The Power of Laughter

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					                                                                                                                   Spring 2006

The Power of Laughter
Chat with Terry Cooke and you                before she goes in.“I explain to the              In between, there is play-for-play’s-
might hear two words nobody likes            child that I have to move on to some-         sake and sometimes play with a mis-
to use in the same sentence – death          one else who has a mom who is                 sion. Good instincts and flexibility are
and children.Terry is a specially            really sick,” she says.“ Even a three-        key, and Terry, now an actress, draws
trained volunteer who is assigned to         year-old can understand that. I tell          on lifelong learning and previous
caring for children of dying moms or         the child how many more visits to             experience as a primary school
dads, or for children who themselves         count down until the final visit so            teacher, a registered nurse and a day
are terminally ill.                          the child can prepare himself or her-         care provider.
    “You can’t step in and be the            self. It is done very respectfully, very          She tells of a walk in the park
mommy.You are not going to be the            carefully, very slowly.”                      with a three-year-old girl, where they
grandma,” she says.“All you can do is                                                      encountered a dead bird. Seeing a
be a fun person.A person the child                                                         teachable moment,Terry allowed the
gets to trust and talk to.”                                                                event to trigger discussion about
    The challenge is more complex                                                            death, but totally unrelated to the
than it sounds. Unlike most new                                                              child’s terminally ill mother.
friendships, a volunteer working                                                                   “Those are the things that
with a child goes into the experi-                                                              Terry is really good at and the
ence knowing it has a time limit                                                               kind of thing we focus on during
attached.“Somewhere down the                                                                   volunteer training,” says Clare.
road, you have to say goodbye,”                                                               “Otherwise this child might
says Hospice Case Manager                                                                     never have talked about death
Clare Clovis.“And that is very                                                                and dying.”
hard. Not only are they going to                                                                 Terry focuses on the simple act
lose their mom or dad or brother                                                              of being a friend.“If I can go in and
or sister, but now they are going                                                            help that child laugh, then I have
to lose another caring person in                                                             done my job very well,” she says.
their lives.”
    With the help of her case man-
                                                                                               Children’s volunteer
ager and the rest of The Dorothy                                                               Terry Cooke says
Ley Hospice team,Terry must                                                                    the most important thing
therefore plan her exit strategy                                                               is to focus on the child.

    Seasons is produced three times a year and is dedicated to sharing our plans, achievements and challenges with those who make
      the services of The Dorothy Ley Hospice possible and with those who come to us seeking comfort, meaning, dignity and hope.
Galumphing and Training for Children’s Volunteers
                                                    are terminally ill.Twenty-four of The          his family was touched twice by
                                                    Dorothy Ley Hospice team of 180                serious illness. He lost his mother,
                                                    in-home volunteers have already                who was stricken with cancer. His
                                                    completed this specialized training            brother, who was 10 at the time,
                                                    and the goal is to train the entire            was diagnosed with a brain tumour
                                                    group in these skills.                         and survived.
                                                        Although some of the workshop is              Keith talks openly about how
                                                    dedicated to reviewing the dynamics            this life experience blends with the
                                                    of play, sessions also study ethical           intensity of the training program.
                                                    questions, the development of a                “Overall, the workshop is emotionally
Anna Lewyckyj, Volunteer Coordinator at Hospice     child’s spiritual nature, the complexi-        draining,” he said.“Personally, it rein-
Peel, demonstrates origami at the workshop for      ties of working with the family unit           forces the importance of just being
children’s volunteers. Linked with story telling,
                                                    and the need for volunteer self-care           there [for the child]. A lot of what
the Japanese art of paper folding is clearly as
entertaining to adults as to children.              in coping with the stresses of the             they are going through, I went
                                                    task, to name a few.The impressive             through personally.”
Nobody expected this year’s Hospice                 roster of presenters included a medi-
Training for Children’s Volunteers                  cal doctor, a psychologist, a professor
would add the word “galumphing” to                  of ethics, a volunteer coordinator and
the attendees’ vocabularies.                        even a clown.
   Held on three consecutive                            As expected, the play demonstra-
Saturdays in January, the sixth                     tions sparked the child in each par-
annual workshop assembled nearly                    ticipant as they were encouraged to
20 volunteers from The Dorothy Ley                  remember what it was like to play
Hospice, Hospice Peel in Mississauga                as a youngster. During the play exer-
and The Philip Aziz Centre for                      cises Dorothy Ley Hospice volunteer
Hospice in Toronto. Sessions were                   Keith Chen assumed the role with               Camilla Gryski (Posy the Clown in her other life)
held at the Trillium Health Centre,                 ease.“Play is one of the basic human           demonstrates a rabbit hand-puppet and a wide
Queensway Site.                                     needs,” explained Keith, the father of         range of other toys that can be used while work-
                                                                                                   ing as a children’s volunteer. To the right of
   The advanced training program is                 an 11-year-old boy.
                                                                                                   Camilla is Dorothy Ley Hospice volunteer
designed to equip experienced vol-                      There is no such thing as a typical        Melinda Nagy.
unteers to work with children who                   volunteer, but Keith has the life expe-
are dying and with children whose                   rience that helps make a good one.                His advice? “You have to treat
mothers, fathers, sisters or brothers               Years ago, while he was in university,         them with respect and dignity and be
                                                                                                   true to yourself, because kids can see
                                                                                                   right through you.”
                                                                                                      The reasons for specialized train-
                                                                                                   ing are simple.The workshops build
                                                                                                   on the initial basic training under-
                                                                                                   taken by all in-home care volunteers
                                                                                                   and recognize the entire family unit
                                                                                                   and the special needs of children,
                                                                                                   who are at risk of becoming the for-
                                                                                                   gotten mourners.
                                                                                                      Oh, the word “galumphing”? The
                                                                                                   term was coined by Lewis Carroll,
                                                                                                   best known as the author of Alice’s
                                                                                                   Adventures in Wonderland (1865). It
                                                                                                   means:“to stride along triumphantly.”
                                                                                                   With the right support, children are
Dorothy Ley Hospice volunteers Keith Chen and Anna D’Agostino explore the world of finger puppets   most adept at it.
at the Hospice Training for Children’s Volunteers in January.

Help us Restock our Magic Boxes
Crayons, colouring books, tape and          The memory book contains                 “What a treasure it becomes in
markers are just a few of the tools      pictures drawn by the child depict-      20 years’ time,” says Case Manager
found in the Magic Boxes of volun-       ing memories of the terminally ill       Clare Clovis.
teers who work with children.They        mom, dad, brother or sister. Often                     If you are interested
are also the items that our volunteers   the child is too young to read                         in helping us restock
need to replace on an ongoing basis,     and write, so the volunteer will                        the boxes, please contact
so donations of these items and more     write anecdotes and commen-                                  Sonia Arana,
                                                                                                       Coordinator of
are always welcome.                      taries dictated by the child.The
                                                                                                       Volunteer Services
   Often an important activity in        memory book is then left with                                 at 416-626-0116
dealing with young children is the       the surviving spouse to be tucked                             ext. 227.
creation of a memory book.“We            away until the child is able to read
draw pictures.We decorate the cover      and to better appreciate
of the book with sparkles,” explains     the gravity of what
volunteer Terry Cooke.                   he or she created.

Funding for the Hospice
Conscientious volunteers and com-            Our first priority is to make sure        The provincial government has
munity members often ask us where        that we raise enough money to con-       allocated $586,000 annually for the
our funding comes from and what it       tinue providing care to the more         nursing and personal care of clients
supports.                                than 450 families a year who look to     staying in the residential part of the
    The close to $1 million per year     us for support.At the same time, the     Centre, starting this year. However,
required for our day-to-day operations   Hospice is in the midst of a cam-        we can only access this year’s funds
(in-home care, day respite, spiritual    paign to raise $4 million in order to    if we get the shovel in the ground on
care, bereavement support, education,    begin construction of The Dorothy        schedule. If not, we will have to wait
volunteer services and administration)   Ley Hospice Palliative Care Centre by    until 2007 to access these funds.To
comes from two sources: 70 per cent      the end of this year or early in 2007.   date, we have raised $1.6 million for
from the community and 30 per cent       The Centre will be Toronto’s first        this project.
from the government.That means we        free-standing residential palliative
need to raise about $700,000 from        care hospice that will care for people
the community.                           living with any terminal illness.

Fundraising events are a main source     • host a corporate Tree of               nizing aren’t your thing, you can
of income for the Hospice, and are         Remembrance at your office in          always come out to an existing event
an exciting, fun way for our volun-        December                               and volunteer, or participate in the
teers and loyal donors to support        • hold a fundraiser for the United       annual Hike for Hospice.
what we do while helping the 1,800         Way, and direct the funds toward       For more information, or to share
people per year whose lives we             the Hospice                            other ideas for fundraising events,
touch.The possibilities are endless.     • apply for your company’s               please call the Resource Development
                                                                                  Department at 416-626-0116 and ask
You could:                                 matching fund program, if it
                                                                                  for Fran or Graham.
• organize a car wash, bake sale,          has one (and if it doesn’t, maybe
   flea market or other event               it should!)
• host a “dress down/up day”               Special events are limited only by
   at your workplace                     your imagination. If hosting and orga-

From the President                                                                            Get up, Get out,
For The Dorothy Ley Hospice, 2005 can be described in a single word:                          Get involved,
   In February 2005, we officially launched a fundraising campaign to build
                                                                                              Bring a Friend!
The Dorothy Ley Hospice Palliative Care Centre.A few months later, the
Ontario government followed with a commitment that will help hospices like
ours change the face of end-of-life care across the province. But these public
events are just the tip of the iceberg. In addition:
• We received initial approval from the Toronto Committee of Adjustment
   on the precise location of the new Centre.
• We retained the services of Toronto-based Prism Partners, best known for
  leading the $350 million renewal project at the University Health Network,
  as project managers.
• We established a Building Committee to oversee finalizing the plans                          SUNDAY, MAY 7, 2006,
  and to guide building construction.                                                         CENTENNIAL PARK
• We created a Transition Committee to examine how we will meet the                           With spring in the air, it’s time to
  current growth in demand for in-home service and to accommodate                             dust off your running shoes and
  changes triggered by the addition of a free-standing hospice.                               come out to Hike for Hospice.
   The critical element missing is the dollars. If you have ideas on how we                      For the last three years fami-
can reach our $4 million goal or know someone we should approach for                          lies, friends, co-workers and
support, we need to hear from you today.                                                      students have come together to
   We have the land.We have the vision. Help us maintain the momentum.                        make The Dorothy Ley Hospice
                                                                                              event the most successful of 90
                                                                                              hikes held across Canada as part
                                                                                              of National Hospice Awareness
                                                                                              Week. Dedicated volunteers and
                                                                                              hikers helped last year’s event
Paul Ginou, Board President                                                                   raise $22,000. Our goal for this
                                                                                              year is $30,000.
                                                                                                 We’re encouraging greater
                                                                                              participation from schools, com-
                                                                                              panies and community groups,
                                                                                              but we can’t do it without you!
                                                                                              Get a friend or family member
                                                                                              to join you as you walk or
                                                                                              run around our picturesque
                                                                                              Centennial Park circuit.We’ll have
                                                                                              great prizes for participants, a
                                                                                              scrumptious barbecue hosted by
                                                                                              the Rotary Club and much, much
                                                                                              more. So get up, get out, and get
                                                                                              involved in what is going to be
                                                                                              the best Hike for Hospice ever!
                                                                                              For more information, to register
                                                                                              for this year’s event or to share
                                                                                              ideas on how to make the Hike
                                                                                              better, please contact Graham Hill
                                                                                              at 416-626-0116 ext. 236 or e-mail
The ball gets rolling with generous donations from sponsors like The Beaver Bible Class at
Westway United Church. It's up to us to keep that momentum going! David Earnshaw (left) and
Alex Webster (right) present a cheque to Hospice Executive Director Ron Lirette.

Business is Blooming with Charity Flowers
Hope blooms each spring in the           They even deliver to the purchaser’s    the Kohns helping The Dorothy Ley
home of Pat Kohn as more than 400        home when necessary. In addition        Hospice, but they are also demon-
designer geraniums blossom in her        to pre-sales, Pat sells her flowers      strating to our youth how they can
two backyard greenhouses. It’s all       through St. George’s On-The-Hill,       direct their energy and skills to help-
part of her home-based business,         with the Church’s Youth Group tak-      ing others.
Pat’s Charity Flowers. For more than     ing a leadership role in their sale.    For more information about
eight years, Pat has raised hundreds        We would like to thank Pat and       Pat’s Charity Flowers, please contact
of geraniums and thousands of            her family for being a real helping     Pat Kohn at 416-233-4314.
dollars for local charities, including   hand in our community. Not only are
The Dorothy Ley Hospice.
   “It all started when my daughter
said I should do something that
combined my love of gardening with
a good cause,” said Pat. As a Master
Gardener, Pat takes great pride in
knowing that when someone buys a
geranium from her they are getting
the finest of specimens, raised with
love and care.
   It’s a real labour of love for the
whole family. Everyone helps to
ensure that the flowers are top-
quality and competitively priced.

Survey Says: Our Volunteers want More Education
By Sonia Arana

Our volunteers want more education       program in bereavement and grief        so for me personally, that means a
and they know which topics they          support, additional hands-on training   lot. If our volunteers are happy, then
want covered.This is what we             in physical care, and a driver          they are strong ambassadors in the
learned in our most recent volunteer     refresher course.These suggestions      community and they are making a
survey and our first focused solely on    will be incorporated in planning for    difference.
satisfaction. More than 33 per cent of   next year’s education programming.      Sonia Arana is the Coordinator of
the more than 250 volunteers invited        We must remember that a satis-       Volunteer Services and Education at
responded to the survey.                 faction survey is only one test of a    The Dorothy Ley Hospice.
    We are fortunate to have great       group’s contentment or dissatisfac-
volunteers.They are reliable and         tion. How long they stay as volun-
dedicated, whether they do in-home       teers is another measure of satisfac-
client support, administration or        tion. In fact, there are several who
fundraising. I know they are             have been part of the volunteer team
committed and, most important,           since the Hospice opened its doors
they are good listeners. Surveys are     15 years ago.
the Hospice’s way of returning the          I am pleased to know that our vol-
favour.                                  unteers feel they have our full sup-
    The education topics they            port and they are valued by the
suggested included an advanced           Hospice. Most of them are satisfied,

           From the Executive Director                                                          WELCOME GRAHAM

            Greetings and best wishes for a healthy and happy 2006!
                The year 2005 was one of unprecedented success at The Dorothy Ley
            Hospice. But if you thought that was amazing, wait ’til you see what’s in store
            for 2006, the year that dreams are realized. Help us create tomorrow’s Dorothy
            Ley Hospice.
                In order to prepare the Hospice staff, volunteers, partners and community
            at large, we are embarking on an evaluation and planning process to identify        Please welcome Graham Hill as
                                                     our future directions and priorities.      our new Resource Development
                                                     The process will provide you with an       Manager. Graham brings to the
“I know not any thing more pleasant, or more opportunity to express your views on
                                                                                                Hospice a wealth of fundraising
instructive, than to compare experience with what services should look like as we               knowledge and hands-on experi-
expectation, or to register from time to time make the transition into an integrated            ence, especially in the areas of
                                                     community and residential service.         planned giving, direct mail and
the difference between idea and reality. It is by
                                                         The evaluation process will entail     special events. Prior to joining the
this kind of observation that we grow daily two key components that will get                    Hospice, he worked for the
less liable to be disappointed.”                     underway this spring: face-to-face focus   Ontario Division of the Canadian
                                                     groups and on-line surveys.This will       Cancer Society and for Child Find
                   Johnson: Letter to Bennet Langton enable us to gather information            Ontario. Graham is a graduate of
                                                     through the intimacy of small-group        Humber College’s Fundraising
            work, while easy-to-use and accessible electronic surveys collect feedback          Management Program.We’re
            from anyone not able to participate in person.                                      delighted to have him with us.
                Many of you will be contacted directly to see if you would like to partici-
            pate in the focus groups. Each group will be broken down by program area:
            Volunteer Services; Case Management; Spiritual Care and Bereavement; Day
            Respite; and Education. If you are interested in participating, please contact me
            directly and identify your area of interest at              GOODBYE COLLEEN
                Our goal is to provide exemplary and compassionate care to our clients,
            their families and friends.Together, we can make a meaningful difference in         We bid a fond farewell to Colleen
            people’s lives!                                                                     Manger, who has done an amazing
                                                                                                job for the Hospice as our
                                                                                                Resource Development
                                                                                                Coordinator, filling a one-year
                                                                                                maternity leave vacancy.When it
                                                                                                comes to creating enticing gift
              Ron Lirette, Executive Director                                                   baskets for Silent Auctions and
                                                                                                motivating our volunteers at our
                                                                                                events, Colleen wins the gold star.
                                                                                                We will greatly miss her terrific
                                                                                                people and event management
                                                                                                skills, and wish her all the best in
                                                                                                the future.
                 OUR WISH LIST
                 • Dominion/A&P cash register receipts
                 • dolly (for moving heavy objects)
                 • Canadian Tire Money
                 Shawna Chefero, our Manager of Operations, would be delighted
                 to receive any of these items; you can reach her at 416-626-0116, ext. 222.

Tree of Remembrance Update
                                                 Once again our donors and volun-              The Hospice would like to thank
                                                 teers made the annual Tree of            all those took the time to volunteer
                                                 Remembrance appeal at Sherway            at the booths, prepare the doves to
                                                 Gardens and Cloverdale Mall a            hang on the trees, or work in the
                                                 terrific success. In addition to being    office organizing supplies and volun-
                                                 a great fundraiser, it continued our     teers.We also extend our heartfelt
                                                 tradition of honouring and remem-        appreciation to our sponsor,Active
                                                 bering loved ones, friends, and neigh-   Green and Ross, our two mall
                                                 bours at a particularly poignant time    partners, and to Exclusive Diamonds
                                                 of year.                                 and Scotiabank, who made sure the
                                                    You reached out with your hearts      money raised each day was kept safe
                                                 and gifts of time, and the generosity    and sound overnight.
                                                 of donors helped us raise $11,000 for        A special thank you goes to
                                                 the Hospice in 2005.Although this is     Helene Maxwell, who once again
                                                 about $1,000 less than last year, at a   coordinated all the volunteers, and
                                                 mere eight days duration, this year’s    to Beta Sigma Phi Sorority for its
                                                 event was only half as long as last      help this year.
Volunteer Helene Maxwell places her dove on      year’s. In addition, our dove mailing    For more information about hosting a
the Tree of Remembrance in the Hospice office.   appeal raised an additional $27,000      Tree of Remembrance at your company
                                                 – a $3,500 increase over last year.      or school in 2006, please contact
                                                 Considering we sent out about 2,200      Graham Hill at 416-626-0116 ext. 236.
                                                 fewer doves than in the past, we did
                                                 extremely well.

Polar Golf a Hole-in-One for the Hospice
When Doc Welch said he was going
south to play golf this winter, he
didn’t mean Myrtle Beach or Florida.
Just down the 410 from Brampton is
Centennial Park, home of Kiwanis
Polar Golf and Doc Welch’s winter
golf getaway for the last 20 years.
“I have been at every one of these
events,” said the octogenarian, who
jokes that next year he’d like to have
a lighter golf bag, if not a caddie.
    January 28, 2006 marked the
20 Anniversary of the Kiwanis Polar

Golf Tournament.With over 170
people in attendance, the funds
raised at this event will be dedicated              A special thank you goes to Bill      Bundled up to hit the links at the
to purchasing toys, games and elec-              Stuart, event Chair, the Committee,      2006 Kiwanis Club Polar Golf Classic

tronic equipment for the Children’s              volunteers and players who made
Play Area at the proposed Dorothy                this year’s Kiwanis Polar Golf a
Ley Hospice Palliative Care Centre.              great success.

Upcoming Events
MAY                                                         CELEBRATING MOTHER'S DAY
                                                            A Bereavement Seminar
You're invited!                                             May 10, 2006
                                                            7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
May 2, 2006, 10:30 a.m.                                     Cloverdale Mall Community Room
For a special launch event in                               Practical, emotional and humorous
support of the Capital Campaign                             tips to help you celebrate this
and The Dorothy Ley Hospice                                 special occasion after a loss of
Palliative Care Centre.                                     a mother or father.
For more information please call                                                                              THE DOROTHY LEY HOSPICE
                                                            For more information, or to save
Graham at 416-626-0116 ext. 236.                                                                              (416) 626-0116
                                                            a space please call 416-626-0116.
HIKE FOR HOSPICE                                                                                              Ron Lirette, Executive Director
                                                            ETOBICOKE CHAMBER OF
Sunday, May 7 at Centennial Park                                                                              Ext. 223 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                            COMMERCE 18 T H ANNUAL
by the Ski Chalet                                           CHARIT Y GOLF CLASSIC                             Shawna Chefero, Manager of Operations
                                                                                                              Ext. 222 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Registration begins at 10:00 a.m.                           Wednesday, May 31 at
                                                            Royal Woodbine Golf Club.                         Clare Clovis, Case Manager
Registration fee of $10 includes lunch
                                                                SOLD OUT
                                                                                                              Ext. 232 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
and a t-shirt. Fee is waived for those                      The Dorothy Ley Hospice is this year’s charity
who collect $100 or more in pledges.                                                                          Jennifer Dunn, Case Manager
                                                            recipient. Registration fee is $225 per player.
                                                                                                              Ext. 229 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                            To book your foursome call: The Etobicoke
NEW BEGINNINGS                                                                                                Marguerite Langley, Case Manager
                                                            Chamber of Commerce at 416-622-5557
Every Tuesday evening                                       or e-mail               Ext. 224 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.                                                                                   Paula Biksa, Coordinator – Day Respite Program
                                                            JUNE                                              Cell: (416) 200-2227
New session: May 9 – June 27
                                                            VOLUNTEER & STAFF                                 Ext. 228 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Please call 416-626-0116 to register.                       APPRECIATION BARBECUE                             Nick Ruiter, Coordinator – Spiritual Care
                                                            & TOWN HALL MEETING                               Ext. 230 . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                            June 13                                           Sonia Arana, Coordinator – Volunteer Services/Education
                                                            Ursaki Auditorium,                                Ext. 227 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                            Trillium Health Centre                            Fran McBride, Director – Resource Development
                                                            160 Sherway Drive                                 Ext. 234 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
 The Dorothy Ley Hospice offers
 compassionate end-of-life care                             6 p.m. to 9 p.m.                                  Graham Hill, Manager – Resource Development . . . .
                                                                                                              Ext. 236 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
 to our clients and their families                          We hope to see you there.
                                                                                                              Kathy Roulston, Resource Development Officer
 enabling them to live in comfort                           For information contact Sonia Arana               Ext. 233 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
 with dignity, meaning and hope                             at 416-626-0116 ext. 227.
                                                                                                              Hannah Fisher, Volunteer
 To give your financial support, contact                     ETOBICOKE GARDEN TOUR & TEA                       Ext. 242 . . . . . . . . . . .
 Kathy Roulston (                      Sunday, June 25, noon to 5 p.m.
                                                                                                              Board of Directors
 To share your time and skills as a volunteer,              Tour of exclusive gardens in the
 contact Sonia Arana                                        Islington and Humber Valley area.                 PRESIDENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Paul P. Ginou, B.A., L.L.B.
 (                                 Proceeds will support The Dorothy                 VICE PRESIDENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jack Penaligon
 To inquire about using our services, contact:                                                                SECRETARY . . . . . . . . . . Mary Ellen Carey, B.A., M.Ed.
                                                            Ley Hospice Palliative Care Centre.
                                                                                                              TREASURER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jack Cooper, HBA, CA
 The Dorothy Ley Hospice                                    To order tickets call 416-626-0116
                                                            or Heather at 416-239-8920.                       Directors:
     170 Sherway Drive, Suite 3
     Etobicoke, Ontario M9C 1A6                             OCTOBER                                           John B. Grant, B.A., M.A.           Jane Myers
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                                                            Save this Date!
     Fax: (416) 626-7285                                                                                      Alison A. Morton                    Dr. David Swartz
                                                            THE DOROTHY LEY HOSPICE
     E-mail:                             CELEBRATION OF LIFE FALL GALA
                                                            October 13, 2006
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