The Journey

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					“Your Life-No Limits”                           Workshop Series
                                                                                                      The Journey
Does your heart yearn for the life it
was meant to live? Do you long to
take the next step but are unsure of
what that looks like? The “Your Life-
No Limits” series of workshops can
open the door for you. “All
possibilities and all potentials exist
simultaneously” in a Quantum World
and you can shift your life from            Kathy Wilson       Dennis Barnett
“what is to what can be”.
 Join us for a life changing
                                              “Your Life-No Limits”

                                                                                Photo by Dennis
     Here’s what others are saying!              Workshop Series
 “Thank-you for changing my life – for         Quantum Spirit Healing
the better. I haven’t felt this free for       Dowsing
many, many years. See you at the next          Interspecies Communication
workshop.” – Jean                              The Journey
                                                                                                      “Shift your Life
“It was a joy to see someone following
their heart & leading by example.” –
                                                                                                        from what is
Shelley                                                                                               to what can be”
“Thanks for all you give of yourself.
You are a Master Teacher.” – Norma                  Healing Nexus
                                                                                                         Healing Nexus
“A great place to start my amazing                   Mailing address
journey.” – Victoria                        592 Sheppard West, Suite 524
                                           Toronto, ON CANADA M3H 6A7
“Lots of “aha’s” when hearing things                                                              416-225-3612 / 1-888-869-0263
                                           416-225-3612 / 1-888-869-0263                     
for a second time – it was way more   
than a refresher course – more like a 
dive into deeper water.” - Sandy
The Journey                                             “Your Life-No Limits”                          Workshop
                                                         We live in a society that prepares      •   Reading the energy around
                                                         us from childhood to fall in line,          you
                                                         don’t ask questions, be good            •   The Flow
  When you                                               citizens, pay our taxes and all will    •   May Your Spirit be Strong
 realize that                                            be well. We entrust all that is         •   All My Relations
you are really                                           sacred in our lives to others with      •   Spiritual Love Connection
                                                         the expectation that they can care      •   Connecting with the Divine
on a “journey                                            for what we hold dear better than
of the spirit”                                                                                   •   Your Healing Path
                                                         we can. Think of how that limits
                                                                                                 •   Opening Up to “Love and
     your                                                the flow of our lives.
 perspective                                                                                     •   Living in Two Worlds
                                                         Does it have to be like that? The
                                                         answer is no.                           •   Dancing in the World of
                                       Photo by Kathy

                                                         “The Journey” is part discourse,        •   Finding your Vibration.
                                                         part interactive discussion and         This is about the spiritual journey
We are not Human Beings having a                         sharing and part workshop. There        in a physical world. When you
Spiritual Experience, but Spiritual                      are a number of topic areas that        learn how to deal with these
Beings      having    a     Human                        are incorporated.                       lessons on an energetic level your
Experience. This life is a journey                                                               “Journey” will truly open for you
through the physical with all of the                     Some of these are:                      and you will begin to live “Your
lessons that come with travelling in                     • The Energy of Money                   Life with No Limits.”
a physical, human form.                                  • Scanning
                                                         • Intuition                             If you are interested in attending or
We can learn to deal with these                          • The Energy of Business                hosting a Journey workshop or any
experiences on an energetic level.                       • Energy Fields
                                                         • Connecting with Spirit
                                                                                                  “Your Life-No Limits” workshops
This makes the journey infinitely
easier and the lessons more                              • Living in Eternity                     contact us
immediately understandable.                              • Shifting Energy                                   416-225-3612
                                                         • Asking for Help                                 1-888-869-0263
“Recognize that the journey of                           • Build Your Intuition
                                                                                                check for one
                                                         • Intuitive Parenting
 the spirit is more important                            • Connecting with Your Guides                         near you.
than the journey of the body.”                           • Angels Among Us
                                                                                                 We Guarantee that your Life Will
                                                                                                    Never be the Same Again

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