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					Leadership for a Cool Planet
    Australian communities are facing major crises: climate change,
    increasing fuel and commodity prices and collapsing ecological and
    financial systems.

    Building leadership capacity in our communities is one of the most
    effective ways to increase innovation and momentum for real change.

    Leadership for a Cool Planet is rising to the challenge-

    Our goal is to provide subsidised leadership development for at least
    100 inspired, compassionate and visionary people throughout Australia
    every year. Helping ‘ordinary’ Australians achieve the extraordinary and
    play a major role in creating positive futures for their communities.

    Our programs will be designed specifically for people building the
    resilience and sustainability of their local communities. The programs
    will focus on building leadership skills of ‘servant leaders’, people whose
    drive is to serve first and through their actions, also build the leadership
    capacity of people they work with. Our programs will transform and
    empower participants through greater self leadership, and the
    confidence and skills to work more effectively with their community.

    Deep seated change doesn’t happen overnight. Leadership for a Cool
    Planet programs will be longer term and provide a framework for
    ongoing support and mentoring — producing fundamental and lasting
    change for participants and the communities they work with.

    Important high profile action is being taken at a policy level and on the
    world stage with regard to climate change and other emerging global
    issues. Leadership for a Cool Planet is focused on working at the
    community level. This is because we believe it’s essential that we work
    with people to build resilience in their own communities, and to be
    responsive to the health of local ecosystems.

       Leadership for a Cool Planet
                    By 2020, 1500 Australians will have been supported by Leadership for a Cool
    Vision          Planet to grow the passion, confidence and skills to work with others
                    building the resilience and environmental sustainability of their

                    Leadership for a Cool Planet will work with sponsors, leadership training
                    providers and local leaders to design and coordinate leadership
    Mission         development programs - building the self-leadership and community
                    leadership capacity of individuals promoting resilience and environmental
                    sustainability of their communities.

 Structure of       Not-for-profit, incorporated association with Deductable Gift Recipient
 organization       status. Board of seven to eight members.

                   1. Coordinate the design of quality leadership program content and delivery,
Main activities
                   2. Coordinate leadership development programs and outsource training
                      components by tender to existing leadership training providers.
                   3. Source funds to sponsor at least 100 people per year on Leadership for a
                      Cool Planet programs run throughout Australia.

                    Office in far north Queensland and office suite on the net, with executive
   Location         members throughout Australia and training in all states.

                    Adults working at the community level building resilience and
Our participants    environmental sustainability in a voluntary or paid capacity.

                    At this stage we are seeking executive members and individuals who would
 Sponsorship        like to support Leadership for a Cool Planet through donating their skills and
                    expertise (for more information on how you can support LCP, see our
                    information sheet ‘Being part of LCP’).

                    Leadership for a Cool Planet is unique in its focus on working with ‘ordinary’
                    Australians wanting to work more effectively with their communities to
 positioning        build resilience and sustainability. Our sponsorship program will make
                    leadership development affordable to this growing market.

    Leadership for a Cool Planet
Our 2012 Goals
                                                   Tackling significant
1. Innovative and effective designs, tools and     environmental issues
   content developed for leadership                Improving courage and skills to lead at
   programs that build the self-leadership         the community level is a powerful tool
   and community leadership of individuals         to generate the urgent responses we
   promoting resilience and environmental          need to tackle environmental issues.
   sustainability of communities.
                                                   Building community resilience
2. Finances sourced to coordinate and              Communities will need resilience to
                                                   withstand the external shocks and
   sponsor at least 100 people per year,
                                                   stresses from climate change, peak oil
   across Australia, to participate in             and other global issues. Leadership is an
   Leadership for a Cool Planet programs that      essential part of community resilience —
   are provided by existing quality leadership     empowering communities to respond
   training providers.                             proactively and positively to change.

3. Annual evaluation and reporting, and            Improving community relations
   measurable improvement of Leadership            Building leadership skills in our
   for a Cool Planet services, results and         communities promotes the capacity of
   impact.                                         communities to work together
                                                   effectively and with compassion.
4. Increased appreciation in Australia of the
   importance of leadership capacity in
                                                   Building local economies
   promoting sustainability and the resilience
                                                   Leadership provides new thinking and
   of local communities to face climate
                                                   innovation for community organisations,
   change and other future challenges.
                                                   local businesses and service providers.

Individuals already onboard
Dr Wendy Seabrook
Wendy has been the main driving force behind Leadership for a Cool
Planet, acting as its Executive Director, developing the business plan,
initial promotional materials, networks and partnerships in a
voluntary capacity.

Wendy is an innovative and creative thinker able to solve complex
problems, generate and prudently evaluate new proposals and then
follow-through. Wendy is self-motivated and resourceful.

    Leadership for a Cool Planet
Wendy’s role with the organization will be advanced by her skills and understanding of
leadership, adult learning and facilitation, and back ground in community capacity building in
natural resource management. Wendy has a history of successful outcomes in strategic
planning, high level coordination, sourcing funding, program management and reporting.

Pam McAllister
"Pamela has had a varied career spanning biology, teaching English as a
foreign language, community development, journalism, catchment and
environmental management, continuous improvement and leadership
development, including the highly-esteemed Building Rural Leaders
program for rural communities, a Queensland Department of Primary
Industries initiative. The theme running through this career is Pam's
interest in enabling people from all walks of life to grow the resilience
and sustainability of their communities and their supporting
environments. She is passionate to see our global community benefit by releasing the
potential of ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things. Pam sees her contribution to
the board as providing professional expertise in judgments about design and delivery of
leadership development programs for sustainability, and to share her commitment for
applying Continuous Improvement and Innovation principles and processes to the quest for
living sustainably."

Kath Shurcliff
Kath has had the privilege of working with some outstanding local
leaders in several parts of the world. They have showed her how vision,
openness, good hard listening, and bringing disparate ideas and
approaches together are the real makings of a true leader. To their
experiences, she has added a range of systematic methods that have
helped these leaders achieve some outstanding results in some truly
challenging places in Africa, Indonesia, China, the Pacific, and even
Australia. She has supported these leaders to develop peer networks to
accelerate their learning, apply new methods and support each other in their efforts to make
a difference in each of their own places. She is excited to find an opportunity in Leadership
for a Cool Planet to grow her understanding of working with local leaders and to experience
their vitality in making a difference in these challenging times.

For further details request a copy of our Resumes.


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