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									J. Boag & Son

‘Handled                                          Boags Trophy Cabinet
Tasmania’s                                        Boags Premium
reputation, image                                 IMS Gold Medals in 1995, 1998, 1999,

                                                  2000, 2001, 2002
and brand can
                                                  AIBA Gold Medals in 1998, 2001
deliver bottom-line                               Beer of the Year, Sunday Age 1995

                                                  World’s Best Beer, Adelaide Advertiser 1995
benefits to a
                                                  Top Australian Beer, Winestate 1996
company.’ – Lyndon                                Premium Beer of Year, Australian Liquor

Adams, Director.                                  Industry Awards 1996

                                                  Top Aussie Lager, Vintage Cellars Wine Club 1998

                                                  Best Bottled and Canned Lager, AIBA 1998
                                                  Best Lager in Open Section, AIBA 1998

                                                  Grand Champion Beer, AIBA 1998

                                                  International High Quality Trophy, IMS 2000

                                                  Winner Australasian Section, New Zealand

                                                  International Beer Awards 2000

                                                  Premium Beer of the Year, Australian Liquor

                                                  Industry Awards 2001, 2003

                                                  Best Marketed Beer, Australian Liquor Industry

                                                  Awards 1998 and 2001

                                                  Boags Draught
                                                  International High Quality Trophies, IMS 2000

                                                  IMS Gold Medals in 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003

                                                  AIBA Gold Medal in 1998, 1999, 2000

                                                  Strongarm Bitter
                                                  International High Quality Trophies, IMS 2000, 2003

                                                  IMS Gold Medals in 1998, 1999, 2000,

                                                  2001, 2002, 2003

                                                  AIBA Gold Medal in 1998

                                                  Australia’s Best Beer, Winestate 1997

                                                  Best Beer, National Festival of Beers,

                                                  Queensland, 1887

                                                  AIBA = Australian International Beer Awards

                                                  IMS = International Monde Selection in Belgium

                                                   J. Boag & Son

> Launceston brewery J Boag & Son produces         “We reviewed all possible expansion options,
the most awarded beers in brewing history and      before deciding to invest in a very significant
has won international acclaim for its              upgrade of our Launceston brewery, where
advertising.                                       quality beers have been produced continuously
                                                   since 1829.”
The company’s sales doubled in a span of six
years, with Boags Premium leading a                A $15 million high-speed bottling line was        Stylish packaging and an arresting advertising
spectacular market surge and establishing          scheduled as the first stage of the brewery’s     campaign featuring black-and-white
itself as Australia’s second-largest beer brand.   most significant upgrade in years.                photographs by Helmet Newton, complemented
                                                                                                     an excellent product.
“A concentration on brewing and marketing a        The Boags Centre for Beer Lovers, a burgeoning
range of premium quality beers earned J. Boag      tourism business that was fast becoming one       Boag’s became a well-recognised force in
and Son a reputation as Australia’s premium        of Launceston’s core attractions, was extended    national and international premium beer
brewer,” Director Lyndon Adams said.               to a second level.                                markets with medals and trophies filling head
                                                                                                     office display cases.
“Our success led to a situation where we had       “This commitment to Tasmanian production
outgrown our existing facilities.                  and tourism is testament to the values that       The product range now includes the State’s
                                                   Brand Tasmania delivers to the company’s          most popular beer, Boag’s Draught, Boag’s
                                                   marketing activities,” Mr Adams said.             Premium Light (‘experience the flavour’),
                                                                                                     Strongarm Bitter (‘disturbingly good’), XXX
                                                   “Our research, and research undertaken by         Ale, first introduced in 1883 and enjoying a
                                                   others, shows that consumers regard Tasmania      resurgence, and Classic Bitter, a cold-filtered
                                                   as a producer of quality food and beverages.      style beer.

                                                   “Handled appropriately, Tasmania’s reputation,    In August 2003, Boag’s launched a uniquely
                                                   image and brand can deliver bottom line           Tasmanian product, Boag’s Honey Porter.
                                                   benefits to the company.”
                                                                                                     ‘We used the new Van Diemen hop variety and
                                                   James Boag and Son acquired the Esk Brewery       were delighted to be able to make use of one
                                                   in Launceston in 1881 with a commitment to        of Tasmania’s other keynote products,
                                                   brew premium beer.                                leatherwood honey supplied by the
                                                                                                     Stephens family business at Mole Creek,’
                                                   The enterprise flourished within Tasmania for     Lyndon Adams said.
                                                   more than a century and took on the wider
                                                   world in 1994, with the launch of Boag’s
                                                   Premium, a European-style lager
                                                   meticulously brewed for 60 days, using the
                                                   finest pilsener malt.
                                                                                                     J. Boag & Son
                                                                                                     Level 6/25 Argyle Street Hobart 7000 Tasmania
                                                                                                     T +61 (0)3 6230 9111 F +61 (0)3 6230 9195

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