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					           THE FLASH
                                                                                                    October 2007

                                                                                                Volume 4, Issue 2

             The Official Newsletter of the Trend Village - Arlington Woods Community Association (TACA)

                    Notice of Annual General Meeting
           Wednesday, October 17 - 7:30 pm
        Community Centre Building - Bellman Drive

              Our community rink is at risk this year
   Come out and learn why this is happening and
  what you can do to help preserve this important
   feature of our community. The rink has always
   been heavily used by Knoxdale School for their
  gym program, and by many in the community for
         family skating and outdoor hockey

  This is the annual meeting to elect the executive for the Trend-Arlington
  Community Association for the coming year. It is important that anyone
interested in maintaining the community services we currently enjoy attend
                                this meeting.

                          Wine & Cheese will be served
Scheduled as a quarterly publication, THE FLASH is published by the Trend Village-Arlington Woods Community Asso-
ciation (TACA) and distributed free of charge to all residents and businesses of Trend Village and Arlington Woods.

THE FLASH endeavors to update all residents of Trend-Arlington about the happenings/challenges and successes in our
great community. THE FLASH is also interested in fostering community spirit and promoting the social, recreational and
community safety projects of TACA. Contact Don LeBlanc at 613-596-5692 to volunteer, discuss submissions or re-
serve advertising space.

The FLASH, October 2007                                                                                            1
                                                                 Inside this issue of THE FLASH

                                                            Notice of Annual General Meeting         1
                                                            Volunteers needed for January            2

                                                            Flash Advertising Costs                  2

                                                            Who is TACA - what do we do?             3

                                                            Your TACA Executive                      3

                                                            Volunteers needed for ice rink           4

                                                            Our Sponsors                             4

                                                            Community Website                        4

                                                            Community Events                         4

Call For Volunteers for Winter Fun Day
Planning has started for the annual winter carnival to be held on January 21, 2008. I know that seems a long
way off at this point, but the secret to a successful winter carnival is to do the planning ahead of time and en-
sure there are plenty of volunteers to help with activities before, during and after the event. If you haven’t
helped out at this very popular event before, please give it some thought and contact us at 613-828-3460 or
by email at : This is also a great way to get community service hours for students.

New indoor sports facility open in 2007
Who hasn’t noticed the large sand coloured indoor sports facility being built by TMSI Sports Management at
the corner of Greenbank and Hunt Club on the Ben Franklin Park site? TMSI is now accepting winter field
bookings for use of this facility. The Superdome has three fields available for a variety of sports such as Ulti-
mate Frisbee, soccer, rugby, lacrosse, football and more. The SUPERDOME is an 80,000 square foot, cli-
mate-controlled, indoor sports facility. It offers one regulation-size (310 x 182 feet) FIFA field or three 93 x
182 foot fields. The indoor driving range is open Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm. The dome is open for multi-
purpose sports Monday to Friday 5pm to midnight and Saturday and Sunday from 7am to midnight.
( or 613-829-3663)

             Flash Advertising Rates for 2008
                               BUSINESS CARD AD 2” X 3.5” $50 per issue or
                              Save 17.5% and advertise in 4 issues for just $165

                                 QUARTER PAGE AD OR ADVERTORIAL
         (photo plus approximately 200 words about your business) 4.25” x 5.5” for $100 per issue or
                              Save 25% and advertise in 4 issues for just $300

     CALL DON LEBLANC at 613-596-5692 or email to book your space today.

 We also offer very reasonable advertising rates on the Trend-Arlington website ( for
                              community merchants interested in this service.

The FLASH, October 2007                                                                                       2
Trend-Arlington Community Association
                You are invited to TACA's Annual General Meeting for Wine and Cheese
               Wednesday October 17th at 7:30pm in the community building on Bellman
                  We know everyone is busy but please come out and see how you can help
          Together, we can keep our community association alive and relevant to everyone’s needs
If you can’t make it for the AGM, but would like to help or get more information …please call TACA at
                            613-828-3460 or email us at

                              Trend Arlington Community Association (TACA)
          TACA is a volunteer organization that has existed in this neighbourhood since it was built
 Among other things, TACA looks after the community building on Bellman, establishes and maintains the
skating rink, and organizes the winter carnival, the community garage sale, and other popular local events,
as well as being the community liaison and voice to local government on matters that concern us all. TACA
has an active role in trying to keep our community a good place to live, but over the past few years our num-
                                             bers have dwindled.
                          BUT - We are a small group and cannot do it all by ourselves
We need help from people like you in Trend-Arlington who want to get involved in the community and
                help with the rink or help with other important community activities
For more information, please visit the community website ( or leave a message at the
     Trend/Arlington Community Building (613 828-3460), or send an email to

Current TACA Executive
Elections to select the new TACA executive for 2008 are being held on Wednesday October 17 at 7:30 pm at
the Community Centre Building on Bellman Drive. Come on out and help with our community.

Your TACA Executive Committee takes great pride in being able to serve the community. The 2007
Executive Committee for The Trend Village-Arlington Woods Community Association (TACA) has been

President:                                  Don LeBlanc       
Vice President                              Greg Lowell       
Secretary:                                  Andrea O’Connell  
Treasurer:                                  Carol Barber      
Building Coordinator:                       Christine MacRae  
Events Coordinator:                                           
Membership Coordinator:                     Greg Lowell       
Rink Coordinator:                           Elias Rassi       
Acting FLASH Publisher and Editor:          Don LeBlanc       
Website:                                    Don LeBlanc       

Meetings are normally held the third Wednesday of each month at the Community Building, 50 Bellman Drive,
Nepean, ON at 7:30 PM. All are welcome to attend. Why not come out and see what TACA is working on

The FLASH, October 2007                                                                                    3
Community rink may not happen this year!
 Losing our rink will significantly impact the Knoxdale school exercise program
With no rink, there will be no daytime skating program, there will also be no family skating or open air hockey
   in our community. Weather permitting, the rink is traditionally open from early January until mid-March
  Our rink is heavily used every year – losing it will be a major loss to the community. TACA needs
                          your help and participation to keep the rink open.
We need volunteers to make the ice and help run the rink. Without your participation, the rink won't be there
this year. It has been the same small group of volunteers helping every year and many of them are leaving
 We need a rink coordinator who can schedule the student and parent volunteers who help maintain
                                            the ice.
         We need 8-14 parent volunteers to help with snow removal and to help close at night
   This is not the time to sit at home and wait for someone else to do it!!! Call 613-828-3460 or email us at to see how you can help keep this important part of our community available to all

                                                     Old Authors Bookshop
                                                                         Est. 1936

                                                          We buy high-quality non-fiction books

                                                                      Roger or Carol


Our Community Website -
You are encouraged to check out the community website on a regular basis. It is your best resource for the
latest information on local events, input from the City of Ottawa on events and services they provide that are
of interest to this community, local and regional employment opportunities for youths, community sports, and
a local business directory. If you have news or information you wish to publish, please contact us and we will
work with you do it. Please send your inquiries to:

Calendar of Upcoming Community Events
October 17 – Annual General Meeting of Trend-Arlington Community Association—Wine & Cheese offered
November 21 – TACA monthly meeting (Community Centre Building – 7:30 pm)
December 9 – TACA Open House— Potluck snacks—come out and meet Santa & meet your neigbhours
December 19 – TACA monthly meeting (Community Centre Building – 7:30 pm)
January 21 – Annual Winter Carnival Fun Day
The FLASH, October 2007                                                                                         4

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