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                               keeping it cool
                               With an ENERGY STAR accredited refrigerator,
                               you can be assured that it consumes at least
                               15% less energy than that required by current
                               federal standards. This is achieved through high
                               efficiency compressors, improved insulation,
                               and more precise temperature and defrost
                               mechanisms to improve energy efficiency. Log
                               on to to find a
                               model to suit your lifestyle!
                               Compiled by Geoff Kingswood

 SAMSUNG                         WHIRLPOOL                      ELECTROLUX                   LG GRB218NI
 SRS617DW                        6GD22DCXHW                     ESM6470SA
 Total capacity: 618 litres      Total capacity: 639 litres     Total capacity: 640 litres   Total capacity: 622 litres
 EnErgy STAr rating 4            EnErgy STAr rating 3.5         EnErgy STAr rating 3         EnErgy STAr rating 4
 > Optimal twin cooling system   > Fully foamed doors           > Frost-free operation       > Multi-flow air cooling
 > Silver nano health system     > Frost-free operation         > Multi-flow air delivery    > Bio Shield™ anti-bacterial
 > Frost-free                    > Independent temperature        system                     > Wine rack
 > Spill-proof shelves             control                      > Separate temperature       > CustomCube™ ice maker
                                 > Movable door bins for more     controls
 > Deep-bottle storage                                                                       > Flap-up crisper
                                   storage options              > Ice and water dispenser
 > Door open alarm                                                                           > Contour style doors with
                                 > Smartfan temperature         > Wine rack                    hidden hinges
                                   management                   > Anti+bac® interior         > Frost-free operation
                                 > Ice & water dispenser        > Door close assist

 70 Charter | April 2006
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9-3 convertible aero V6
Story Louis White

Is there a better experience than
driving in a sleek convertible car
with the roof down on a sunny day?
The sun and wind feel refreshing on
your face, adding to the exhilaration
of zipping around the streets. The
fully-automatic soft top only takes
about 20 seconds to retract, so you
can enjoy the sunshine in no time.

The Aero is the top model in the Saab
9-3 Convertible range, and the new
turbocharged engine is being built at
General Motors Holden’s facility in Port
Melbourne. The 2.8-litre V6 engine has
plenty of grunt – it reaches 100km/h in just
under seven seconds.

According to Saab, this is the fastest
accelerating vehicle they have ever
produced, generating 184KW@5500rpm
and a peak torque of 350Nm spread                belt pre-tensioners are activated when the
between 2000-4500rpm. There are also             system’s sensors detect a risk of rolling over,
new standard 17” alloy wheels to add to the      and also in severe impacts from the front
visual appeal.                                   or side.

The interior of the Saab is exactly what you     While this reviewer was not a fan of the
would expect from a luxury car. The leather      SPA, the feature does make it easier to
upholstered sports seats are extremely           judge distances at the rear when parking
comfortable and easy to operate – the front      in tight spots. SPA automatically detects
seats are electronically adjustable and the      and compensates the distance if the car
driver’s seat has three memory settings.         is equipped with a tow-bar. (SPA is also
                                                 automatically switched off when a trailer is      Optional 18” alloy wheels
You can customise functions such as the          hooked up.)
theft alarm, parking assistance, clock/alarm,
rain sensor, climate system and system           “With a taste for more powerful and large
settings – it is recommended to spend            capacity engines in the Australian market,
some time reading the manual to fully            the V6 Turbo Aero has the potential to
maximise the accessories available. When         attract new customers and increase the
approaching the car, the exterior and interior   perception of Saab as a performance
lights can be turned on with the remote          brand,” says Ralph Stevenson, director of
control. Additionally, when leaving the car      Saab Australia and New Zealand.
you can activate the headlights for a safer                                                        Leather sports seats and steering wheel
walk away, a timer automatically switches off    There is no doubt that the Saab Convertible
the lights.                                      9-3 Aero V6 is a pleasing car to drive. It is
                                                 a slick, well-designed car that has great
Safety is well-regarded in the design, with      handling. It is priced from $89,900. •
standard features such as Saab Parking
Assistance (SPA), Anti-lock Braking System       Competitors
(ABS), front seat side airbags and roll-over     > Audi A4 Cabriolet (priced from $101,700)
protection with DynaCage (heavily reinforced     > BMW 325i Convertible (priced from
windscreen frame and the active pop-up             $92,000)
bars hidden immediately behind the rear          > Mercedes Benz CLK200K Cabriolet                 V6 turbocharged engine
head restraints). The pop-up bars and the          (priced from $83,600)
 72 Charter | April 2006
                                                                                                                        Lifestyle > Balance

          The Law is an Ass –
          make sure it doesn’t                    United Galleries
           bite yours! by paul brennan
                                                  pansy napangardi – mitjili napurrula – maureen Hudson nampijinpa
           If you have ever signed a
            contract without reading it           Australia’s only full-service gallery, United Galleries, are
            properly, or found yourself in an     showcasing the work of three Aboriginal artists in the lead up
             uncomfortable witness box, the       to their group show, which is scheduled for October this year
             outcome could have been less         in Sydney.
        traumatic had you read this book.
                                                  Pansy Napangardi, Mitjili Napurrula and Maureen Hudson
While it’s common knowledge that lengthy          Nampijinpa have been receiving strong interest from collectors,
legal documents make the majority of              who are embracing the traditional ‘dreamtime’ artworks.
people’s eyes water, the repercussions            Current works have produced promising sales upwards of
of not reading the fine print can lead to a       $AUS5000. The innovative work is featured in many national
myriad of problems. Paul Brennan divides          and international galleries, such as the Fine Arts Museum of
The Law is an Ass – make sure it doesn’t          San Francisco, and is known to be highly collectable.
bite yours! into five sections to cover the
most common ones: individual law, business        “All three of these artists represent a gap in the market
law, suing and being sued, intellectual           between very high priced Indigenous works by deceased
property and e-law.                               artists such as Rover Thomas, Emily Kame, Clifford Possum
                                                  and prolific living artists such as Minnie Pwerle, Gloria Petyarre,
The reading of your will or suing your            Ronnie Tjampitjinpa,” explains Jonathan White, director of
business partner aren’t the most pleasant         sales at United Galleries.
experiences, however if these do arise in
the future, Brennan provides a number of          He explains further that the artists “tend not to be too prolific
options to help keep your sanity intact. •        in their output of works, and as a result our clients see that
                                                  they can add these to their collection knowing that the limited
published by apec publishing
                                                  supply will hopefully create greater demand in the future. We
rrp $24.95
                                                  see this as huge investment potential.” •
isbn 0975838202

 exotiC sUGGestions from tHe
 WairaU river                                    high-jinks and convivial company’ and                     WairaU river
                                                 with the 2005 Gewurztraminer we advise                    marlboroUGH
 story paul foster
                                                 ‘mischief and spice’.”                                    saUviGnon blanC 2005
 Back labels can be a bit much. One will
 detail the total hours of sunshine, and         In fact, both are outstanding wines                        Gooseberry and passionfruit
 another the density of vines in the vineyard;   that probably need no back label at                        aromas and flavours. Intense
 while one I can recall tells the tale of a      all, and together with their stable mate                    and very varietal. Full-bodied
 Clare Valley lass whose cart got bogged         Wairau River Pinot Gris 2005, offer every                   and with a TA (titratable acidity)
 in some lane. Sometimes the marketers           enjoyment that good wines do – regardless                   of 7.9 g/l the palate is zesty and
 go for humour. There’s the Rabbit Ranch         of any mischief. The sauvignon is classic                   fresh. Pure and elegant, a wine
 Pinot Noir from New Zealand’s South             Marlborough, and one of the top three I                     of finesse. Right for poached
 Island Pinot, for example, whose label          tasted on a recent trip to the region. I am                 salmon. Available in Australia.
 declares the wine has not been tested on        not alone in my love of this wine – judges
 animals. It explains that it is produced by a   in two major shows have both given it gold                   RRP $22 (approx)
 long-suffering grower who struggled with        medals. The Gewurztraminer is up there
 rabbits to farm sheep. He took to making        with the best of the rest. We don’t grow
 and selling rabbit pies in his efforts to       much Gerwurz in Australia, and possibly                  WairaU river
 reduce their numbers, and in the end he         can’t match the standard of wines such                   marlboroUGH
 planted vines to make a red to go with all      as this anyway. It exploits all the exotic               pinot Gris 2005
 the pies he was eating.                         perfumes and flavours the variety offers
                                                 and though it has texture, it isn’t oily and              Rounded, fleshy and finely bal-
 As you might guess, Rabbit Ranch                has a palate that is long and fresh.                      anced. Ripe pear, spice and
 is not one of New Zealand’s greatest                                                                       nectarine flavours. Fruity and
 pinots. However, good quality wines with        Make a point of visiting Wairau River when                 fresh. At 7g/l residual sugar it is
 humerous labels do exist, and the range         you’re exploring the Marlborough basin. Its                 fractionally sweet. With crayfish
 from Marlborough-based Wairau River is          cellar door is one of the prettiest and their               this wine is exquisite.
 an example. “We were stretched for ideas        light lunches are an absolute must. The
 for food matches with each new release,”        original vineyards are on the river (Wairau is              RRP $22 (approx)
 winemaker Allan McWilliams will tell you.       Maori for ‘many waters’). Phil and Christine
 “So when we revamped our label we went          Rose, who planted their first vines in 1978,
 a bit cheeky. On the 2005 Sauvignon Blanc       still own the operation and are warm and
 we’ve suggested enjoying the wine ‘with         generous hosts. •

                                                                                                                             73 Charter | April 2006
                                                                                                       Member benefits > Car rental

member benefits
THRIFTY PRICES?                                                            Thrifty is one of Australia’s largest and most dynamic vehicle rental
As part of the Chartered Accountants Member Benefits Program,              companies with representation in every state, territory, capital city,
you are entitled to up to 30% off the standard online rates with           major city, regional centre and commercial airport. They service
Thrifty car rentals in Australia.                                          over 260 locations nationally and provide an additional network of
                                                                           service centres in country and remote areas.
You will also receive the lowest insurance rates and an exclusive
liability reduction (premium protection) on all car rentals – just         They have a modern fleet of over 7000 vehicles including an
$9.90 per day instead of the standard $24 per day (excludes                extensive range of cars, trucks, vans, utes and buses. The Thrifty
commercial vehicles).                                                      fleet is among the youngest in the industry with their passenger
                                                                           vehicles having an average age of just six months.
This month we are also pleased to be extending our partnership
with Thrifty to introduce the Chartered Accountants Thrifty Blue           Thrifty has won widespread recognition for value, quality and
Chip card. This new initiative will allow you to combine the Institute’s   service in all major segments of the corporate, business travel,
preferential car rental rates with the priority service of the Blue        tourism, leisure and local vehicle rental markets.
Chip program.
                                                                           For more information on this special offer and other great
Blue Chip allows you to create a personal preference profile               member benefits, visit or
containing most of the details required to make a booking, so you          call 1300 137 322.
receive exactly what you want with a minimum of fuss.

Chartered Accountants Blue Chip card members can use the
dedicated hotline for faster booking and with your preferences at
hand, you can be in your preferred vehicle and on your way in
no time.

                                                                                                                               75 Charter | April 2006
Business > Chartered Accountants Training & Development

                                                the new
                                                Bernard Salt discusses the generation
                                                shift occurring at the workplace.
                                                Story Louis White

Bernard Salt, author of The Big Shift and       mindset as the people they manage and are        Y will be after more short-term contracts
The Big Picture, makes a living connecting      expecting Generation Y to have the same          and believe they will survive if they go with
historical trends, demographic changes and      values and principles as they were brought       the wind. I think you will see a fundamental
business opportunities.                         up with. This creates problems.                  change in the way businesses are run.”

Salt, who holds a Bachelor of Education and     “It is all about a different way of thinking,”   Salt has actually started this transition
Master of Arts degrees, and is a partner at     said Salt. “In the next five years baby          himself with a program he helped establish
KPMG, sees an invaluable link between the       boomers will go into retirement and              at KPMG. After two years with the company,
annual changes in Australia’s demographic       Generation X will start to take over as          graduates are given a ‘career break’ where
movements, and how business can utilise         CEOs, and their form of management will          they can leave and travel overseas but a job
this knowledge to grow and prosper.             be completely different again. The baby          will be held open for them upon their return.
                                                boomers remember the peak interest rates
“The residential push to the coast has          of 17% in the late 1980s and that had a big      “You have to understand Generation Y if you
opened up enormous opportunities for            impact on the way they ran businesses. The       are to succeed in business.”
property, finance, infrastructure and           philosophy was no deficit budgets, as can
consumer goods,” says Salt. “You only have      be witnessed by the reign of the Howard          Bernard Salt will be speaking at the
to look at the growth of surf shops and surf    government, as deficit budgets equated           Chartered Accountants Business Forum. •
retailing such as Quiksilver, Rip Curl and      to mismanagement.
Billabong to see how Australia is embracing
its new lifestyle.”                             “What you will find is that the Generation X
                                                will have a shorter corporate memory and          CHARTERED
However, beyond this “The biggest issue         won’t be so hung up on that fact. Their           ACCOUNTANTS
for business is how to recruit and retain       philosophy will be ‘why should we fund            BUSINESS FORUM 2006
Generation Y, plus how to structure             other generations?’ Deficit budgets will
business around their lifestyle,” says Salt.    come back and be the norm. There will be a
                                                                                                  Inspirational place, inspirational people
“Gen Y are not committed to marriage,           material impact on spending and funding.”
mortgages or their career until they are                                                          This year’s Business Forums will be held
around 30 years old. They are very hard to      People from Generation X also have a              across the country in May and June.
pin down. They are very keen in their early     different attitude to work. They don’t join       With sessions and topics to educate and
twenties to take off to London and work         one company after their university degree         inspire whatever your field of expertise,
there for many years and travel the world.      and stay there for 20 years to climb their        this is the must-attend event of the year.
                                                way up the corporate ladder.                      Visit
“The other advantage they have by doing                                                           for further details.
that is they don’t have to pay HECS. It         “People from Generation X want to be taken        Location	         Conference	Date	
is almost like the Federal Government is        out of their comfort zone,” said Salt. “They
encouraging them to go overseas and that        want to cross-fertilise their career and see      Perth             10 – 12 May
is a worry for Australia. We don’t want to be   what they can learn. They want to road test       Adelaide          10 – 12 May
pushing out our brightest people to foreign     work, partners and travel and then make a         Sydney            15 – 18 May
countries. We want them to stay here and        career choice from 30 onwards.”                   Melbourne         23 – 25 May
impart their talent within our shores.”
                                                “It will be interesting [when Generation X        Brisbane          23 – 26 May
As most businesses are run by baby              manages Generation Y] but they will have          Canberra          5 – 6 June
boomers, they are not thinking in the same      more in common,” Salt adds. “Generation
 76 Charter | April 2006
Diary> Chartered Accountants Training & Development
Diary > Chartered Accountants Training & Development

Your guide to what’s on in Chartered Accountants Training & Development                                                                       TAXATION
                                                                                                                                              2006 Tax Year in Review*                            Chartered Accountants Tax Atlas:                   Buying and Selling a Business*
                                                                                                                                              Location            Dates                           Advanced Trusts Seminar*                           Location               Dates
                                                                                                                                              Canberra            4 April                         Location             Dates                         Sydney                 6 April
Due Diligence                                    AIFRS: Preparing your first set of             Accounting Update Series*                      Sydney              5 April                         Melbourne            6 June                        Melbourne              19 April
Location                Date                     accounts under the new standards              Location          Dates                        Brisbane            5 April                         Adelaide             8 June                        Brisbane               27 April
Sydney                  7 April                  Location             Dates                    Sydney            25 May                       Melbourne           5 April                         Sydney               16 June                       Winter Tax Schools – QLD
Auditing Registered Clubs*                       Melbourne            27 April                 Brisbane          13 June                      Adelaide            20 April                        Brisbane             19 June                       Gold Coast             5 & 6 May
Location                Dates                    Accounting for Financial Instruments          Melbourne         20 June                      Perth               27 April                        Perth                28 June                       Gympie                 12 & 13 May
Sydney                  10 April                 under AIFRS                                   Adelaide          21 June                      Hobart              28 April                        Tax Refresher Series 2006*                         Rockhampton            19 & 20 May
Brisbane                11 April                 Location             Dates                    Perth             22 June
                                                                                                                                              2006 Tax Year in Review                             Location Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne            Brisbane               23 & 24 May
Melbourne               28 April                 Sydney               20 April                 Sydney            23 October
                                                                                                                                              Regional Roadshow*                                  Capital Allowances and Works       April           Cairns                 2 & 3 June
                                                 Brisbane             21 April                 Brisbane          13 November
Introduction to Auditing*                                                                                                                     Frankston           3 May                           Simplified Tax and Trading Stock    April           Chartered Accountants/TIA –
                                                 Melbourne            28 April                 Melbourne         20 November
Location                Dates                                                                                                                 Bendigo             17 May                          Capital Gains Tax                  May             Tax and Commercial Accountants
                                                 Adelaide             29 May                   Adelaide          27 November
Sydney                  19 June                                                                                                               Tamworth            22 May                          Choosing a Business Structure      May             Bi-Monthly Series
                                                 Perth                30 May                   Perth             28 November
Perth                   26 June                                                                                                               Port Macquarie      23 May                          Debit and Credit Loans             June            Hobart                 7 April, 2 June, 4 August,
Adelaide                27 June                  Accounting for Impairment of Assets           Financial Skills for Para Professionals        Orange              24 May                          GST and PAYG System                June                                   5 October, 1 December
Melbourne               7 July                   Location             Dates                    Location          Dates                        Moree               25 May                          Chartered Accountants Tax Update
Brisbane                14 July                  Sydney               20 April                 Sydney            21 April, 14 September &     Wagga Wagga         26 May                          for Public Practice Monthly Series*
                                                 Brisbane             21 April                                   28 September                 Kiama               29 May                          Sydney, Epping,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE
                                                 Melbourne            28 April                 Brisbane          28 April, 12 May &           Lismore             30 May                          Doncaster & Melbourne       April – December       Emerging Leaders Program*
                                                 Adelaide             29 May                                     20 September                 Newcastle           31 May                                                                             Location               Dates
                                                                                               Perth             24 May & 14 June                                                                 Chartered Accountants Tax Update
                                                 Perth                30 May                                                                  Albury              2 June                                                                             Melbourne              4, 5, 26 May & 23 June
                                                                                               Melbourne         13 June, 27 June & 18 July
                                                                                                                                                                                                  for Public Practice Quarterly Series*
                                                                                                                                              Chartered Accountants Tax Atlas: Trusts*            Newcastle, Canberra &                              Young Chartered Accountants Series
                                                                                                                                              Melbourne           6 June                          Brisbane                    April – November       Brisbane               26 April, 16 May, 28 June
                                                                                                                                              Adelaide            8 June                                                                             Sydney                 26 April, 17 May, 21 June
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT                                                                                                                                                                               Chartered Accountants Tax Update
                                                                                                                                              Sydney              16 June                                                                            Melbourne              27 April, 24 May, 15 June
Project Management                               CFO of the Future Series 2006*                Sydney             Melbourne                                                                       for Business Quarterly Series 2006*
                                                                                                                                              Brisbane            19 June
Location                Dates                    Strategic Repositioning of the Organisation   12 April           13 April                                                                        Brisbane, Sydney &                                 Effective Writing for Business
                                                                                                                                              Perth               28 June
Melbourne               21 June & 26 – 27 July   Effective Budgeting & Day One Reporting       29 May             17 May                                                                          Melbourne                   April – November       Brisbane               8 May
Sydney                  August                   Measures that Matter                          14 June            16 June
Powerful Questions that Every Director           Strategic Revenue & Cost Management           19 July            20 July
                                                 Sustainability                                16 August          17 August                   NETWORKING & SOCIAL EVENTS                                                                             TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT
& Executive Must Ask
                                                 Leading in the Finance Environment            13 September       14 September                NSW                                                 Chartered Accountants Netball Tournament           PRODUCTS
Location                Dates                                                                                                                                                                                                                        All Training & Development product prices include
Sydney                  26 May & 21 June         Building Business Relationships               18 October         19 October                  Feed Your Mind Lunch –                              Location      Southwell Park, Canberra
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     GST and postage and handling within Australia
Melbourne               25 July & 22 August      Professional Governance & Ethics              15 November        16 November                 Tony D’Aloisio, Managing Director, ASX              Date          August                               (where applicable)
                                                                                                                                              Location    Hilton Sydney, NSW                      VIC                                                Title      Monthly Superannuation Technical
                                                                                                                                              Date        7 April                                 Chartered Accountants Leaders                                 Paper Series
CONFERENCE                                       FINANCIAL PLANNING                            PRACTICE MANAGEMENT                            Feed Your Mind Lunch –                              in Business Series – Daniel Grollo,                Fee        Ten paper package
                                                                                                                                              Stewart Koziora, CEO, Wagamama                      QV Properties Pty Ltd                                         $550.00 (Members) $693.00 (Standard)
Public Practice Conference                       Self Managed Super Funds and                  Preparing a Business for Sale*
                                                                                                                                              Location    Hilton Sydney, NSW                      Location    Melbourne                              Title      Business Elements for
Location                Date                     Investment & Business Structures*             Location          Date
                                                                                                                                              Date        22 June                                 Date        20 April                                          Chartered Accountants
Melbourne               20 – 21 April            Location             Dates                    Sydney            7 April                                                                                                                             Fee        Annual subscription CD Rom or Audio
                                                 Sydney               3 April                                                                 79th Annual Tennis Tournament                       Breakfast with Nigel Marsh
Chartered Accountants Business                                                                 New Public Practice Program 2006*                                                                                                                                Cassette $385 (Members) $425 (Standard)
                                                 Brisbane             4 April                                                                 Location    Tennis Cove, Chatswood                  Location      Grand Hyatt, Melbourne
Forum 2006                                                                                     Location          Dates                                                                                                                               Title
                                                 Melbourne            7 April                                                                 Date        6 June                                  Date          24 May
Location                Dates                                                                  Perth             Commences 3 April                                                                                                                   Fee        Annual subscription
Perth                   10 – 12 May              Perth                11 April                                   Workshop 1 – 2 June          ACT                                                 SA                                                            Online $550 CD Rom $770
Adelaide                10 – 12 May              Adelaide             12 April                 Brisbane          Commences 10 April           Feed Your Mind Lunch – Geoff Brown                  Chartered Accountants Program                      Title      Succession Planning Toolkit
Sydney                  15 – 18 May              Super Update and Retirement Solutions*                          Workshop 8 – 9 June          OAM, FCA, Former GM, QANTAS Indonesia               Information Session                                Fee        Toolkit plus CD Rom
Melbourne               23 – 25 May              Sydney               29 May                   Melbourne         Commences 17 April           Location    Hyatt Hotel, Canberra                   Location      Adelaide                                        $199 (Members) $249 (Standard)
Brisbane                24 – 26 May              Melbourne            2 June                                     Workshop 15 – 16 June        Date        20 April                                Date          11 April                             Contact Vanessa Aguilar
Canberra                5 – 6 June               Perth                13 June                  Developments in Business Valuations                                                                                                                           or Clare Antico
Small & Sole Practitioners Conference            Adelaide             14 June                  Location          Dates                                                                                                                                         Additional Training & Development products
                                                                                                                                                   * Course topics are also available as an In-House Training option
Location                Date                     Brisbane             15 June                  Adelaide          15 June                                                                                                                                       are available on
                                                                                                                                                    Our expert trainers will tailor a program to suit your time, budget and training needs
Sydney                  14 – 16 June             Superannuation Update Quarterly               Perth             16 June                                                                                                                                       under Training/Events and Training &
                                                                                                                                                    and conveniently deliver at your office. For more information contact 1300 137 322.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Development Products & Tools.
                                                 Seminar Series*                               Melbourne         19 June
                                                 Sydney               5 June, 24 August,       Brisbane          21 June
                                                                      23 November              Canberra          23 June
                                                 Melbourne            26 June, 21 August,      Sydney            26 June                       For more information on Institute of Chartered Accountants events, see below or visit
                                                                      13 November              Practitioners Seminar Series 2006               NSW                  VIC                   ACT                   WA                     SA                    QLD                  TAS
                                                                                                                                               Registration Desk    Dayle Ward            Registration Desk     Jodie Sarginson        Fiona McPhee          Natalie Fallon       Dayle Ward
                                                 Graduate Certificate in Financial Planning     Dandenong         June & November
                                                                                                                                               Call 02 9290 5709    Call 03 9641 7400     Call 02 9290 5709     Call 08 9420 0404      Call 08 8113 5506     Call 07 3233 6522    Call 03 9641 7400
                                                 Distance Learning    Trimester 2 commences
                                                                                                                                               Fax 02 9290 2716     Fax 03 9670 3143      Fax 02 9290 2716      Fax 08 9321 5141       Fax 08 8231 1982      Fax 07 3221 0856     Fax 03 9670 3143
                                                                      23 May

  78 Charter | April 2006                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         79 Charter | April 2006

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