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									                                  “O u r V o i c e ” The Newsletter of Congregation Anshei Israel
April 2009 — Nisan/Iyar 5769                                                     Volume 62 Number 8

                  Warm wishes for a peaceful Passover.
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                                                            PRESIDENT ’S                                     MESS A G E
      KOLENU • ubkue
                 “Our Voice”
The Newsletter for Congregation Anshei Israel                             More Valued Congregants
             Congregation                                   I am running out of time to introduce all of our
             Anshei Israel                                  board members, but here’s a little information
             A Conservative Synagogue affiliated with       about two more:
             The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism

   5550 East Fifth Street • Tucson AZ 85711                 Howard Schwartz is a retired physician. He was
     (520) 745-5550 fax (520) 745-9058                      board certified in internal medicine, allergy,
                www.caiaz.org                               and immunology, and especially enjoyed the
                                                            combination of research, teaching, and patient care.
         Administrative Office Hours                        Howard and his wife, Trudy, were originally winter
Sun. 9 am - 12 noon • Mon. - Thurs. 8 am - 5 pm
                Fri. 8 am - 4 pm
                                                            visitors to Tucson, but when they realized that none
                                                            of their family would move back to Cleveland, they decided to make Tucson
                                                            their permanent home some years ago. Howard loves Jewish learning and
ContACt InfoRMAtIon                                         has pursued it at one level or another most of his life. He also enjoys reading
520-745-5550                                                and sports, as well as the being outdoors here in Tucson. Trudy and Howard
                                                            enjoy traveling and thoroughly enjoy their grandchildren. They have both
Rabbi • Robert J. Eisen                                     been involved with the Jewish community as a way to meet people, but also
Ext. 230 • rabbi@caiaz.org                                  to give back to the community. If Howard could have dinner with someone,
Assistant Rabbi / Education Director • Kelley Gludt         it would be Rambam, a super physician and a great Jewish scholar. Howard
Ext. 228 • eddirector@caiaz.org                             also currently serves on the Gifts and Trusts Committee. Howard’s probing
                                                            questions and sage guidance have been very helpful to the board.
Rabbi Emeritus • Arthur Oleisky
rabbi.oleisky@caiaz.org                                     Dan Jurkowitz is a rare breed ... a native Tucsonan! He has been a member
Cantor • Ivor Lichterman                                    of CAI since birth, attending our Preschool/Kindergarten and Religious
Ext. 235 • cantor@caiaz.org                                 School. He has taught music in our Religious School since 1985 and has
                                                            been a member of the board since 2005. He is Vice-President of Cheder
torah Reader • Rev. Nachman Berkowitz                       (Jewish Education Tax Credit Organization), as well as the Phi Beta Kappa
Executive Director • Alan R. Pearlman                       Association of Greater Tucson. Dan is married to Lisa and they have two
Ext. 226 • execdirect@caiaz.org
                                                            sons, one in religious school and one in preschool. Dan is a Civil Deputy
                                                            County Attorney and pro tem judge, and teaches for the National Judicial
Preschool / Kindergarten Director                           College. If he could have dinner with someone, it would be his great-
Lynne Falkow-Strauss                                        grandparents so he could learn more about his family history. The hardest
Ext. 229 • lynne@caiaz.org                                  thing he has ever done is to be a parent. Dan is currently the chair of the
                                                            Bylaws Committee and serves on the Leading With a Jewish Heart leadership
Youth Director • Linda Roy
                                                            development committee. Dan is known for asking some tough questions at
Ext. 222 • linda@caiaz.org
                                                            board meetings, and his dedication to CAI is much appreciated.
finance Director • Melissa Tenery
Ext. 223 • financedirect@caiaz.org                          It is important that you know that the staff and the board have been carefully
                                                            reviewing our financial situation over the past few months. Along with
Clergy Secretary • Sandy Brombolich
                                                            everyone else, our investments took a downward dive and, unfortunately,
Ext. 225 • clergysecretary@caiaz.org
                                                            dues collections and donations have waned. A Finance Committee is in the
Administrative / finance Assistant • Brandy Bock            process of reviewing our current situation, as well as making projections for
Ext. 240 • admasst@caiaz.org                                the near future. I want to thank Ellis Friedman, Paul Kahn and Allen Langer
                                                            for helping us on this committee. The board faces some tough decisions
Communications Coordinator • Yvonne Ethier
                                                            soon. We have been discussing and continue to discuss the proposed budget
Ext. 231 • yvonne@caiaz.org
                                                            for fiscal year 2009/10. We also have a small sub-committee looking into
Congregational Services Coordinator • Barb Neuman           revenue generating ideas. Thank you for your support and patience during
Ext. 242 • barb@caiaz.org                                   these trying times. If you have any input or questions, please don’t hesitate
                                                            to contact me at 322-0433 or tucpepper@hotmail.com.
Education Assistant • Nancy Auslander
Ext. 224 • edasst@caiaz.org
                                                            On behalf of the Board of Trustees, staff, and clergy, I wish you and your
Ritual Coordinator • Max Ellentuck                          family a wonderful and joyous Pesah!
Ext. 221 • mashgiach@caiaz.org                                                                              Vicki Pepper, President

facilities Supervisor • Miro Uchytil
Ext. 227 • facilitiessup@caiaz.org

front Desk / Receptionist • Lynn Walsh
Ext. 200 • officeassistant@caiaz.org

Page 2      Kolenu April 2009 — Nisan/Iyar 5769                                                                         www.caiaz.org
                   R      A      B       B      I     ’    S            M         E       S       S       A        G        E

Helping to Help Each other                                                                  Tot Shabbat Service
                                                               For families with young children, Rabbi Eisen and Rabbi Gludt hold a special tot
                                                               Shabbat Service the first friday of the month. On April 3 at 6:00 pm, join
                         In response to the growing            us on the Bimah in the Sanctuary with stories and songs.
                         number of our congregants
                                                                                              Ma’alot Minyan
                         who have been “affected”
                                                               Ma’alot Minyan is a member-led, egalitarian Shabbat service held in the Epstein
                         by the current economic
                                                               Chapel the first Saturday of every month at 9:30 am. After the service
                         situation, I would like to start
                                                               on April 4, please join the rest of the congregation for Kiddush. For more
                         a CAI job bank. The job bank
                                                               information, contact Ellis Friedman at effmd@comcast.net.
                         will (hopefully, very soon)
                         be available on our Website.                      Mishnah Study As It Has Never Been Before
                         However, for the time being                           (And won’t be again for 28 years!)
                         (because this is so important),       In honor of our observance of Birkat HaHammah, we have taken a break from
we will be handling things manually through my office.         our Mishnah Study and focused on a special compilation of texts concerning the
Upon receipt of resumes and/or employment offerings,           meaning behind, and purpose of, a very special moment in our calendar: Massekhet
the information will be distributed anonymously via            HaHammah. The “Blessing of the Sun” (Birkat HaHammah) is a ritual that takes
e-mail to all interested parties. Should an employer or        place every 28 years and that falls this year on April 8, the date of the Fast of the
prospective employee then want contact information, it         Firstborn on the eve of Passover. A collection of Halakhic and Aggadic texts, classic
will be sent out accordingly.                                  and contemporary, dealing with the sun, Massekhet HaHammah was prepared as
                                                               a companion to the ritual for Birkat HaHammah. We will study this text in advance
Once we are up and running on the Web, CAI members             of the Fast and use it both for adult learning about this fascinating ritual and as the
will be able to post their objective statement anonymously,    text for our siyum. Our study of this text began February 22 and will conclude
and employers will be asked to post available openings. If     Sunday, April 5 at 8:45 am.
an employer or prospective employee would like contact
information for a particular listing, they can receive it by                                    Yom Hashoah
contacting me at rabbi@caiaz.org. Please note: Prospective     This year, Yom Hashoah — the day we set aside to formally mourn and remember
employees must be CAI members.                                 the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis — will be observed on April 21. During
                                                               the 9:00 am Shabbat service on Saturday, April 18, we will pause so that, as a
If you are seeking a job, please e-mail your objective         congregation, we might mourn, remember and be able to find comfort.
statement and resume to me at rabbi@caiaz.org. An
                                                                                            Neshamah Minyan
example of an objective statement is as follows: “Seeking
                                                               The word Neshamah means “soul.” Join us for this alternative, member-led
entry-level clerical position in administrative profession.
                                                               Minyan on April 18 as we strive to enable our souls to reach higher. Neshamah
Years of experience processing contracts, inputting data
                                                               Minyan is held at 9:30 am, the third Shabbat each month in the Library. For
into spreadsheets, and other relevant skills.” Only your
                                                               more information, please contact Dan Asia at asia@u.arizona.edu or Rabbi Eisen
anonymous objective will be “posted.” If an employer
                                                               at rabbi@caiaz.org.
seeks more information, your resume will be sent to him
or her.                                                                                           K’Ton Time
                                                               Kids love this 20-minute family service held the third Saturday of every month
If you are an employer, please send any job postings to        that includes songs, prayers, stories and games; a kid-friendly kiddush; playground
me at rabbi@caiaz.org. We will release the information         time for the kids and schmoozing time for parents. Geared to families with kids
without your contact information, which will be given          ages one to six, but every family is welcome. Join us on April 18 at 10:30 am
out only to members who request it. Please note that we        in the Epstein Chapel.
will accept all types of job-postings, including part-time
and full-time positions in administrative work, childcare,                                     Mishnah Study
retail, business, and more. Help us help our members!          Join Rabbi Eisen in the Epstein Chapel (following Minyan) on Sunday mornings
                                                               (this month April 19 and 25) as we study the Mishnah from 8:45 to 9:30 am.
Please note that there will probably be some “bumps and        The Mishnah is the first recording of the “Oral Law” of the Jewish people. We’ll
                                                               add our voices to and across the many generations of our people who have
bruises” until we get the bugs out of this effort. If you
                                                               cherished this collection of the “Oral Law” as that which has preserved us as a
are looking for a job … or have one to offer, please check
with us frequently (via e-mail), as we will be updating our
mailings as new postings come in.                                            Lunch & Learn with Rabbi Robert Eisen
                                                               An informal and fulfilling learning experience on Wednesday, April 22 at which
If you have any questions about the job bank, please           Rabbi Eisen brings a different topic for discussion every month. “Lunch” begins
contact me. See you in shul,                                   at 11:30 am; “Learn” at noon. Bring your own dairy lunch; beverages and
                             Robert J. Eisen, Rabbi
                                                               dessert are provided at no charge.

        Debby, Alex and Ricky join me in extending                                            Kol Od Baleivav
           to you our most heartfelt prayers for a             A special Shabbat service on Saturday, April 25 at 9:00 am will include
              hAppy and KOShER pESAh.                          commemoration of Yom Ha’Atzmaut — Israel Independence Day. Join us as we
                                 — Rabbi Robert Eisen          celebrate the renewal of the dream... the passion of “The Hope.”

 www.caiaz.org                                                                     Kolenu      April 2009 — Nisan/Iyar 5769               Page 
                                                                    CANTOR’S MESSAGE

    ARBA PARSHIOT: Special Sabbaths
                                                                    Music, Culture and Politics
During the month or so before Passover, four Shabbatot are
characterized by special Maftir readings, called the Arba           A year ago I reported about the
Parshiot [four Torah portions], which relate thematically to        groundbreaking visit of the New York
Passover or Purim: Shabbat Shekalim, Shabbat Zachor, Shabbat        Philharmonic Orchestra to North Korea
Parah, and Shabbat Hahodesh.                                        in February 2008. While at least two
                                                                    more similarly daring performances
SHABBAT HAGADOL (April 3-4,2009)                                    do not portend a new trend, they do
The SHABBAT before Pesah is called SHABBAT HAGADOL, the             nevertheless speak of music’s powerful
Great Sabbath. As the Israelites were preparing to leave Egypt,     political trailblazing as it breaks down
God commanded them to select a lamb that would serve as the         cultural barriers across the world.
Passover sacrifice. This mitzvah, or commandment, required
the Israelites to actively participate in the redemption from       In May 2008 the German-based Artis Piano Quartet performed
Egypt. The name SHABBAT HAGADOL literally comes from a              Saudi Arabia’s first-ever public classical music concert before a
verse in the day’s HAFTARAH, Malachi 3:4-24. “Lo, I will send       mixed gender audience. The concert, sponsored by the German
the prophet Elijah to you before the coming of the awesome,         Embassy, was held at the 500-seat King Fahd Cultural Center
fearful day of the Lord,” which alludes to a messianic future.      run by the Ministry of Information and Culture. This amazing
                                                                    concert broke many barriers and taboos in a country where
The past redemption at Passover is tied to the future messianic     public music is banned, Western classical music is unknown,
redemption, which, according to tradition, will also take place     and everything (even fast-food lines) is gender segregated.
on Passover. Traditional practices on SHABBAT HAGADOL
include reciting special hymns about the laws of Passover,          The German Ambassador stated, “Evidently the Saudi
reading the part of the Haggadah that begins with AVADIM            government has decided that a minimum of openness in our
HAYINU, “We were slaves.”                                           new world economy and in our information-based world is
                                                                    necessary … for good understanding among cultures.”

    BIRKAT HA’HAMMAH - The Blessing Of The Sun                      The concert, which included Mozart and Brahms, was not
                       and                                          without controversy, such as whether the Japanese pianist who
                                                                    is the only woman member of the quartet, would wear an abaya,
       TA’ ANIT BEHORIM - Fast of the First Born
                                                                    the enveloping black cloak all Saudi women must wear in public,
                                                                    (she compromised on a long green top and black trousers) or
    Genesis 1:14 –15: And God said: Let there be lights in
                                                                    the rare public displays of affection observed at the concert of a
    the vastness of sky to separate day from night ... And they
                                                                    foreign couple holding hands or a man with his hands around
    shall serve as lights in the vastness of space, to shine upon
                                                                    the shoulders of the woman accompanying him. Despite the
    the earth. And it was so.
                                                                    controversy, this performance was a major groundbreaking of a
    And so was the sun created! “Since that time,” every            possible new openness by the Saudi government.
    28 years, the Jewish community celebrates the return
    of the sun to its original place in the heavens at the          Another notable musical development exactly a year later is
    precise time and day of its creation. This celebration is       Israel’s official representation at the Eurovision Competition
    called BIRKAT HA’HAMMAH - blessing of the sun.                  to be held in Moscow this May. They are the Jewish-Arab duo
    The next date on which we mark this moment is April             of Achinoam Nini (known as Noa) and Mira Awad who is the
    8, 2009 … Erev Pesah.                                           first Arab ever to represent Israel at Eurovision, a competition
                                                                    whose world impact is extremely significant, annually drawing
                                                                    100 million TV viewers worldwide despite its relative obscurity
    It is customary that all first-born males fast on the eve of    in the United States.
    Pesah (or on the preceding Thursday when Erev Pesah
    falls on Saturday night) commemorating the plague of            Awad, who has been criticized by Arabs for agreeing to represent
    the first born before the Exodus from Egypt.                    Israel, said that her participation was to show that Jews and
                                                                    Arabs have no option but to find some way to live together.
    First born are excused from fasting if they attend              Noa, an Israeli Jew of Yemenite extraction, said, “Some people
    a Siyum, celebrating the conclusion of studying a               will see an Arab girl who looks Jewish and a Jewish girl who
    significant portion of Rabbinic literature. Rabbi Eisen         looks Arab, which is what we are. Maybe it will open some
    will conduct our annual Siyum after a special morning           people’s minds.”
    service on Wednesday, April 8th at 6:00 am. (Note
    earlier time so we can include our “Blessing of the Sun” as     And so music once again demonstrates its ability to “open some
    mentioned above.) A light breakfast will be served. We          people’s minds,” and help the world realize how much more we
    invite all “first-born” (male and female) to participate        have in common than that which separates us.
    in our Siyum.                                                                                      Ivor Lichterman, Cantor

  Page     Kolenu April 2009 — Nisan/Iyar 5769                                                                    www.caiaz.org
Daily Minyan Services and “Jewry” Duty
             “Jewry Duty” is very successful in no small          Shown below is a combined list of Minyan attendees and those
             part due to your participation. However, there       fulfilling their “Jewry” Duty during the month of February 2009.
             are still occasions when it is difficult to get a    Please note: The cutoff date is approximately the last Friday
             Minyan. As such, along with your “Jewry Duty,”       of each month prior to the publication month. We make every
             we ask that you consider committing to being         effort to include all those who attend minyan.
             part of the Minyan for at least one morning or
             afternoon per month on a consistent basis. Our
                                                                  Malcolm Levin                    Steve Shenitzer
Minyan is expected to be there when someone needs to say
Kaddish. We hope you will consider being there for others         Mark Levine                      Esther Sherberg
the same way we all expect it to be there when we need it for     Wally Marcus                     Bill Shlensky
ourselves. Thank you to those who support the Minyan by your      Ziva Mason                       Fran Silver
presence. Service times are on the calendar in each issue of      Stuart Mendel                    Janet Silverman
Kolenu, and on the synagogue’s Web site, www.caiaz.org.           Arnold Merin                     Bernard Simon
                                                                  Gail Offenhartz                  Jordan Simon
Sarah Artzi                      Rayna Gellman                    Marc Offenhartz                  Sandra Simon
Daniel Asia                      Art Glass                        Michael Pensak                   Alex Soloway
Morris Barkan                    Fanny Gluck                      Rev. Aaron Polinsky              Bea & Hans Spear
Rachel Barker                    Raquel Gold                      Rochelle Pozner                  Alvin Stern
Ariel Bernstein                  Lillian & Sherman Goldstein      Shellie Pozner                   Carol Stern
Toby Bluth                       Matthew Gretzer                  Anatoly Pustilnik                Leonard Strumpf
Michael Boxer                    Harvey Gussow                    Daniel Rosman                    Carol Sumner
Barbara Brodie                   Lorraine Hellring                David Rosman                     Arthur Weinenger
Mel Brodie                       Barry Hirsch                     Sergio Rosman                    James Whitehill
Evelyn Brown                     Michael Hoffman                  Sy Rotter                        Gary Windham
Anna Cahan                       Adeline Horst                    Sara Ross                        Hyla Windham
Eric Cahan                       Ronald Isaacs                    Brad Rush                        Jerry Wolf
Lew Crane                        Shira Wood-Isenberg              Arnalda Sabino & Jay Cohn        Joanne Wolf
Joan Epstein                     Sandra Schenker Jahns            Leonard Schultz                  Phyllis Wolf
Sharon Farquhar                  Dan Jurkowitz                    Howard Schwartz                  Robert Wolk
Herbert Feder                    Steven Ketchel                   Trudy Schwartz                   Steve Wool
Carol Feifer                     Jane Klein                       Nathan Shapiro                   David Yalen
Suzanne Freund                   Bill Kugelman                    Molly Shenitzer                  Aaron Yampolsky
Irene & Ellis Friedman           Morton Kranitz
Jami Gan                         Ina Rae Levine

       Join us as we study together
              Parshat Hashavua.
             wEEkdAy TOrAH STudy GrOup
      Led by Rabbi Robert Eisen and Rabbi Kelley Gludt,
       the study group meets every Wednesday in the
          Epstein Chapel, 11:00 am to 12:00 noon.                              dO yOu lIkE TO mEET And GrEET?
                                                                          We are looking for a few good men and women
           SHAbbAT AFTErnOOn TOrAH STudy
                                                                          who would enjoy being Shabbat greeters. The job
  Torah discussions are held every Saturday, one hour prior
                                                                          description is simple: When you come to shul for
  to the Mincha Service. Attire can be casual, the discussions
                                                                          Kabbalat Shabbat or Saturday services, arrive early
  are open and no attendance is taken. Whether you come
                                                                          and greet fellow congregants and guests. You will
  every week or once a month, whether you are a beginner or
                                                                          be given a greeters badge to identify you as you
  a scholar, you will find intellectual stimulus and challenge.
                                                                          fulfill this mitzvah.
  This is a great opportunity to become more involved in
  “Living Judaism” and your congregation. Times of study are              For more information or to become a greeter,
  listed on the calendar in each issue of Kolenu. If you would            please contact Madeline Friedman at 296-1956 or
  like to lead a Torah discussion or for more information,                mad4tucson@aol.com.
  please call 745-5550, ext. 225.

 www.caiaz.org                                                              Kolenu    April 2009 — Nisan/Iyar 5769       Page 5
                                  P a s s o v e r 5769

                                                                   Congregation Anshei Israel’s

    Congregation anshei israel’s                                          Second Night
       rabbis, Cantor, staff,                                             Passover Seder
                                                                   Thursday, April 9, 2009
            offiCers and
                                                                     Reservations required. Seating limited.
         board of trustees                                         Call Barb at 745-5550 for space availability.
     wish you a happy, healthy,
           kosher pesah.
                                                                           Pesah Schedule of Services
According to the Torah, Jews may neither eat nor own hametz
(leavened) foods during the week of Passover.
                                                                Wednesday, April 8 – Erev Passover
Many hametz foods can be disposed of prior to Pesah, but some      Morning Minyan with Siyum for First Born                    6:00 am
cannot without significant loss. This problem can be resolved
                                                                   (Note special time so we can include our “Blessing of the Sun.”)
by selling, according to an ancient formula, any hametz foods
to a non-Jew, who is not obliged to observe the holiday.           Mincha Service                                           12:30 pm
                                                                   (Because of the onset of the Festival of Passover — the First Seder
The hametz is sold with the understanding that the seller
                                                                   is this evening — we will hold our Mincha Service earlier than
will not partake of it during the week of Pesah. The hametz
                                                                   usual. There will be no Ma’ariv Service held at the Synagogue this
technically becomes the property of the non-Jew. However,
it remains on the seller’s property, usually in a designated       afternoon/evening.)
corner of the house or garage “rented” to the non-Jew. The      Thursday, April 9 – 1st Day Passover
hametz is repurchased immediately after Pesah for your             Shacharit Service                                           9:00 am
continued use.                                                     (As part of this service on the First Day of Pesah, we will pause for
Rabbi Robert Eisen will accept responsibility for                  a short reaffirmation ceremony to acknowledge our commitment
instituting the transaction and for repurchasing the hametz        to Judaism and Jewish living. On Yom Kippur, we strive to return
after Pesah for your use.                                          to the path God has shown us as individuals; on Passover, we step
Please complete the form below and return it to the                forward into the future, as a people, along that path.)
synagogue before April 8th.                                        Mincha/Ma’ariv Service                                     6:15 pm
                                                                   Congregational 2nd Night Seder (RSVP required)             7:00 pm
        ~ Mechirat Hametz: Selling of Hametz ~                  Friday, April 10 – 2nd Day Passover
                                                                   Shacharit Service                                           9:00 am
                                                                   Mincha/Shabbat Ma’ariv Service                             5:45 pm
  hereby authorize Rabbi Robert Eisen or his designated
                                                                Saturday, April 11 – 3rd Day Passover (Shabbat)
  representative to sell all hametz located on our
                                                                   Shacharit Service                                           9:00 am
                                                                   Mincha/Ma’ariv Service                                     5:45 pm
  Home Address:_____________________________________
                                                                Sunday, April 12 – 4th Day Passover
  City: ______________________________________________
                                                                   Morning Minyan                                              8:00 am
  Business Address: __________________________________
                                                                   Evening Minyan                                             5:30 pm
  City: ______________________________________________
                                                                Monday, April 13 – 5th Day Passover
  I/We understand that this is a legal transaction and that
                                                                   Morning Minyan                                              7:30 am
  I/we may not partake in these products during the week
                                                                   Mincha/Ma’ariv Service                                     5:30 pm
  of Passover. I/We understand that these products will be
                                                                Tuesday, April 14 – 6th Day Passover
  repurchased for our use immediately after Passover.
                                                                   Morning Minyan                                              7:30 am
  Enclosed please find a check for $ ______________m a d e
                                                                   Mincha/Ma’ariv Service                                     5:30 pm
  payable to Congregation Anshei Israel in order to fulfill
                                                                Wednesday, April 15 – 7th Day Passover
  the mitzvah of ma’ot Hittim.
                                                                   Shacharit Service                                           9:00 am
  Signature: _________________________________________
                                                                   Mincha/Ma’ariv Service                                     5:30 pm
           Congregation Anshei Israel                           Thursday, April 16 – 8th Day Passover
        5550 E. 5th St. • Tucson, AZ 85711                         Shacharit Service/Yizkor                                    9:00 am
                                                                   Mincha/Ma’ariv Service                                     7:00 pm

  Page 6    Kolenu April 2009 — Nisan/Iyar 5769                                                                     www.caiaz.org
  Kol Ha-Kavod & Mazel Tov!
         Saturday, May 2, 2009, 6:00 p.m.

                                                                                    A Green Agreement
                                                                       In an era of booming populations, shrinking resources,
                                                                       environmental degradation and over-reliance on fossil fuels
                                                                       for energy, Israel is a world leader in developing alternative
                                                                       sources of energy. Israel’s cutting-edge technologies promise
                                                                       to improve energy efficiency as well as reduce oil dependence,
                                                                       while making the industry more efficient and minimizing the
                                                                       environmental impact of human activities.

                                                                       As the United States focuses on energy security issues, Congress
                                                                       and the administration have sought to expand cooperation
                                                                       with Israel to harness the Jewish state’s expertise. In late 2007,
                                                                       Congress passed the U.S.-Israel Energy Cooperation Act as
        (Front row, l. to r.) Jacob Chess, Abbey Roberts,
                                                                       part of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.
                 Jonah Sharka and Adam Bukani
             (back row, l. to r.) Rabbi Robert Eisen,
                                                                       The law establishes a grant program for joint ventures between
         Cantor Ivor Lichterman and Rabbi Kelley Gludt
                                                                       American and Israeli business, government, academic and
                                                                       nonprofit entities aimed at developing alternative sources
                                                                       of energy. The two countries signed an implementation
       Tucson High School for Jewish Studies                           agreement in May 2008 to further U.S. and Israel cooperation
                Tuesday, May 12th                                      on advanced renewable energy and technologies.

     8th Grade Graduation • Saturday, May 16th                         Activities authorized under the agreement include
                                                                       collaborative research and development of new and improved
   Kindergarten Graduation • Friday, May 22nd                          sources of alternative energy. The fiscal year 2009 Energy and
                                                                       Water House Appropriations Bill included $2 million for the
                                                                       grant program and the corresponding Senate bill included $5
                    The Elul Project
Do you have a special prayer or poem or reading that inspires          The impact of the agreement is already being felt as Israel
and motivates you to make each day “that much more” … do               plans to become the first country to begin mass deployment of
you find yourself thinking about what would make your life             electric cars. Better Place, a company that aims to reduce global
more meaningful … do you ever reflect on what would enable             dependency on oil through the creation of transportation
you to make a New Year new? Would you be willing to write              infrastructure that supports electric vehicles, chose Israel to
any of the above down and share it/them with the rest of the           be the first market in which to deploy its model.
congregation? The plan is to gather the thoughts and prayers,
intentions and resolutions, with which we begin each and               Further, an Israeli company has recently announced that it
every New Year, and do two things:                                     found a way to capitalize on the pressure that is created by
1) We will send out a daily email for those who wish over the          the weight of cars on the road in order to produce electricity.
    course of the entire month of ELUL (August 21 through              The company’s aim is to produce commercial quantities of
    September 18, 2009), to help us all focus on how we can            electricity that would help power street lights, reducing costs
    make 5770 a New Year.                                              and increasing efficiency.
2) We will produce a booklet based on these submissions,
    which will be included as a supplement to the prayers in           The project was developed by scientists at Innowattech,
    the MACHZOR we use during our High Holyday services.               a startup company partially owned by Israel’s Technion
                                                                       Institute, and is soon to be piloted on a short section of road
Submissions need not be original, and they can be submitted            in northern Israel, in conjunction with Israel’s Department of
anonymously (though if a piece published by someone else,              Public Works.
that attribution would be “necessary”). The purpose of this
project is to share what enables us as individuals to make our         With Israeli scientists and engineers at the forefront of
lives so much more than long, as we draw closer to ourselves,          renewable energy research and development, enhanced
to each other and to God.                                              cooperation between the U.S. and Israel could significantly
                                                                       benefit both countries.
If interested in being on the Elul Project mailing list, please send
your preferred email address to rabbi@caiaz.org. Submissions
preferred via email, however, hardcopy will be accepted.

 www.caiaz.org                                                                  Kolenu    April 2009 — Nisan/Iyar 5769         Page 7
                through the Ages                                                          Social Action
Thelma Rita Fishman Solonik Barlin (Teddi) was born in Brooklyn,        It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us in an
                  NY in 1929. Along with a brother and sister,          exciting and important new project on Sunday, May 31,
                  the three children enjoyed an active and busy         2009.
                  Jewish life with her large extended family. In
                  1943 at the age of 14, Teddi and her family           Coordinated by the Jewish Community Relations Council in
                  drove across the country to relocate in an            conjunction with Habitat for Humanity Tucson, the Tzedek
                  attempt to improve her father’s health. Teddi         Build project brings together synagogues, agencies, Jewish
                  clearly remembers the small town of Tucson,           organizations, and individuals from across Southern Arizona
                  which she had pictured filled with cowboys and        to fully sponsor and build a Habitat home and connect the
                  Indians. When she arrived, Country Club Road          hands-on work with education and advocacy opportunities
                  constituted the edge of town. Housing proved          around issues of poverty and affordable housing. We hope
                  scarce, but a distant cousin helped the family of     that in the process of building the home, we will also build
  Teddi Barlin
                  five locate a small one-bedroom house.                a deeper sense of community among our partners and
                                                                        strengthen our collective commitment to work together
Life proved far different in the Old Pueblo than in New York. Back      toward social justice goals.
east, Teddi says all the kids in class but two were Jewish; in Tucson
there were only two Jewish kids in class. Teddi attended Tucson         The completed home itself will make a tremendous
High School and her family joined the small storefront synagogue        difference in the lives of Tommy Taye, Benetta Grant, and
known as Congregation Anshei Israel. For the High Holy Days,            their daughter Secret, 11, who will move into their Tzedek
the congregation held services at the Temple of Music and Art. By       Build home this Fall. They are refugees from Liberia who
1947, Teddi’s father was the president of the shul and it soon moved    were sponsored to come to Tucson by Jewish Family &
to the building on Sixth Street.                                        Children’s Service. Tommy and Benetta work as caregivers
                                                                        for the Blake Foundation and CPES (Community Provider of
Following high school, Teddi enrolled in the University of Arizona,     Enrichment Services) and have been involved as volunteers
which had 5000 students. She earned a degree in accounting before       to help other refugee families coming to Tucson. “I still can’t
marrying Stanley Solonik in 1950. The ceremony was performed by         believe we were approved,” said Tommy. “This is our dream
Rabbi Marcus Breger and Cantor Maurice Falkow in the Sixth Street       come true.”
synagogue’s sanctuary. Stanley wanted to build a home at Swan and
Broadway, but Teddi protested that it was too far out. Over the         You can help us make this dream come true for the Taye
years Teddi remained a part of CAI, but her time and energy went        family. Please join us in giving of your time, your talent, and
into raising their five daughters. Teddi fondly recalls the day the     your tzedakah and help on May 31 when we will gather as a
congregation moved to its current location, including the handful       group from CAI to help build this home.
of convertible cars employed to transport the Torah scrolls.
                                                                        For more information and to sign up, please contact us.
Teddi and Stanley divorced in 1968, and in 1973 Teddi came to                            Hedy Feuer, 471-0324, hfeuer@redditt.org
work for the synagogue. Over the 18 years of her employment here,                             Jane Poliakoff, janizzi@yahoo.com
Teddi filled the role of receptionist, worked on the cemetery and did                                   Social Action Co-chairs
some bookkeeping. In the 1970s, when people called in to inquire
about the congregation, Teddi made it a point to mention that CAI
had a twice daily minyan, even though people said it would never
                                                                                                WE NEED YOUR HELP
In 1982, Teddi married Stanley Barlin in the Epstein Family Chapel                                     AND
in a ceremony presided over by Rabbi Arthur Olesky, Cantor
Maurice Falkow and Rabbi Lou Silverman. Together, Teddi and
                                                                                                  IT WON’T COST
Stanley became more and more observant. She kept up her Jewish                                      YOU A CENT!
education and became an adult Bat Mitzvah, reading Torah and
giving the sermon, despite her shyness.
                                                                            When you purchase books (and more!)
Over the years Teddi has seen many changes in CAI, but the most             through Amazon.com’s Associates Program,
influential in her point of view is the wide range of educational
opportunities offered. Teddi says CAI offers something for everyone         Congregation Anshei Israel receives from
to do and to learn. She has taken advantage of such opportunities,          4% to 8.5% in compensation. It’s easy!
explaining that over the years she had tried to learn to meditate           Visit the synagogue’s home page at www.
in an effort to relieve stress and anxiety. She spent hours picturing
herself on a beach with grains of sand or in a lush meadow, all             caiaz.org, scroll to the bottom and follow
without success. It was not until Mincha Meditation, led by Dan             the link!
Asia as a part of the Synaplex program, that Teddi found the place
where she could find peace: the sanctuary. She says even when she           For more ways to help, see next page.
can’t be there in person, she knows where she needs to “go” to feel
at home.

  Page     Kolenu April 2009 — Nisan/Iyar 5769                                                                     www.caiaz.org
                                                Viva Volunteers!
Our congregation has many “stealth” volunteers. They quietly                                 Pesukay
go about their volunteering while being extremely helpful and    Dan Asia                           Arnold Merin
getting a lot of things done for us.                             Murray Baker                       Philip Pepper
                                                                 Michael Deitch                     Howard Schwartz
It is so important they are recognized and honored. Below        Noah Deitch                        Nathan Shapiro
please find a list of just some of our wonderful volunteers.     Barry Hirsh                        Art Weinenger
Our apologies should we inadvertently omit someone’s name.       Michael Hoffman
Please contact me to be included with this valued and vital                                   Choir
group of people.                                                 Simon Ben-David                    Michael Jacobson
Lanny Colton, Linda Gorsky and Linda Tumarkin:                   Tom Condarcure                     Barry Kusman
   Co-chairs of this year’s Cantor’s Concert Committee           Paige Confino                      Sheryl Levine
Rosie Eilat-Kahn: Membership Committee Chair, kiddushim          Bracha Etgar                       Rina Paz
   and First Rate Second Hand Thrift Store                       Karen Faitelson                    Jack Pinnas
Rayna Gellman: Women‘s League President and Women’s              Lionel Faitelson                   Debby Rotstein
   League Shabbat Service Chair                                  Neneng Fassler                     Bill Sampson
Linda Gorsky: Torah Fund Chair                                   Rodney Glassman                    Ron Sandler
Margo Gray: Blood Donor Drive Coordinator                        Richard Green                      Sid Temlock
Mark Levine: Men’s Club, Membership Committee, Cantor’s          Rita Hall                          Sam Wolsky
   Concert Committee, Havurah Committee Chair and                Marty Hall                         Eve Wood
   Membership Directory Chair                                    Barry Hirsch
Alice Fine and Eleanor Jeck: Art Committee
Marilyn Prensky, Janet Seltzer and Jane Klein: Art Committee/    The Viva Volunteer Program supplements the work of our
   Wall of History project                                       volunteer leaders. We recruit volunteers who want to help but
Abby Rosen: Calls congregants who have recently had a death      don’t know how to go about doing it. If that describes you,
   in the family and works on Blood Donor Drives                 please complete the Volunteer Opportunity form available
Jeanette and Tony Terry and family: Cook for numerous            at www.caiaz.org on the Volunteer Opportunities page, at the
   synagogue events such as Hanukkah and Purim                   Shalom Center, and at the office. Everyone has skills, interests,
John Gellman: Gabbai and organizes ushers for the High Holy      and hobbies that can prove useful as a volunteer. Take some
   Days                                                          time to think how you can volunteer this year.
Reese Carroll: Strategic Planning Task Force Chair
Evelyn Sigafus: Hesed Committee Chair                            Please consider helping with the JCRC/Habitat for Humanity
                                                                 Tzedek Build on Sunday, May 31, 2009. (For more
  Participants at Shabbat Services – Dec. 2008 - Feb. 2009       information, see Social Action article on previous page.)
                   Torah/Haftorah Readers
Marlene Abraham                  Gail Mordka                     Let us know if you have ideas or suggestions that will improve
Terri Cohen                      Ori Parnaby                     our volunteer program or if you need more information about
Jeremy Cohn                      Paul Ranucci                    volunteering opportunities. Please contact Barb Neuman,
Tom Condarcure                   Helen Rib                       Congregation Services Coordinator, at 745-5550, ext. 242 or
Bracha Etgar                     Steve Seltzer                   barb@caiaz.org. You may also contact me at 615-7552 or wally.
Nathan Frankenberg               Doron Shahar                    marcus@gmail.com.
Moshe Garfein                    Efrat Shahar                                      Wally Marcus, Volunteer Coordinator
Richard Green                    Eyal Shahar
Michael Hoffman                  Hava Shahar                                 SAVE THE DATE: Monday, May 18
Sally Julian                     Linda Silverman                                 CAI’s 78th Annual Meeting
Lisa Jurkowitz                   Hans Spear                                    at which we will recognize our
Sarah Mann                       Art Weiss                                        “Volunteers of the Year”
Ziva Mason

                            Your everyday purchases can add up
                                                                                                       ta r g e t ’ s
                            to hundreds of extra dollars for
                                                                                                       “ t a k e
                            Congregation Anshei Israel’s Religious
                                                                                                       C h a r g e
                            School and Preschool/Kindergarten.
                                                                         of Education” Program will donate
   There is no cost to you to participate and it’s completely safe.
                                                                         a percentage of your purchases       when
   It only takes 5 minutes to register or add cards! Then, every
                                                                         you register your Target credit card or
   time you shop with your registered card(s) at any of over
                                                                         Target VISA® to benefit CAI’s Preschool/
   20,000 merchants, a percentage of your purchase will benefit
                                                                         Kindergarten! Visit www.target.com or call
   CAI’s schools! Visit www.escrip.com or call 1-800-254-
                                                                         1-800-316-6142. CAI’s Group ID # 20278
   5404. CAI’s Group ID # 9607760

 www.caiaz.org                                                            Kolenu    April 2009 — Nisan/Iyar 5769        Page 9
                   C       A       T      C       H         I    N      G                U    P .            .     .
Purim Pandemonium
                                                                               Max Gan
March 9, 2009

                                                                Potter (AKA
                                                                 Cantor Ivor
                                                                                                    Na’im Temlock tried the air T-ball.
                   The Felix family

      (l. to r.)
Breanna Yalen
& Lucy Litvak                                                                                                     USYers performed
                                                                                                                  a creative Megillah

                                          Romi Gludt as
                                       the White Rabbit
                                         & Rabbi Kelley
                                        Gludt as Alice in
                                                                                                         Phyllis & Merrill Broad
      Zachary Levy
    shook his gragger.

                                                                                   “The Banana”
                                                                                     Ellentuck &
                                                                                  Emily Ellentuck

                                                         “Pacifier Tex”
            (l. to r.) Shira Dubin &                  (Ethan Sadkowsky)
                Georgia Belanger
 Page 0      Kolenu April 2009 — Nisan/Iyar 5769                                                                      www.caiaz.org
                             C        O        M    I    N      G           U        P     .     .    .
And the conversation continues, yet again!
                                                                         Meet us at

                                                                                               for a
                               And when you pray …
                               Pray in this way …

         A Study of The Lord’s Prayer
              from a Christian
                                                                                   Thursday, April 23rd
           and a Jewish Perspective                                                    5:00-8:00 pm
                                                                               6202 E. Broadway (at Wilmot)
Though the language, form and function may differ, prayer is
something that all faith traditions share in common.                     Sweet Tomatoes will donate 15% of sales
                                                                         generated by Congregation Anshei Israel
On Monday, April 20, 2009, at 7:00 p.m. at Pantano                          when diners present the special flyer
Christian Church (10355 E. 29th St.), Pastor Glen Elliott and                 enclosed in this issue of Kolenu.
Rabbi Robert Eisen will discuss how our traditions view and
practice prayer through the lens of “The Lord’s Prayer” (Matthew
                                                                        All participants must purchase a meal and a
6:9-13). After each introducing how it is each of our traditions      beverage. Each flyer is good for everyone in your
approaches prayer, Pastor Elliot and Rabbi Eisen will focus                party ... bring your friends and family!
especially on the text of the Lord’s Prayer itself (understanding
that sometimes a text is really a “pre-text,” and hope that the           We’ll see you there!
questions will abound!).

This is the fourth in our series of continuing conversations …
we hope that you plan to join us.

                       Please join us April 24-25, 2009 for Seminary Shabbat
                           with Scholar-in-Residence, Jeffrey AbrAhAm
                                                    Over the course of this Shabbat, Jeffrey Abraham, a third year Rabbinic
    Jeffrey Abraham is in his third year at the     Student at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (the son of CAI
    JTS Rabbinical School. Prior to moving
                                                    members Bill and Marlene Abraham, and the grandson of Hy and Edith
    to New York in August 2006, Jeffrey
    resided in Los Angeles for five years where     Goodman) will be joining us and sharing a vision (and his!) of the future
    he received a Masters in Jewish Education       of our movement.
    as well as a double B.A. in Jewish Studies
                                                    On Friday we be holding a special Oneg Shabbat program: Our service will
    and Hebrew Letters from the University of
    Judaism, Magna Cum Laude in 2005. Jeffrey
                                                    begin at 5:45 p.m.; Shabbat Dinner will be held at 6:45 p.m. (reservations
    currently works as the Resident Director        required); and Jeffrey’s presentation will begin at 7:45 p.m. His topic is
    at Mathilde Schechter Residence Hall at         “What I Have Come Away With in Three Years of Rabbinical School.” He
    JTS and Columbia. Jeffrey also teaches          will share his journey and future hopes for the Conservative Movement
    in the Ivry Prozdor Hebrew High School.         and for synagogues like CAI, along with thoughts from his recent trip to
    Jeffrey just returned as one of 10 Rabbinical   Germany and how we need to approach the Holocaust as 21st Century
    Students selected to be on the Rabbinical
    School delegation to Germany over winter
    break. Additionally, Jeffrey is one of only     On Saturday at 10:30 a.m in the Epstein Chapel, Jeffrey will participate
    seven students selected to be in a special      in/with our Junior Congregation.
    chaplaincy program over this summer.
    Jeffrey was the recipient of the 2008 Rabbi     Our Saturday Afternoon Torah Study at 5:00 p.m., “Whose Body is it
    Harold H. Gordon Prize for the student who      Anyway?” will take a look at Tazria-Metzora and what Judaism has to say
    has made the greatest progress in Rabbinical    about how we treat our own bodies and how we should perceive others.
    School.                                         Mincha Service follows at 6:00 p.m.
                                                        SEE InSERt foR DEtAIlS & RESERVAtIon foRM.

 www.caiaz.org                                                              Kolenu    April 2009 — Nisan/Iyar 5769      Page 

                    Women’s league                                   Women’s
                  The slate for Women’s League Executive
                  Officers for 2009-2010 is:                          League
                  President - Evelyn Sigafus
Administrative V. P. - Hannah Meyerson
Membership V. P. - Liz Licavoli
                                                                    wishes you and all your loved ones
Education Co-V. P.s - Helen Rib & Rayna Gellman
Programming V. P. - Terry Williams
                                                                            a Joyful Passover!
Corresponding Secretary - Margo Marx
Recording Secretary - Irene Stern Friedman
Financial Secretary - Marianne Langer
Treasurer - Valerie Deitch                                                   PREPARING YOuR KITCHEN
Parliamentarian - Norma Taylor                                                    FOR PASSOVER
Immediate Past President - Rayna Gellman
                                                                   Passover is coming and Jews all over the world are caught
                                                                   up in the excitement and joy of preparing for this holiday.
Our thanks to the Nominating Committee chaired by Barbara
                                                                   Ideally, you’ll completely kasher your kitchen for Passover,
Reynolds for their great work. Elections will be held at our
                                                                   but if that’s not your plan, you can still do something that
April 26th meeting. (See below for details.)
                                                                   makes a difference. After all, we’ll be asking, “Why is this
                                                                   night different from all other nights?”

Luncheon and Fashion Show                                          The first step is to clean your kitchen sink, counters, stove,
                                                                   cook-top, cupboards and refrigerator. Remove the bread,
 Sunday, April 26, 2009                                            flour, yeast, corn, cake mix, cookies, pasta, cereal, crackers,
                                                                   corn oil, beans, etc. from the kitchen. Go a step further and
              11:00 am                                             remove all processed foods not marked “kosher for Passover.”
        Skyline Country Club                                       Put the toaster in the garage or closet. Wipe the cupboards
                                                                   and refrigerator to remove any stray crumbs. Then put your
              (Swan/Skyline)                                       “kosher for Passover” food purchases in the cleaned kitchen.
                                                                   And remember, you didn’t merely do housework, you did a
                 Delicious Catered Luncheon                        mitzvah. This first step is the most important one.
                  with choice of two entrées
 Fashion Show sponsored by Chico’s with Models from WL             If you’re ready to take another step, you can put away your
                                                                   year-round dishes, cutlery, pots and pans and use kitchen-
            Judaica Gift Shop Volunteer Recognition                ware reserved for Passover. This can be Corelle, china, or
               WL 2009-2010 Board Installation                     disposable paper plates and aluminum baking pans. You
                                                                   can have separate sets of silverware for Pesach or you can
                                                                   actually boil year-round cutlery that is entirely metal, and
  women’s league & men’s Club members & spouses $20
                                                                   make it “kosher for Passover.”
                     Guests $25
            Pre-Paid reservations due: aPril 20
                                                                   Enlisting your children’s help along the way will make them
                                                                   feel more a part of the holiday, and you’ll be teaching them
                For more information & to RSVP,
                                                                   how to keep a Jewish home.
             contact Rayna Gellman at 887-8358 or
               Evelyn Sigafus at esigafus@aol.com.
                                                                   If you get this completed by Tuesday night, April 7th, go out
                                                                   for dinner that evening to reward yourself!

                    TORAH FuND                                     When you sit down to each of your Passover meals, you will
                ALL OCCASION CARDS                                 know that the work of your hands truly made a meaningful
Send special greetings to your family and friends and have
Torah Fund be an additional beneficiary of your kindness           There are many more steps and more details, but each step
and thoughtfulness. Beautiful Condolence, Get Well, New            in the right direction counts to your credit. If you want more
Baby, Mazal Tov, Todah Rabah, Friendship, Milestone, Special       information feel free to contact me or one of our rabbis.
Occasion and Rejoicing cards are available. One card is $5.00                                          Irene Stern Friedman
or $12.00 for 3 cards (of any sort). All monies go to Torah Fund                              WL Education Vice President
— a wonderful way to make a contribution. Cards are available                                             koshercadre@comcast.net
for purchase at all Women’s League events or by contacting
Linda Gorsky at 749-8497 or lindajoy1950@yahoo.com.

  Page 2     Kolenu April 2009 — Nisan/Iyar 5769                                                              www.caiaz.org
                   Men’s Club                                                              Couples Connection
                February was a fun and busy month for the Men’s                           The Couples Connection of Anshei Israel
                Club. We held our annual World Wide Wrap                                  invites you to join us on Sunday, April 19th
                where Men’s Club members taught the combined                              at 11:00 am for an afternoon of food, fun
5th-6th Grade Religious School kids how to put on tefillin. Later in                      and games with our hosts, Louise and Gerry
the month several families joined us for pizza and a Family Fun        Epstein. Our destination is Roy P. Drachman-Agua Caliente
Hike in Sabino                                                         Park (12325 E. Roger Rd.), a 101-acre aquatic/riparian habitat
Canyon. We all                                                         that has an exceptional rich mix of vegetation, wildlife, exotic
had a blast!                                                           species of fish, as well as archaeological and historic features.
                                                                       Admission is free and picnic tables and benches are available.
Please join us
for our next                                                           Please bring your own chairs, a parve salad or dessert, and your
meeting       on                                                       own drinks. The cost to cover all other items (entrées, buns,
S u n d a y,                                                           condiments, ice, etc.) that Louise and Gerry are providing is
April 19th at                                                          $3.00 per person (or you may bring your own lunch). Please RSVP
9:30 am in the                                                         by April 13th to Louise and Gerry Epstein at 721-7055. It is
Cantor Falkow                                                          important to notify the hosts that you will be attending should
Lounge. Louis                                                          this event be changed or cancelled.
Rib, a former
regulator for a                                                        CAI’s Couples Connection is an active group of friendly
federal nuclear                                                        participants (who make no distinction between current and
                     Family Fun Hike at Sabino Canyon (l. to r.)       new members and non-members who are considering joining
agency      will    Debra & Hannah Collingwood, Ellie & Linda          Congregation Anshei Israel) where at least one member of the
speak     about     Friedman, Cole, Craig & Caleb Nachumson,           pair is between the ages of 60 and 70(ish). Group members
nuclear power Lew & Brian Crane and Mark & Sheryl Levine               host the planned activities on a rotating basis. Events
plant safety.                                                          include holiday celebrations, fun, and social and cultural get-
As always, our delicious breakfast buffet is included at no charge     togethers. There is no membership fee to participate. For more
for paid-up Men’s Club members; guests are welcome for $4.             information, please contact Judy & Michael Dorf at 529-0792
                                                                       or jmdintaz@hotmail.com.
CAI’s Men’s Club provides educational, social and communal
service for all members of the synagogue by creating and
implementing programs to involve men in Jewish life. Monthly
Sunday breakfast meetings offer delicious food, excellent
speakers and fellowship. Complimentary first year membership;                                “Read It & Meet”
thereafter annual membership is $40. For more information,
contact Lew Crane at 750-1541 or lewiscrane@cox.net.                                        Please join us for the next “Read It and
                                                                                            Meet” on Saturday, April 4th. The
                                                                       book selection is Rashi’s Daughters, Book One: Joheved, Vol. 1 by
                   Seniors                                             Maggie Anton. Moderator: Vicki Kaufman

                 Please join the Seniors on Sunday, April              Read ahead for the next RIM on Saturday, May 2nd. The
                 19th at 7:00 pm in the Cantor Falkow                  book selection is The Zookeeper’s Wife: A War Story by Diane
                 Lounge. Entertainment will be provided by             Ackerman.
the energetic group Danswest. Light refreshments will be served
and the monthly raffle will be held, as well as a celebration          Synopsis: Ackerman tells the remarkable WWII story of Jan
of birthdays and anniversaries. No charge for paid-up Seniors          Zabinski, the director of the Warsaw Zoo, and his wife, Antonina,
members; guests are always welcome for $5.                             who, with courage and coolheaded ingenuity, sheltered 300
                                                                       Jews as well as Polish resisters in their villa and in animal
Everyone 55+ is welcome is join the CAI Seniors. Annual                cages and sheds. Using Antonina’s diaries, other contemporary
membership is $20. For more information, contact Hannah Berg           sources and her own research in Poland, Ackerman takes us
at 886-5431 or Shirley Silverstein at 733-0080.                        into the Warsaw ghetto and the 1943 Jewish uprising and also
                                                                       describes the Poles’ revolt against the Nazi occupiers in 1944.
NEVADA APRIL 28-30. Our Grey Line                                         “Read It and Meet” is usually held once a month and is open
Tour includes: transportation; luggage                                      to all. We discuss selected books by Jewish authors or with
handling (one bag per person); tips;                                     Jewish content, and share our experiences, reactions, and ideas.
accommodations at the Riverside Hotel & Casino; two breakfasts              Most discussions take place Shabbat afternoons following
and one choice of another meal; show; and tickets for food,                Kiddush (approximately 12:00 noon) in the Epstein Chapel.
entertainment and more. $120 per person double occupancy;                              Moderators facilitate each discussion.
$135 single. For more information, contact Min at 296-1190                                 For more information, contact
any day 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.                                                     Vicki Kaufman at 298-0190 or vickauf@juno.com.

 www.caiaz.org                                                                  Kolenu    April 2009 — Nisan/Iyar 5769         Page 
                                   E      D     U        C     A      T       I    O       N
tu B’Shevat Celebration                                                                                 let’s Kvell!
feb. 8, 2009    About 75 people                attended our Tu B’Shevat
                           Celebration on February 8. There were “tree            I am extraordinarily
                           horoscopes,” songs, trees planted on the               pleased to announce
                                      Religious School playground, a              that       Congregation
                                      prayer for the new trees, and snacks.       Anshei Israel’s Religious
                                      (Please come visit the playground so        School has again been
                                      you can see the improvements made           recognized     by     the
                                      using funds raised from last year’s         United        Synagogue
                                      golf tournament. More changes will          of          Conservative
                                      be made with the proceeds from this         Judaism as a Blue
                                      year’s tournament on March 22.)             Ribbon Framework for
                                      Look for photos in next month’s             Excellence school. This accreditation, which
                                      Kolenu.                                     lasts for five years, singles out CAI’s religious
                                                                                  school as meeting the stringent guidelines
                                                                                  regarding education set out by our movement.

                                                                                  The movement’s benchmarks include a sufficient
                                                                                  number of hours each week in order to reach
     Aaron Green helped fill in                                                   those educational goals. CAI has received a
                                                                                  special commendation for the total number of
      a hole for a new tree.
                                                                                  classroom hours our children attend religious
                                                                                  school — the only supplemental Conservative
                                                                                  school in the state of Arizona to receive such
                                                                                  an honor. When awarding the Framework
                                                                                  for Excellence, the Blue Ribbon Committee
               This large tree required                                           also looks for educators who serve as leaders,
                                                                                  not just administrators; rabbinic support and
                 many hands to plant.
                                                                                  involvement in the school; teacher training,
                                                                                  staff development and faculty retention; lay
                                                                                  leadership commitment to making education
                                                                                  of primary importance to the synagogue as a
                                                                                  whole; serious investment in the synagogue’s
                                                                                  teen population, including high school classes,
                                                                                  youth group, camp and Israel experiences; and
                                                                                  a strong family education component.

                                                                                  As a Framework for Excellence institution, we
                                                                                  have been acknowledged by our movement for
                                                    Everyone helped               our strong dedication to learning. We should
                                                                                  all be proud that USCJ has recognized the hard
                                                    move & position new
                                                                                  work and dedication of those involved with the
                                                    outdoor furniture.            school and our congregation’s commitment to
                                                                                  provide a superior Jewish education to all our
                                                                                  students. Mazal tov!
                                                                                                                  Kelley Gludt
                                                                                         Assistant Rabbi/Education Director

                    Religious School Calendar
                        Tot Shabbat • Friday, April 3                                            Thank you!
                no religious School or b’nai mitzvah Class                                       Marlene Abraham
                         April 7-18 Passover Break
                                                                                                   Ellis Friedman
                       k’Ton Time • Saturday, April 18                                             Lisa Jurkowitz
Shabbat Family Experience & Junior Congregation with Jeffrey Abraham                                 Sarah Mann
                          Saturday, April 25                                                    for reading Haftorah
                   parents are Teachers Too workshop                                          in January and February
                  Sunday, April 26 • 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
 “What are Jewish ethics, morals and values and how do we teach mitzvot?”

 Page     Kolenu April 2009 — Nisan/Iyar 5769                                                                  www.caiaz.org
                                    E      D       U      C       A     T      I     O           N
for the troops                                                                                                  Junior USY
                        In early March, Junior USYers
                                                                                                               Mar. 3, 2009
                        stepped up to the plate to
                        participate in a wonderful social                                               (l. to r.) Jordan Curiel,
                        action project.
                                                                                                        Aaron Bukani & Ethan
                       Hedy Feuer, Alayne Greenberg
                       and Rosie Eilat-Kahn made
                       dozens of hamantaschen to be
                       sent to Jewish American soldiers
                       serving in the Armed Forces. Our
Junior USYers wrapped them with waxed paper and tape
and packaged them in individual containers to keep them
secure for shipping. The kids made short work of it and
everyone really enjoyed the project. It’s nice to know that
not only do we have great kids, but great congregants.
                                                Linda Roy                     (l. to r.) Aaron
                                          Youth Director                       Bukani, Sarah
                                                                                Kats & Ethan
                              I am now into my second semester
                              of my year here in Israel. My first
                              semester ended at the beginning of
                              January since Israeli schools run on
                              a different schedule than in the U.S.
                              School ended without anything
major to report, other than the usual stress that finals bring.
What did make the end of my semester stand out was the start          Upon returning to Israel, we spent time in Jerusalem at
of the operation with Israel and Gaza. Please be assured that         the “Israel Today Seminar.” We heard different cultures of
Jerusalem, where I was for the majority of the operation, was         Israel speak about themselves and their significance. Part of
far from any rockets. The only way I was affected was by the          this seminar included going to the border of the West Bank
added security from my program and the protests that happened         and learning about the difficult situation there. Following
at the University. There was tension among the Arab students at       that, we went on a week-long trip traveling the south of
the school, and around the city in general. There were, and are,      the country. We hiked, played in colored sands, stayed in a
many opinions about this, making things very intense.                 Bedouin tent, rode camels, ran down dunes, and relaxed on
                                                                      the beach. We then went to our new homes.
After the semester ended, we began “Israel Experience Week.”
I chose to do an archeological dig for a week, which was really       My new home is in a small development town in the south
interesting. We were in the northern part of the country next         called Yerucham that most Israelis have never heard of. With
to the Sea of Galilee, which is a beautiful area. In the morning      a population of less than 9000, it is in the middle of nowhere.
we worked on a site, and in the afternoon we went on a hike.          You know you’ve reached the edge of town because there is
The work was more gardening than digging. These are sites that        blank, empty desert surrounding it. A very poor community
the government does not have funds for upkeep, so weeds and           that often gets looked down upon by Israelis, Yerucham has a
plants grow profusely. The last two days we worked on the only        reputation for being dirty and housing many criminals. This
active dig currently in Israel, The City of David. There are layers   is only said by those who have never been here. The town has
upon layers of history, really incredible. I found lots of pottery    a large immigrant population, including people from India,
and some animal bones. One girl was lucky enough to find an oil       Russia, Morocco, and Ethiopia. Many were dropped off here
lamp. While the tons of pottery seemed meaningless and trivial,       by the government against their will. Financially, the town
the archeologists taught us what you can learn from a pottery         doesn’t have the means to hire people to do all the jobs that
shard. By looking at its color, shape, smoothness, writings, and      truly need to be done, which is why we are here volunteering.
so on, one can learn what the pot was used for and what kind of       Despite its reputation, this is one of the most welcoming
people might have used it. It was a great experience.                 and warm communities I have ever come across. I work in a
                                                                      kindergarden with 3-year-olds, and the teachers do all they
For winter break I decided to go to Italy with a couple of friends.   can to make me comfortable. My host family is very nice.
We went to Milan, Venice, Florence, and Rome. Venice is such a        There are no restauraunts here, but who needs them when
unique city (especially for someone who lives in a desert) and we     everyone you meet invites you over for dinner? This is better
found that getting lost was the best way to see it. Each alleyway     than I could have imagined.
looked the same! Rome was amazing in that there is so much                                                        Allison Abraham
history. Between the Colosseum and the Vatican, it was great to
see so many things that I had learned about in my European            P.S. My English has been going a little down hill since I’ve
History class.                                                        been here. If it’s any consolation, my Hebrew is improving!

 www.caiaz.org                                                              Kolenu    April 2009 — Nisan/Iyar 5769         Page 5
                                       E       D       U       C       A      T      I    O        N
“Mom & Me” Breakfast                                                                              the Experiences
feb. 13, 2009
                                                                                  As our slogan and logo
                                                                                  imply, we continue to be the
                                                                                  preschool/kindergarten where
                                                                                  the experiences never end.

                                                                                  The Parent Action Committee
                                                                                  (PAC) took charge of this year’s
                                                                                  Operation Deep Freeze/Project
                                                      (l. to r.) Sophie &         Hospitality in January. Esther
                                                      Kris Silverman              Sadkowski organized a group
                                                                                  of committed parents to send dinner, breakfast and
                                           (clockwise from bottom left)           lunch over to Temple Emanu-El for a group of homeless
                                           Davis, Hayley, Ilene, Allen &          men. Our Gan Yeladim kindergarten class assembled
                                           Breanna Yalen; Sandy Yalen             the lunch bags for the project. It was another avenue
                                                                                  for them to learn about tzedakah, which is incorporated
                                                                                  into their curriculum in a variety of ways. Todah rabah
                                                                                  to Liza Belanger, Kendra Citron, Felicia Cohen, Melissa
                                                                                  Goldfinger, Deb Siegel and Ilene Yalen for helping us
                                                                                  with this mitzvah.
                                                        (l. to r.) Zachary,
                                                        Kelly & Jordan            In February we had another very successful “Mom and
                                                        Persellin                 Me” Breakfast, this year chaired by Sean Belanger, Avi
                                                                                  Persellin and Stuart Salmon. Mothers, mother substitutes
                                                                                  and children were treated to a feast of challah French
                                                                                  toast casserole, waffles, cheese quiche, fruit and yogurt,
                                                                                  cereal and croissants. Entertainment was provided
                                                                                  by a musician for the Tucson Symphony Orchestra.
                                                                                  He brought a very large xylophone and various other
                                                                                  instruments that the children were encouraged to try.
                                                                                  There was a photographer on hand to take a picture of
                                                                                  each mom and child in attendance. We had facepainting
                                                                                  for the children done by two of our dads. We also had a
Stuart & Stella Salmon
                                                                                  raffle to raise a few additional dollars for PAC. There is
                                                                                  always an unspoken “competition” between the “Dad
                                                                                  and Me” and the “Mom and Me” events each year. This
             (l. to r.) Olivia, Nina
                                                                                  year I think it was a tie as they were both great events.
                    & Lilliana Isaac
                                                                                  Thank you to Chris Barnard, Dov Citron, Jim DeGrood,
                                                                                  Leslie Ervin, Tom Quigley and Allen Yalen for all their

       Tot Shabbat                                                                As always, Purim was a joyful celebration at the
    Service & Dinner                                                              preschool/kindergarten. The children came in costume
                                                                                  and paraded through the education building and
      Friday, May 1                                                               synagogue offices, with parents and employees cheering
                                                                                  them on. Our music teacher Julie Zorn led the children
        Service 6:00 pm                                                           in a number of holiday songs. Then Rabbi Robert Eisen,
        Dinner 6:30 pm                                                            Rabbi Kelley Gludt and Cantor Ivor Lichterman read
             ONLY                                                                 the children’s version of the Megillah as we tried to
       $20 per family!                                                            drown out the name of Haman with school-made
                                                                                  graggers. At the end of the celebration, our families
       Join us as we welcome Shabbat                                              joined us for hamantaschen.
   with stories and songs in the sanctuary,                                       Before we know it, Pesah will be here and we’ll continue
      followed by a kid-friendly dinner.                                          our experiences ...
                                                                                                                   lynne Falkow-Strauss
          Reservations required for dinner.                                                            preschool/kindergarten director
          Call Nancy at 745-5550, ext. 224.

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                                        E    D        U        C   A   T     I      O      N
                  Congregation Anshei Israel’s
           Esther B. Feldman Preschool/Kindergarten

    “parent-Tot Class”
        ~ Open to all ~
     Tuesdays & Thursdays
       9:00 - 11:00 a.m.
    Moderator: Esther Sadkowski                                                  Got children 6-months to 6-years-old?
                                                                                   If you do, The PJ Library® is for YOU!
   This class for children 6 to 24 months in age and
                                                                           It’s a free program with free stuff brought to you
         their parent(s) is fun and informative,                           through the Coalition for Jewish Education of the
  with age-appropriate activities and playground time                      JFSA.
         for children; social time for parent(s).
                                                                           Sound too good to be true? It’s not! You get free
            Snack provided. $7 per session.                                books and there’s no catch!

                       Contact: lynne Falkow-Strauss                       Visit us at www.jewishtucson.org/pjlibrary and sign
                  at 745-5550, ext. 229 or lynne@caiaz.org.                up for free Jewish content books for your children
                                                                           who are between the ages of 6-months and 6-years-
                                                                           old and who reside in southern Arizona!

                                                                           HURRY and SIGN UP by April 20th and your
                                                                           children will start receiving their books in May
    For                                     Summer
  a ll kids                                                                For more information, please contact Mary Ellen
         to 6                                Camp
 ages 2                                                                    Loebl, PJ Library Coordinator, at 577-9393, ext. 138
                                                                           or pjlibrary@jfsa.org.

      We have a fun-filled summer
  planned for you! Your day will be
 all about water play, arts & crafts,
                                             June 1st
          music, stories and more.
      Three sessions offered.
     Full & half-days available.
    Modern shaded playground.
      CALL 745-5550

  NOW                                 anshei israel’s
                                    esther B. feldman
eNrOlliNg                       Preschool and
   fOr                          Kindergarten
                               a warm and nurturing
  fall                            place to learn
                              open to all families with children
                                18-months to 6-years-old.

                               hurry, space is limited!
                                   call us at 745-5550.

www.caiaz.org                                                              Kolenu     April 2009 — Nisan/Iyar 5769    Page 7
               New Members                                      Happy April Anniversaries!
  Please welcome these new members to                    Date                                           Years
        Congregation Anshei Israel:
                                                          2      Norma & Ron Karp                         43
       Sheryl & Michael Press & their son, Hayden
                                                          4      Breann & Mark Silverman                   5
      Stephanie & Jed Wortman & their son, Zachary        5      Mary & Mark Levkowitz                    22
                                                                 Jan Lacker Lichterman &
                                                                     Cantor Ivor Lichterman               28
                                                          6      Julia & Mitchell Wiener                   7
                            Proofreaders                  7      Rosalyn & Edgar Katzenberg               63
                                Wanted!                          Marilyn Peskin-Kaufman & Paul Kaufman 27
                                                          8      Tammi & Jeff Bluth                        9
                      Do typos drive you crazy?                  Abra Kranitz Bowles & Charles Bowles 14
 If you have experience in proofreading & enjoy           9      Melissa & Tedd Goldfinger                 9
   working with words, please contact Yvonne at           9      Jennifer & Danny Roth                    15
          745-5550, ext. 231 or yvonne@caiaz.org.        11      Judith & Borah Jacobskind                55
                                                         12      Louise & Gerald Epstein                  18
                                                                 Elaine & Paul Smelkinson                 45
                        Helping                          13      netty & nathan Buras                     58

                       You Hear
                                                         18      Amy & Ken Pugliese                       11
                                                         20      Jessie & Arnold Joffe                    51
                         Your                            26      Sandra & Frederick Ehlers                25

                         Best                            27
                                                                 Hannah & Arthur Berg
                                                                 Heather Tick & Mark Gilbert
                                                                 Ellen Eichler-Grabell & Lawrence Grabell 14
 Northwest • Ventana        Janis Wolfe Gasch, Au.D.
                            Doctor of Audiology                  Leah & Steven Simmers                     9
    Green Valley
   742-2845                 www.arizonahearing.com


 E                                          HAP
 P                                         PHONE:
                                         OUR CPA:
 H                                          Lorraine
 P                                          Hellring

Page     Kolenu April 2009 — Nisan/Iyar 5769                                                www.caiaz.org
                                                                     Honorable “Menschens”
                                                                                toDAH RABAH to:
                            Births                                          Marlene & William Abraham
                       Adam Sakoff                                      for sponsoring the April 25th Third Meal
            Great-grandson of Betty & Stanley Scott              in honor of son Jeffrey at CAI as Scholar-in-Residence
                          Recognition                                          and for Marlene’s parents,
                       Ariella faitelson                               Edith & Hy Goodman’s, 61st anniversary
  for receiving the 3rd Annual Bryna Zehngut Mitzvot Award
                                                                                    teddi Barlin
       from the Southern Arizona Women’s Philanthropy
                                                                       for co-sponsoring the April 25th kiddush
                      Isaac Greenberg                                        in honor of her 80th birthday
                for being promoted to Captain
                                                                                     Heidi felix
                                                                       for sponsoring the March 14th Third Meal
                                                                             in honor of her 23rd birthday
                                                                                      Ruth Graff
                                                                          for sponsoring the March 7th kiddush
                                                              in honor of her granddaughter, Stephanie Kay’s, Bat Mitzvah
  Celebrate the happy events
  and people who touch our                                                     Josephine & Jules Harris
                                                                          for sponsoring the April 4th kiddush
    lives. Share your family’s
                                                                       in honor of “our farewell until October”
   simcha with a leaf on our
                                                              Havurah of: Mark Gilbert & Heather tick, norma &
    TrEE OF lIFE to make a
                                                             Ron Karp, Sheryl & Mark levine, Mary & Wally Marcus,
      permanent dedication.                                                 Helene & fred Mittleman
 CAI’s Tree of life is located                                          for sponsoring the April 18th kiddush
 outside the sanctuary doors.                                           Arnalda Sabino & Enid Serebransky
                                                                 for helping with the WCSO performance of “Esther”
                To place your order,                            nessa Beren, Sharon farquhar, Jackie McKenzie,
     please call Brandy at 745-5550, ext. 240.               Jon owens, Ariella Peskin-owens, the tony terry family,
                                                                CAI’s USYers & the pledges from Alpha Epsilon Pi
                                                                       for helping with Purim Pandemonium

                                                                                  mOndAy, mAy 18
                                                                                CAI’s Annual Meeting

                                                                           THurSdAy, mAy 21
                                                                       Yom Yerushalayim Program

                                                                                 THurSdAy, mAy 28
                                                                                Tikkun Leil Shavuot

                                                                              



                                                                                                       
                                                                                                   

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   Donations made to Anshei Israel Funds enable our Synagogue to continue to carry out its work, thereby better serving our members.
    Please consider making a donation in honor of a relative or friend who may be celebrating a simcha or in memory of a loved one.
                  This list reflects those donations made after the prior month’s publication date. Todah Rabah to all.

                                    In memory of:                        In appreciation of:                   In honor of:
    To ensure the accuracy of       Mildred Krueger’s son-in-law,        Rabbi Robert Eisen                    Karen Skolnik
     published donations and        Robert                                 Marlene & Bill Abraham                Rochelle Sulman & Anne Chanen
                                       Lillian & Sherman Goldstein         Teresa & Brandon Matheson           Vivian Sharkey’s birthday
  notification cards, we strongly
                                    Honey Shopsin                            & family                            Lois & Ken Jacowsky
    recommend the use of the           Barbara & Phil Nelick             General contributions:                BEllA fInGEREtt ISRAEl
  Donation Form available           Cindy Wool                             Kamala & Cantor Aaron Alpert        SCHolARSHIP fUnD
    at the Front Desk in CAI’s         Patty, Gene & Jamie Settle          Edith & Hyman Goodman               In memory of:
       administrative office.          Marg & Mort Jacobs                EPStEIn CHAPEl/RUBEnStEIn             Brother-in-law, Leonard Levine
                                    In honor of:                         toRAH READERS fUnD                    Joe Berman
                                    Jack Beekman’s birthday              In memory of:                           Phyllis & Merrill Broad
RUtH & StAnlEY BARlIn BAR/             Shirley & Marshal Miller          Mother, Esther                        Our loved ones
BAt MItZVAH EnRICHMEnt              Harold Glass’s birthday                Phyllis Bee                           Mildred & Abe Chanin
fUnD                                   Rhoda Standig & Ethel Turner      Father, Dave                          In honor of:
In memory of:                       Linda Gorsky                           Alvin Schechter                     Evelyn Haltman’s new great-
Mother, Jennie Fishman                 Sharon Briskman                   In honor of:                          grandson
Stanley Barlin                      Vivian Sharkey’s birthday            Nachman Berkowitz’s birthday            Phyllis & Merrill Broad
   Teddi Barlin                        Evelyn & Michelle Sigafus           Klara Swimmer                       GEnERAl EnDoWMEnt fUnD
   Ruth Goldin                      Speedy recovery of:                  lYnnE fAlKoW-StRAUSS PRE-             In memory of:
Joan Kramer’s mother, Emma          Leonard Joffe                        SCHool/KInDERGARtEn fUnD              Aunt, Anna Neidorff
   Teddi Barlin                        Doris & Al Fleischman             In memory of:                           Abraham Fried
RABBI MARCUS BREGER ADUlt              Gail & Maurice Mordka             Mother, Jean                          Brother-in-law, Harry Masin
EDUCAtIon fUnD                      Sara Turkin                          Father, Eugene                          Ruth & Ronald Kolker
In memory of:                          Gloria Hirsch                       Allan Spiegel                       Vicki Pepper’s mother, Marjorie
Mother, Gloria Kaplan               In appreciation of:                  Father, Samuel Myers                    Sarah & Jeff Artzi
   Elaine Bailey                    Minyan                                 Janis Krauss                        GIlo B’nAI MItZVAH
Father, Harry Ziblat                   Betty & Melvin Sandock            Father, Henry                         tWInnInG fUnD
   Barbara Snyder                   General contributions:                 Michael Schoenhals                  In memory of:
Husband, Henry                         Deborah Baker                     Grandmother, Blanche Kahn             Mother, Eleanor
   Gertrude Kane                       Gertrude Coca                       Adam Klein                            Susan Silverman
Husband, Hillel                        Gertrude & Harold Schwartz        Uncle Paul                            Husband, Ariel
   Lillian Rosenzweig                  Almas Yusufova                      Sara Borin                            Frances Stoler
Our loved ones                      RABBI RoBERt EISEn’S                 George Goodman                        Brother, Moses
   Mildred & Abe Chanin             DISCREtIonARY fUnD                     Lois & Ken Jacowsky                   William Kugelman
CAMP RAMAH fUnD HonoRInG:           In memory of:
BEA & JAMES ColE, SES & MAURICE     Mother-in-law
CoHEn, JoSEPH KAll & MARJoRIE          Betty Franks
and ARCHIE MEnDElSoHn               Mother, Flora
In memory of:
Mother, Ruth
   Stephen Rodgveller
                                       Maurice Mordka
                                    Mother, Shirley                                          Condolences
                                       Mel Zuckerman
Father, Hyman                       Father, Maurice
   Morton Aronoff
Father, Aaron Cole
                                       Arnold Merin
                                    Father-in-law, Ben
                                                                                       of,t ojbh ouenv
   Janet Seltzer                       Dolores Miller                          The congregation mourns the loss of our member:
Wife, Flora                         Father
   Bill Marsa
                                                                                            Sidney Davidson
                                       Jerold Sorkin
Husband, Saul                       Husband, Jacob Krever
   Susan Tobin                         Edith Haubert
                                                                                Our condolences to these members who mourn
Daughter, Danielle Baker            Husband, Harry                                      the loss of their loved ones:
   Lee Lawson                          Frances Silver                            Clara Davidson - her husband, Sidney Davidson
Marvin Hoffman’s sister, Evelyn     Frieda Barkan                                Marvin Hoffman - his sister, Evelyn Zimmerman
   Ruth & Marvin Hoffman               Elaine & Eliezer Krumbein
Shirley Zuckerman                   Amy Cohen                                   May the Author of Life Comfort the Mourners
   Gloria Hirsch                       Sibyl Stewart
ConGREGAtIonAl fUnD                 George Eisenberg
In memory of:                          Jane Poliakoff
Mother, Rose                        Roy Wolff
   Fred Mittleman                      Harriett Wolff                              ~ Anshei Israel memorial Hall ~
Father, Irving                      Shirley Zuckerman                          Installation of a memorial plaque is a beautiful way to perpetuate
   Cary Fishman                        Jami & Scott Gan                       the memory of a loved one. Each year on the anniversary of your
Father, Kurt Lowenstern             In honor of:                              loved one’s death, the synagogue will send you a reminder of the
   Judith Fishman                   Jack Beekman’s birthday                      Yahrzeit and light the light adjacent to their memorial plaque.
Husband, Milton                        Joyce & Joe Braziller
   Gloria Goldstein                 The birth of Olivia Rose Slaughter
                                                                                              Call 745-5550 to make arrangements or
Joan Kramer’s mother                   Ying Ying Yuan                                      if you wish to reserve a space for the future.
   Evelyn & Michelle Sigafus        Vivian Sharkey’s birthday
   Eleanor Zaltz                       Ellen & George Bromley

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     C O N G R E G A T I O N A N S H E I I S R A E L D O N AT I O N S
In honor of:                       ISRAEl YoUtH tRAVEl fUnD           General contributions:                    In memory of:
Rev. Nachman Berkowitz             In memory of:                         Sandra Allen                           Frieda Barkan
  William Kugelman                 Father, Simon Sokolsky                Anonymous                                 Elaine & Eliezer Krumbein
Becoming a Bar Mitzvah               Enid Serebransky                 MUSIC & CHoIR fUnD                        Sharon Barkan’s father, Ben
  Clayton Matheson                 Husband, Philip                    In memory of:                                Janet Deutch
Becoming a Bat Mitzvah               Bryna Hellman                    Mother, Florence                          Walter Gross
  Linnea Dawson                    CAntoR IVoR lICHtERMAn’S              Eugene Settle                             Arlene & Grant Tuller &
In appreciation of:                DISCREtIonARY fUnD                 Father, Nachman David Guberek                  Marshall Grant
Minyan                             In memory of:                         Helene Gettner                         Cindy Wool
  Rosalind & Gary Judd             Mother, Bessie                     Father & Husband, Michael                    Arlene & Grant Tuller
General contributions:               Paul Freed                          Stacey Sulman                          In honor of:
  Celia & Sherman Weitzman         Mother, Shirley                       Eric Sulman                            Vivian Sharkey’s birthday
EDUCAtIon DIRECtoR                   Mel Zuckerman                       Rochelle Sulman                           Gloria Hirsch
RABBI KEllEY GlUDt’S               Father-in-law, David               Brother, Oscar                            RABBI ARtHUR olEISKY EnDoW-
DISCREtIonARY fUnD                 Grandfather, Isaac Goldsmith          Marlene & Ron Sandler                  MEnt fUnD foR EXCEllEnCE
In memory of:                        Lisa Grabell                     Hannah Bengels                            In JEWISH EDUCAtIon & YoUtH
Mother                             Father, Joe Tomchin                   Gloria Hirsch                          ACtIVItIES
  Phyllis Salmon                     Sally Julian                     RABBI ARtHUR olEISKY’S                    In memory of:
Parents & Grandparents             Wife, Leah Shapiro                 DISCREtIonARY fUnD                        Mother, Beatrice Magidsohn
  The Sigafus Family                 Nathan Shapiro                   In memory of:                                Irene Sarver
Gail Offenhartz’s father, Alvin    Wife, Bryna                        Mother, Celia Coleman                     Father, Henry
  Peggy & Richard Langert            Alan Zehngut                        Herbert Nager                             Alan Friedland
In honor of:                       Sharon Barkan’s father, Benjamin   Mother, Ruth                              PRAYER BooK fUnD
My grandchildren                     Carolee & Dan Asia                  Steven Ketchel                         In honor of:
  Brenna Davidson                  In honor of:                       Mother, Bessie Laskey                     Vivian Sharkey’s birthday
In appreciation of:                Cantor Ivor Lichterman’s 18th         Janet Laskey Deutch                       Rayna & John Gellman
Rabbi Kelly Gludt                  anniversary                        Mother, Hanna Stern                       loUISE & noRMAn SHAPIRo
  Teresa & Brandon Matheson          Meryl & David Gordon & family       Betty Franks                           RElIGIoUS SCHool
    & family                       Participating in Women’s League    Mother, Shirley                           SCHolARSHIP fUnD
loUISE HABER PRESCHool/            Shabbat Service                       Mel Zuckerman                          In honor of:
KInDERGARtEn SCHolARSHIP           Ronnie Sebold’s new grandson       Father, Morris                            Louise Shapiro’s birthday
fUnD                                 Carolee & Dan Asia                  Hana Ripp                                 Margot & Gunther Marx
In memory of:                      In appreciation of:                Father, Marshall                          HYMAn SHEnItZER MEMoRIAl
Mother, Mary                       Cantor Ivor Lichterman                Russell Shanas                         YoM toV fUnD
  Eugene Rickles                     David Levy                       Wife, Shirley                             In memory of:
Father, Louis Haber                  Rabbi Thomas Louchheim              Herbert Feder                          Mother-in-law, Alice Ochman
  Bonni Haber & Fred Thorne          Teresa & Brandon Matheson        Wife, Sadie                               Husband, Hyman
                                       & family                          Samuel Weiner                          Amy Cohen
                                                                                                                George Goodman
                                                                                                                   Molly Shenitzer

        Welcome home neighbor!
            AnnAndAle ApArtments                                                                  bill stein, AbR
                      5601 E. 5th St.
       ~ Directly across the street from CAI ~
                                                                                                  520-529-7536 direct
                                                                                                  520-603-1860 mobile
       1, 2 & 3 BR units            1 FREE month with                                             BillSteinHomes.com
     Oversize floor plans               1 year lease
     Large walk-in closets           Senior Discount!
          Pool & spa              745-1855 • 269-9752                     Specializing in residential, luxury                2890 e. Skyline Dr.
                                                                                                                             Suite 250
                                                                          and investment properties.                         tucson, aZ 85718

 www.caiaz.org                                                                 Kolenu      April 2009 — Nisan/Iyar 5769            Page 2
     C O N G R E G A T I O N A N S H E I I S R A E L D O N AT I O N S
In memory of:                  In memory of:                     General contributions:                         In memory of:
Father                         Mother, Frances                     Deborah Baker                                Husband, Victor
  Phillip Pepper                  Judith Sonkin                    Teresa & Brandon Matheson                      Lorraine Sabo
Wife, Rachel                   Mother, Bryna                         & family                                   Brother, Harvey Leventhal
  Maurice Jontow                  David Zehngut                  MARtIn l. WEICH MEMoRIAl                         Paula Karchmer
Fred Klein’s father, Samuel    Father, Murray                    fUnD                                           Grandfather, Bejamin
  Susan & Steve Weisman           Jean & Marvin Glassberg        In memory of:                                  Aunt, Faye Ginsberg
General contributions:         Deb Fleischman’s father, George   Brother                                          Lisa Unger
  Molly Shenitzer                 Judy & Chuck Schultz             Alex Soloway                                 General contributions:
JEAn SPIEGEl KIDDUSH fUnD      In honor of:                      YAHRZEIt/YIZKoR fUnD                             Phyllis & Robert Harris
In memory of:                  Jack Beekman’s birthday           In memory of:                                  ZUCKERMAn PRESCHool
Mother, Jean                      Renee Herskowitz               Mother, Anna                                   PlAYGRoUnD EQUIPMEnt
Father, Eugene                 Ariella Faitelson’s “Bryna          Charles Block                                fUnD
  Allan Spiegel                Zehngut Mitzvot” award            Mother, Dora Simon                             In memory of:
In honor of:                      Marcelle & Leonard Joffe         Bobbie Roffman                               Father, Samuel
Vivian Sharkey’s birthday         Marta & Steve Ketchel          Mother, Sima Sprintis                            Jack Myers
  Gloria Hirsch                Ennis Herbert’s birthday            Ida Lebovic                                  Shirley Zuckerman
U.S.Y. fUnD                       Doris & Al Fleischman          Father, Morris                                   Sarah & Jeff Artzi
In memory of:                  Ronnie Sebold’s new grandson        Gerald Blum                                    Vicki, Stuart, Wendy, Mike &
Mother                            Shelley & Marshall Heyman      Father, Samuel Canterman                           Elaine Ash
  Marvin Fortman                    & family                       Sandra Simon                                   The Bregman Family
Mother, Genevieve ‘Jerry’      Vivian Sharkey’s birthday         Father, Yakov                                    Lillian Hameroff
  Richard Langert                 Rhoda & Marty Miller             Anatoliy Pustilnik                             Bess Hoffman
Mother, Sara Levin             Speedy recovery of:                                                                Roxanne & Eldon Housley
  Judith Direnfeld             Leonard Joffe
Mother, Gertrude                  Shelley & Marshall Heyman
  Charles Schultz                   & family
Mother, Sara                   Ellen Langer
  Paul Smelkinson                 Rosie & Paul Kahn

            The wine, juice and challah at our
                Kabbalat Shabbat Service
                       are donated
                       In Memory of
                  Moe and Roslyn Wolf
                     by their family
                                                                                      B   Ak

           we welcome sponsorship
     — in whole or part — of the following:
           Morning Minyan Collation Cart,
              Shabbat Dinners, Flowers,
            USY Bimah Baskets, Kiddush,
           Seudah Shlesheet (Third Meal),
                                                                                                BuRnt ADoBe BeAuty
             Adult & Family Education
                                                                       Classic 3BR, 2BA, 2900sf Ranch. Grand fam rm.
                                                                       Kiva FP. L rms & walk-in closets. Deep porches.
                  Synagogue Events,                                    Coveted 1/4acre corner lot. Mtn views. Hosps,
            Printing Costs of Publications,                            shul, shops/dining. $319,000
                   or anything else!
          If interested in underwriting and
                                                                                               madeline friedman
                                                                                           vice president, abr, crs, gri
      sponsorship opportunities, please contact                                             520.296.1956   888.296.1956
         barb neuman at 745-5550, ext. 242                                                           www.tucsonazhomes.com
              or Alan pearlman, ext. 226.

 Page 22     Kolenu April 2009 — Nisan/Iyar 5769                                                                              www.caiaz.org
C A I               D O N A T I O N S
In memory of:                                                 Remember to bring the flyer
Shirley Zuckerman
                                                              in this issue of Kolenu
                                    Todah Rabah
  Marcelle & Leonard Joffe
  Nancy & Sheldon Mann
  Audrey & Ted Molk
                                                              so you can meet us at
  Paula & Arthur Molk
  Thelma & Marvin Molk
  Ruthann Pozez
  Sue & Sonny Ross & family
  Dawn Moriarty & Lenny Steinberg
  Bunny & Don Simon                 Thank You!                           Thursday, April 23rd
  Sue & Michael Simon
  Sue Tobin
                                                                        anytime 5:00 - 8:00 pm
  Vicki Traster
Saul Tobin
                                                                    6202 E. Broadway (at Wilmot)
  Enid & Mel Zuckerman

                                                         COMMUNITY                                   NEWS
                 PLEASE NOTE:                                  SECOND ANNuAL uSED BOOK SALE
 Several funds have been collapsed and merged.                      Sunday, April 5, 10:00 am
      Should you have questions regarding                    Tucson Jewish Community Library at the JCC
  your donation, please contact Alan Pearlman            This book sale is a major fundraiser and 100% of the profits
                                                         go to the library. We welcome all books: Jewish and non-
             at 745-5550, ext. 226.                      Jewish, except for bibles, prayer books and children’s texts.
                                                         For more information, contact Bob Cohen at 320-5494.
       All donations are acknowledged in Kolenu.
    You can expect yours to be published in the second
    month after your donation is made. This delay is
      necessary so that we may correctly compile the
    donations and allow for Kolenu production time.

                                                         The Israel Center, in partnership with the JFSA and the
                                                         Tucson JCC, will celebrate the 61st Anniversary of Israel and
                                                         the 100th Anniversary of Tel Aviv on Sunday, May 3, 2009
                                                         from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. on the JCC campus, River & Dodge.
                                                         Free and open to the public, the festival is an excellent
                                                         opportunity to come together to learn about and support
                                                         Israel through food, music, dance, games, arts & crafts and
                                                         other fun family activities.
                                                         At 5:00 p.m., Revital of Israel Dance Theater Group will
                                                         perform in the JCC auditorium. Adults $2; kids free.
                                                         For more information, call 577-9393 or visit www.

 www.caiaz.org                                                 Kolenu    April 2009 — Nisan/Iyar 5769      Page 2
                      Congregation Anshei Israel                                                              Organization
                      5550 East Fifth Street                                                                 U.S. POSTAGE
                      Tucson, AZ 85711                                                                       Permit No. 333
                      www.caiaz.org                                           Address Service Requested      Tucson, Arizona

PRESIDEnt                Paul Kahn              Harry Karchmer
Vicki Pepper             Allen Langer           Daniel Karsch
                         Ron Meyerson           Ronald Kolker
                         Sarah Schultz          Sandi Levkowitz
                         Howard Schwartz        David Polan
Ron Gray
                         Gary Windham           Bobby Present
VICE PRESIDEntS                                 Ronald Sandler
                    lIfE tRUStEES
Daniel Asia                                     Steven Shenitzer
                    Alvin Fleischman
Madeline Friedman                               Esther Sherberg
                    John Gellman
SECREtARY/tREASURER Vivian Sharkey              WoMEn’S lEAGUE
Ellis Friedman      Charles Whitehill           PRESIDEnt
                                                Rayna Gellman
CoUnCIl CHAIR            Alice & Paul Baker   MEn’S ClUB PRESIDEnt
Stephen Spitzer          Ed Kleinerman        Lew Crane
                         Enid & Mel Zuckerman
BoARD of tRUStEES                             SEnIoRS’ Co-PRESIDEntS
Sarah Artzi              PASt PRESIDEntS      Hannah Berg
Lanny Colton             David Ben-Asher      Shirley Silverstein
Linda Gorsky             Phil Bregman
                                              USY PRESIDEnt
Dan Jurkowitz            Leonard Joffe
                                              Alana Kleinman

   MISSIon StAtEMEnt
   Congregation Anshei Israel shall serve as a source of spiritual,
   educational, and social enrichment in order to encourage
   and ensure Judaic values in accordance with the Principles of
   Conservative Judaism.
               Adopted by the Board of Trustees, December 11, 1995

  Published monthly September through July, Kolenu welcomes your
  submissions & advertisements. Deadline for all submissions is the first
  day of each month prior to the publication month. Ad placement &
  editing of submissions at CAI’s discretion. Please contact Yvonne Ethier,
  Communications Coordinator, at 745-5550, ext. 231 or yvonne@caiaz.org.

       Preserving Jewish Rituals and Traditions

                               Congregation Anshei Israel’s Cemetery is located
                                 on the same grounds as Evergreen Mortuary
                          • Save time, expense and emotional strain
                          • Fix the cost of funerals with Forethought insurance-funded plans
                          • One location, one arrangement
                                (520) 888-7470 • (800) 852-0269 Toll Free
                                  3015 N. Oracle Rd. • Tucson, AZ 85705
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