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									Why We Use Plastic Money
Author: Ajeet Khurana
Thanks to credit cards we can purchase anything we like at any time these days. This is such a change from the older days when we had
to first check whether cards were accepted. The world is now a changed place. Today, everybody, from retailers to lenders to aircraft
carriers, accept credit cards. Attitudes to the credit card have also changed a great deal. Whereas people used to be wary of the idea of
using the card, that is no longer the case. The people of today prefer to whip out there cards as soon as they manage to reach the
payment counter. A swipe and a sign is all it takes, and one can walk home with the bill and the stuff to go with it.

Credit cards are so much easier to carry than cash that it is not too shocking that the former is taking over as the most preferred mode of
payment. A credit card occupies very little space in our wallets, and yet, it carries much more power than a few bundles of cash. Paying
by credit card is also a good way of keeping tabs on where all our money keeps going. While making cash payments, it tends to get
difficult to keep a track of anything but the largest bills. But in the case of credit cards, our credit card slips and our monthly statements
clearly tell us where all our money keeps disappearing.

Moreover, it has become a whole lot easier to get credit cards these days. I constantly have cold callers telephoning to update me about
"a great new credit card deal". Salespersons occasionally walk into our office offering discounts if a group of people decides to take up
that card at once. Why, credit card vendors even put up stalls at strategic locations and these attract quite a few customers.

However, the ease with which we can get credit cards tends to be a major problem. Nowadays, we always run the risk of getting landed
with a dud. When the terms seem to be too easy, we should ensure that we read the fine print carefully. Before availing of a credit card, it
is necessary to know enough about the good and bad aspects. Often enough, a credit card may seem to offer a great deal, but there
may be some disadvantages that one is overlooking. The only way to tackle this is to make sure we do our homework before we go
credit card hunting. This will make finding the best bargains a whole lot easier.
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