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									Face Painting
Author: Diane Palmer
If you are looking for a different angle to your craft business or hobby, why not try face painting? Kids will love you!

Most kids love to have their face painted, it makes them feel special and unique at the party, and you can do this!.. Most craft stores as
well as costume stores carry the face painting kits to get you started.

Do you want to be the star of your kids next birthday party? ... or special event?.. Learn to do this, and word will get around quickly. All
you need is practice and patience, especially with children. Y have to keep designs for children very simple, stick to balloons, stars,
flowers, fish, rainbows, make sure to use bright colors... because their sitting still time, is very limited!.. especially when they are already
pumped up at a birthday party!

This would make a great birthday party activity, and with parents being so busy these days, this would help them out, and you can make
this into a business.

The best way is to practice simple designs on paper. Draw a basic head shape on paper with the nose and eyes, and start playing
around with colored pencils to start with. Y success will depend on how quickly you can draw these with the face paint, and what age
group of children you are dealing with. Obviously a 4 year old is not going to sit for very long, you may be trying to paint with a squirming

Once you feel comfortable, practice with the paints on your own children, or neighbors or relatives, until you feel comfortable. Y can
save you masterpieces of art for the older kids!... stick with bright colorful simple designs for the younger ones.

Try hooking up with birthday party organizers, and see if you could do this as a business, if you like it, and you do enough parties, you will
get known quite quickly. Its also a great idea, if you can come up with lots of different designs, so that each child feels theirs is special.
Basically if there are 10 kids at the party, try and come up with 10 different designs ahead of time and you will be the star of the show!
face painting

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About the Author
face painting is an article by Diane Palmer, who has over 15 years in the crafts business.

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