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                                                               DIGITAL MODULATOR
                                                                       UHF Channels
                                                                      Patented Pending

                                                     INNOVATION & PERFORMANCE
Introducing Visicom’s High Performance “DIGITAL MODULATOR” . Dedicated to the UHF Channels 39 - 69
The DM– 1809 is a single channel digital modulator which can be assign to a specific channel to suit a particular area
or region within Australia currently preset at the factory . The DM-1809 has the typical Video , Audio L
& Audio R RCA inputs for analog interface and a high quality 3 Ghz “F” Female Port for the Digital output..
The DM-1809 has a very low heat output and is sealed against moisture ingress to a standard if IP65.
The DM-1809 is very compact and has mounting handles on each side for Wall mounting.
Suitability for the DM-1809 is typically commercial or large projects, MDU’s etc. Also suitable for larger homes
were there are multiple Digital Set Tops or Digital TV’s. Suitable for most set tops in Australia.

      TURN ANALOG                                                                PART No DM-1809 Module

                INTO                                                             15 Channel selection on site.

  Standard : DVB-T                                          Audio Coding: Sterio MPEG2 Audio, bit rate 128Kbits

  Modulation: COFDM                                         RF Output:    39 - 69

  Video Coding: MPEG main Profile                            Tuning Range: Typically 30% of centre frequency.

  @ Main Level I,P and B Frames supported.                   Output Power: -5 to 0db depending on freq/band.

  Composite: PAL / NTSC                                      Input power: 12 volt. (Power Supply Provided )

  Video Resolution: 720x576/480, 360x576/480, 360x288/240 Case Size:      120mm Wide x 95mm High x 40mm Deep

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