The Extension

					                                                   January 2007 - Issue 1 / Volume 1

                                      The Extension
                                                  The Victoria-Saanich Cadora Newsletter

          In This Issue                             Memberships are due; please find attached
                                                    a 2007 Membership and Schooling Show
          President’s Message                       Entry form, (some judges still to be
                                                    confirmed) and a very important EBLES
          Happy New Year One and                    membership form. EBLES needs our
          All – Gretchen Rohani                     support. The majority of VSC shows are
                                                    held at this very popular venue, good footing
          Classifieds                               is important and every contribution from our
                                                    members helps to ensure the very best
          Upcoming Clinics
                                                    facility, footing and sprinkler system in order
          Upcoming Shows                            for our horses to perform at their best. The
                                                    increased two day shows at EBLES for both
                                                    VSC and LIEC requires additional
          2007 Victoria-Saanich
          CADORA Executive and                      consideration, time and effort and a tractor is
          Contact List                              being purchased to assist with the grounds
                                                    preparation. Two day shows will continue for
          Victoria-Saanich 2006
                                                    the most part and we anticipate some wait
          Year-end Awards                           lists once again. It is mandatory that all
                                                    riders volunteer with the running of the show
          Report from Scholarship
                                                    they intend to ride in. Volunteering will be
          Winners                                   monitored by each show chair and tabulated
                                                    for qualification of Year End Awards.
          CADORA BC AGM 2006
                                                    VSC is extremely fortunate to have a strong
          Fun Stuff                                 directorship at the helm of each show and
                                                    will for the most part, be your show chairs.
                                                    We are encouraging trainee show chairs
                                                    and participation in any other way from our
                                                    members. For each two day show, there
                                                    are two show chairs, a chair only being
                                                    required for one of the days. Each show
  VSC Presidents Report January 2007
                                                    position is in place and your duties are to
                                                    oversee the day as well as some of the
Happy New Year and welcome to Victoria-
                                                    preparation - most of which is done ahead of
Saanich CADORA's New Show and Event
                                                    time. This process worked extremely well in
Season 2007! As VSC's new President I
                                                    2006 and to ensure the continuation of
would like to take this opportunity to wish all
                                                    shows for VSC members in 2007 and
our members and their equine partners good
                                                    beyond, this structure will remain. We
health and happiness for the New Year. I
                                                    presently require show chairs for the April
hope everyone had a super holiday season
                                                    and June Schooling Shows. Please contact
and survived the extraordinary weather of
                                                    any of the directors if you are able to offer
late. Riding in the 'snow photos' are rare, so
                                                    any assistance.
when we had the opportunity to add some
very festive photos to our website of Ann
                                                    A Show Chair is required for the CCC, the
Bater, Jane Biggs and Karen Brain along
                                                    directorship will not be able to fulfill this role,
with their horses, in the snow, we jumped at
                                                    but will provide valuable assistance and
the chance. All members are encouraged to
                                                    many of the preliminary work is being put
send their photos to our Webmaster for the
                                                    into place well ahead of schedule.
Members Photo Album.
In the EC General Rules Article A1404 it         Junior, Childrens and Pony are available for
states that ‘No one may exhibit or compete       member qualification in 2007 and beyond.
at a competition where they or members of
their families are acting as competition         In closing, I am confident that the future of
manager. VSC CADORA directors have               Victoria-Saanich CADORA is well positioned
made a unified decision to offer payment of      for continued success. I am grateful for a
$1,500 to the CCC 2007 Show Chair, please        strong and insightful directorship who are
contact myself or any of the VSC directors       proving to be a great team and to a
for further information. Our previous Show       membership who want to see this club, the
Chair and Vice-President, Claire Vessey will     largest in Canada, remain that way.
act as liaison as per her report in the
December newsletter. If you are not              Thank you for your support.
planning to compete in the CCC, please give
some consideration to this important             Ann Brouwer
position. A proposed CCC Gala Event              President, VSC
spearheaded by director, Lorraine Glover on
behalf of Mountainview Farms and partly          Please find below, links to download the
sponsored by Victoria Saddlery is in the         2007 Membership form and the 2007 PaRC
works---we would all want the CCC show- a        Show Entry form, as well as the EBLES
summer tradition in Victoria to go ahead.        2007 membership form.

Watch out for news on some new inititiatives     V-S Cadora 2007 Membership Form
and Clinics in 2007 and a super newsletter
with thanks in advance to Lisa Bricknell,        V-S Cadora 2007 PaRC Show Entry Form
VSC director and Newsletter Editor and
Gretchen Rohani, (former President) and          EBLES 2007 Membership Form
now the Contributing Newsletter Editor. Lisa
and Gretchen are working on a ' Biography
Section' and are sure to peak our readers
interest with some of the history of VSC and
its famous members!
                                                    Fun in the Snow this past December
I am proposing a New VSC Logo
for consideration and we in the directorship     Victoria-Saanich members are serious about their
would like to extend this 'competition' to our          riding – a little snow won’t stop them!
members. If you have an idea or a graphic in
mind and can put something together for the
directorship to view, please email myself at If we have many
entries we may select a 1st, 2nd or 3rd
choice and then take a vote...depends on
how much interest this generates or on how
involved our members wish to be. A closing
date would be Feb 28th 2007, with an
extension granted, should someone need it,
please feel free to contact me.

And last but certainly not
least….Congratulations to Brittney Eastgate
and Azaria for being the recipient of VSC's
new Young Rider FEI Award. Brittney was
awarded this award on behalf of VSC for her              Photo courtesy of Darleen Brain
accomplishments in 2006 in the Young
Rider FEI Division. This new award, along        Karen Brain & Jane Biggs out for a ride in a
with the 3 X Young Rider FEI Awards,                        snow covered field.
Happy New Year One and All
Hello to everyone. I'd like to welcome
our "NEW" members to our club. It seems           RATES
every year we are growing beyond our own
expectations. Of course, enthusiasm for
                                                  Non-Commercial Advertising Rates:
Dressage is growing-and-growing! And a
greeting to all our regular members!
                                                  V-S Cadora Members = Free
As past president, I'd like to thank Ann
Brouwer for stepping up and taking on the         Non-members = $5.00
role of President for 2007. Ann has been a
director and a member of Victoria-Saanich
CADORA for a long time and knows the
inner-workings very well. She'll be a             Commercial Advertising Rates:
fantastic President and I wish her well in the
following new year.
                                                  Business card size = $10.00
There are lots of things planned this year,
our regular schooling shows, our now Three        1/3 page = $20.00
Day Capital City Classic Dressage Festival,
a Cara Whitham clinic, regular Joy                1/2 page = $30.00
Longley clinics and a Jan Curtis
clinic/symposium next September. Keep an          Email your personal and/or business ads to
eye out for other interesting events.             Lisa Bricknell

As contributing editor to the Vic-Saanich
CADORA newsletter I'd like to remind              Current Classified Ads
everyone that this is YOUR newsletter. If
                                                  Prestige Dressage Saddle. 17”, Black.
you'd like to see certain things of interest in   Med/wide tree. Excellent condition.
the newsletter please feel free to contact me     Deep seat, close contact leg and large
at                                thigh blocks. $2500. 250-743-0643

Our Award's Banquet in November was a lot         Barnsby Special Crown Dressage
of fun, thanks to all those that donated Silent   Saddle. Black, 17.5” seat, Medium/Wide
Auction items, proceeds up-to $1000 from          Tree. Deep seat & Thigh Blocks.
our Silent Auction went to help EBLES             Wool flocked and recently re-stuffed.
(Elk/Beaver Lake Equestrian Society) raise        Excellent Condition. $1400.00 obo. Lisa
                                                  Bricknell 250-743-4350
funds to purchase a new Tractor to harrow
and keep the rings in tip-top shape. For all
those that contributed, we and EBLES              Kieffer Dressage Saddle, brown, 16.5”
thanks you very much. I mentioned at the          seat, medium tree. Excellent condition.
Award's Banquet it would be wonderful if the      $700.00 obo
club adopted a Humanitarian Cause...if            Lisa Bricknell 250-743-4350
anyone has any ideas, please contact me
with your suggestions. I'll be happy to take      Brand New Bates Caprilli Dressage
any ideas back to the Directorship for            Saddle. Brand new, still in the box with
                                                  tags on. Black, 17.5” seat, Medium tree,
consideration.                                    easy change gullet system, adjustable
                                                  CAIR air panels. Y-Billet girthing system.
Although the weather had been cold and            $2,000. Lisa Bricknell 250-743-4350.
icey as of late, hang in there...Spring will be
upon us before you know it. Safe driving
and safe riding!!

Gretchen Rohani
Contributing Editor
             Upcoming Clinics                    Janet Curtis Clinic

                                                 ‘How Rider Position Affects Your Horse’s
Joy Longley Clinics                                           Performance’

Following our successful clinics in 2005 and     The Janet Curtis member symposium clinic
2006, Joy has agreed to present 4 more           is confirmed for the following date.
clinics next year.
                                                 September 23, 2007
Mar 31 to April 1, 2007
June 16 & 17, 2007
August 18 & 19, 2007                               *Watch the website for more details and
October 27 & 28, 2007                                       contact information*


All clinics will again be held at Kathy Jawl’s
lovely facility on Noble Road.
                                                 Cara Whitman Rider Clinic
Lessons: 45 minutes (need a minimum of 6
riders to run the clinics)                       Following the Capital City Classic, Cara
                                                 Whitman, one of the two FEI Judges for the
Cost:                                            show, will be holding a 2 day rider clinic.
Adults - $140.00 for 2 days or $75.00 for 1
*Juniors - $115.00 for 2 days or $60.00 for 1      *Watch the website for more details and
day.                                                        contact information*
Non- members
Adults - $160.00 for 2 days or $85.00 for 1        
*Juniors - $135.00 for 2 days or $70.00 for 1

About Joy

Joy currently resides on Salt Spring Island,
BC, and is a retired physician who has
successfully trained and competed her own
horses up to Grand Prix. Joy has now
retired as a Senior Level CEF and AHSA
dressage judge, although she does still
enjoy judging the occasional PaRC show.

For complete information please view the
clinic application form.

Click on the following link to download the
application form.

Joy Longley Clinic Application Form
The Canadian Eventing High Performance &         racing equestrian sports. In addition, David
Coaching Committees, are pleased to              is the cross country course designer for
present to the Canadian Eventing High            several venues including the new Ocala
Performance Riders & Coaches, the                Horse Park, FL and the North American
following Clinics                                Young Rider Championships in Virginia

Dates & Locations:                               Early in 2006, David was hired as the
                                                 International Technical Advisor for the
January 22 & 23 @ Greystone Stables,             Canadian Eventing Team.
Delta, British Columbia.

January 25 & 26 @ Royal Canadian Riding               PROGRAM INFORMATION &
Academy, Cedar Valley, Ontario.                         GENERAL TIMETABLE:

                                                 The program will combine practical sessions
              PRESENTER                          plus special discussion topics – The
                                                 Registration Desk opens at 8:00 am daily.
                                                 Sessions commence at 8:30 am daily.
CANADIAN EVENTING TEAM                           Each clinic will include practical sessions in
                                                 dressage and jumping technique as well as
    INTERNATIONAL                                class room presentations. The clinics will
  TECHNICAL ADVISOR                              feature identified “High Performance
                                                 Development Team Riders” focusing on one
David is perhaps best known for his Olympic      and two star level juniors and young riders.
accomplishments winning the individual           Riders and Coaches are expected to attend
Eventing Gold Medal with Custom Made as          and participate both days.
well helping to earn a Team Bronze medal
at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games with            Sessions will include:
Giltedge.                                        1. Dressage – practical training session -
                                                 improving dressage technique & rider
David competed internationally for the           position – FEI 1 & 2 star tests.
United States Equestrian Team since the          2. Show Jumping – practical training session
late 1980’s. During that time he has earned      - improving jumping technique & rider
3 Olympic, 2 Pan American and 2 World            position.
Championship medals. He has won the              3. Planning, implementing & managing a
Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event three             successful training & competition program
times and the Fairhill International Three       – preparing for the Olympic /short format
Day event five times. In 1997 he became          CCI three day events.
only the second American in history to win       4. Providing effective coaching support in
the world renowned Badminton Three Day           the competitive environment - individual and
Event.                                           team competition.

In 2004 David officially retired from
international competition. Since that time he    Download Program and Entry Form
has devoted his time to the training of riders
and horses. Together with his wife and team
mate Olympic medalist, Karen O’Connor,
they operate training facilities at their home
base of Virginia as well as Florida.

David was elected president of the USEF for
the 2005-2009 team and is a member of the
Eventing Committee of the FEI, the
international governing body for all non-
              Upcoming Shows                    Capital City Classic 2007

2007 Pacific Rim (PaRC) Schooling Show          Dates:
dates have been set
                                                July 13, 14 & 15, 2007
Date:                Location:
                                                The Capital City Classic will be held on July
March 24/25           ~Bonita Stables           13, 14 & 15, 2007 with FEI judges Cara
April 28/29           ~EBLES                    Whitham and Lorraine Macdonald followed
May 26/27             ~EBLES                    by a 2 day rider clinic with Cara Whitham.
June 23/24            ~EBLES
Sept 15/16            ~EBLES                       SHOW CHAIR REQUIRED FOR THE
Oct 21                ~TBD                            CAPITAL CITY CLASSIC

   SCHOOLING SHOW ENTRY DATES                   We are still searching for an enthusiastic
                                                person to Chair our Capital City Classic
Please Note: Entries may be postmarked as       Dressage Festival. This is a paid position of
early as the first Monday following the last    $1500.00. There are many past Show
schooling show. For example....if a             Chairs that would be happy to assist anyone
schooling show was held, let's say on           interested. The Victoria-Saanich CADORA
Saturday and Sunday the 14th and 15th, the      Directors are also very involved with the
opening date for the next schooling show        CCC, so no one need feel they are alone in
would be Monday the 16th. All entries must      this position. Many of the major roles have
be mailed and postmarks cannot be any           already been filled, ie: Entry Secretary,
earlier than the Monday following that          Public Relations, Announcing, Scoring, etc.
previous show. This rule applies to all         No real previous show-chairing
schooling shows that are within a month or      experience is necessary, however,
so apart.                                       one must be organized and able to delegate
                                                many tasks. Anyone interested must be an
For schooling shows, such as the first show     Equine Canada member, in good-standing
of the year, and the September schooling        and have no immediate relative competing
show where there is no show one month           in the Capital City Classic. If anyone out
earlier (August)...the Opening Date for         there is interested, or might know of
postmark-entries are: For the first show in     someone that would be, please contact any
March, the opening date is February 19th,       of the Directors and/or Gretchen Rohani or
2007. And for the September show the            Sheila Skene.
opening date is August 13th, 2007.

These rules do NOT apply to the Capital           *Watch the website for more details and
City Classic, please refer to the entry/prize              contact information*
list of the CCC for it own rules. If anyone
has any questions regarding Opening Dates         
for schooling shows, please feel free to
contact Gretchen Rohani.

        *Judges are being booked now*

  *Watch the website for more details and
           contact information*

      2007 Victoria-Saanich CADORA           2007 Junior / Young Rider Reps
                                             Brittany Eastgate

Victoria-Saanich Cadora Contact List         Kate Peiffer

                                             2007 General Directors
President – Ann Brouwer
                                             Lorraine Bardua
Vice President – Claire Vessey
                                             Ann Bater
Secretary – Ingrid Hansen

Treasurer – Melanie Houston                  Jane Biggs

Membership Secretary – Linda Moyer           Heather Cormie

Entry Secretary – Ann Bater                  Dianna Coumont
Newsletter – Lisa Bricknell                  Lorraine Glover
Contributing Editor, Newsletter – Gretchen
                                             Gail Gordon

Website – Ann and Peter Brouwer              Bo Mearns

Directors at Large, CADORA BC                Mary Norris
Directors and CADORA Inc. Directors
                                             Sheila Skene
Heather Cormie
                                             Berit Turner
Lorraine Bardua                              (past President – CADORA BC)

Mary Norris                                  Roanne Tyson

Linda Bates

Glynis Schultz

Jane Biggs

Lorraine Glover

Gail Gordon

Dianna Coumont

Roanne Tyson

Bo Mearns

Berit Turner

Sheila Skene
 Victoria-Saanich Cadora 2006 Year-End       Third Level
                 Awards                      Adult
                                             Amateur Ruth Lick & Double Eagle 63.20%
2006 AWARD WINNERS                           Open        Lorranie Bardua & Owin 68.93%

                                             Fourth Level
                                             All       Joy Beuzelin & Melodie      64.41%

Training Level                               FEI
Junior    Janis Martman & Bellagio 64.31%    Youth         Olivia Dayton & Pacific W 67.44%
Adult                                        Open          TBD
Amateur Ruth Lick & Mombasa        69.87%
Open     Ann Bater & Musical       67.56%    Perpetual Trophies
First Level                                  Victoria Saddlery (High Point Open)
Junior Chelsea Vivian & Sydney 68.54%        Glynis Schultz & Ngapuli            69.68%
Amateur Gail Gordon & Breeze   68.45%        A Stable Way Of Life (High Point Adult
Second Level                                 Ruth Lick & Mombasa                 69.87%
Junior Sydney Holme & Bailey     68.15%
Adult                                        Wicklands Farm Perpetual Trophy (High
Amateur Jacquie Burrows & Cleo 65.25%        Point Junior)
Open Claire Vessey & Dream Maker 52.16%      Ehren Volk & Daisy Duke              69.88%

Third Level                                  Reg Clarke Memorial (High Point Third
Adult                                        and Fouth Level Combined)
Amateur Nicola Boehm & Lemon’s Hit 63.97%    Glynis Schultz & Ngapuli             69.68%
Open     Glynis Schultz & Ngapuli  69.68%
                                             Hank Tyson Memorial (High Point FEI
Fourth Level                                 Open)
All     Sue Rutherford & Arcanum    67.92%   Roanne Tyson & Arizma                62.30%

FEI                                          Bev Tyson (High Point Thoroughbred)
                                             Meaghan Calnan & Don’t You Wish      66.36%
Youth     Sydney Holme & Bariton    67.92%
Open      TBD
                                             Mahoe Properties (High Point Kur – Adult
Reserve Champions
                                             Lorraine Bardua & Owin                69.45%
Training Level                               Petruick Hunter Memorial (Adult Amateur
Junior    Karen West & Darby        60.25%
                                             High Point First Level - $500)
Adult                                        Gail Gordon & Breeze                  68.45%
Amateur Sabrina Nobbs & Kalista K   65.26%
Open      Lindsay Lee & Medalist    65.85%   Barb Jeffries Memorial (High Point Kur –
First Level                                  Joy Beuzelin & Melodie                65.88%
Junior      Ehren Volk & Daisy Duke 67.44%
Amateur Pamela Nezil & Dodenhof 68.25%       Beuzelin Family FEI Youth Perpetual
Second Level                                 Sydney Holme & Bariton                67.92%
Junior    Olivia Dayton & Pacific W 66.99%
Amateur Melanie Houston & Odaymira 61.62%
Margot Parker Good Sportsmanship                         REPORT FROM SCHOLARSHIP
Award                                                            WINNERS
Glynis Schultz
                                                   2005 Open Division Scholarship Winner -
CIBC Ride On Award                                 TESS KIDD:
Roanne Tyson
                                                   Thank you for the Maple Hills Victoria Saddlery
CIBC Volunteer of the Year Award                   Open Division Highest Average Trophy and
Sheila Skene                                       $500.00 Scholarship Award. With the money I
                                                   was able to attend three Joy Longley clinics with
V-S CADORA $500 Scholarhships                      my horse, Unique. I found those clinics very
Junior           Cheslea Vivian                    helpful and look forward to riding with Joy next
Adult                                              year. We are lucky to have such great clinicians,
Amateur          Ruth Lick                         and I appreciate everything that Victoria-Saanich
Open             Glynis Schultz                    CADORA does for the art of Dressage.
                                                   Tess Kidd.

    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL 2006                    2005 Adult Amateur Scholarship Winner -
         MEDAL WINNERS                             GAIL GORDON:

GOLD                                               I would like to thank Victoria-Saanich CADORA
                                                   for the scholarship award Breeze and I
Ann Bater, Brittney Eastgate, Chelsea Vivian,
                                                   received last year. We have used the money to
Ehren Volk, Gail Gordon, Glynis Schultz,
                                                   better ourselves (we hope) in a few different
Jaquie Burrows, Joy Beuzlin, Karen Brain,
                                                   ways: We have participated in a Libby Naylor
Lindsey Lee, Lisa Bricknell, Lorraine Bardua,
                                                   Clinic, a Courtenay Fraser Clinic,
Margaret Ames, Meaghan Caldan, Melanie
                                                   purchased 2 training videos - Dressage in Detail
Houston, Nicola Boehm, Olivia Dayton,
                                                   Part 2; and USDF '98 Symposium 11 and also 2
Pamela Nezil, Perdi Elliot, Ruth Lick (2), Sue
                                                   books: The Simplicity of Dressage and Dressage
Rutherford, Sydney Holme (2), Sabrina Nobbs.
                                                   for the 21st Century.
                                                   Again, thank you to all at Victoria-Saanich
SILVER                                             CADORA for providing this award.
Ann Bater, Jane Biggs, Janis Martman, Karen
                                                   Gail Gordon
West, Kathie Dorval, Linda Moyer,
Nelli Caveley (2), Wendy Bottomley, Sabrina
                                                      A reminder for ALL past scholarship
BRONZE                                                              winners
Tamara Atkinson, Xan Griffith, Bill Elliot, Lisa
                                                   We would like to remind ALL past scholarship
Volk, Melanie Houston, Natalie Shtybel,
                                                   winners, that we are STILL waiting to hear from
Berit Turner, Ann Brouwer, Stuart Sumsion.

                                                   We would all like to know what you did with your
   Please Note a Correction to the 2006            scholarship proceeds. Please write to us and
                 Awards                            share your experiences.

The Wicklands Farm Perpetual Trophy, for High      Reports can either be mailed in to:
Point Junior Rider was mistakenly given out at     Victoria-Saanich CADORA, P. O. Box 32115,
the Award's Banquet to the wrong rider. This       Victoria, BC V8P 5S2.
2006 Trophy deservingly goes to Ehren Volk and
"Daisy Duke" with a high point score of 69.88.     Or email Gretchen Rohani
We apologize to Ehren and her family for this
oversight and thank the other rider for pointing
this out to us. Congratulations Ehren!!!!
         CADORA BC AGM 2006

Due to weather conditions, the CADORA BC
AGM 2006 had to be rescheduled. The new
date and location are as follows:

Date: Saturday, February 17th, 2007

Time: 1:00 pm                                 "Allow your horse to be brilliant. He can not be
                                              made to. It must come from within, because of
Location: Hunt Valley Farm, Victoria, B.C.      his confidence and pride in himself and his
                                                      respect (not fear) for his rider."
Contact: Courtenay Fraser @
                                                            Bert Hartog ( 1943 )
604-533-2656 or

                                                "My horses are my friends, not my slaves."

                                                             Dr. Reiner Klimke

                                             "Training a horse is above all feeling and trying,
                                             according to what you feel, to help the horse and
                                                            not to force him."

                                                               Nuno Oliveira

                                             "A horse will never tire of a rider who possesses
                                              both tact and sensitivity because he will never
                                                   be pushed beyond his possibilities."

                                                               Nuno Oliveira

                                             It is the difficult horses that have the most to give

                                                               Lendon Gray

Click on link below to Download Poster

 The Purpose of a Dog - from a 4 year old        Only horse people...

                 How true...                         •   know why a thermometer has a yard
                                                         of yarn attached to one end of it
 Being a veterinarian, I had been called to          •   can magically lower their voices five
  examine a ten-year old Irish Wolfhound                 octaves to bellow at a pawing horse
named Belker. The dog's owners, Ron, his             •   think nothing of eating a sandwich
wife, Lisa, and their little boy, Shane, were            after mucking stalls
 all very attached to Belker and they were
                                                     •   fail to associate whips, chains and
             hoping for a miracle.
                                                         leather with sexual deviancy
                                                     •   are banned from laundromats
I examined Belker and found he was dying
 of cancer. I told the family we couldn't do         •   have a language all their own
anything for Belker, and offered to perform          •   Only horse people, who are
the euthanasia procedure for the old dog in              completely disorganized and always
                 their home.                             late, manage to be ready to enter a
                                                         class at precisely 9:23am
  As we made arrangements, Ron and Lisa              •   will end relationships over their
told me they thought it would be good for the            hobby
      four-year old Shane to observe the             •   cluck to their cars to help them up
procedure. They felt as though Shane might               hills
    learn something from the experience.             •   insure their horses for more than
                                                         their cars
 The next day, I felt the familiar catch in my       •   will give you 20 names and reasons
  throat as Belker's family surrounded him               for that bump on your horse
                                                     •   know more about their horse's
 Shane seemed so calm, petting the old dog               nutrition than their own
    for the last time, that I wondered if he         •   know that all topical medications
  understood what was going on. Within a                 come in either indelible blue or neon
   few minutes, Belker slipped peacefully                yellow (my addition: or bright pink.
   away. The little boy seemed to accept                 Remember the old SWAT before
 Belker's transition without any difficulty or           they made it in clear?)
confusion. We sat together for a while after         •   have neatsfoot oil stains on the
 Belker's death, wondering aloud about the               carpet right next to the TV
 sad fact that animal lives are shorter than         •   have a vocabulary that can make a
                   human lives.                          sailor blush
                                                     •   have less of a wardrobe than their
  Shane, who had been listening quietly,                 horse
         piped up, "I know why."                     •   engage in a hobby that is more work
                                                         than their day job
 Startled, we all turned to him. What came
out of his mouth next stunned me. I'd never               Submitted by Claire Vessey
   heard a more comforting explanation.

 He said, "People are born so that they can
   learn how to live a good life - like loving
    everybody all the time and being nice,
 right?" The four year old continued, "Well,
 dogs already know how to do that, so they
         don't have to stay as long."

    Live simply. Love generously. Care
           deeply. Speak kindly.

         Submitted by Ann Brouwer