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                                            FarmWeigh’s Quarterly Newsletter
                   January 1st 2007                                                      Edition 3

                                             The main reason the home               discuss what FarmWeigh can
                                             survived was due to my father          provide to ensure you sow your
                                             having the home prepared and           crop efficiently and that you do
Happy Wet Year!                              keeping the place immaculate.          not waste seed or super.

Rather than wishing you all a                Although damage to his property
Happy New Year I thought it                  was in the vicinity of $40,000.00
appropriate to wish you all a                there was no loss of life, or
Happy Wet Year.                              livestock as they were on a
                                             different property closer to town
What is in stall for us all in 2007?         and the homestead, which Dad
All the experts and forecasters              built, was saved.
are providing positive information
and word from my contacts                    I hope you all fared well if the
throughout rural Victoria and                fires burned in your area.
NSW; in particular, indicate that                                                      Weighing directly from the Gruper
there is higher than normal                  So, with summer coming to a
humidity levels prevailing. This             close and the forecast of rain in
augurs well for the coming year.             the autumn, winter and spring I        Get onto it early
                                             look forward to seeing some
2007 certainly ended up very                 crops growing, greening and            Whether it is a Checkweigher for
quiet, dry and hot and to cap it all         yielding and livestock fattening.      your grain, a trailer weighing
off we have experienced massive                                                     system, a seed & super bin
bushfires here in Victoria. My own           Shane Driscoll                         weighing system or a weighbridge
father, whose property lies in the                                                  don’t leave it to the last minute.
Upper Dargo Valley, The fire
raged through Dad’s place but the                                                   We need to time to import, in
house was saved, which was not               Seeding Season approaches              some cases to design and then
the case for quite a few homes in                                                   manufacture and deliver.
the Upper Dargo area.                        With the forecast of decent rain
                                             this year we are starting to think     Call FarmWeigh or any of the
                                             about our seed and fertliser           following dealers to get your order
                                             requirements.                          under way.

                                             Let’s face it, seed and super is       FarmWeigh:
                                             not going to be cheap this year.
                                             So it is important that none is        A & G Machinery
                                             wasted.                                (Griffith & Lake Cargelligo)

                                             As we featured in the October          Grainline
                                             issue     of   the    newsletter       (Wagga Wagga)
      How black was my valley?
      Devastation in Upper Dargo             FarmWeigh has successfully
                                             provided weighing solutions for        Hutton & Northey Sales
                                             grupers, or Seed & Super Bins.         (Meredin, Cunderdin &
                                             These are in Kit Format and can
                                             be fitted quite easily. With the kit   Trufab
                                             we provide the loadcells, cables,      (Canning Vale & Cunderdin)
                                             digital indicator and drawings to
                                             assist you in fitting the loadcells    Instant Weighing
                                             to your bin.                           (Perth)
  Burned down outhouse at my father’s
                                             To find out more, give us a call on    All contact information can be
 place with the “intact” homestead in the
               background.                   1800 88 34 32 or 03 5229 0007          found on our website at:
                                             or       email         us        at    www.farmweigh.com.au
                                             info@farmweigh.com.au             to
        FarmWeights!                                                                                 January 1st 2007

Weighing out of the Header                  See us at Woolrama Field Days          FarmBridge™ Think About It!

FarmWeigh supplied and fitted a             The FarmWeigh Checkweigher             Farms are only just starting to
Checkweigher for a Case IH 1688             will be on show at the                 consider installing a weighbridge,
header. This came from one of               Wagin/Woolrama Field Days on           although there are a few that
the original UK designs and                 March 9 and 10 2007. Look for          have had one for quite a while?
worked a treat.                             the Trufab exhibit and you will
                                            see a unit fitted to one of their      Why use a weighbridge?
Located in Hyden in W.A. the                impressive 110tonne Field Bins.
customer Glen Garard was happy                                                     It can be used to weigh any
with its performance and I must             All going well, we will be able to     vehicle, carrying any product,
thank Glen for a few ideas that             run some grain though the unit as      even livestock.
will make the unit even easier to           a live demonstration of its
fit in the future. The ingenuity of a       operation.                             The cost of seed and fertiliser,
farmer is as good as any                                                           feed and chemicals is rising
university degree engineer.                                                        rapidly and the returns on grains,
                                            New WA Dealer                          produce and livestock is reducing
Glen’s property is located a few                                                   and knowing exactly what is
kilometres from Wave Rock, so               We are pleased to announce a           coming onto the farm and what is
after fitting the unit I took time out      new dealer in Western Australia,       leaving the farm is becoming
to be a tourist and take a look at          Instant     Weighing.     Instant      more and more important.
the rock. It was so hot though, it          Weighing     provide    weighing
was a matter of get out of the car,         solutions right across the state       The FarmBridge 8m Multi-Axle
walk the 50 metres to the rock,             and are keen to market                 weighbridge is ideal. Using split
take a couple of pictures and get           FarmWeigh’s        range       of      weighing it can weigh up to the
out of there.                               Checkweigher systems along with        longest of road trains. Should you
                                            our range of FarmBridge axle-          wish to weigh chaser bins we can
                                            weighers and multi-axle weigh          customise the width to enable you
                                            bridges.                               to do it and it is fully automatic in
                                                                                   operation. You do not need a
                                            We welcome Graeme Sidney               weighbridge operator and the
                                            aboard and look forward to             drive does not have to leave the
                                            working with him in the years to       cabin.
                                                                                   Finally, it can be transported to
                                            Instant Weighing are a dealer for      different     locations    without
The FarmWeigh fitted to the Case IH1688     A & D Scales, as are FarmWeigh         difficulty and does not require
                                            and they also market a trade-          mains power so it can be located
                                            approved weighing system for           in the most remote positions.
                                            front-end   loaders,   a    very
                                            impressive system.                     If you are thinking about a
                                                                                   weighbridge talk to us about
                                            Instant Weighing’s contact details     FarmBridge™.       Finance      is
                                            are:                                   available to approved buyers and
                                                                                   you can buy it complete or in kit
                                            47 Great Eastern Hwy, Bellevue,        format if you can follow drawings
                                            P: (08) 9274 8600                      and manufacture your own steel
  A beautiful flow of grain from the hood   F: (08) 9274 8655                      work with our guidance.
      assists in better performance
                                            Free Call: 1800 357 315
                                            Email: info@instantweigh.com.au
                                                                                   Take a look at FarmBridge on our
                                            Web: http://www.instantweigh.com.au/
                                                                                   website at:


       Wave Rock – Hyden W.A.

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