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					                                                      Happy 85th
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                                                                     Edition 62 • October 2009
From the Editor’s desk...
How many 85 year olds do you know who attract over a quarter
                                                                                    In this Issue...
of a million fans and are known in over 100 countries? On 24
October, Toastmasters celebrates 85 years since Ralph C. Smedley
organised the first meeting in the basement of a YMCA in Santa
Ana, California, U.S.A. (page 3)
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Cakes, for birthdays and other occasions, are a prominent feature
of this edition of Southern Cross. North Adelaide Toastmasters Club
had its own reason to celebrate recently, as you can find on page 5.
                                                                                                   Toastmasters Then... And Now
District Governor, Damian Chong, launches an exciting idea for
promoting clubs with a difference on page 6. He also shares ideas
relevant to every club in his page 9 Letter to Members.                                      5     Let Them Eat Cake!
Great opportunities have come up for people to use their creativity
and/or organisational skills. If you would like to be Southern Cross
Editor, or the New Member Co-ordinator for District 73, see pages
4 and 5.
                                                                                             6     Database of Specialist Clubs Within D73
Remember, contributions for Southern Cross are required by the
last day of each month, for publication the following month. Word
documents should not include pictures or graphics and should
                                                                                             6     Did You Know?
be unformatted. Photographs and graphics can be supplied
separately as jpeg, eps or tiff format files and be no larger that 1MB.
Until next month, happy Toastmastering!                                                      7     Contest Information
Michelle                                                           7     New Venue for Elsternwick

The views expressed in Southern Cross are not necessarily those of the Editor,
the District Executive, District 73 or Toastmasters International.                                 And Yet Again – We Are Moving!
Editor: Michelle Monaghan DTM
PO Box 115, Sandringham, Victoria 3191
(03) 9533 1206                                                           9     A Letter to District 73 Members
Publisher: Damian Chong DTM
0407 593 538
                                                                                            10 Welcome to Toastmasters
Contributions are required by the last day of each month for
publication in the following month’s edition. Text should not include
pictures or graphics and should be unformatted. Photographs and graphics
can be supplied as jpeg, eps or tiff format and be no larger than 1 megabyte.               11 Congratulations

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                                                                                               Edition 62 • October 2009
Toastmasters Then... And Now! submitted by Damian Chong DTM, District 73 Governor
Then…                                                  As more clubs emerged, it was a time of firsts:            By 1982, membership reached 100,000. To better
When people hear the word “basement,” they’re not      Smedley created the first Toastmasters manual, and         serve its growing worldwide membership, World
likely to picture the home of a global communication   publication of The Gavel – the first Toastmasters          Headquarters relocated in 1990 to its current
and leadership-development organisation. But a         newsletter – began in 1930. (The Toastmaster               building in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, 20
basement in the Young Men’s Christian Association      magazine made its debut three years later.)                miles south of Santa Ana.
(YMCA), in Santa Ana, California, is exactly where     In the 1930s, the organisation grew to an                  In July 1997, a bold new offering was developed
Ralph C. Smedley held the first meeting of             international level by incorporating and chartering        for the educational program: An improved two-
what would eventually become Toastmasters              its first club outside the United States -- in British     track educational recognition system that allowed
International.                                         Columbia, Canada.                                          members to pursue awards in both leadership and
The date was 22 October 1924.                          Over the ensuing years, Toastmasters International         communication. In 1999, the 10-goal Distinguished
Smedley began working for the YMCA after he            laid the foundation for many of the activities             Club Program was introduced.
graduated from college. Observing that many of its     and philosophies we know today: The first Inter-           … And Now
young patrons needed “training in the art of public    Club Speech Contest was held in 1938; District             As Toastmasters International celebrates its 85th
speaking and in presiding over meetings,”he decided    18 of Scotland became the first district outside           anniversary this month, the organisation stands
to help them with a training format that was similar   the United States in 1946; and in 1968, the first          at a historic high point. Program offerings have
to a social club. During the early 1900s, the word     Competent Toastmaster (CTM) awards were issued             never been more expansive. Toastmasters leaders
“toastmaster” referred to a person who proposed        for completing the manual Basic Training for               have developed innovative strategies to keep up
the toasts and introduced the speakers at a banquet.   Toastmasters. Two years later, the first Distinguished     with advances and shifting cultural dynamics of
Smedley named his group “The Toastmasters Club”        Toastmaster (DTM) awards were handed out.                  the global age. Indeed, while many organisations
because he thought it suggested a pleasant, social     Until 1962, a series of rented office spaces in Southern   around the world are downsizing because of the
atmosphere that would appeal to young men.             California served as Toastmasters International’s          economic climate, Toastmasters International is
At that first Toastmasters meeting, members            “home office.” That year, the staff moved into its         growing; thousands of people are taking advantage
practiced speaking skills in a supportive, informal    first World Headquarters building. The Santa Ana           of the organisation’s programs to enhance their
atmosphere. The seedling club blossomed. Then          facility wasn’t far from the YMCA where the first          communication skills. Membership is at an all-time
another sprung up in nearby Anaheim. Word spread       Toastmasters club met.                                     high, with more than 250,000 members in 12,000
about Smedley’s experiment and soon people in          In 1973, Toastmasters met an important milestone           clubs in 106 countries. As of June 30, a record 1,073
other communities, and even other states, began        by opening membership to women. Twelve years               new clubs were chartered, and 56 districts were
to request permission and help to start their own      later, Helen Blanchard became the organisation’s           recognized as Distinguished or better, a number
Toastmasters meetings.                                 first president.                                           surpassing all previous years.
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                                                                                               Edition 62 • October 2009
continued from previous page                                Another recent change is the approval of Global

“Toastmasters grew by nearly five percent in 2009,”         Representation and Support. The plan was voted in
says Toastmasters Executive Director Daniel Rex.            by members at this year’s International Convention in
“Tens of thousands of people have seen the value            Mashantucket, Conn. It improves the organisation’s
of the Toastmasters training in their personal lives        structure by enhancing global representation
and careers. They know the program can see them             with 14 regions and directors, and replaces The
through a lot of challenges.”                               Nominating Committee with the International                           SOUTHERN CROSS
As Rex sees it, there is no limit to the growth potential   Leadership Committee (ILC). More information on
                                                            the implementation of this plan is being shared on
                                                                                                                                 NEWSLETTER EDITOR
of Toastmasters International, and he is making sure
the World Headquarters staff is well positioned to          the Toastmasters Web site and in the November                       Here is an opportunity for you to use your
serve its members as their needs change and the             issue of the Toastmaster magazine.                                  creativity and communication skills.
organisation continues to grow.                             The organisation’s profile is about to grow
                                                            even higher: A new film about Toastmasters is                       After almost 2 years as District 73’s Newsletter
“Our renewed emphasis is to provide optimal service
                                                            scheduled for a 2010 release. SpeakEasy, a feature-                 Editor, due to other commitments I have to
and resources at each member development stage,
beginning with the prospective member who                   length documentary produced by Tumbleweed                           hand over this role to someone else. I have
is looking for a club on the Web site, applying for         Entertainment, explores the 2008 World                              found it a good way to enhance my skills while
membership in the club, receiving a New Member              Championship of Public Speaking and the larger                      helping the District.
Kit, and talking with a staff member on the phone,”         Toastmasters world.
Rex explains.                                               From a gathering in a YMCA basement in 1924 to
                                                                                                                                A computer with email and ability to create
One way to meet members’ needs is through                   the 12,000-plus clubs that meet in 106 countries
                                                            today, the Toastmasters story is one of dramatic                    final files as a pdf. Good grammar skills
the Toastmasters Web site, which is continually
                                                            growth and success. And with accomplishments                        and eye for detail. Approximately 10 hours
expanding through new product and service
offerings. The organisation’s first e-learning tool --      come opportunities. “As we meet our members’                        each month to edit articles and layout the
Toastmasters Learning Connection (TLC) for district         needs and greet thousands of club visitors, we                      newsletter.
officers – is a recent addition to the Web site. TLC        offer the most valuable service imaginable: We help
                                                                                                                                If you are interested, please contact:
provides access to Toastmasters’ officer training           people improve their lives,” says Rex. “That’s what
                                                                                                                                Damian Chong
in a virtual learning environment. Eventually, it is        the Toastmasters mission is all about.”
expected to include training for a variety of officers.
                                                            n	 Article reproduced from the Toastmasters International website
                                                                                                                                0407 593 538
This distance-learning program is an exciting
development, blending education with the power                                                                                  Michelle Monaghan DTM
of the Internet. And it won’t replace face-to-face                                                                              District 73 Newsletter Editor
training – just complement it.

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                                                                                                           Edition 62 • October 2009
Let Them Eat Cake! by Diana Walter                                                                                        New MeMber
“Let them eat cake!”
And so they did. Rainbow ice-cream
                                                                                their presence and contribution
                                                                                really made the evening extra
                                                                                special for our club.                    Have you ever wondered where your New Member kit
cake was eaten at the 700th meeting                                                                                      came from? America? Not directly. Each few months
of North Adelaide Toastmasters, after                                           During the evening break a               Toastmasters International sends a shipment of New
an excellent supper served up by the                                            wonderful selection of antipasto,        Member Kits to our New Member Co-ordinator. That
bar and kitchen staff of the Queen’s                                            dips, breads, cold meats, pies (as       shipment is stored in a spare room for local processing.
                                                                                                                         The coordinator receives a new member list each week,
Head Hotel.                                                                     well as the cake) were served to         so one day a week this wonderful person processes it and
North Adelaide Toastmasters Club                                                support the theme that this was a        mails it to our new members.
(NATC), founded in 1976 by Stan                                                 SPECIAL evening.                         The New Member Co-ordinator also sends out new club
Blackford, was the third in South                                          Congratulations must also go to               chartering kits for newly born clubs.
Australia, and club number 2557                                            the behind-the-scenes members                 Why we do this? Better service to our clubs. This cuts
world-wide. Stan, now in his 89th                                          who organised the evening, and to             down the waiting time for new Toastmasters to begin
year, was asked to ‘say a few words’ at the celebration    the Toastmaster, Harkmaster and to other members              their journey of self improvement and challenge.
– an invitation he couldn’t refuse. Stan still hasn’t      who all contributed to the evening’s success. Thanks          Susan Cade from Victoria has enthusiastically filled this
lost his touch, and still gives talks to Probus, Rostrum   also to the two Area Governors and our Division               role for almost two years, but is unable to continue to do
                                                                                                                         so. Hence, we are looking for someone to take on this
and Toastmasters on his past life, and on his book         Governor for coming along. The club also gained               role.
entitled ‘One Helluva Life’.                               five new members on the night.
                                                                                                                         Requirements are:
The events of the evening included a ‘traditional’         It just shows that Toastmasters is still alive and well       At least one keen eye for detail, ability to send mail outs
prepared speech, and with five members doing               after the first club was chartered by Ralph Smedley           consistently, a clean dry place to store new member kits.
odd-spots, the show was kept moving at a very fast         in 1924. Now, Toastmasters International can boast            Once a pallet arrives from the back of the truck, able to
                                                                                                                         gather a working bee or two to help move bundles into
pace. There were gifts planted under the seats, and        12,500 clubs world-wide, with more than 250,000               their store room.
each person was asked to speak for one minute on           members in 106 countries.
                                                                                                                         Cost of postage will be paid for by District as part of
the parcel that they had received. There was much                                                                        normal District operations.
laughter, as some of the speakers had no idea what
                                                           n	 Diana Walter is President of North Adelaide Toastmasters   Thank you Susan for fulfilling such a vital role for the
the items were!
                                                                                                                         members of the District 73.
NATC was extremely happy with the support shown                                                                          Hilary Jane
by other TM clubs and their members in Adelaide,                                                                         District 73 Secretay

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                                                                                                      Edition 62 • October 2009
Database of Specialist Clubs within                                                                                             Did You Know?
District 73 by Damian Chong DTM, District 73 Governor                                                                  A giant coin, worth $2 million, was made by
                                                                                                                       the Royal Canadian Mint in 2007. It weighed
District 73 has a large and diverse range of clubs. Many   What advanced/specialty skills does the club have?          100 kgs.
clubs within our District are specialised to meet the      What is the selling point of your club that would attract
differing needs of the various communities. Some           a member to join your club as well as their home club?      In Vienna an astronomical clock has one hand
clubs focus on developing leadership skills; others        Please keep it to one paragraph. I quickly jotted down      that takes 20,000 years to go around.
focus on special interests such as graduates of the        a couple quick examples:
McGuire programme or engineering; some are for             • Our club focuses on tough evaluations. A panel            Astronauts in space grow up to 5 centimetres
indigenous communities; or simply as a platform              of evaluators are set up during each meeting and          taller. Gravity shrinks them again on earth.
to give advanced speakers more challenges. We are            provide crucial advanced evaluations. Aim is to take
proud to be associated with the diversity and ambition       the training wheels off our advanced speakers.            An official park in the U.S. measures only
of these clubs.                                                                                                        60 centimetres across. It was created to be a
                                                           • Our club focuses on workshop delivery. Many of
The greatest difficulty with these specialist clubs is                                                                 colony for leprechauns and as a location for snail
                                                             the Advanced Communication manual speeches
their near anonymity. We would like to develop a                                                                       races.
                                                             are longer projects, this club provides opportunity
database to post on our website so the greater public        to prepare and present workshops and is open for
and members alike will be able to find more easily a         members of surrounding clubs in our Division.             A stalled train in India started again after hundreds
club that will better suit their needs and aspirations.                                                                of passengers got out and pushed.
                                                       • Our club is aimed at providing a supportive and
To do this quickly and efficiently we need you to tell    encouraging environment for graduates of the
us about your club. If you are the President or Vice                                                                   When Spencer Tracey was offered the role of
President Public Relations of a Specialty/Advanced
                                                          Macguire programme.                                          The Penguin in the TV series “Batman”, he said
                                                       We believe it is an exciting project and that the list will     he would only do it if he was allowed to kill
club tell us:
                                                       be a source of opportunities and ideas right across the         Batman. He didn’t get the role.
Club name:                                             District. It will generate interest to all members so that
Club number:                                           they too may have the opportunities to go beyond                The foreman of a jury once said “We find the
Suburb of meeting:                                     their first 10 speeches.                                        man who stole the horse not guilty.”
Website:                                               Please send the details of your unique club to
                                                                                                                       An ostrich egg takes up to 90 minutes to boil and
Meeting times:                                Let us Exceed
                                                                                                                       feeds eight people.
Entry requirements (if applicable):                    Expectations.

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                                                                                                   Edition 62 • October 2009
Contest Information by Trish Brown DTM
Got a question about contests but not sure where to find the answer? A           No. You cannot nominate a new contestant to compete at the next level of
quick resource on the Toastmasters International website can be found under      competition, nor can you allow the disqualified contestant to compete.
‘Speech Contest Frequently Asked Questions.’ This section covers situations      Some people are still not sure whether timing disqualifications should be
such as circumstances for nominating contestants to move forward in contests,    announced. The rules state that: Prior to announcing results, the chairman
standard protocol for timing, eligibility requirements in relation to dues and   should announce if time disqualification(s) occurred, but not name the
judging requirements and is well worth checking out.                             contestant(s) involved.
During our recent round of club contests the question of whether a contestant
                                                                           Don’t forget if you are organising a contest to send a reminder to the judges
disqualified for going overtime could advance to the next round if the other
                                                                           before the contest and never just appoint one of your judges as a Chief Judge
contestants were not available came up a couple of times. The answer is that
                                                                           unless you have asked them first. An effective Chief Judge likes to prepare
a disqualified contestant cannot advance to the next round.                before a contest. Finding out when you arrive at the meeting that you have
If there are only two contestants in a speech contest, and the first place been appointed Chief Judge can be a surprise especially if it is your first judging
winner is unable to attend the next level of competition and the other experience.
contestant was disqualified, can we nominate someone else to attend
the next level of competition in their stead?

New Venue for Elsternwick Toastmasters
Elsternwick Toastmasters has moved to a better venue, just a few doors away from the old one. We are now meeting upstairs at the local RSL Club at 4 St Georges
Road, Elsternwick.
Parking is available at the rear. Meals are available to purchase and tea and coffee are provided.
The RSL is a short walk from Elsternwick railway station and just a few metres from the Bendigo Bank on the corner of St Georges Road and Glenhuntly Road.
Elsternwick is different from other Toastmaster Clubs. Our members include 2 District Champions, 11 District Finalists, 1 current Area Governor and 8 past
Division/Area Governors.
Many of our members have chosen Elsternwick as their second club.
For an enjoyable night, visit us on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month from 7 pm until 9 pm.

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                                                                                        Edition 62 • October 2009
And Yet Again – We Are Moving! by Ann Wilson-Vlotman
It has been a fascinating life, and Toastmasters has been an instrumental part of     And now we are off to Canberra, but not without taking the opportunity to
my settling-in process around the world – a bit like a Welcome Wagon. Firstly,        thank many people. The past five years at Shepparton Toastmasters have been
I travelled from Australia to the U.S. and experienced some wonderful years of        a pleasure. I was involved in such growth and learning. The support of many
professional study and the initial introduction to Toastmasters. In fact, the first   in the Melbourne area and Lilydale who, over the years, agreed to come and
time my future husband asked me out was to Box Elder Toastmasters, No 794, in         judge for us at various levels, who helped with the Club Officer Trainings, who
District 15, chartered in 1960! Our President was an old time Toastmaster who         kept supporting us in the rural areas, and kept the lines of communication
knew her stuff and guided us powerfully. I also remember my oral examination          open, was amazing. The meetings we attended in Melbourne and environs
at the culmination of my doctoral work in the U.S. was far more relaxing because      were always instructive and fun. As Area Governor for N8 I met caring, proactive
of the skills I had learnt at Toastmasters.                                           Toastmasters who volunteered their time to keep us in the know. To each of
Development Aid work then called us – Bangladesh (hard to describe but                you talented people who touched our lives, we thank you.
fun stories to tell), then Nepal (what an honour to have been in Kathmandu            District 73 has a great deal to be proud of. Whether District 70 can match up
with the dramatic Everest at our doorstep), then back to the U.S. (every              remains to be seen. Things seem different; 26 clubs to select from in the ACT
weekend spent exploring New York City), then to Lahore, Pakistan where                yet not one Advanced club for which I was planning. Maybe I shall initiate one!
a true interest in gardening blossomed and the Mogul culture came to                  We have already begun to search, to question and evaluate what our needs are,
life. The Netherlands was next (ah, Edam cheese and the Dutch language!).             and what they can offer.
Finally, Egypt beckoned us, and – a Toastmasters Club in Cairo needing                I have learned much from every Toastmasters Club and I know that it will
us as we needed it! The ancient culture lured us – the pyramids and                   continue. Change is upon us.
temples surpassed our existing images. Seeing and hearing the opera
‘Aida’ at the pyramids says it all. And I have magnificent stories to share!          Happy learning, Ann Wilson-Vlotman

Nero (the Roman Emperor) may have been the father of the revolving restaurant. Archaeologists in Rome have found his extravagant banquet hall, a circular
space that rotated day and night to impress his guests.

U.K. researchers studied 17,000 children born in 1970 and checked which ones ate lollies daily at age 10. Seventy per cent of those who did were arrested for
violent offences when adults. Researchers think it might not be due to eating lollies, but due to the way they were given to the children. Bribing children with
lollies might cause impulsive behaviour.

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                                                                                              Edition 62 • October 2009
A Letter to District 73 Members by Damian Chong DTM, District 73 Governor
Ahead of us is a year like no other that District 73     a couple of meetings where only 3 members                for the specific skills our members are looking for.
has seen. We have experienced significant progress       attended. We considered whether there was a              Keep an eye out for workshops coming up in your
and success over the last few years and with the         future for the club to make a recovery. Actually,        regions;
combined effort of each member, officer and club         recovery is now an understatement. For two years         Improved targeted public relations both within
we shall see even greater accomplishments in the         running we have achieved 8 goals. The energy is          our organisation as well as to those outside our
coming year.                                             amazing! We now have 3 prepared speeches an              membership. Knowing our brand is an aspect we
Exceed Expectations is our theme for this year. We       evening and almost have to fight to get a spot on        can address more. One of the aims of this year’s
trust this will be the driving attitude to achieve not   the speaking programme. There is so much drive           Executive team is to create a more solid branding
only our own growth, but also the growth of our          that we have volunteered to speak at other clubs to      of District 73 that each member will be proud to be
fellow members, our clubs and our District.              add to their programme. For Launceston club’s 10th       associated with.
                                                         anniversary we want to achieve 10 out of 10 goals!
Australians are known for our relaxed friendly                                                                    Toastmasters International is a not for profit
                                                         Exceed Expectations.
attitude and in many instances pushing each other                                                                 communication          and    leadership       training
for goal achievement is un-cool. Our challenge is to     The Distinguished Club Programme (DCP) helps             organisation. When we address all aspects
merge the two aspects: to keep our quintessential        serve as a key performance target for clubs to aim       of communication and leadership goals and
personality and to assist our members achieve. The       for each financial year. Can 80 percent of our clubs     understand that when we own the growth of
more we address our members’ needs, the longer           be Distinguished or better? Yes – it is done regularly   everyone’s progress, not only our own, we can
they will stay. The longer they stay, the better the     as the members take hold of the club goals and           deliver more than what we initially expected
chances of completing milestones of recognitions,        encourage each other to achieve. Imagine being           possible. This applies to every club whether it is a
both personal and for our clubs.                         able to walk into any club in Australia and know         community or a corporate club.
                                                         that you are walking into a quality club! Once a
Thinking strategically is vital to any organisation,                                                              District 73’s primary mission is to assist clubs to
                                                         club catches the quality club bug, you will notice
no matter its size. Common experiences of                                                                         become healthier and, in doing so, help expand
                                                         jostling for speaking spots on the programme. You
vibrant successful clubs are that each year, they                                                                 the membership and number of clubs. We have a
                                                         will also notice that achieving 5 goals for the clubs
have strategic direction to: adhere to an attitude                                                                strategy in place to do this. Our District officers are
                                                         will be easy; the question is how we can Exceed
to address its members’ needs; and aims to                                                                        committed to help coordinate this effort for our
become a Distinguished Club or better. Becoming                                                                   clubs. What we require of you is a commitment to
Distinguished or better does not come without            Our strategy is to encourage:                            be the powerhouse of leadership for your clubs to
effort, but it is possible. Importantly, our members’    Planning for success. Study the DCP and develop          lead each member – inspire and encourage them
attitude of owning each other’s successes is the         club goals based on the needs and goals of your          to achieve their goals so that individually and
key driver.                                              members;                                                 corporately, we shall Exceed Expectations.
My home club is one such case that has had a             Mentorship at all levels. Whether a new or an            Damian Chong District Governor 2009-2010
significant turn around – Five years ago, we had         established member, there are mentors out there

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                                                                                                Edition 62 • October 2009
Welcome to Toastmasters...
Club                      New Member               Club                     New Member              Club                 New Member
Adelaide                  Grant Winn               City Centre              Antonio Yao             North Melbourne       Dale F Tarek
Adelaide                  Robert Elftmann          City Centre              Jeremy Lines            North Melbourne       Lincoln J Glover
Adelaide                  Irene Lee                City Centre              Ameya A Khandekar       Northern Lights       Cam G Seddon
Adelaide                  Nic Szuster              Croydon Yarra Valley     Rachel Connell          Quintessence          Joe Lim
Adelaide City             Dan McGrath              Dandenong Ranges         Philip Squire           Shepparton            Singh Karambir
Adelaide City             William Smallacombe      Dandenong Ranges         Roger W Meade           Southern Lights       Carina Marasco
Adelaide City             Laetitia Van Tonder      Dandenong Ranges         Mark P Curtis           Southern Lights       Daniela Krmova
Adelaide City             Alice Rockingham Gill    Diamond Valley           Tina L Jensen           Southern Lights       Elizabeth A Falconer
Adelaide City             Peter D McEvey           Diamond Valley           Noel R Lock             Southsiders           Santosh Majety
AECOMmunicators           Lorena V Furnier         Diamond Valley           Joel J Hewish           Southsiders           Thomas W Jude
AIAWA Club                Kate Vikingur            Docklands                Roger Kerr              St George’s           Karla Leed
AIAWA Club                Benjamin Bauert          Electric Toasters        Melissa Dandridge       St George’s           Michael Clissold
AIAWA Club                Thomas Graef             Electric Toasters        Marcia Han              St George’s           Lesley French
AIAWA Club                Nyomi Graef              Essendon                 Stephen McKeever        Stirling              Paul A Roberts
AIAWA Club                Aswin Pribadi            Five-O-Five              Rachel Johnson          Stirling              Roy T Stewart
Alfred                    Jenny Trang Pham         Five-O-Five              Muhammad J Sadeq        Swan                  Justin Harry
Alfred                    Natalie Lumsden          Footscray Skyline        Aseem Malhotra          Talkabout             Grace Minton
ANZ Talk of the Town      Darwin Mesina            Glen Waverley            Laila A Lakhani         Technospeakers        Timothy Ko
ANZ Talk of the Town      Rachel Seo               Hawthorn                 Imm Cheng Chew          The Babylons          Katrina N Gillett
Ballarat                  Karen J Hummel           Hobart                   Catherine Fu            The Gavellers         Eugen Bacon
Ballarat                  John M Hummel            Kingston Communicators   Gangadhar Bevinakoppa   Tuesday Chatters      Tracey Elvery
Ballarat                  Kylie A Symons           Kingston Communicators   Rakesh Routhu           Tuesday Chatters      Sheila Fullee
Ballarat                  Michael J Torpy          Launceston               Jean-Jacques LeGrand    Tuesday Chatters      David B Bowler
Ballarat                  Glenn R Stevens          Mandjar                  Colin O’Brien           UWA                   Shirui Meng
Banyandah                 Sarah Zhang              Mandjar                  Lesley Morrison         UWA                   Kee Cordelia
Business Talk             John Stamatokos          Mandjar                  Don Ellard              UWA                   Raymond Tsang
Business Talk             Darren H Saunderson      Mandjar                  Dean M Wilson           Werribee              Amit R Padwal
Business Talk             Adele Elice-Invaso       Mornington Peninsula     Brian G Cohen           Young Guns            Andrew M Kyffin
Canning Vale              David N Clarke           Nillumbik                Anthony J Guadagno      Young Guns            Alan S K Hon
Canning Vale              Raf Cammarano            Nillumbik                Clinton D Hewish        Young Guns            Katrina Bercov
Central Communicators     Pedro Gonzalez           Nine-90                  Amanda Meric            Young Guns            Cameron J Poustie
Central Communicators     Matthew D West           North Adelaide           Shana Galli             Young Guns            Angela V Vorobey
Central Highlands Water   Sharon D Arkell          North Adelaide           Yvonne M Weir           Young Guns            Ryan Martin
Central Highlands Water   Glenn F Arkell           North Adelaide           Neil Graham             Young Guns            James C Ramsay
City Centre               Olivia Holme             North Adelaide           Margaret Graham-King    Young Guns            Jonathan V Stow

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                                                                              Edition 62 • October 2009
The following people have achieved Educational Awards   Advanced Communicator Bronze                               Have an
during the month of September.
Distinguished Toastmaster
                                                        Tim D Blackburn
                                                        Bill Burley Macedon Ranges
                                                                                   St. George’s
                                                                                                               interesting story
Andrew Breeden
Lea D Fernance
                               Box Hill
                                                        Heljo Cameron
                                                        Emmi Godau
                                                        Christina L Hodson
                                                                                   Victoria Quay
                                                                                   Northern Exposure
                                                                                                                    to tell?
Matthew E Ibrahim              DSTO Melbourne
                                                        Linda T House              Croydon - Yarra Valley
Carrol Jones                   Williamstown
                                                        Joy D Nicholson            Eastern Shore
                                                                                                                Learnt valuable
Caroline D Liddicoat           Launceston
                                                        Competent Communicator
Leadership Excellence                                   Melvin Chrys Abraham       Yarra Valley Water
Andrew Breeden
Anna C Hergt
                               Box Hill
                                                        Sylvia Chuah
                                                        Lynette A Horrigan
                                                                                                                 lessons worth
Matthew E Ibrahim              DSTO Melbourne           Carrol Jones               Williamstown
Kathryn Anne Wachsmuth         South Melbourne          Wilmar Lay                 ANZ Talk Of The Town
Ross Phillip Wilkinson         Fremantle Gourmet        Julia Makin                Croydon - Yarra Valley
Advanced Leader Silver                                  Dietmar L Mazanetz         St. George’s

                                                                                                                  Why not tell
Andrew Breeden                 Box Hill                 Richard Alexandre
Lea D Fernance                 Margaret River                     Paul Robinson    Monash
Matthew E Ibrahim              DSTO Melbourne           Vishisht Nia Srinivasan    Quintessence
Carrol Jones Williamstown
Max Warlond,                   PostMasters
                                                        Clement Yeung              Moonee Ponds
                                                                                                               all of District 73!
Advanced Leader Bronze
Lea D Fernance                 Jetty
Competent Leader
                                                              “The artist finds a greater                     Closing date for submissions to
Connie Guglielmino
Bill Hewitt Curtin GSB
                               Tuesday Chatters              pleasure in painting than in                   Southern Cross is the last day of the
Lynette A. Horrigan            Ballarat                                                                        month preceding publication
Nicholas Kastelein             Tea Tree Gully
                                                             having a completed picture.”
Advanced Communicator Silver                                                – Seneca
Michael Malone               Young Guns
Patricia Rice                Jetty

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                                                                                 Edition 62 • October 2009

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