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Grey water Diverter Unit


Grey water Diverter Unit

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									                                                              Grey water
 The ESA Envirowater grey water diverter unit allows you to
   maintain a healthy garden by keeping your soil moist.

Grey Water Diverter                               How it works
• Keep your garden green - By diverting your      The ESA Envirowater™ grey water diverter is a
  laundry and/or shower water to your garden      compact unit which is able to gather water being
  to maintain a beautiful, lush garden all year   dispersed from your laundry and/or shower and
  round.                                          divert it to your garden via a drip irrigated hose
                                                  (not included). The unit complies with EPA
• Safe & Easy to use - The automatic pump         limitations on the storage of grey water
  disperses grey water straight to your garden
  & the overflow ensures no spills or leaks.
                                                  Why divert
• Compact & Stylish - This unit is available in   Diversion is a no fuss, low cost way of re-using
  a 500 litre model or 80 litre as pictured.      valuable water for your garden. Using an ESA
  Available in a range of different colours.      Envirowater grey water diverter is inexpensive,
                                                  simple and low maintenance.

  Divert your laundry water straight to your garden!

Please note: This drawing is not to scale.

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