; Happy International Womens Day…
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Happy International Womens Day…


Happy International Womens Day…

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									                                    Phone: 9652 1237   Fax: 9652 2538

            Term 1 Week 6                                   Thursday 4th March 2010

             Upcoming Events                              Happy International
  5 Mar
            Clean up our School Day                         Women’s Day…
  9 Mar     Zone Swimming Carnival
 11 Mar     School photos                                       for this coming Monday, 8th March.
 12 Mar     Mufti for Leukaemia
 12 Mar     2pm World’s Greatest Shave
 16 Mar     Northmead High School Open Day                         Cyber Bullying Website
 18 Mar     Selective High School Testing              The Department of Education and Training hosted
 23 Mar     Multicultural Day                          a Cyber Bullying forum late last year, bringing
 23 Mar     7:30 pm P&C Meeting                        together national experts on the subject. If you
 26 Mar     Silver/Gold & Medallion Assembly           would like to know more about cyber bullying and
  1 April   Easter Hat Parade                          what can be done about it, or if you’d like to
 2 April    Good Friday (School Holidays)              contribute your opinion or experience to the online
 19 April   School Development Day (Pupil Free)        blog, you’ll find it at www.cyberbullyingforum.org
 20 April   Students Return (Term 2)
                                                                         Get involved
                                                       Research shows the more parents are involved in
                School Photo Day                       their child's schooling, the better the outcomes for
Last week you should have received your photo          their children. If you have the time to be more
envelopes.     Our school photo day is next            involved in your child's school, and would like to
Thursday, 11th March. All students are expected        know more about how you make this work – from
to wear full school summer uniform and, of             helping in the School Canteen to Maths and
course, come to school with neat haircuts and          English Homework – the latest issue of School
polished school shoes (we will not have fitness        Parents magazine contains a great vodcast in
and students will not be expected to wear school       several community languages to help you make
hats until after individual and class photos are       the first step. www.schools.nsw.edu.au/ezine
taken). Only Captains, House Captains and Family
photos will be taken as group photos this year. If                       Country Fair
you require a family photo, special envelopes can       Our first Country Fair meeting for 2010 was held
be obtained from the office. If you would like any     this week. Country Fair is fast approaching.
further information, please contact the school         Perhaps the most exciting event on your social
office on 9652 1237.                                   calendar for this year will be held at Glenorie
                                                       Public School on Saturday 14th August (this date
Premier's Reading Challenge OPSM Bonus                 has changed due to amusement ride availability).
The 2010 Premier's Reading Challenge has kicked        The Country Fair is sure to be a great day for the
off again and to ensure your child's eye health is     whole family. One of our major fundraisers for the
up to the mark, Challenge partner, OPSM, is            Country Fair is the Guessing Competition. In the
running an eye health campaign to donate books         weeks leading up to the Country Fair we will be
to the school library. For every eyesight test         taking our major prize (trampoline filled with
booked in at OPSM until April 1, OPSM will donate      goodies) to local shopping centres and Bunnings
$5.00 worth of books to your child's school library.   and volunteer parents will be selling tickets. If you
Eyesight tests are covered by Medicare, so there       can help kick start our major prize (goodies to fill
is no cost to you. For more information go to:         the trampoline) we would really appreciate any
www.opsm.com.au/prc and for the latest on this         donations at all.      Any help will be greatly
year's Premier's Reading Challenge, go to:             appreciated.
https://products.schools.nsw.edu.au/prc/home.html      We also require volunteers to run a number of
                                                       school stalls on the day.
                 Ironbark Awards                       Any questions about the Country Fair or if you
As you know, we sent a note home last week             wish to volunteer, contact Mrs Martine Musumeci
about the changes to our award system. You may         on 88247330.
still redeem 5 Ironbarks for 1 Bronze Award up
until this Friday.
                Mufti Day…                                            Canteen Roster
                                                        Friday 5th March
             Friday 12thMarch                           9:30am – 2:00pm
                                                        9:30am – 12:00pm
                                                                              Kelly Bray
                                                        12:30am – 2:00pm      Dee Deans
                                                        Monday 8th March
                                                        9:30am – 2:00pm       Amanda
                                                        9:30am – 12:00pm      Leanne Clark
                                                        Wednesday 10th March
Fine for coming out-of-uniform…                         9:30am – 2:00pm      Amanda
                                                        9:30am – 12:00pm     Kate Devaney
   a gold coin to sponsor Ms Petiet
                                                        Friday 12th March
  in the World’s Greatest Shave.                        9:30am – 2:00pm       Amanda
                                                        9:30am – 12:00pm      Belinda Rowe
All donations over $2 are tax deductible and            12:30am – 2:00pm      Nancy Kazzi
             can be made by going to
 Join us at 2:00pm on Friday to sponsor one of
  our parent’s in her generous act to support
      those who suffer from leukaemia.

            Thank you to our Children
It is absolutely wonderful to hear so many
courteous/positive children at our school. At times
it is easy, as adults, to forget to speak with
courtesy and with a positive attitude (due to
pressures and so on). Isn’t it refreshing to know               Special Offer until March 31st
that our children speak so positively about their              20 FOILS + SHAMPOO, CUT &
friends, their school and about their life                               BLOWDRY
experiences? At times we should sit back and just
listen to kids speaking…as adults we could learn a                           $65
lot.                                                                     Call Laura
                                                                    Phone – 0401 348 513
Enjoy learning!
                                                               Glenorie Country Fair
Become involved in your child’s education.                      White Elephant Stall
Lyn Pearce                                                Please clean out your house &
                Easter Egg Raffle                               garage for our White
It’s that time of year again. Hop!                                  Elephant Stall,
Hop! Hop! Easter is nearly here.
We are asking the children to bring
in donations of Easter eggs in all
shapes and sizes for our big Easter
Egg Raffle.
This raffle will be drawn on the last day of Term
One, Thursday 1st April.
We also need donations of baskets of all sizes to           All donations can be left in
put the eggs in. The money raised from the raffle                  the Band room
will go to Stewart House. Stewart House is a                (Next to 2M’s Classroom)
holiday home for needy primary school children.
The SRC will continue to sell raffle tickets. Tickets
will cost 50c each or three for $1.00.                         Thanks for your active
Many thanks,                                                         support!
Signora Lo Grasso
SRC Advisor
    ‘YOUR HISTORY YOUR PARK’                                  BOOKS/VIDEOS/DVD’s
   Castle Hill Heritage Park Convict                        GLENORIE COUNTRY FAIR
      Rebellion Commemoration
                                                        It’s time to dig out all your old books,
           March 7th 2010
                                                        videos, DVD’s and bring them in for the
This year the celebrations will focus
                                                        Country Fair on the 14th August.
 on Lachlan and Elizabeth Macquarie                     If you have any books etc please drop
     as 2010 will mark the 200th                        them off to the Band room next to 2M’s
   anniversary of Governor Lachlan                      classroom any time before the day. It
  Macquarie’s 12 year tenure as the                     would be great if I could get any
 5th Governor of the colony of New                      donations before the day so that they
 South Wales. Come visit the Park on                    can be sorted.
 March 7th and live our history as we                   Please note – All videos and DVD’s need
  greet His Excellency Governor of                      to be shop bought not home recorded.
  NSW Governor Lachlan Macquarie.
 Make it a fun day and dress in olden
time gear. Formal Events begin 11am.
Band music and Flag Raising, 206 year
 old Convict Barracks remains will be
 on display. This is our Heritage and                                  Thank you
 your fun time; bring a picnic to our
  beautiful park, Sunday March 7th
  Contact Castle Hill Heritage Park
   Committee for more information

          Glenorie Public School does not endorse any advertising within this bulletin.

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