii.    Proposed by Fiji and seconded. Voted on.
   iv.     Motion carried.

DISCUSSION: Is it possible to have a WACS Asia Pacific brand? This can endorse
events happening in the region, and be approved by the continental directors.
   i.      John Sloane and Glenn Austin are tasked to find out if this is possible, at
           the next Board meeting.


   i.      There have been communication issues and there were a few issues around
           the Global Chefs Challenge but those have been resolved.
   ii.     Arnold Tanzer, head of the Congress Committee soon, will release more
   iii.    The location website is


   i.      President Jamnong was happy that these 3 days have forged good
           relationships. He hopes we can promote Thai food to others
   ii.     John Sloane would like to thank all the sponsors with the great food
           provided. He urged the members to leverage on the expatriates chef who
           are in their countries as these chefs travel a lot and help to broaden the
           local association internationally. Long Term expats in countries should be
           encouraged to work with Chef Associations so that more recognition and
           networking can take place.
   iii.    Unity, prosperity and in brotherhood, we will make things happen. We
           look forward to open dialogue. Now we are bonded.

                  END OF 10th WACS ASIA PACIFIC FORUM

                                             - 17 -

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