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									10 May 2009
7.45am Holy Communion 2
“Timothy: Press on to maturity”                        Reg Piper
Ruth 3 (p269) & 2 Timothy 3:1-17 (p1196)               Bob Whitten
Prayer                                                 Gordon Robinson
9.30am Communion
                                                                                    Weekly News & Prayer Sheet
                                                                                                                   10 May 2009
“Timothy: Press on to maturity”                        Reg Piper
Ruth 3 (p269)                                          Adam Darvell
2 Timothy 3:1-17 (p1196)                               Lou Crawshaw

Prayer                                                 Alan Watson
7 pm
“The Apostles lived out community”                     Stuart Crawshaw
1 Kings 18:16-39 (p359)                                Fi Francesconi
Acts 4:32-5:11 (p1096)                                 James Wallace                           DAY!
Prayer                                                 Riley Spring

17 May 2009
7.45am Holy Communion 1                                                       A Christian Farewell
                                                                              Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice.
“Timothy: Preach the Word”                             Reg Piper
                                                                              Let all men know your forbearance. The Lord is at
Ruth 4:1-12 (p269) & 2 Timothy 4:1-18 (p1197)          Margaret Whitten       hand.
Prayer                                                 Phil Hamilton-Foster   Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by
9.30am                                                                        prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your
                                                                              requests be made known to God.
“Timothy: Preach the Word”                             Reg Piper
                                                                              And the peace of God, which passes all
Ruth 4:1-12 (p269)                                     Nicki Wright           understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds
2 Timothy 4:1-18 (p1197)                               Glenn Wright           in Christ Jesus.
Prayer                                                 TBA                                                         Philippians 4:4-7 
7 pm
“They defied the authorities”                          Tim Beilharz

1 Kings 18:36-19:9a (p360)                             Rosie Archer
Acts 5:12-42 (p1097)                                   Tammy Platfoot
                                                                                      The Apostles’ Gospel
Prayer                                                 Fi Francesconi
                                                                                    1.   Christ has died
                                                                                    2.   Christ has been raised
           Rosters for Sunday 17 May 2009                                           3.   According to God’s OT plan
Flowers:              Janine Waddington & Rae Sommers                               4.   Repent and believe
                                                                                    5.   Forgiveness. Holy Spirit. Glory
Church Cleaning:      Cerian Willgoss group                                         6.   Grace. Grace. Grace
Grounds:              Mark Small, Riley Spring, Jarrad Spring &
                      Narelle Holloway
Coffee 9:30am         George & Jo Jobling

                                                                                     Need Special Prayer Today?
   131 Gymea Bay Rd, Gymea 2227. Ph.9524 6225, Fax: 9540 2172                               Neil Walker
                Email: office@gymeaanglican.org.au
                 Web: www.gymeaanglican.org.au                                     will be available after the 9.30am service
                                                                                     NEXT SERMON SERIES 
Friends in Christ,                                                                                  

                                                                   Morning Church
Last Sunday I mentioned “Mighty Men” in the sermon.                           Churches in Mission: Its ministers.
Today, I draw attention to five “Mighty Mothers”.                  Apr 19       Keep your ministry red hot          2 Tim 1:1-14
Her son wrote about the first one in these words: “My dear         Apr 26       Plan Gospel Advance                 2 Tim 1:15-2:7
mother rose from the dinner table that afternoon with an           May 3        Aim at Excellence                   2 Tim 2:8-26
intense yearning for the conversion of her boy, and feeling that   May 10       Press on to Maturity                2 Tim 3:1-17
–absent from home, and having more leisure than she could          May 17       Preach the Word                     2 Tim 4:1-8
otherwise secure –a special opportunity was afforded her of        May 24       Help the weary                      2 Tim 4:9-22
pleading with God on my behalf. She went to her room and
turned the key in the door and resolved not to leave that spot     Evening Church
until her prayers were answered. Hour after hour did that dear                  Apostolic Witness: in Jerusalem
mother pray for me, until she could pray no longer, but was        Apr 19       They healed a crippled man          Acts 3:1-26
constrained to praise God for that which his Spirit taught her     Apr 26       They ignored violent threats        Acts 4:1-22
had already been accomplished –the conversion of her only          May 3        They prayed for boldness            Acts 4:23-31
son.” The son’s name was Hudson Taylor, the great missionary       May 10       They lived out community            Acts 4:32-5:11
to inland China.                                                   May 17       They defied the authorities         Acts 5:12-42
The second was a mother who had 19 children. 10 survived           May 24       They clarified their ministry       Acts 6:1-7  
infancy. She was the wife of an English clergyman in the 18th
century. She bore the responsibility for bringing up the                          Men’s breakfast
children. An oft quoted rule which she handed to her children
was this, “Whatever weakens your reason, impairs the
                                                                           Tuesday from 6.30-7.15 am
tenderness of your conscience, obscures your sense of God, or                     Good breakfast
takes away the relish of spiritual things; in short, whatever                       Good mates
increases the strength and authority of your body over your           Essential Jesus and the break and enter
mind –that thing is sin to you”. Two of her children were great
evangelists, John and Charles, and her name was Susannah
Wesley.                                                             Working Bee at the church
The Apostle Paul mentions my third mighty mother. She                         Saturday 16 May
together with her mother ensured that Paul’s younger fellow              8am start until early afternoon
worker Timothy was brought up with the scriptures so that he                Morning Tea at 11am.
knew them from childhood. Eunice did this despite lack of
support from her husband. She brought him up to fear God and       Lots of Jobs for Men and Women !
provided a foundation for his being set apart to do key
missionary work in the early church.                               Tasks
The fourth is the mother of our Lord. She had found favour         Cleaning Toys
with God. She was glad to be the handmaid of the Lord. She         Clearing Rubbish @ Whole Site
rejoiced over God her Saviour that she had been chosen to be       Trimming Trees
involved in the extraordinary act of salvation by her son.         Repack storerooms and Container
Sometimes she was overawed by what was happening with her          Fitting Light Cage's to back hall lights
son and at other times she thought he might be going mad.          Cleaning Drains
However finally she was at his crucifixion, resurrection and       Clearing Gutters @ Whole Site
ascension and among those who prayed for the falling of the        Cleaning White bricks @front of church
Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost.                               Fitting Whirlybird to 129
The fifth is our own mother. Today we honour them and thank        20+ jobs to be completed
God for their sacrifice for us.
                                                                   Tools / What we need you to bring
Every blessing in Christ
                                                                   Paint Brushes & Rollers & Paint Trays & Drop Sheets
Reg Piper
                                                                   Paint extension poles
                                                                   Drop Sheets,
                                                                   Ladders, could use 15 or so of
                     Parish Diary                                  Any questions ask Sean Buckley (9521 6005) or
May 10: Mothers Day                                                Don Stevens (9525 0739)
May 16: Working Bee
May 22: Morning for Mums                                           May Southern Cross Articles
May 22: MU Day of Prayer for Connect 09                            (Copies of Southern Cross available in church foyer)
May 24: Stephen Gray visit                                             Tributes to Sir Marcus Loane
May 27 : Women on the Move prayer night                                Archbishop Jensen’s invitation to pray.
                                                                       Battling the spirit world by Peter Bolt
June 12: Ecclesia                                                      Loving the poor by Andrew Cameron.
July 17-22: Week Away                                                  Statistics on Australians’ belief.
                                                                       Financial crisis affect on Diocesan grants
              Mission@Gymea - Be Involved!                                               Our Prayers for this week   
  PGM is holding their 2nd Mission Involvement Night (MIN)!                            The Fourth Sunday After Easter 
  The first, held in 2008 and headlined by Omar Djoeandy from         Almighty God, you show to those who are in error the light of 
   SIM, was extremely encouraging and challenging, as Omar            your truth so that they may return into the way of 
  challenged those present to get involved - be it in Australia or    righteousness:  grant to all who are admitted into the 
                             overseas.                                fellowship of Christ’s service that they may renounce those 
The details of the MIN this month are as follows:                     things that are contrary to their profession and follow all such 
                                                                      things as are agreeable to it; through our Lord Jesus Christ.  
What? Updates from Gymea Anglican members about their                 Amen. 
Mission journey, Testimonies, tea/coffee & cake, and more!
                                                                       FOR CHRIST’S MISSIONERS  STEVE AND MARY MAINA 
Who? Anyone interested in Mission or thinking about how God
                                                                         For Steve, Mary, Rinna, Tanielle as they adjust to life in New 
might use them to spread His Gospel
Why? To talk with, and hear from, others who are like-minded -           For Steve as he serves as General Secretary of CMSNZ. 
in particular those considering stepping out in faith to spread the      For many in NZ to understand God’s gospel 
Gospel!                                                                  For many from NZ to be involved in global mission 
Where? Alf & Wilma Norman’s 40 Greenhaven Rd, Grays Point              FOR INTERNATIONAL, NATIONAL AND LOCAL MATTERS 
When? Wednesday 20th May, 7:30pm - 9pm                                   For effective containment of swine flu pandemic.
Looking forward to seeing you there!                                     For compassion and justice in treatment of asylum seekers.
Simon Willgoss on behalf of the PGM Team                                 For a just peace in Sri Lanka, Fiji and Thailand.
                                                                         For a just peace in Sudan, Iraq and Afghanistan.
                                                                         For national treasurer as he bring down the budget.
                                                                         For hope, help and jobs for the unemployed.
      A Morning for Mums                                                 For police dealing with youth and gang violence.

            Friday 22nd May                                            FOR WIDER CHURCH MATTERS 
    10.30am - 12noon in the church hall                                  For Bob Duncan, leading the Anglican Church of North 
 Speaker: Simone Boswell                                                 For Archbishop & regional bishops leading us in Connect 09.
 Topic: “What makes my child tick?                                       For wise restructuring of Diocesan ministries in tough 
 “Understanding my child’s personality”                                  financial times.
                                                                         For Robertson as it starts Sunday Night Youth Church 
    Simone attends Figtree Anglican. She has 6 children                  monthly.
         ages 5-14 years and has written a book                          For courage for Sutton Forest members to invite friends to 
              “Calm Baby, Confident Mum”.                                church.

                                                                       FOR OUR PARISH 
                                                                         For our nominators searching for the next rector.
         Message from Archbishop Peter Jensen                            For our members visiting homes offering the Essential Jesus.
I am pleased to announce a special Day of Prayer to be                   For Parish Council meeting this week.
held in relation to Connect09, with the help of Mothers'                 For Margaret Merrick & family; following the death of 
Union.                                                                   Margaret’s mother
                                                                         Marjorie Ridges; knee surgery tomorrow at Kareena Hosp.
It will be held on Friday 22 May from 10am to 2.30 pm in                 Kent Small; Mark’s father.
the Chapter House of St Andrew's Cathedral.
                                                                         Elissa Stonestreet; pray for good health & wellbeing.
The first and most vital aspect of Connect09 is prayer.                  Julie Ogle; home from hospital, blood clot in her leg.
I invite you to be present on that day, and to encourage                 Praise God for the safe arrival of Romulus Archer, son of 
say, five people to represent your parish. Let's make this a             James & Rosie, brother of Jemima.
priority as we pray for our diocese in this year of great
                                                                       FOR OUR SMALL GROUPS 
opportunity for the gospel.
                                                                         Thank God for His word and the privilege it is to 
The program is:                                                          gather around it in our weekly Small Group Communities.
10.00am     Opening Prayers                                              Pray for Christian growth in all our small groups at Gymea ‐ 
10.30am     Northern Region
                                                                         both in maturity and in gospel outreach.
11.00am     Wollongong Region                                           

11.30am     Georges River Region                                       For some of our church family suffering long term illness or 
12.00pm     South Sydney region                                        needs: 
12.30pm     Western Sydney Region                                      Suzanne Spring, David Stonestreet, Ben & Leanne Stephenson,
1.00pm      Lunch Break                                                John Walker, John Broady, Noel & Dorothy Hall
1.30pm      Kidzlink, Youthworks, Schools
                                                                       Gwen Robinson, Win Barber 
2.30pm      Close
Join our Archbishops and his Bishops.
                                                                      For the Love of God by D.A.Carson Vols 1&2
  The Essential Jesus: online bible study #15                         The bible in a year (or 2) by daily readings
                                                                      Follow Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s chart
             Luke 8:1-25 with the Archbishop.                         Read 1 page comment by Carson
               Google sydneyanglicans.net.                            Informs the mind. Challenges the heart.
 Know the gospel better. Help enquirers more.
                                                                      Available Koorong books 9857 4477 @ $30
                     Church Finances
                                                                                        Stephen Gray
Wesley’s rule: “Earn as much as you can. Save as much as you
                                                                         Our CMS Link Missionary to Makassar, Indonesia
can. Give as much as you can”.
                       General Offertory                          Our adopted CMS Link Missionary, Stephen Gray, has returned
                                                                  from Makassar, Indonesia, and is settling back into life in Austra-
     Mar 09         Mar 09         YTD 09          YTD 09         lia. Stephen's episode with CMS in Makassar has come to a close,
     Actual         Budget         Actual          Budget         and therefore our support of Stephen as a Link Missionary will
                                                                  conclude in June of this year.
     $32,717       $38,000         $88,732         $99,200
                                                                  Stephen will be with us on Sunday, 24th of May. He will be
 General offertory pays staff salaries and general maintenance.   interviewed at all services, and there will be a Seminar following
                  Development Fund                                the 9:30am service (11:30am to 12:30pm) followed by a meet-and-
       Development Fund pays off our building loan.               greet luncheon. The Seminar and luncheon are for anyone who
                                                                  supported Stephen or anyone who is interested in God's work in
      Mar 09         Mar 09        Progress        Progress       Makassar.
      Actual         Target         Actual          Target
                                                                  If you have not met Stephen previously, the PGM Team are
      $1,530        $10,500        $230,657        $252,000       encouraging you to get along to the Seminar and/or lunch to hear
          Our target for 28 Feb 2010 is $367,500.                 about how Stephen dealt with the difficulties of reaching Muslims
                                                                  for Jesus Christ. This is a time for Stephen to share with us, and
 Offertory envelopes and direct debit information are in the      for us to say "Thank You" and "Fare Well" (or perhaps, "See You
foyer. Further enquiries to Laurie Archer 9545 1248, Steve        Later") to Stephen.
       Leitch 9526 7817 or Sean Buckley 9521 6005.                Details of the Luncheon will follow soon so stay tuned!
               Food Safety in our Kitchen                         Simon Willgoss on Behalf of the PGM Team
  Always wash hands thoroughly
  Use clean preparation implements
  Clean kitchen as you go                                                             Carpet Appeal Update
  Store and prepare cooked and                                      1. Parish Council has approved the carpet subject to funds.
  raw foods separately                                              2. Our confirmed target is now $9,545.
  Label, date and cover food                                        3. You have generously given $4,787 (50% to target).
  Empty the bin                                                     4. We plan to remove the old carpet on the working bee
                                                                       scheduled for the 16th May.
More Info: Jill (0415 043 983),                                     5. If we exceed the required amount we are proposing to
Leeanne (0403 867 545) or Louise (0488 093 370)                        replace the hot pink trim at the front of the church.

                                                                  Weekly News & Prayer Sheet Deadline Wed 5pm
 Sir Marcus Loane
                                                                  Phone:             Cerian Willgoss 9532 0656 or
 Sir Marcus has died at the age of 97. The Most Rev’d Dr          Email:             gacbulletin@hotmail.com
 Marcus Loane KBE had a most distinguished career in the          Copy to:           office@gymeaanglican.org.au
 Anglican Church and is remembered with admiration and
 affection both those within the church and those outside.                             Please use Word document
 Sir Marcus was born in Tasmania in Otober 1911. He
 studied Arts at the University of Sydney before commencing                            Gymea Anglican Contacts
 theological studies at Moore College, where he later became
                                                                  Rector                        9524 5027 0408 029 379
 principal from 1954-59. He completed Doctoral studies
                                                                  Bishop Reg Piper              RegPiper@gymeaanglican.org.au
 through Wycliff College in Toronto, Canada.
 Most of Sir Marcus’ ordained ministry was exercised in the       Assistant Ministers:          Focus: 9.30am congregation, youth, door knock.
                                                                  Rev. Stuart Crawshaw          0416 012 303
 Diocese of Sydney, apart from two years spent as an Army                                       soulrevival@mac.com
 Chaplain in New Guinea during the Second World War. Sir
 Marcus was consecrated Bishop in 1958 and served as an           Rev. Matt Redmond             Focus: 7pm congregation, youth, home groups.
 Assistant Bishop until becoming Archbishop of Sydney in                                        0408 255 271
 1966. He was the first Australian-born Archbishop. He was                                      mattredmond@gymeaanglican.org.au
 Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia from 1978 to         Youth Ministers:              0425 279 721
 1981 and retired in 1982.                                        Jai McMordie                  jai.mcmordie@optusnet.com.au
 He was a gifted pastor who affected the lives of many            Fi Francesconi                0400 290 873
 thousands around the world. He wrote prolifically especially                                   sr_salt@mac.com
 on bible passages, the reformation and the 18th century
                                                                  Children’s Ministers:
 evangelical revival. He was a Bible and Prayer Book
                                                                  Tracy McCall                  0425 202 480/9525 4125
 churchman and great supporter of John Stott and Billy
 Graham.                                                          Tim Beilharz                  0421 103 546
 A public celebration of Sir Marcus’ life will be held in St
 Andrews Cathedral on Wednesday. Seating is by ticket             Administration/Office:        Mon—Thu 9.30am to 3pm
 invitation.                                                      Francine Mulder               Fri 9.30am to 2pm 9524 6225/0408 257 601

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