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									                              HARDEN SHIRE COUNCIL
                                Position Description

                                  POSITION DETAILS

Position Title:                Environmental Services Secretary
Present Occupant:

Classification:                Operational Band, Grade 12, Level 3
                               ($368.76 to $407.04)

Division:                      Environmental Services
Accountable to:                Director of Environmental Services


In accordance with Local Government State Award as amended from time to
time, Industrial Agreements and Council’s Policies, Practices and Procedures as
amended from time to time.

Hours:                                 Part-time - 21 Hrs per week
Travel:                                As required or per Award
Vehicle:                               N/A


   •    Drivers Licence Class C
   •    To have experience in records/ information management systems or be
        willing to learn.
   •    Demonstrated customer service qualities and efficiencies.
   •    Demonstrated communication and interpersonal skills.
   •    To have working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite of programs
   •    To have computer literacy and working knowledge of Internet processes.
   •    The ability and desire to learn new processes and procedures.


    •   To have a working knowledge of graphical information systems (GIS)
    •   To have a working knowledge of digital photo generation and processing

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   • To protect and promote the image of Council and the department as both
       effective and courteous.
   •   To maintain a spirit of co-operation and goodwill to all individuals and
       organisations within the community.
   •   To provide liaison between members of the public, clients and the
   •   To assist the Director Environmental Services to maintain an efficient
       department for internal and external clients
   •   To provide accurate data entry and computer based processing services
       for the department.
   •   To maintain all statutory registers for the department.
   •   To carry out statutory reporting returns for the department.
   •   To complete photocopying and assembling of Council documentation as
   •   To be proactive in developing improved methods and systems for carrying
       out routine tasks
   •   To ensure that work is completed on time and accurately.
   •   To strive to achieve maximum benefit from all resources.


   •   To present a professional first point of contact for members of the public
       and clients in relation to the service functions of the department
   •   Respond to enquiries accurately, to filter incoming telephone enquiries,
       provide routine advices and to forward calls/requests/complaints to the
       appropriate respondent.
   •   To maintain the various filing systems and registers of the department.
   •   To prepare all statutory returns required by other government departments
       within the specified timeframes set.
   •   To provide property detail verification for internal and external clients
   •   To calculate and record relevant fees and payments for all applications
   •   Assess cemetery and burial applications and enquiries
   •   Accurate data entry into computer system and review
   •   Preparation of zoning, building and swimming pool certificates
   •   Preparation of development consents and all relevant certificates
   •   Typing and editing letters, reports and preparing documents for the
       department as required

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   •   To assist the Director of Environmental Services with tasks associated
       with the management of South West Regional Waste Management Group
   •   To prepare and maintain property files of specific properties as directed by
       the Director of Environmental Services
   •   Operate routine office equipment (faxes, telephones, copiers, scanners,
       email, binders etc) and maintain supply of consumables
   •   To maintain consumables for the cleaner, caravan park and Mechanics
       Institute Hall
   •   To book, inspect and manage fees/bonds for the Mechanics Institute Hall,
       Swimming pool
   •   To update the Environmental Services Department sections of the
       Council’s website
   •   To prepare advertising documents for submission to the media as required
   •   To carry out water sampling functions of the department as required
   •   Maintain confidentiality of matters relating to Council and follow processes
       and procedures in respect of records, premises and cash security
   •   Other duties as directed by the Director of Environmental Services and the
       General Manager.


Authority and Accountability

   •   To be accountable for own actions and quality of work performed within
   •   To be responsible for completion of tasks requiring administrative skills.
   •   To be responsible for the care and maintenance of work area.

Judgement and Problem Solving

   •   To determine filing allocations and reference of enquiries
   •   To be proactive in developing more efficient processes for the carrying out
       routine functions of the position
   •   To determine the appropriate responses to be included on zoning

Specialist Knowledge and Skills

   •   To have experience and knowledge of Records Management Systems.

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   •   To be aware of departmental functions, procedures, policies and
       associated legislation.
   •   To be conversant with data entry/enquiry, word processing, electronic
       spreadsheet routines of Council software, the internet and updating
       Council’s website
   •   To be conversant with Council’s cemeteries and burials procedures &
   •   To be conversant with potable water sampling techniques

Management Skills

   •   To react positively to workplace reform and changed priorities.
   •   To monitor own performance against set objectives and tasks.

Interpersonal Skills

   •   To understand job requirements
   •   To exchange information with internal and external clients.
   •   To liaise with the public in a courteous manner to achieve satisfactory
       solutions to routine enquiries and promote Council’s image.
   •   To be self motivated and results orientated.
   •   To be able to work with minimal direct supervision.
   •   To be able to adjust priorities/ schedules at short notice.

Qualifications and Experience

   •   Secretarial course completed – TAFE or similar
   •   In house operation of Council’s software and relevant data entry programs
   •   Word processing, spreadsheet preparation

ORGANISATION ENVIRONMENT – (Environmental Services)

The department is multidisciplinary in that it provides functions covering planning,
environmental protection and regulation, Companion Animals, food control, public
cemeteries, heritage protection, development control, potable water quality
assurance, public health, waste, and management of a number of Council

The position of Environmental Services Secretary - is primarily engaged in the
handling telephone and counter enquiries, preparation of consents, certificates,

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documents and reports as required, cemetery/burial enquiries, attending to
Council’s filing system and maintaining statutory registers and returns.

The employee must be able to work in a team environment, and as Council has
limited resources, from time to time it will be necessary for the employee to carry
out duties which are not the usual duties undertaken by the Environmental
Services Secretary. This will include duties as are within the limits of the
employees’ skill, competence and training.

The employee shall be mindful of the need to be positive and courteous to the
public at all times.


To comply with essential training requirements as may be provided for within
Council’s Training Plan, attend seminars/ courses deemed necessary by Council
to enhance/ maintain knowledge of contemporary practices, become conversant
with Council policy matters. A training plan will be developed and reviewed each
year with the performance/ competency assessment for the position holder.


Each position holder shall be reviewed annually, to assess performance, training
needs and to identify significant changes (if any) in the position description.


The following conditions of employment are mandatory and as such have to be
met by the employee at all times:

   •   To hold an unrestricted and current NSW Drivers Licence
   •   To ensure the safety of themselves and fellow employees by following
       safe work procedures
   •   Comply with Council’s OH&S Policy and procedures
   •   To project image of council in a positive manner.
   •   Comply with Council’s Code of Conduct

Non-adherence to these conditions may result in disciplinary action and / or
termination of employment.

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Minimum / Entry Level for Position.

The position holder will be required to possess essential skills that are necessary
to undertake the basic requirements of the position.

The assessment of these skills will be on the basis of the application submitted in
respect of the position and the known experience and qualifications of the
applicant. Such information will be assessed against the defined tasks and
parameters for the position.


Skills will be required to undertake all essential requirements of the position and
the acquisition/application of local and Council specific knowledge and operating
procedures. The emphasis at this level will be placed on the demonstrated
application of the skills and knowledge required of the position in terms of the
specific work environment, policies/procedures/practices, etc.

Assessment of these skills will be based on the experience/qualifications of the
position holder and their ability to apply skills defined in the position parameters.


Will require the achievement of Step 1 and competency assessment in all of the
Step 2 core level competencies as well as the following:

   •   Accept responsibility for and manage own tasks
   •   Work positively with others in the organisation.
   •   Adopt and utilise safe working practices.


Requires the achievement of all skills of Steps 1 & 2 and competency
assessment in all of the Step 3 core level competencies.

   •   Proactive approach to improving work procedures and methods

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Following achievement of skills in Step 3 the position holder will be able to be
assessed on the following organisational competencies: -

   •   Meets the requirements of the position description;
   •   Maintains effective work practices;
   •   Contributes effectively to the team environment;
   •   Quality and quantity of work regularly meets requirements
   •   Promotes Council's image by dress, appearance, manner and attitude
   •   Seeks to improve and learn more for further advancement.

Assessment for this Step will be undertaken by the Director of Environmental
Services and will be based on the consistent achievement of all tasks in the
position description (at the applicable band/level). For this step not to be granted
the Director must be able to show in what areas the requirements have not been
consistently met.

Maximum Step for the Position

To achieve this level the position holder must consistently show that they apply
skills, competencies or expertise additional to that required for the position i.e.
the employee provides superior knowledge and skill to the position. This step will
be achieved by the attainment of agreed training/qualifications, efficiency and
productivity achieved and continuous work improvement over an extended period
of time. This step will be subject of determination by the respective Director and
will be subject of definition on the achievement of Step 4 by the position holder.

(This is both a certification and acknowledgment of the position as
described by the position holder and the position holders’ supervisor.)

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(Signature of Supervisor)                              (Signature of Position

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