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Happy 10th Birthday - PDF


Happy 10th Birthday

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                                                                             Current President -
                  Founding President—Kellie                                  Gale Oxenford com-
                  Mills was President for 6                                  menced her reign in
                  years from 1999 to 2005                                    2005 and continued
                  and is now a Life Member.                                  the good work of the
                  Kellie is passionate about                                 Network with the
                  working with women. The                                    philosophy of creating
                  Kempsey and Coffs Coast                                    a welcoming and non-
                  BWN’s were set up using                                    clicky environment for
                  her philosophy and frame-       business women to learn from each other. Gale
                  work. Kellie has motivated      has been active in seeing the Network grow to
                  many women to support her       over 230 members. Gale is an inspiration to us
on her Committee’s and                            all as she works through her own challenges to
assist with the growth of the Network in the      lead a very special group.
Hastings. Kellie now resides in Newcastle.

About The Network
The Poppy Symbol
Chosen as it represents the right of every business woman to hold her head high and, like the tall
poppy, stand out from the crowd. We encourage all member to celebrate their successes at
whatever level they choose.

HBWN Objectives
•  To lift the level of awareness, acceptance and visibility of women and the talents and
   resources they have to offer the economy
•  To provide a pooling facility for like-minded individuals to share information, ideas and
   knowledge and bring about positive change
•  To learn from and motivate each other by fostering an environment where positive
   influences are the “norm” and the word “can’t” is not part of the vocabulary used
•  To create a non-critical gathering place for all members in which to support, encourage and
   challenge one another to achieve beyond their own expectations in all aspects of life

Code of Ethics
•   We do not use hard-sell tactics on any member or guest of the organisation
•   We keep the membership list and directory private and confidential, apart from those details
    listed on our website
•   We will follow up on contacts courteously, with integrity and in a non-threatening manner
•   We will support others through referrals, advice and information
•   We will use the network to build relationships, make friends and build trust with other

Monthly Breakfast are the basis of the “life” of the Network with varying venues throughout the
Hastings hosting the ladies, always with great speakers and opportunities for members to pro-
mote their businesses.
               Business Woman of the Year Award

2001                             2003                           2005
Business Woman of the            Business Woman of the          Business Women of the
Year—                                       Year                Year

                                                                Sue Reid
                                                Peta            Healthy &
              Carmel Krogh,                     Simmons,        Fitness
              Hastings Council                  Bennetts
                                                Steel           Young
Young Achiever—Anna Banks,                                      Achiever—
Baker Delight                    Members Choice—                Cindy Tate from LJ Hooker
                                 Caron Dyball                   Real Estate
New Business—Sue Reid—                                          New Business—Kathy Ba-
Discovery Health &Fitness        Young Achiever—                lodis, East Coast Holidays
                                 Kate Wood—Silverspoon          Small Business winner was
Small Business—Kate Harding—     Catering                       Pam Albutt from Lincoln
Professional Injury Management                                  Greenery
                                 Small Business Kim Brown,      Corporate/Government—
Corporate—Robyn Burley North     Dallas Boutique                Janine Buesnel from Port
Coast Institute of TAFE                                         News
                                 New Business—Tanya New-
                                 man, Maul & Wedge
2002                             Licensed Restaurant             2008 Business Woman of
Business Woman of the Year—                                      the Year—Sue Carson
Christine Hill, Rural Home Nursing Winter, Hastings Co-op Ltd    Tall Poppy—
Service                                                          Anne Kocass
                                 2004 Business Woman of the
Corporate/Government winner—     Year became a bi-annual         Young
Mary Snell of Donovan Oates      event                           Achiever—
Hannafod Lawyers                                                 Yasmin
Small Business—Lyn Richardson
of Rosewood Environmental Ser-
                                      Below, Loris Hendy promoting the Network at the Expo
                                  Life Members of the
New Business—Judy Hodge of
Judy Hodge Real Estate            Network—Kellie Mills,
                                  Helen Ross and
Young Achiever—Libby Robertson
                                  Michelle Vassallo
of Addlib Hair Art

                                  Winners are grinners,
                                  Janine Buesnel,
                                  Leanne Alexander,
                                  Sue Reid, Gale Oxen-
                                  ford and Barbara Smith
Superwoman Conferences                     Don’t forget to visit our website;
Superwoman 2000                            hbwn.com.au—find out all about member
Guest Speaker—Cindi Kaplin—International   offers, networks, what’s on, relevant issues and
Author and speaker                         events along with some great special offers.
                                           Special thanks to Melinda Kelf for all her work with
Superwoman 2001                            the website.
Guest Speaker—Audrey Watson—World
wide TV Marketing personality
                                           The Wauchope Chapter of HBWN holds
Superwoman 2002—Linda Hailey—author
                                           networking functions in and around the township to
of Kickstart Marketing
                                           provide an opportunity for local business women to
Superwoman 2004—A Night with Ita           network and socialise. Holding networking break-
(Buttrose)                                 fasts in Wauchope allows enough time for local
                                           business women to meet and eat before they dash
Celebration of Women in Business Gala      off to open their businesses on time. Throughout
Dinner—23 September 2006                   the year the Wauchope Chapter has held success-
Guest speaker Stella Axarlis               ful dinner networking events where business
                                           women from Port Macquarie and Wauchope meet
Below—Lunch n Learn                        together, after work, to exchange ideas and infor-
                                           mation, sometimes specific to each locality. There
                                           is a positive spirit within the HBWN that allows for
                                           business women to network at a variety of venues
                                           and locations across Port Macquarie, Wauchope
                                           and the Camden Haven .

                                                    200th Member Party—Friday 25
Our 2003 “Ab Fab”                                   July 2008
team who organised                                  An excited gathering of princesses
our Trivia Fundraiser                               partied and celebrated the 200th member
for Breast Cancer:                                  of the network. Each guest received a
L-R Ann-Maree                                       tiara and a glass of sparkling wine to start
Crowe, Julie Berry,                                 the night off on the right foot.
Sue Reid, Ivana                                     Left: Sally Moriaty, Cara Pirkebner,
Agapiou                                             Pauline Bryant
                                                    Below: Di Edgerly, Barbara Smith,
                                                    Melinda Kelf
                         Statistics and milestones

Membership Numbers—
Now over 230.

2000 “Say no to Drugs”             2008/09 HBWN Committee

                                                Women Mean Business
                                                A few interesting facts.....
                                                •    Women in Australia are starting new busi-
                                                     nesses at double the rate of men
                                                •    Women own more than 40% of all Australian
                                                     small businesses
                                                •    Women’s businesses have a higher survival
                                                     rate than Men’s businesses
Business Women’s Network                             Source-Unifem Gender Issues 4—internet
Scholarship for a budding young busi-
ness woman to attend University through    Special Projects like the 2002 “Ab Fab” Trivia Night
Newcastle University Port Macquarie        raised $1,000’s for breast Cancer. Our members cre-
Campus. Monica Littlewood received         ated a fun night and hosted/compared and participated
$2,000 towards her degree. The program     in a fun night. Sue Reid, Julie Berry, Ivana Agapiou,
continues as ongoing support for future    Vanessa Brenton and Ann-Maree Crowe dressed as Ab
business women.                            Fab personalities and ensured that everyone laughed
                                           the night away.
Field of Women 2002 saw members
participate in a Silent Walk against       2003 Mentoring Program, funded by State and Re-
domestic violence                          gional Development saw 38 women graduate from the 6
                                           month program. This program was only a success due
The First Committee—Secretary              to the Mentoring by Members of the Network
Janine Buesnel, Treasurer Karen            Again in 2008 the Mentoring Program saw approxi-
Bishton/Ann-Maree Crowe, Diana Hook        mately 20 women participate in the Mentoring Program
Caron Dyball

Disclaimer: This newsletter was prepared with                       Lets not forget
the best intentions, goodwill and respect for the                   our silent
HBWN, if any information is incorrect, I am sorry.                  achievers who
As well as for pictures I could not source, the                     are always there
knowledge and achievements I may have                               for the Network—
missed. Yours in Business Ann-Maree Crowe                           Caron from Snap
                                                                    - Janine from
Special Events—                  Our very own “Pink                 Rural Press
* Movies under the Stars         Ladies”
* Lunch ‘n’ Learn Seminars       raising funds for
* Combined meetings with         Breast Cancer;
Chamber of Commerce and          Helen Lock,
Business Enterprise Centre       Sandra Smails,
have helped members develop      Maureen Hales,
confidence and business con-     Vicki Carnes,
tacts.                           Monica Hayes
* Great Debate

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