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									For immediate release
26 November 2007


The Murray Catchment Management Authority (CMA) is calling for further
Expressions of Interest in a range of drought management workshops being
conducted for the Murray CMA by NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI).

There are four different workshops covering a range of topics scheduled to
commence in February 2008 and run through to May 2008. The workshops are
funded by the Australian and NSW Governments through the “Building Landholder
Capacity to Manage Drought and Climate Change” project and other Murray CMA
investment programs.

Over 160 people from across the Murray Catchment have already nominated to
attend these workshops that were initially offered to over 500 landholders, who had
participated in the Murray CMA/NSW DPI Drought Lotting Workshops run from
December 2006 to March 2007, as part of the Murray CMA Drought Support

To allow planning for these workshops Expressions of Interest are sought by 14
December 2007.

An additional workshop “The Farmers Guide to Managing Climate Risk” is also being
offered by NSW DPI as part of their Climate Risk Management Project funded under
the NSW Greenhouse Plan. This workshop focuses on improving understanding on
how the weather works and the information relating to weather and climate change.
This workshop will cost $30 per participant.

The one day workshops offered are:
1) StockPlan - Developing a Drought Management Plan– to assist producers develop
a drought management plan, share experiences of drought management and receive
a copy and training in a computer based decision support tool to assist in decision
making about when to keep or sell stock, and feed budgeting.

2) Farm Water supply and Climate Risk – to assist producers consider how they can
manage climate risk and take them through a process of determining their water use
requirements, the capacity of their supplies and use this information to develop a
farm water management plan.

3) Managing Groundcover, Weeds and Soil Erosion – to assist producers make
informed management decisions relating to productivity and sustainability of their
farms by identifying the limitations and opportunities which exist in regards to their
land’s capability, soil and groundcover including weed management.
4) Drought Recovery Strategies – to assist producers in making informed decisions
about drought recovery through developing management strategies such as grazing
and livestock recovery plans.

5) The Farmers Guide to Managing Climate Risk (Cost $30 per participant) – to
assist farmers develop improved climate and weather risk management skills by
increasing their understanding of how weather works; interpreting weather maps;
understanding climate variability and climate change and provide information on
where to find weather and climate information.

For further information and an Expression of Interest form contact Murray CMA ph 02
6051 2200.

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