The Golden Retriever Club of Manitoba

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					                                        G o ld e n R e tr ie v e r
                                        C lu b o f M a n it o b a

                                              M arch 2 8 , 2 0 09
                                                      J udge:
                                             J a n ic e P r o v e n z a n o

  GRCM Officers:
      President: Marshall Emek               Specialty Show Chairperson: Larry Kereluke
      Vice Pres: Jennifer Dawson             Northwinds Show Chairperson: Larry Kereluke
      Secretary: Pat Gibson                  Northwinds Show Secretary: Brenda Hewey
                                             Manitoba CKC Director: Gerry Taylor
Classes Offered:
      Regular Classes:             Junior Puppy     Bred by Exhibitor           Veterans
                                   Senior Puppy     Canadian Bred               Specials Only
                                   12 to 18 Month   Open
Non-Regular:                       Stud Dog and Get          Brood Bitch and Progeny
Unofficial Class:
Gun Dog - Only dogs having achieved at least one level of a recognized field
Event may enter. Please send a copy of the Field Certificate with entry.
Altered dogs may compete in the Gun Dog class.

Prizes and/or rosettes offered for: First in Class, Winners Male,
Reserve Winners Dog, Winners Bitch, Reserve Winners Bitch, Best In Specialty,
Best of Opposite Sex, Best of Winners, Best Puppy in Specialty, Stud Dog,
Brood Bitch, Gun Dog, and Brace. Ribbons and prizes offered for all class placings.
A Judge’s Award(s) of Merit will be offered for every ten dogs competing in Best of Breed
THE CATHY HOLMES MEMORIAL TROPHY will be awarded to the Best Puppy in Specialty.

Obedience: The Dr. Croll Trophy will be awarded to the Golden Retriever with the Highest
Qualifying Score in Trial at the Golden Retriever Club of Manitoba Trial on Saturday,
March 28,2009.

Entry Fees:
Regular classes as per Northwinds Premium List. Non-Regular and
Unofficial Classes at no extra fee. However, Entrants must be entered in the
Specialty or as Exhibition Only.

Following the Specialty please join us for the Golden Retriever Club of Manitoba’s dinner
and auction. For more information please contact Babette Cohen at (204)488-0640
or email or Dawn Daley at (204)467-9138 or email

1. No entry will be accepted unless completed in full. Handlers and
   agents please note that the full name and address of all owners must
   be filled in. Incomplete entries will be returned. The Trial Committee
   reserves the right to refuse any entry as prescribed by CKC rules.
2. Cancellation of entries after the closing date is prohibited except
   according to CKC rules.
3. The Trial Superintendents will be in full charge of the trial.
4. Entry fees will not be refunded in the event that a dog is absent, sick,
   or excused by a veterinarian or judge, or barred from competition by
   action of the Trial Committee, or because it is entered incorrectly.
5. The Golden Retriever Club of Manitoba will use due care and
   diligence concerning the welfare of the dogs and exhibitors, but will
   not be responsible for nor assume any liability in the event of an
   accident or other misfortune to either dogs, exhibitors or patrons.
   There will be no night security.                                                                   Official Premium List
6. If, because of riot, civil disturbance, or other acts beyond the control
   of the management, it is impossible to open or complete the show,                 THE GOLDEN RETRIEVER CLUB OF MANITOBA
   no refund of entry fees will be made.                                                           is pleased to offer
7. As per CKC obedience rules and regulations, section 19.7, no judge, club                     4 OBEDIENCE TRIALS
   official, ring steward, volunteer or competitor shall be subject to indignities
   of any kind.                                                                                    March 26, 27 & 28, 2009
8. Only dogs entered in the Northwinds show or the GRCM trials are                             St. Norbert Community Centre
    allowed in the show building.                                                            3450 Pembina Hwy., Winnipeg, MB.
10. The Golden Retriever Club of Manitoba is not responsible for                             Trial Secretary:   Jennifer Dawson
    contracts made with the Show Photographer.                                                                  801 Coventry Rd.
11. There will be exercise areas provided and exhibitors must use these                                         Winnipeg, MB.
    areas and must clean up after their dogs.                                                                   R3R 1B8
12. The St. Norbert Community Centre is a smoke free building.                                                  Ph: (204)896-1678

HOTELS/MOTELS THAT ACCEPT DOGS                                                        Entries close: Tuesday, Mar. 17, 2009 @ 9:00pm
Holiday Inn    2935 Pembina Hwy.                                (204) 275-7711        Drop off entries: Best West Pet Foods - 1150 St. James St.
Comfort Inn    3109 Pembina Hwy.                               (800) 228-5150                           Pet Valu – 35-5 Reenders Dr.
Capri Motel    1819 Pembina Hwy.                               (204) 269-6990
Pembina Plains 2583 Pembina Hwy.                               (204) 269-2526        These events are held under the rules of and with the
                                                                                          Permission of The Canadian Kennel Club
Exhibitors please note that these trials are being held at the same venue                         Suite 400-200 Ronson Dr.
as the Northwinds All Breed Conformations Shows. Please contact                                        Etobicoke, ON.
Brenda Hewey, Show Secretary at 204-256-8252 for further information                                      M9W 5Z9
on these shows.
      The Executive of the Golden Retriever Club of Manitoba                                    Entry Fees

PRESIDENT: Marshall Emek                                           Obedience Trial (per dog, per trial)                        $23.00
VICE-PRESIDENT: Jennifer Dawson                                    Four Trial entry (same dog, same class)                     $80.00
SECRETARY: Eleanore Reynaud                                        Exhibition Only                                             $10.00
TREASURER: Charlotte Hewey                                         CKC Listing Fee                                             $ 8.56

                          Trial Committee                        -Entries can be dropped off at Best West Pet Foods, 1150 St. James St.,
                                                                             Pet Valu, 35-5 Reenders Rd, or at 801 Coventry Rd.
Trial Chairman: Marshall Emek
Trial Superintendant: Marshall Emek                                          -Cheques should be made payable to: GRCM
Trial Secretary: Jennifer Dawson                                                  -All fees must accompany entries
Chief Ring Steward: Marshall Emek
Official Veterinarian: Academy of Veterinary Medicine                            -No Postdated Cheques will be accepted
Official Photographer: McMasters Photography                   - Tendering of an NSF cheque is considered non-payment of fees. It is an
                                                                 offense punishable by disciplinary action by the CKC. Any such offense
CKC Director for Manitoba: Geraldine Taylor                      will be reported to the CKC. There will be a $25.00 charge for NSF cheques.
                           Box 153, RR #2
                           Dugald, MB                                     -Entries close: Tuesday, Mar. 17, 2009 @ 9:00 p.m.
                           R0E 0K0
                                                                          -Entries may be mailed to:
CKC Obedience Representative: Gail Carroll                                          GRCM
                                                                                    801 Coventry Rd.
CKC Show Representative: Olive Taylor                                               Winnipeg, Mb.
                                                                                     R3R 1B8
                                                                                               Prize List
Michel A. Calhoun (MC) 540 Montee Giroux
                       Hemmingford, QC. J0l 1H0                      Highest Score in Trial (HiT)               $50.00 + Rosette
                                                                     First in each official class               Rosette + Prize
Pierre J. LaLonde (PL) 10769 Hulbert Rd. RR 1                  The GRCM is also pleased to offer a prize for the highest qualifying score
                       Brinston, ON. K0E 1C0                            for a Golden Retriever in official classes at each trial.
                                                               The GRCM will also offer a prize for the highest scoring Golden Retriever
                        Judging Assignments                                              in all four trials.

Trial #1        Trial#2         Trial #3           Trial#4
Friday AM       Friday PM       Saturday           Sunday
 MC              PL              MC                  PL