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Hot Cold Therapy by lindahy


Hot Cold Therapy

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									Hot and Cold Therapy

  Code              Product Description                   Quantity

               Hydrocollator® SS Stationary Heating
   2307               Unit (8 packs), 240V                  Each
               Hydrocollator® E-2 Stationary Heating
   2806                    Unit (6 packs)                   Each

              Hydrocollator® Neck Contour Moist Heat
   1002                       HotPac                        Each
               Hydrocollator® 10" x 12" Standard Size
   1006                  Moist Heat HotPac                  Each
                Hydrocollator® Neck Contour Terry
   1104                       Cover                         Each
              Hydrocollator® Foam-Filled Pocket Terry
   1108                Cover--Standard Size                 Each
                 Hydrocollator® HotPac Set - Neck
   1062             Contour Set 1120 + 1002                 Each
              Hydrocollator® HotPac Set - Standard Set-
   1064                     1002 + 1006                     Each

 HCPACKN         Blue gel hot/cold pack- 100x250mm          Single

HCP250X250N      Blue gel hot/cold pack- 250x250mm          Single

HCP150X300N     Clear gel hot/cold pack- 150x300mm          Single

   4020        Flexi-Pac Hot/cold packs- 13cm x 25cm        each

   4029        Flexi-Pac-Hot/cold packs 20cm x 35cm         each
                Flexi-Pac Kit- includes one wrap and
   1080                   13cmx25cm pack                    each

 ws11005s        Quick/Instant ice pack- 11xcm18cm          Each
                 Quick/Instant ice pack- 21cmx13cm          Each
 Hpi14x22c        Instant heat packs- 16cm x 12cm           Each

                     Ice wrap dispenser/handle              Single
WS1138301                     Ice wrap                       Roll

   Sl99             Sideline ICE N WRAP- small               Each
   Sl98             Sideline ICE N WRAP- large               Each

 Flexe10x13       Flexeze Patches 10x13cm Box 3             Each

  Wheapk             Wheat Pack 30cm x 15cm                 Each
 WhepkCx            Wheat Pack Cervical Shape               Each
        Paraffin Wax Bath Unit- with 3kg
2051             unscented wax               Each
20590       Paraffin Wax unscented         3kg blocks
20535        Paraffin Wax scented          3kg blocks

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