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    HLTFA402B Apply Advanced First Aid - (Occupational First Aid)

    Course Outcome:
    This unit deals with the provision of advanced first aid response, life support, management of
    casualty(s), the incident and other first aiders, until the arrival of medical or other assistance. This
    unit also addresses the establishment and maintenance of facilities to enable or facilitate the
    provision of appropriate first aid in the workplace. This unit also incorporates the content of
    HLTFA404A Apply advanced resuscitation techniques.

    Entry Requirements:
    To undertake a course in Occupational First Aid there is a prerequisite that participants Must hold a
    current Workplace First Aid (Senior First Aid) certificate or equivalent.

    Enrolment Procedure:
    Please complete the enrolment form and hand it to the trainer at the commencement of the course

    Nominal Duration:
    28 hours


            It is important that you attend each session of this course so that you are eligible to receive
            a Statement of Attainment.

            Your Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment has been accredited by the Victorian
            Registration and Qualifications Authority and entered on the National Training Information
            Service, recognised by the Victorian WorkCover Authority under their 'First Aid In The
            Workplace' - code of practice 1995, The Tasmanian Department of Infrastructure, Energy &
            Resources - (Workplace Standards Tasmania) and the S.A. 'Workplace Health & Safety
            Regulations 1998 - Regulation 9.

            Your certificate will be valid for 3 years and the Australian Resuscitation Council
            recommends that you attend a resuscitation update every 12 months. If you are unable to
            attend any sessions, please contact your instructor.

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  Competencies to be achieved during the training:
  At the successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  1. Apply First Aid to a casualty suffering Crush Injuries
  2. Maintain the correct WorkCover documentation & Legislative requirements of an Occupational
  First Aider
  3. Undertake the correct requirements for Running a First Aid Centre & Apply correct administration
  for Medications
  3. Demonstrate the Safe use of Medical Oxygen Equipment and Administer Oxygen Therapy and
  Resuscitation to a casualty
  4. Demonstrate an understanding of Toxicological Hazards and the use of Material Safety Data
  5. Assess the Hazards of Confined Spaces
  6. Administer First Aid for casualties suffering from Extremes of Temperature
  7. Administer First Aid for Minor Wounds & Apply Infection Control Procedures
  (A full copy of the course curriculum will be made available upon request)

  Assessment Procedure:
  You will be assessed at the end of the course to show your instructor that you have an appropriate
  understanding of the procedures necessary to manage a life-threatening situation.

  This will consist of:

          Examination paper (multiple choice & short answer)

          Resuscitation demonstration (one and two persons)

          Oxygen Resuscitation & Oxygen Therapy demonstration

  You must pass each section to qualify for a certificate.

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  Element of Competence                              Course Content

  Primary First Aid Management

  1. Define Crush Syndrome                           - The potential physical effects & complications of
                                                     Crush Injuries & Crush Syndrome

  2. Demonstrate the first management of a           - First Aid Priority DRABCD Action Plan
  conscious and unconscious patient suffering        - Management of a conscious and unconscious
  with crush injury and/or crush syndrome            patient suffering with crush injury &/or crush

  3. Demonstrate a knowledge of the content          - Appropriate First Aid Regulations or Codes of
  and requirements of relevant state                 Practice
  government legislation relating to workplace
  first aid

  4. Demonstrate a knowledge of the content          - Why it is necessary to maintain accurate records
  and requirements of the 'Register of Injuries'     of all injuries in the workplace.
                                                     - Accurate completion of case records and other
                                                     relevant documentation.

  5. State the various routes of administration      - The (3) drug schedules most relevant to the first
  that a first aider is permitted to administer a    aider
  medication                                         - The various routes of administration that a first
                                                     aider is permitted to administer a medication

  6. List the most common types of                   - The most common types of medications stored in
  medications stored in a first aid room             a first aid room

  7. List the checks that must be made before        - Why medications must be administered
  administering a medication                         accurately
                                                     - The checks that must be made before
                                                     administering a medication

  8. Demonstrate an ability to record                - Recording of medications given to a patient by an
  medications given to a patient by an               Occupational First Aider
  Occupational First Aider

  9. Demonstrate an ability to develop and           - First Aid Room Stocking systems & checks
  maintain a system where the First Aid room
  and all First Aid Kits are regularly checked

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   and restocked.

   10. State why some conditions may require           - Why some conditions may require Oxygen
   Oxygen Therapy                                      Therapy
                                                       - Recognition of a lack of oxygen

   11. State the safety precautions that are           - Recognition of medical oxygen cylinders in
   required when using oxygen equipment.               Australia
                                                       - Components of a portable oxygen unit
                                                       - Safety precautions that are required when using
                                                       oxygen equipment.

   12. Demonstrate the correct method of               - Administering oxygen therapy to a breathing
   administering Oxygen Therapy                        patient suffering hypoxia by using a :-
                                                       · Bi-nasal Cannula
                                                       · Fixed face mask.

   13. Describe why First Aiders must seek             - Pay-Off Principle
   medical advice / aid during administration of       - Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease (C.O.A.D.)
   Oxygen to patients                                  eg Emphysema

   14. Demonstrate the safe use of Oxygen              - Correct and efficient techniques for providing
   powered suction to a patient's airway               oxygen-powered suction to both breathing and
                                                       non-breathing patients.

   15. Demonstrate the correct method of               - Appropriate selection and correct, safe and
   administering Oxygen Resuscitation                  efficient assembly of oxygen-powered equipment
                                                       supplied in class.
                                                       - Competent administration of oxygen
                                                       resuscitation to a non-breathing casualty by using
                                                       · Self-Inflating Bag & mask
                                                       · Manual Oxygen Powered Resuscitator.

   16. Interpret and assess the relevant               - Need and use of material safety data sheets
   information on material safety data sheets          - Interpretation and assessment of the relevant
   including: Health Hazard information and            information on Material #Safety Data Sheets
   emergency first aid procedures.                     (MSDS) including: Health Hazard information and
                                                       Emergency First Aid procedures

   17. List the possible routes by which               - Possible routes by which chemicals may enter
   chemicals may enter the body.                       the body

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     18. Describe the First Aid management for          - Differences between a corrosive and non-
     the ingestion of corrosive and non- corrosive      corrosive poison
     chemicals                                          - First Aid management for the ingestion of
                                                        corrosive and non-corrosive chemicals
                                                        - Safety precautions that need to be adopted to
                                                        protect the lungs and skin against chemical

     19. Demonstrate a knowledge of the content         - Hazards of confined spaces
     and requirements of the relevant state             - Definition of a "confined space"
     government Health (Entry into confined             - Content and requirements of the Health ( Entry
     spaces) Regulations                                into confined spaces) Regulations

     20. Demonstrate the First aid management           - Definition of Heat Stroke and Heat Exhaustion.
     for Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke                  - Signs and symptoms of exposure and their
                                                        possible causes
                                                        - First aid management for exposure, as
                                                        appropriate to either cool or warm the patient

     21. Demonstrate the First Aid Management           - Monitoring and Recording Vital Signs
     for Hypothermia                                    - Seeking medical assistance as required

     Facilities & Equipment:
     Each participant will be provided with all of the intellectual materials required to study all modules.
     Each program will also be supported with adequate Teaching Aids to assist with the theory and
     practical training modules such as CPR manikins, Bandages, Visual Aids, Handouts etc as appropriate.

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