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									                                              Media Release
                                            Saturday 18/08/07
                        Creating kindness in Craigieburn
From his chauffeur driven pigmobile Wilbur the celebrity pig descended to spread his inimitable message
of kindness for all animals on Saturday 18th August at the Craigieburn Market. Accompanied by his
human entourage Wilbur and friends spent several hours raising awareness about farm animals, handing
out leaflets, collecting signatures and answering questions. Nine months on from his famous debut,
chaperoning Hollywood starlet Dakota Fanning down the red carpet at the world premiere of Charlotte’s
Web, Wilbur has lost none of his charm and charisma.
“Everyone loves this little fella, they come from all around, to pat and pet him and marvel at his
cleanliness, friendly nature and obedience” said Pam Ahern, Wilbur’s guardian and founder of Edgar’s
Mission-farm sanctuary. “What Wilbur is able to do to cause people to rethink how their choices in life
impact upon animals just like him is amazing and goes way beyond anything I could achieve. Wilbur is a
reminder that pigs, just like people’s cats and dogs have a huge range of emotions and to them life is very
important” added Pam.
Craigieburn is just a stones throw from Edgar’s Mission - farm sanctuary situated just outside of Kilmore
in the tiny hamlet of Willowmavin, so it was not such an early start for the crusading porcine and his trusty
guardian who have travelled much of the state championing the cause of farm animals. And with Sunday
October 7th being World Farm Animal Day at Edgar’s Mission, it was timely to inform the “locals” about
this fun day out for all the family.
“One dear lady I spoke to had tears in her eyes when I told of the life dear Alice Pig led before she came to
Edgar’s Mission” continued Pam Ahern. “Like most people she was unaware of how the majority of
mother pigs are kept in this fair country of ours. With barely enough room to take a step forward or back
and unable to even turn around, lying and standing on barren concrete is the lot of most sows. Banned in
the United Kingdom and several states in America along with being phased out across the European
Union, sow stalls are still legal in Australia. And incredulous she was to the fact that intelligent and
sensitive pigs just like Wilbur are treated as production units and only get to feel the sunshine on their
fateful trip to the abattoir. Sadly too, pigs just like all farm animals have become removed from our
thoughts and our animal protection legislation. But it doesn’t have to be this way, it is up to us to act with
kindness and compassion each time we shop. Cruelty don’t buy it” concluded Pam.
Media contact: Pam Ahern 0408 397 301
Photos attached for media use-larger file photos available upon request
Useful websites:       www.edgarsmission.org.au
*Edgar’s Mission is a not for profit sanctuary for rescued farm animals, our outreach centre aims to expand
the public’s circle of compassion to encompass all animals.

   If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others
                         why wouldn’t we?”

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