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					The International Conference on
    Biodiversity Informatics
B     iodiversity Informatics is a young and rapidly growing field that brings information science and technologies
      to bear on the data and information generated by the study of organisms, their genes, and their interactions.
In doing so, it is creating unprecedented global access to information on biological species and their role in nature.

e-Biosphere 09: The International Conference on Biodiversity            Who Should Attend
Informatics, will be held on 1-3 June 2009 in London. The               The e-Biosphere 09 Conference is designed for anyone interested in
leaders in the field will be gathering to highlight the capabilities    sharing or gaining access to online biodiversity information, including:
and achievements in Biodiversity Informatics, and to discuss the
challenges, obstacles, opportunities, and strategies for the next       G Content providers
ten years of research, developments, and implementation.                G Aggregators of content

The goals of the e-Biosphere 09 Conference will be to:                  G Developers of databases, standards, and software tools

G Present and discuss the extraordinary progress made in                G Computer scientists and engineers interested in biodiversity data
  Biodiversity Informatics over the past decade
                                                                        G The full range of users of biodiversity data, including basic and
G Provide participants with demonstrations of current                     applied researchers, policy makers, and conservation and land
  capabilities in this field                                              use officials

G Bring stakeholders together to create a roadmap for the               G Officials from public research funding agencies, private
  next decade                                                             foundations, and donors

  Please join the Encyclopedia of Life, The Natural History Museum (London), and other co-sponsors to celebrate the many successes of this
                                         rapidly expanding field and explore the challenges that lie ahead.


REGISTER ONLINE AT               EVENT HOTLINE (Europe) +44(0)871 230 6100 (Overseas) +44(0)1564 797515
Monday, 1 June 2009                                                   Tuesday, 2 June 2009
Session 1: Impact and Importance of Biodiversity                      Session 5: Biodiversity Informatics at Work
           Informatics                                                Speakers will show how advances in informatics now make it
Keynote speakers will provide overviews of the impact that            possible to bring together information about biodiversity from a
Biodiversity Informatics is having on research and its societal       wealth of online databases and from both historical and current
applications, and the importance of building globally integrated      literature. These approaches allow information to be recombined
capabilities for biodiversity information.                            and used in support of research and planning in ways that may not
G   Cristián Samper, National Museum of Natural History,              have been foreseen by those who first produced it.
    Smithsonian Institution                                           G   Roger Hyam, Royal Botanic Garden (Edinburgh)
G   Sandra Knapp, The Natural History Museum (London)                 G   Richard Pyle, Bernice P. Bishop Museum
                                                                      G   Nico Cellinese, University of Florida
Session 2: Major Initiatives
A panel will give brief presentations on some of the largest and      Session 6: Cultural Changes and Challenges
most important initiatives in Biodiversity Informatics, followed      A panel will present their views on how the growth of Biodiversity
by a discussion and interactions with the audience.                   Informatics is changing community policies and practices in areas such
G   Dave Roberts, European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy (EDIT)   as data sharing, intellectual property rights, and open access
G   Joanne Daly, Atlas of Living Australia (ALA)                      publication. These introductory presentations will be followed by
                                                                      discussion among panelists and the audience.
G   Nick King, Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)
                                                                      G   Donat Agosti, American Museum of Natural History
G   Rainer Froese, FishBase/Catalogue of Life
                                                                      G   Vishwas Chavan, Global Biodiversity Information Facility
G   David Patterson, Encyclopedia of Life
                                                                      G   Cynthia Parr, Encyclopedia of Life
G   Robert Hanner, University of Guelph
                                                                      G   John Wieczorek, University of California (Berkeley)
Session 3: The e-Biosphere 09 Street Fair                             G   Erick Mata, Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad
Following lunch, Conference participants will have several hours
                                                                      G   Monique Simmonds, Royal Botanical Gardens (Kew)
to visit poster presentations, see demonstrations of biodiversity
databases and software, and visit commercial exhibits.                Session 7: Planning Ahead I: Setting the Stage
                                                                      This session begins the second half of the Conference, in which
Session 4: Looking to the Future
                                                                      participants will play the major role by contributing their ideas for
Keynote speakers will offer their views of the future directions,
                                                                      the future development of Biodiversity Informatics. Three plenary
opportunities, and challenges for Biodiversity Informatics,
                                                                      speakers will set the stage by framing the major challenges ahead.
including the need to bridge the “digital divide.”
                                                                      G   Jorge Soberón, Natural History Museum & Biodiversity
G   Townsend Peterson, Natural History Museum & Biodiversity
                                                                          Research Center, University of Kansas
    Research Center, University of Kansas
                                                                      G   Nancy Knowlton, National Museum of Natural History,
G   Stella Simiyu, Global Strategy for Plant Conservation, IUCN
                                                                          Smithsonian Institution
    ESARO Office
                                                                      G   Robert Scholes, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

    Call for Participation: Side-Events                               available and the Conference organizers will help the sponsors
                                                                      of potential side-events to arrange meeting space.
    The Conference organizers call for expressions of interest
    from groups that would like to hold their own side-events         Please send your expressions of interest to
    during Session 12. A limited number of meeting rooms are

REGISTER ONLINE AT                                     EVENT HOTLINE (Europe): +44(0)871 230 6100
 SESSION 8: Planning Ahead II: Break-Out Discussions                       Street Fair
 Ten break-out groups will discuss the future of Biodiversity Infor-
 matics from the perspectives of research and user subcommunities.
 This session will build on the subcommunity discussions of the
 Online Conference Community (OCC,,
                                                                           O      ne of the main goals of the e-Biosphere 09 Conference
                                                                                  is to familiarize participants with the full range of projects,
                                                                           networks, databases, and other capabilities that constitute
 see back cover). The OCC subcommunity topics are:                         Biodiversity Informatics. Conference organizers will create an
 G                                    G
                                                                           opportunity to learn about even more outstanding activities in a
     A current landscape and              Sustainable economic
                                                                           “street fair” format. Sessions 4 and 12 of the Conference have no
     future road map for                  development
                                                                           plenary presentations so that attendees can visit the presentations
     Biodiversity Informatics         G Ecology   and ecosystems,
                                                                           at the Street Fair.
 G   Standards development and            environmental sustainability,
     management                           climate change                   Three adjacent areas in the Conference venue will be
 G   Global Names Architecture        G   Conservation and land use        devoted to:
 G   Cybertaxonomy                    G   Agriculture                      POSTER PRESENTATIONS. Researchers, students, developers,
 G   Basic biodiversity science       G   Forestry                         government officials, and other stakeholders in Biodiversity
     research                         G
                                                                           Informatics will have the opportunity to submit abstracts for
                                                                           publication in the Conference Abstract Volume and for presentation
     Training in Biodiversity         G   Public Health
                                                                           as posters. Up to 275 posters will be on accepted for presentation.
     Informatics                      G   Uses in public, K-12 and
 G   Developing world                     higher education                 DATABASE AND SOFTWARE DEMONSTRATIONS. Developers
 G   Citizen science                                                       of biodiversity databases and software will have the opportunity
                                                                           to demonstrate their initiatives in computer display booths at
 Wednesday, 3 June 2009                                                    the Street Fair.

 Session 9: Planning Ahead III: Results of Break-Out Discussions           EXHIBITS. Commercial companies, professional societies, and
 The rapporteurs of the break-out discussions will present the             other organizations will have the opportunity to display
 findings and recommendations from Session 8.                              customized exhibits at the Street Fair.

 Session 10: Planning Ahead IV: The Users’ Perspectives                    Forms for online submission of poster abstracts and for reserving
 A four-member discussion panel will react to the results of the           database/software demonstration booths and exhibit space are
 break-out discussions from the perspective of potential users of          available on
 Biodiversity Informatics, and will engage the audience in a
 discussion of future needs.
 G   Claire Kremen, University of California (Berkeley)
 G   Dora Canhos, Centro de Referencia em Informaçao Ambiental
 G   Ulf Gardenfors, Swedish Species Information Centre
 G   John Jungck, Beloit College

 Session 11: Summing Up
 This final plenary session will bring together the recommendations of
 the Conference participants for the future of Biodiversity Informatics.

 Session 12: Street Fair (continued) and Side-Events
 Participants will have the final afternoon of the Conference to re-
 visit the posters, computer demonstrations, and exhibits of the
 e-Biosphere 09 Street Fair. The Conference organizers will also
 work with groups that wish to hold side-events during this session.

 EVENT HOTLINE (Overseas): +44(0)1564 797515                                                              RESERVE YOUR SPACE NOW!
T   he e-Biosphere 09 International Conference will be held
    at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, conveniently
located near Parliament Square and Westminster Abbey in the
center of London.

Important Conference Dates & Deadlines
1 March Deadline for submission of poster abstracts and
        applications for travel bursaries
1 April   Deadline for applications for exhibit space and
          database/software demonstrations
1 April   Announcement of accepted poster abstracts and
          awards for travel bursaries
1 April   End of reduced early registration fees
15 April Deadline for proposals for discussion group topics and        Registration for the Conference is now open. Register and pay
         side events                                                   online at Participants are encouraged
1 May     Registration deadline                                        to register early to take advantage of a discounted registration
                                                                       fee available until 1 April 2009.
1 May     Release of Final Conference Announcement and Program
                                                                       Booking/Cancellation Terms & Conditions
15 May    Release of abstract volume                                   G   All bookings, however received, constitute a legally binding agreement between the e-Biosphere
                                                                           organizers (The Natural History Museum and The Encyclopedia of Life) and the delegate and are
1-3 June The e-Biosphere 09 Conference                                     subject to the terms and conditions. The organizers reserve the right to refuse a booking or
                                                                           admission to the event at its absolute discretion.
                                                                       G   Cancellations and substitutions must be made in writing and will be acknowledged in writing.
  Join the Online Conference Community                                     Cancellations up to and including 1st May 2009 will incur a £50 (+VAT) administration fee.
                                                                           Cancellations made after this date will be charged the full invoice amount. The refund will be
  The organizers have created an Online Conference                         processed one month after the symposium, less the applicable taxes and bank handling
                                                                           charges. Delegate Substitutions may be made at any time, but must be made in writing and
  Community (OCC, to help                         will be acknowledged in writing. Two delegates may not ‘share’ a place at the event.

  participants interact and prepare for the Conference.                G   Payment of all fees and charges must be received in full before the event. If payment has
                                                                           not been received prior to the event, delegates will be asked to guarantee payment by
  The OCC has been divided into theme-based                                credit/debit card on the day.
                                                                       G   Individual travel and accommodation requirements are the responsibility of the delegate. The
  discussion forums for more focused subcommunity                          organizers cannot accept any responsibility for over-runs or any liability for transport
  discussions, and OCC participants will be able to                        disruption or individual delays.
                                                                       G   It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of the organizer to alter the content,
  propose additional topics. These discussions will be                     timings or venue. In the event of a terrorist alert or incident, beyond the organizers control,
  continued by the break-out groups during Session 8 of                    that prevents the running of the event, including but not limited to force majeure, disruption,
                                                                           strikes, civil unrest or other causes, the organizer reserves the right to retain up to 50% of the
  the Conference. Subcommunities are invited to                            fee as a contribution to delegate registration, all location and central administration costs.

  submit position papers that present their views on the               Data Protection and Contact Preferences
                                                                       The information you provide will be held under the terms of the 1998 Data Protection Act by
  future of Biodiversity Informatics for possible                      Profile Events Ltd for the purposes of registration for this event only and by the Organizers
                                                                       (Encyclopedia of Life and The Natural History Museum). The data will not be passed on to any
  publication in the Conference Proceedings Volume.                    other third party, however the organizers reserve the right to send you details of other related
                                                                       events and publications in the future.

  For additional information or registration support, please contact us at e-biosphere@profileevents or call our Event Hotline (Europe)
  at +44 (0)871 230 6100 or Overseas +44 (0)1564 797515.

                                                    The e-Biosphere 09 International Conference
                                         is hosted by The Natural History Museum London (NHM) and is co-sponsored by:
                                Encyclopedia of Life (EOL)          Andrew W. Mellon Foundation                            BioNET-INTERNATIONAL
                                Natural History Museum (London)     US National Biological                                 Inter-American Biodiversity
                                Consortium for the Barcode          Information Infrastructure (NBII)                      Information Network (IABIN)
                                of Life (CBOL)                      European Distributed Institute                         Atlas of Living Australia (ALA)
                                Global Biodiversity Information     of Taxonomy (EDIT)                                     Pan-European Species-directories
                                Facility (GBIF)                     Darwin200                                              Infrastructure (PESI)
                                JRS Biodiversity Foundation         LifeWatch
e-Biosphere 09 R E G I S T R AT I O N F O R M                                                      1–3 June 2009 • London, UK
How to register There are 4 easy ways to register to attend e-Biosphere 09:
1. Online:     Register and pay online at
2. Fax:        Fax back the completed form to +44 (0)871 230 6101                               Event Hotline (Europe): +44(0)871 230 6100
3. Email:      Scan and email the completed form to             Event Hotline (Overseas): +44(0)1564 797515
4. Post:       Post the completed form to e-Biosphere 09 Registration,                
               1st floor, 96 High Street, Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire B95 5BY, UK
1. Personal Information and Contact Details (Please type or print clearly in CAPITAL LETTERS)
By providing your details you consent to being contacted with relevant updates from “The Organizers” (please see booking terms & conditions)
regarding your participation at e-Biosphere 09. The organizers will not make your information available to any third parties.
Title: I Dr. I Prof. I Mr. I Ms. I Mrs. I Other:_____________________
First Name __________________________________ Family Name _______________________________ Organization _______________________________
Street Address ___________________________________________________________________________Town/City __________________________________
State/Province _______________________________ Postcode/Zip _______________________________ Country____________________________________
Telephone ___________________________________ Fax ________________________________________ Mobile/Cell_________________________________
Email Address ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Dietary requirements: I Vegan I Vegetarian I No beef I No pork I No sea food I Other: ________________________________________
Special Assistance: The QEII Conference Centre provides disabled access. For further advice please call the Event Hotline.
2. Main areas of Interest & Involvement
Please indicate your professional status: I Researcher I Doctoral Student I Policy Maker I Other: ________________________________________
Break-out discussion groups will consider different aspects of biodiversity informatics. Please select the ONE topic that interests you most.
  B01 I   A Future Road Map for Biodiversity                                            B08 I   Conservation and Land Use
  B02 I   Cybertaxonomy                                                                 B09 I   Agriculture
  B03 I   Ecology and Ecosystems, Environmental Sustainability, Climate Change          B10 I   Public Health
  B04 I   Basic Biodiversity Science Research                                           B11 I   Forestry
  B05 I   Training in Biodiversity Informatics                                          B12 I   Fisheries
  B06 I   Developing World                                                              B13 I   Uses in Public K-12 and Higher Education
  B07 I   Sustainable Economic Development                                              B14 I   Citizen Science
MAIN AREAS OF INVOLVEMENT: How would you characterize your involvement in Biodiversity Informatics? (Check all that apply)
  I Content Provider                           I Computer Scientist                                     I Public Research Funding Agent
  I Aggregator of Content                      I User of Biodiversity Data (Researcher)                 I Private Foundation/Donor
  I Database Developer                         I Conservation/Land Use Official                         I Other (Please state):
3. Select Day & Rate All rates quoted in GB£ Sterling.
                              Early registration (Before 1st April)                           Standard Registration (1st April on)
                            Delegate                        Student*                        Delegate                      Student*
  I 3 Day Pass       I £225.00 + VAT (£33.75)       I £75.00 + VAT (£11.25)          I £250.00 + VAT (£37.50)     I £100.00 + VAT (£15.00)
                                                  Delegate                                                  Student*
  I Monday 1st June                        I £100.00 + VAT (£15.00)                                   I £40.00 + VAT (£6.00)
  I Tuesday, 2nd June                      I £100.00 + VAT (£15.00)                                   I £40.00 + VAT (£6.00)
  I Wednesday 3rd June                     I £100.00 + VAT (£15.00)                                   I £40.00 + VAT (£6.00)
*If applying for a student discounted rate you are required to provide Name of Tutor/Doctoral Advisor:
Advisor Name: _____________________________________________ Name of Institution: _______________________________________________________
4. Complete your payment Information: Payment must be received before the conference.
By completing this registration form you are agreeing to our booking terms and conditions. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions I
There are 3 easy ways to pay for your attendance at the conference, please select from the following areas below:
I Invoice: PO Number (if required) PO______________             I BACS: (Bank Transfer): Please call the event hotline or email for Bank Details
I Card: I Debit Card I Credit Card (A 2.75% handling charge will be added to your booking fee.)
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  Date: (mm)______ (dd)______ 2009                            £ ___________________________(include VAT)

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