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					The Network Marketing and Mlm Business Model
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For over 25 years, Forever Living company keeps developing and selling health and beauty products. Among products we could find
aloe Vera drinks, 100% natural bee products, combo pack, literature and sales tools to help you build your successful business and
achieve financial freedom, nutrition provide us with the essential vitamins and minerals to our body health, personal care products like
lotions, gels, shampoos, and cleansers, skin care products help providing essential nutrients and vitamins to our skin, color collection
which combine only natural ingredients like aloe Vera, antioxidant vitamins, marine extracts and chamomile. FLP had also provided
weight loss products. Benefits of an FLP distributor (according to FLP): Retail Profits - you could earn 43% retail profit on purchased
products. For example, for every $100 you spend to purchase a product at your wholesale price, you sell the product to your customers
for $143, and thus you could earn 43% retail profit. The personal benefit - you could get 5% up to 18% on your personal retail sales. After
achieving the assistant Supervisor level in the marketing plan, you would receive a monthly bonus based upon the retail value of all
purchased products. Distributor benefits:you could earn 5% up to 18% on your new distributor's retail sales. When you sponsor new
distributors, each month you receive a bonus based upon the retail value of all purchased products.

Group volume benefits - you could earn 3% up to 13% on the retail sales of the distributors in your group. After achieving the Supervisor
level in the marketing plan, you can qualify to receive a monthly bonus.

Leadership bonus -leaders earn up to 6% on retail sales of the distributors who are under the managers in your group. When you
develop managers in your group, you can qualify to receive a monthly bonus.

Exotic Trips - Qualify for all expense paid trips.

Special - you can earn gifts, trips and special recognition periodically.

DXN was founded by dr.Jin . He searched for Lingzhi's benefits for 20 years. DXN is one of the most well known and fast growing
network marketing organizations in the world according to its web site. Dxn has international branches on 18 countries, DXN brought
many product for better health, health food supplements, household product series, personal Care Series, Skin Care, Cosmetic Series,
and water treatment. According to DXN, you can earn 5 or 6 figure monthly income depends on your sales skills. If you want to become
an independent marketer, you have to purchase membership kit. The kit includes all the information you need to succeed in your network
marketing business. Y don't need to buy products by yourself, but when calculating your points and sales value, bonuses are awarded
based on accumulated group sales volume points(6%-25%).

Avon considers itself to be the world's leading direct seller of beauty and related products. Its stock is traded for 14 years, with 14
quarterly dividends of 4 cents a share to 17 cents a share. Avon uses five million independent sales representatives to sell its products
which include Avon Color, Skin-So-Soft, Avon Solutions, hair care, Avon naturals, mark, Avon wellness and even an extensive line of
fashion jewelry and apparel. Y are offered to join outstanding career opportunity, to get a huge network marketing success. Avon offers
you compensation package, rewards and benefits including personal development programs to help you succeed. A research I have
made showed that there are several fees that need to be considered like seminars, monthly payment of $15 for your official promotional
website to help you marketing yourself, and you should be selling a huge number of products if you want to make good money.

BPI's products intend to increase fuel saving, decrease harmful emissions and improve the performance of our car's vehicle. The major
product was tested by leading labs and is considered to be environmental friendly. The company promises money back guarantee and a
company warranty verify to all its customers. The compensation plan includes a new binary compensation plan, developed just for its
member's needs. Successful sales would give you more bonus commissions, paid directly to you. The company has paid $2 million
dollars in just 13 short weeks, so it seems to be interesting. BPI offers its members online tools and training to succeed and to earn
money, so the agent can send the customer to his personal replicating web site, which can present the product with more information, so
the agent actually could build international worldwide network, and keep marketing himself through email campaign. BPI's products
include the biompg emission improver, which could make every car go further on a gallon of gas. According to the company's web site,
bio-build intends to help facilitate the building of muscle and the burning of fat.

Other BPI's products:

bioboost for good metabolism, biocharge for more energy, biocomplete and biocalm. Optional retail packs and prices are

1 Gold standard for $149 gives 75 BV (Business Volume),optional 350$ to upgrade. Fast start product pack worth 160 bv.

2 An IBO will be earning qualified while he applies for an sales aid Kit for $29 (the price for fully integrated back Office).

Amway is one of Alticor's family of companies and is a global leader in direct selling, with over three million Independent Business
Owners (IBOs) in over 80 countries. Amway product's include household cleaning products, such as SA8 laundry detergent and liquid
organic concentrate, health and beauty products like artistry cosmetics and skin care, therapeutic magnet, nutritional supplements,
Amway personal care products , hair care products, body, soaps and lotions, men's skin care products, and oral care system. Also
Amway brings you home care products, water purifiers, air treatment systems, and cookware. Amway's business model offered by
Quixtar derives from your "pv" - points calculated from your monthly products selling volume, your sponsored sales, your leads quality,
and your selling strategy, therefor points you earned determine the bonus you would be able to get and the money you could make,
starting from 3% for 100 points up to 25% for 7500 points.

ACN offers quality services with more value to its consumer, and for those who want to earn money by joining a business ownership
opportunity. Acn's services include Internet phone calls, local calling service combined with long distance DSL, and many other Internet
services. ACN offers direct services by its independent representatives. Upon acceptance, joining and working for ACN as an agent will
cost you 499$ and 149$ renewal fees. Phone services are supplied by the company for 24.99$ a month plus taxes. Y could get video-
phone for 225$ and an adapter with major cell phone carriers. Y income derives from the amount of time that your customers are
spending talking on the phone. Attention must be given to the fact that you will earn only while your customers remain members. If they
quit with the service, you might not be paid, so your money making position is always conditional.

Arbonne offers brand skin care products and sells them all over the world through its network of independent Consultants. Arbonne has
many kinds of products to delight your skin and senses, provide a combination of texture and scent, body luxuries, holiday Lights Set,
dessert inspired collection, increase vitality, and Weight Loss Chews. Arbonne considers its business plan for agents, to be one of the
most dynamic and generous in the network marketing industry. Arbonne's rewards for successful sales include: many kinds of cash
bonuses, sales overrides, discounts, generation overrides, travel and life insurance benefits. Arbonne's Independent marketing
consultant could earn from Arbonne's compensation plan in two ways: Through retail profit- Buying products from the company, getting
nice discounts and selling them for a higher price, Or by earning bonus the company gives for high business sales volume of the agent
himself, and other agents on his team. Becoming a consultant is considered to be at a low cost. Y get your personal ID number, and
you can have a 35% discount when placing an order for buying a product.

FreeLife offers us to drink juice and our life expectancy rate could rise. The juice name is HIMALAYAN GOJI® juice. Freelife conducts
7 step process starts by selecting, inspecting, juicing, analyzing, preserving balance, and testing. FreeLife's Science team supports
responsible research projects to keep the product fit. The himalayan juice was released by Freelife in October 2003. Freelife has
several marketing rules to its agents, some of its basic rules are integrity, advocating policies, honesty, motivation, and the main rule
is:"encouraging others to purchase product just to earn higher commissions or bonuses under FreeLife's compensation plan is not

Buying the juice goes with value packs. First kit contains 6 cases, worth 500 points with tag price of 649$.

Opportunity includes: each time a marketing executive within your five enrollment levels purchases a value pack or super value pack
within their first 2 months as a marketing executive, the fast start bonus will pay from 20$ to 5th level value pack up to 100$ for 1th level
super value pack. Freelife introduces a new and fun freedom pack including handy new backpack, booklet, newspaper, highly
professional magazine and more, to help you get the success you want and earn money as a network marketing business owner. So
becoming Freelife's independent agent is a big opportunity for you.

Due to recommendations for safe weight control, eating a balanced diet, low in calories and taking regular exercise, Herbalife started its
business as a network marketing company, specialized in selling nutritional supplement, and personal care products worldwide. It offers
core products, weight management products like healthy meals, appetite Control, metabolism boosters, enhancers, and protein snacks.
Other category of products HERBALIFE offer include energy and fitness, and targeted nutrition products like heart health, men's and
women's solutions, children's health, digestive health, immune solutions and stress management. Like other big network marketing
companies, HERBALIFE has various personal Care including skin essentials, skin revitalizers, anti aging, body essentials, hair
essentials and fragrances. Opportunity and compensation plan: due to the company's statement, the supervisor earning level was 87.5%
of all active leaders. Total monthly earnings were 549$ in 2006. HERBALIFE offers you a top life changing compensation opportunity
and one of the best among direct selling industry. As a distributor, you will get a top training to help you to succeed.

The compensation plan includes:

retail income of 25-50% of sales, 8-25% of sales volume as wholesale income, 5% as royalty income for 3 levels downline from sales
made by supervisors you have recruited. A nice bonus income of up to 6% of sales made by unlimited downline levels.


Merchants account to process credit cards monthly fees of 40$.

Becoming a supervisor might cost you about 2600$ to buy more products.

Web site maintenance fees are 12$.

Participating on Conference calls will cost about 6$ a month.

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