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					               The United Kingdom
              Lesson 1, Introduction
Class objectives
 Emphasize the consequences of obeying the LORD
 Emphasize the consequences of disobedience
 Discuss the remedy for apostasy
     Acts 26:20, …repent and turn to God, performing deeds appropriate to
 Refer to Table of Contents, one lesson each Wednesday
 Come to class prepared to discuss each lesson
     Concentrate discussions on the lesson objectives
Assignments for next class

                               The United Kingdom                            1
           Overall Chronology of the Biblical Record

c. 2166-1991 BC, Abraham                        c. 931-586 BC, Divided Kingdom
c. 2066-1886 BC, Isaac                             c. 931-586 BC, Kingdom of Judah
c. 2005-1859 BC, Jacob                             c. 931-722 BC, Kingdom of Israel
c. 1876 BC, Jacob and family go to              c. 586-538 BC, Babylonian Exile
Egypt                                           c. 536-516 BC, Temple Rebuilt
c. 1526-1406 BC, Moses                          c. 479 BC, Esther Installed
c. 1446 BC, First Passover                      c. 457 BC, Ezra Written
c. 1406 BC, Joshua leads Israel into            c. 440 BC, Malachi
      Canaan                                    c. 400 BC, Nehemiah Written
c. 1406-1350 BC, Period of Conquest             c. 6-4 BC, Birth of Christ
c. 1350-1051 BC, Era of Judges                  c. 30 AD, Crucifixion, resurrection,
c. 1050-931 BC, United Kingdom                  Pentecost
  c. 1050-1011 BC, King Saul                   c. 46-48 AD, First Missionary Journey
  c. 1011-971 BC, King David                   c. 50-52 AD, Second Missionary
  c. 971-931 BC, King Solomon                  Journey
                                                c. 53-57 AD, Third Missionary Journey

                                 The United Kingdom                                     2
           Lesson 1, Introduction
Why study the united kingdom?
 Rom 15:4, For whatever was written in earlier times was
  written for our instruction, that through perseverance and the
  encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.
 1 Cor 10:6, Now these things happened as examples for us,
  that we should not crave evil things, as they also craved.
 Jas 5:10, As an example, brethren, of suffering and
  patience, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the
 2 Pet 2:6, …Sodom and Gomorrah…having made them an
  example to those would live ungodly lives thereafter…
 Jude 7, …Sodom and Gomorrah…are exhibited as an
  example in undergoing the punishment of eternal fire.

                         The United Kingdom                    3
              Lesson 1, Introduction
Warnings from Moses
 Deut 17:14-20
    One of your countrymen
    Not to multiply horses, nor to return to Egypt
    Not to multiply wives
    Not to greatly increase gold and silver for himself
    Write for himself a copy of the law
       –   It shall be with him
       –   He shall read it, learn to fear the Lord, carefully observe all the words…
       –   That his heart not be lifted up above his countrymen
       –   Not turn aside from the commandment

                                 The United Kingdom                                     4
           Lesson 1, Introduction

Warnings from Samuel
 1 Sam 8:4-18
    Conscription of sons and daughters for royal service
    Conscription of sons for military service
    Seizure of the best of their property
    A 10% tax
    Seizure of their male and female servants
    “And you yourselves will become his servants”

                        The United Kingdom                  5
         Lesson 1, Introduction
Theological history:
 Concentrates on God’s activity and Israel’s responses to
 Records periods of:
    Notable deviation from the covenant, e.g., Ahab: 1 Kgs
     17:1-22:39, Manasseh: 2 Kgs 21:-18, or
    Notable affirmation of the covenant, e.g., Hezekiah: 2 Kgs
     18:1-20:21, or Josiah: 2 Kgs 22:1-23:29,
    Significant interaction between a king and prophet, e.g.,
     very few verses for Omri, 1 Kgs 16:23-28, or Jeroboam II,
     2 Kgs 14:23-29

                        The United Kingdom                    6
       Lesson 1, Introduction
1&2 Samuel, most likely a prophet?
1&2 Kings, Jeremiah or one of his students??
1&2 Chronicles, Ezra???
1&2 Samuel, pre-exilic Jews
1&2 Kings, exiled Jews
1&2 Chronicles, the remnant

                    The United Kingdom          7
        Lesson 1, Introduction
Period of time covered:
1&2 Samuel, birth of Samuel [ca. 1110 BC] to death
 of David [ca. 971 BC], about 140 yrs
1&2 Kings, death of David to Jehoiachin released
 from Babylonian prison [ca. 561BC], about 400 yrs
1&2 Chronicles, mostly the same period as 2 Sam-
 2 Kgs, i.e., reign of David until exile and restoration,
 over 500 yrs

                      The United Kingdom                8
         Lesson 1, Introduction
Why three records?
 Different recipients
    1& 2 Sam probably written after the division of the
     kingdom, i.e., pre-exilic.
    1&2 Kgs compiled during the Babylonian exile.
    1&2 Chr written for the remnant.
 Different purposes
    1&2 Sam records the establishment of the kingship.
    1&2 Kgs answers, “Why are we exiled?” [Because of
    1&2 Chr answers, “Will God dwell with us again?” [If we
     seek him.] And sustains Israel’s hope for the promised

                        The United Kingdom                     9
        Lesson 1, Introduction
When written?
1&2 Samuel, probably after David’s death, ca. 971
1&2 Kings, probably after the fall of Jerusalem, ca.
 586 BC
1&2 Chronicles, probably 500-460 BC

                     The United Kingdom                 10
       Lesson 1, Introduction
Key difference between Israelite kings and
kings of surrounding nations
The Israelite king remained subject to the law of
 God and the word of the prophet(s)
   An instrument of the LORD’s rule
   Recognize the LORD as his ultimate sovereign
   The theocracy was to be preserved!
Unlike non-Israelite kings, not autonomous in his
 authority and power
                    The United Kingdom               11
         Lesson 1, Introduction
Fulfillment of God’s promise to David as recorded in 2
Sam 7:11-16
 Matt 1:1-20; 12:23, genealogy of Joseph, son of David
 Lk 1:27-32; 2:4; 3:23-38, genealogy of Mary, house and
  family of David
 Acts 2:24-36, descendant of David
 Rom 1:3, descendant of David
 2 Tim 2:8, descendant of David
 Rev 22:16, root and offspring of David

                       The United Kingdom                  12
       Lesson 1, Introduction
Other books written during the period of the
united kingdom:
Job (?)
Song of Solomon

                   The United Kingdom          13
                                       1 Chr 6:1

  Gershom                               Kohath                           Merari
  1 Chr 6:17                           1 Chr 6:2                      1 Chr 6:19, 29

Libni      Shimei      Amminadab        Amram               Izhar        Mahli      Mishi
                       1 Chr 6:22      1 Chr 6:3          1 Chr 6:2

                                       1 Chr 6:3

                                   Eleazar       Ithamar
                                  1 Chr 6:4

 Levites     Singers    Levites     Priests     Priests     Singers      Levites   Singers

                                                          1Chr 6:31-38
                                     The United Kingdom                                      14